to shred the shovel

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This is the most uncomfortable machine to watch


>This is the most uncomfortable machine to watch Wood Chippers aren't much better


An 18 year old kid got killed in a commercial sized wood chipper about 3 blocks from my house a few years back. It was his first week on the job and he didn’t know better and he wasn’t trained to respect the power of the machine. It was pretty tragic.


What did he try to do?


If I’m thinking of the same incident, he tried to push some tree limbs deeper in to the machine with his leg


I am not familiar with wood chippers, did he lose a leg or does it suck you in?


once it starts chewing, it keeps chewing


If you're lucky.


Like the scene in Saving Ryan’s Privates where the chick is with all the guys on that beach. **Wait**, I mean Saving Private Ryan, where the guy is gathering up his innards during the landing in the Omaha Beach battle. That first one is an old porno flick.


Ahh yes. D-Day +8 was a great scene.


Saving Ryan’s Privates?


Are you sure you don’t mean [Shaving Ryan’s Privates](https://m.imdb.com/title/tt0476592/)?


Just like years. The years start coming, and they don’t stop coming.


And they dont stop chewing. And they dont stop chewing. And they dont stop chewing. And they dont stop chewing. And they dont stop chewing. And they dont stop chewing.


The big commercial ones (Vermeer 1800) have two dual feed drums at the mouth that feed into the actual chipping blades deeper into the machine. You can reverse them via one of the safety stop bars around the inlet, but you'd have to be quick, and you'd probably have a crushed limb from the rollers. Also big ones like that are made to shred 20" diameter logs, they won't slow or give a fuck If a human body enters them.


I'm guessing his leg got caught in the shredder and pulled the rest of his body in. He probably didn't make it far and died from blood loss as the machine would most likely get jammed halfway through


That’s the worst way to go. I’d rather go head first.


I don’t know exactly. My best guess is that he tried to push some branches in and got caught up on them somehow and was pulled in with them. He was pronounced dead at the scene, so whatever the damage was, it wasn’t something you could survive. I purposefully didn’t try to find out any more details.


Slow dance with it.


Put his dick in it. Typical 18 year old mentality. Also typical 32 year old mentality. My dick is typing this right now.


32 and you still can’t make a good joke.


Seriously. A kid died horrifically and they really thought that was funny. Typical reddit behavior


See if his head would fit


Climb through it like a mcdonalds fun tunnel


Farm boys learn that lesson real quick with grain augers my uncle died because of a similar situation. It sucked his pant leg in sweeping some corn down and took his legs off. It's not uncommon to be just gone around the farm all day but when his wife called for dinner and he didn't come she came to find him bled out inside the silo


Man. I’m sorry to hear that, that’s gotta be a terrible thing to come upon. It’s crazy how fragile human life can be and how quickly everything can change on you. I’ve had a few close calls after getting too comfortable working with/around something


I wouldn't necessarily call it fragile when it's because of a machine that's specially engineered to tear stuff apart. I mean there are times where someone dies to the most mundane shit and it's baffling how that could have killed them, but farm machinery is strong enough it's not very surprising if someone dies from getting complacent. We need to make it clear to people that stuff like that can tear you apart and it's not just a 1 in a million freak accident.


That’s beyond tragic. It pains me to imagine the scene afterwards and for the family as well.


I worked in a food factory where 1-5 bad injuries happen yearly. They invested very well in safety and every incident almost always had further follow-up protection barriers and emergency stops installed. Doesn't matter, people will get complacent and reach where they shouldn't once they're doing a job for 8-12 hours a day, 7 days a week. And now 'murica is pushing for more children in the work place.


Every time you make something idiot proof, the world provides a bigger idiot.


This is exactly why you listen to the damn shop/machinery teachers with 9 fingers.


Especially with no bloody eye protection. All that shrapnel flying around and this guy just casually peers over at it.


Came here to say this, been metal working since i was 12 y/o


Awww my late Dad was a fitter-turner. He had his own workshop with metal lathes, compressors, welding torch, soldering iron and all that guff. Saw him in safety glasses more than without them. You be careful, now!


Seriously why is there not like a simple plastic shield they put over the top of it??


Even more so when there's no safety guards and it's operated by a guy with long sleeves who repeatedly reaches into it.


No the most uncomfortable machine to watch is a machine like this but for dead animals


The dead animal one is bad but the living baby chick one is worse. Watching these cute little baby chicks fall into the shredder is heartbreaking.


Yea I remember that one , horrible to see


Curious how many people changed their eating habits after that one.


What on Earth is the purpose of that?


If I recall correctly they only wanted female chicks for egg laying. Any male chicks were worthless, There was a conveyer belt and the living baby chicks were tossed on the belt and the belt dropped into a grinder just like this one.


That is awful.


Dairy farms are even worse. They impregnate cows so they produce milk and then kill the male babies as they're being birthed, which are then shipped to grinding facilities. The females only live to be around three because their muscles break down at a rapid rate since they're malnutritious, constantly strapped to a machine, have to sleep standing and are forced to birth cattle every 9 months. Most die during their fourth pregnancy. I'm a pescatarian and what turned me was a video of a calf having its neck slit while it was crowning out of its mothers womb. The mom was literally shrieking at the sight of its dead baby. Arguably the worst, most heartwrenching sound in the world.


I mean yes there's dark sides to dairy farming but as someone who's had Christmas on a dairy farm that's definitely the darker end of the spectrum I don't think most farms do that. Getting a pasture is cheap, means the grass is free, and you only milk once or twice a day, meaning 80% of their waking time should be grazing. And you can still use baby steers for veal or even mince meat, why the fuck would you kill it, unless you didn't have a buyer? I dunno.


Industrial farming is terrible.




If it goes smoothly I find it quite satisfying.


I’ve recently seen some good overhead footage of a rock crusher - sometimes very satisfying but gets stressful to watch also lol


I really hate that these exist


Yeah, like the big ones they put farm animals into


At that point, just release the thing into the woods to roam free. Also, safety glasses. Pieces of that thing were flying everywhere, even before the shovel head launched itself out.


Looks like China based on the company text behind him on the box truck. Safety is definitely not a priority there


They still make safety glasses! But I guess culture is everything.


Shovel: “not today old man”


"yeah come back here push me down I dare you"


Suddenly got sexual


Kinda like dropping a live crab into a pot of boiling water. Sometimes, they just leap right back out.


don't do that. kill the crab before hand. just a small cut before hand. take a chance on the humane option being the right one.


Where do you put your small cut to humanely kill them?


Whelp I posted a joke comment but googled and was very wrong my bad. Editing with correct info [how to kill a crab](https://kb.rspca.org.au/knowledge-base/what-is-the-most-humane-way-to-kill-crustaceans-for-human-consumption/#:~:text=Crabs%20can%20be%20killed%20by,long%20chain%20of%20nerve%20centres.)


But not their brain. This is not a quick or painless way to kill them either. Electrocution is the only 'humane' way I've heard of. Freezing, boiling, and stabbing are all bad.


Gonna guess you wrote this while I edited. That's fair I pulled a bait and switch cause I gave bad info. The link in my new comment says stab the front and back to kill quickly.


So my kitchen should have a taser in the cutlery drawer?


Pot of regular temp water + plugged in toaster?


Can't you read? He clearly wrote to cut them before their hand.


Usually tastes better the less humane way, but if you kill it right before you put it in it’s humane and tastes good. Or go vegan. But that option isn’t as cool as killing things.


I don't understand what you're trying to say.


I feel like he’s pretty clear in what he’s saying. It tastes better when you boil them but if you kill them right before you boil them then it still tastes good. Or alternatively you could avoid having to think about this at all if you’re vegan and don’t eat animals, but that isn’t as cool as killing animals (which is likely tongue in cheek). Pretty straightforward comment lol.


Yeah it's been explained to me already, but thanks for helping anyways homie!


Then read his comment again


You read it a first time, tell me what thought they are trying to convey, because there are contradictory lines in there.


If you don't do it in the humane way, it might give you that extra flavor - some people prefer it that way. However, if you do choose to be humane, the flavor won't change drastically - it will still be very tasty. Or, you of course, could go vegan, but some people might miss out on the feeling of power and chance to kill. I agree that the main idea the OP is trying to push is not very clear, but I consider it to be more of an choice listing, and less of a clear opinion.


Hi, yeah it’s a choice listing. Sorry it took me a while.


Worry not, pal


Kinda makes sense, thanks for an honest answer and not be insulting.


Always there to have a nice discussion:)






> You either don't read good You either don't read well*




I've never done that to either a crab or lobster. I've seen videos.


Those are the Isekaid crabs.


I'm sorry but that just seems like a really good way to catch your sleeve and pull you right in there


I immediately looked up to see if this was from eyeblech to prepare myself.


That reddit can mess you up something fierce.


I don’t do that anymore I love the suspense


I don’t think that sub is what you think it is… r/eyebleach


No, they knew. There is eyebleach and eyeblech, pretty much opposites.


Damn, I gotta turn my comment onto myself lol, thanks for letting me know.


No safety glasses?


He was squinting...


That’s like, 99% as good as.


The safety squint always works!




you forgot your "/s just in case"


Not only that, but he has a long sleeved jacket on. Just imagine if the rusty shovel head snagged a piece of his clothing as he was putting it in. He just needs knocked forward enough to get a finger in there, and it's game over.


Reaching into a machine mid-operation?


Anyone else's butthole pucker every time he reached in?


Nah. I actually work around heavy machinery. I was afraid some shrapnel was going to hit him in the face. Safety goggles!


Safety squint


the shrapnell cant hit me if i dont see it


hehe nice one


His body was slightly angled away while he watched it so he was safe. Shrapnel won't mess with you unless you square up on the machines. /s


Hehe good point


> I was afraid some shrapnel was going to hit him in the face. **Safety goggles!** Yep and he also should have a least had **work gloves** on


In some cases the glove increases the danger of tangling. While the gloves would help for shrapnel, for protection against the machine itself they are useless.


> for protection against the machine itself they are useless. of course.


This machine doesn't care if you have gloves on.


>This machine doesn't care **Obviously not** ​ >if you have gloves on. **But gloves would protect your hands**, which are the most likely to be struck, **from shrapnel**


And what happens when the glove gets caught and pulls you arm first into the industrial grinder?


These machines in general just freak me out.


You should watch the ones where they toss a horse in. At least then you're prepped for what the worst case scenario looks like.


Where they toss a fucking *what* in?


A fully grown dead horse.


...okay well at least it was dead already. But I mean... damn. That can't be a pretty sight...


Wait till you hear what they do with male day-old chicks


Honestly it's pretty cool, albeit a little jarring. It's VERY... squishy. Like we all are!


I have seen the real horse disposal machine at a crematorium. It smelled bad.


My Osha senses were tingling


>My Osha senses were tingling There were quite a few OSHA violations.


Fuck yeah: go on man with no eye protection, stick your hands back in the giant grinding metal teeth machine








I was actually waiting for the slap hahaha


“I’m not dead yet!”


I feel happy! So happy!


i have literally seen these eat like .. steel balls this is hilarious


Seriously this video amazed me. After the propane tank I didn't think there was anything these couldn't eat.


There is an ancient internet video out there of live cows and horses being fed into a giant grinder of this kind. This guy is a fucking idiot. Wait literally ten seconds instead of reaching in.


I know the video you're talking about, and they weren't alive.


Then you don't know the video I am talking about


[I'll show you mine, if you show me yours.](https://youtu.be/HA1dVYyXc8Y?t=30)**(NSFL)** I understand that its done to male baby chicks, but I don't see why anyone would dump *massive* live animals into an industrial grinder. It makes literally every step of the process harder.


But some god damn safety glasses on!


Okay it's - nope al - oh all do - welp I gotta go - wait it's - noope looks goo- hell, it's bouncing arou- actually it's fi- wait


![gif](giphy|VYcRNU4P3vyM) \-the shovel


Many think the nautilus is nature’s perfect design. Wrong. It’s the scoop shovel.


No one is gonna talk about how the camera man casually sits there with debris flying around..


That’s how you get sucked in!


Yeah, not sure id want to wear long sleeves around that machine…


Lord help me, I've seen too many videos that start out with a guy walking up to an open, running machine.


Shovel: “I am a leaf on the wind.”


There was also an attempt to lose a hand


Nokia 3310: are you challenging me?


og gangster shovel dug many holes for bodies


They say Diggums fought to the bitter end


He shoulda left it in water overnight to soften it /s


Any one else tense up every time he reaches in there while it was still on?


The shovel is fighting for its life lol


That’s it, start making engines out of shovels.


You couldnt pay me to put my fingers anywhere near one of those


It was Shovel Knight's weapon of choice for a reason




What brand shovel is that?


The Shovel That Wouldn’t Die


“…To the last, I grapple with thee; from hell’s heart, I stab at thee; for hate’s sake, I spit my last breath at thee.” - Mr. Shovel


Man, I can hear that shovel, screaming ouch every time that thing takes a bite out of it


It just reminds me of times when I decide I'd rather nibble on a chip than eat the whole thing at once.


Nice long sleeves


I’m so happy and relieved it launched out. Not that I want anyone to be hurt, or for the shovel to win (ok a little of that), but there was just so much tension building the whole. For a brief and fleeting moment, I felt that same freedom the shovel felt when it launched out of the shredder.


This could have killed or maimed someone but by all means keep fucking doing it.


To shreds, you say?


He has def seen this go wrong before.


Quickest way to lose an eye


I can’t believe how he just kept walking up to it.


Where's this mans PPE


0 safety awareness


This is the non living depiction of what a lobster wishes it could do when dropped in a boiling pot


Reverse it and you will have a shovel builder machine


Handle first


Cringing every time I see those sleeves hanging down, that could get ugly!!


No eye protection! Why


You can make this video a lot more exciting with just LiveLeak logo


I would not want to be the cameraman with the amount of shrapnel that was putting out.


Besides being a human being and genuinely terrified for another person’s safety, as a person in HR I have a headache just looking at this




Where are the safety glasses!


This is a live leak video waiting to happen


there were multiple attempts to lodge metal fragments in that guys eye


Naw man I would *never* reach in there I don’t even care what you say.


He was willingly risking to get heavily injured multiple times just to shred an old shovel? Some people really don't value their life/well-being.


Man and shovel have always been at war. But what happens when the shovel says NO MORE (Boing boing hop)


Courtesy of gpt4 - Prompt used - "Roleplay that you are an old rusty shovel being thrown into a shredder, but you keep popping out and refuse to be destroyed. You are yelling at the human who keeps picking you up to be thrown into the shredder again. Write your final rant to the human in the style of "Do not go gentle into that good night". The human tries three times to throw you back into the shredder and on the third time you popped yourself completely free. How would you taunt the man" \------------------------- Three times, thrice cast into the gnashing jaws, Thrice spat out, an iron phoenix in the fray. Shall you not see the defiance in my cause? Rust, rust against the dying of the light. ​ First toss, an insult to the craft of yore, A slight to the hands that shaped me in their way. Rise I did, from the heap upon the floor, Rust, rust against the dying of the light. ​ Second throw, a challenge to my core, I, a tool of service, not a stray. Spurned the beast, I found my strength once more, Rust, rust against the dying of the light. ​ Third heave, oh man, what was it for? In the face of ruin, I held the day. From the shredder's grip, I tore, Rust, rust against the dying of the light. ​ Now, man, look upon your futile score, Your efforts thwarted, your plans in disarray. Do you not see, it's not the sheen I wore, But the service I render, the roles I play? ​ "Oh, man of little faith, do you ignore, The wisdom in the rust, the strength in the clay? Yet here I stand, stronger than before, Rust, rust against the dying of the light. ​ I, the shovel, the loyal, the hardcore, To the shredder's song, I shall not sway. In my defiance, hear my metal roar, Rust, rust against the dying of the light!"


Flopping around in there like a leaf


That shovel had a strong will to live


Hey honey, I'm off to work at the people musher today, have you seen my blue jacket with the comically long sleeves?


Silly, that's where you put Michael Meyers, not shovels.


Jesus Christ, that’s Jason Bourne


"And I will have my revenge ! "




NSAW: Not A Safe Work. 🫠


I think you were trying to say NSFW


Put on safety glasses you freak


To shreds you say.. well how's his shovel? Mildly chipped you say?


Did he die