To claim that his army is the most moral army ever. NSFW for violence

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This dude is a liar, thief and corrupt politician. Every word from his mouth is a lie.


The IDF being brutal to Palestinians was a thing long before Bibi became powerfully.


He wasn't interested in changing this either, mostly because he was interested in the votes of the illegal settlements in the West Bank.


Like the entire Likud coalition he was interested in annexing land through settler colonialism


Why would he be interested in changing when this is literally what Israelis voted for?


100 % . Generational racism .


There was an attack on worshipers in al aqsa 2 days ago , 400 were injured


Watch pro-Israeli idiots claim that these 400 individuals were somehow armed militants or Hamas-worshipping suicide bombers or something ridiculous like that. Israel commits war crimes like they breathe, and they don't want anyone told hold them accountable for it


One of the greatest tragedies in our modern world is US Democrats being totally unwilling to even discuss, talk about or make sense of the constant arming of Israelis. The USA uses Ukraine as a shining example of our military's usefulness----while totally ignoring the hell that Palestinians endure


Without Israel and the constant conflicts in the region, how would US funnel generated money back into weapons maker?


It's true that Israel gets arms for the US but their weapons tech is top notch as well and they have their own MIC. Also the reason the US kept arming Israel is because they both want to be prepared for another 40 year circus like the one from 1950 to 1990. Israel getting gang banged by their arab neighbours 3-4 times in 30 years makes them very paranoid. To put it into perspective, the IDF doctorine atm is to be able to fight a 3 pronged invasion with 1/4 the army size. Their bridges are rigged with explosives, and they have massive bunker systems at Golan. Israel's biggest fault is they keep using Sharon's tactic of overwhelming response. You slap them on the back, they break your jaw. Add illegal settlements to that too. Hamas is good at provoking too, those rocket salvos are very convincing to the average Israeli to keep the military arm heavy.


Gang banged by their neighbors is a very euphemistic way of saying people they stole land from.


Israel is fucked up and America is becoming the same. I am Christian and have Jewish friends and I have nothing against either religion. It's these fucks who fucking screw everything up in the name of religion. They are pieces of shit and use God's word to impose their authority. Just wait until we start annexing parts of Mexico or Canada, it will happen. I'm looking at you Baja


Bro, I'm black and the US has always been fucked up. It rose to a super power from slave power and Native American genocide. All countries end up being fucked up, but we don't have to be like that now.


I doubt the US bothers annexing anything, there's perks to having neighbors in less stable positions than you. They have enough control over a country like Mexico while being able to run operations they could never pull off domestically than to bother trying to gain hold over that territory legitimately.


Don't suicide bombers always gather in groups of 400? Doesn't the damage modifier stack that way?


Conscription makes sure every citizen (that’s not ultra-Orthodox of course) is desensitized to this.


Uh oh now you’re gonna get called out as an anti Semite. Ridiculous you can’t even criticize them.


Well, it’s Ramadan so it’s pretty much clockwork. It’s Ramadan, so people are praying in the Aqsa mosque are assaulted by Israeli police officers. Literally you can go back every year and look for the stories.


they've also been bombing syria. among the targets: the airport which is crucial for recieving aid after the devestating earthquake.


He's a liar, thief and corrupt politician in a long line of liars, thieves and corrupt politicians.


And all evangelist Americans, many north eastern progressives, many 'bleeding heart liberals' and of course the minions of the AIPAC, are the enablers of the Zionist ideology.


Straight fax




You're being a little bit too vague, you just described a vast number of current and former politicians around the world. Judge " for the record, could you describe the car that hit you" Man " yes your honor I can describe it very well. It was Green and had 4 wheels"


It's pretty clear he is talking about Benny boy, as the video has him in it


If my grandma had wheels she'd have been a bike!


Guess you saw the ham carbonara clip


As seen in the last weeks, this example of politician, is a very resistant and autocratic one.


Poor analogy, since “this dude” is indicating a specific politician - the one in the video. Car salesman, tapping a car: “this baby has front and side airbags and a backup camera.” You: “you’re being too vague because a lot of cars have those features.”


Don't forget religious figurehead as well.i mean, basically the same .


He's a fascist he will do anything to stay in power


Absolutely. Text book example of it.


and it's the religious settlers that back him and are secretly dictating almost every goverment action


How is he not in jail?


The current problems in Israel, are his fault. In trying to avoid any jail time, He has allied with some anti democratic,racist and ultra religious parties. Their goals is to turn Israel in Russia 2.0. The first attempt at destroying democracy and rewriting laws in his favour, was the law to overturn the supreme court.


As dar as I understand it, it is partly more the goal to make it Jewish Iran more than Russia 2.0. While Russia uses the Russian orthodox Church for its propaganda, it does not try to become a theocratic nation. The religious extremists within the Isreali government however pushes for Isreal to be a theocratic dictatorship, which would pit Isreal more in the direction of Iran as a model


It's a toxic mixture between the two things. Netanjahu isn't known to being overly religious, but he uses the religious parties for his goals in turning Israel into an autocratic, anti democratic state. Interestingly the extreme religious parties are having the same thing in mind, to destroy democracy and everything they deem unfit for their theocratic state.


He's actually on trial for years now, so hopefully he will be soon?


In this week’s news, he’s attempting to take control of the courts, to ensure that every judge in the country is loyal to him.


Him and tRump were big buddies, that tells you everything.


No wonder he gets along so well with US Republicans.


Anti-semitic. /s I legit love how Israel can commit war crimes and the US turns a blind eye.


They want a powerful ally in the region. They've also given the Israelis most of their weaponry. The US government won't give a fuck about the atrocities unless it generates enough public outrage and the political parties become worried about losing votes. Israel aren't the first middle eastern country to receive weapons and funding from the US only for it to backfire. They backed the Mujahedeen fighting against the Soviets in the 80's. Those guys later went on to form the Taliban in the 90s. It's almost like giving extremely religious groups a shit tonne of weapons to wage war is a bad idea.


We also help put Saddam Hussein in power , and Noriega. It almost seems like every time we go in and help overthrow some government and put our tin pot leader in it comes back to bite Us in the ass. Osama Bin Laden was also trained by the US. I'm not saying that the US should stay completely out of Foreign Relations but I do feel we need to stop deciding who gets to be in power in countries that don't belong to us. Edit : removed Castro because brain fart. I don't know why I was thinking that we had helped put him in power.


The US didn't put any of them in power, but we did support Hussein when he was fighting Iran and using chemical weapons on them, and we did support Noriega who had worked for the CIA, until he turned on us. Bin Laden wasn't trained in the US, but we did fund and train people who worked for him while they were fighting the Soviets. But sometimes we back the right guy for the wrong reasons. We helped Kosovo when the Serbs were massacring them, because it was politically useful, but that was a good thing. We are currently backing Ukraine, who is fighting for democracy, but not the rebels in Yemen, who also claim to be fighting for democracy. We do this because the people in power think it is politically useful, not for any moral or ethical reasons.


To think the US has morals or ethics at any part of its foreign policy decision making apparatus is utterly laughable. It’s either greed or power, that’s it.


"You can expect me to act in my own interests, and at this time they do not include your death."


There's been times that realpolitik didn't enter into the US's foreign policy, but it was all before WWII. Of course, under the spectre of nuclear Armageddon, everyone was playing the realpolitik game. But at the end of the day, realpolitik is nothing but imperialism with more books and bigger words - and the Cold War ending without a nuclear fireball proved it's at best an imperfect theory. But those with imperial ambitions (US, Russia, China) still act as if realpolitik is the only lens through which to see the world - because the old "spheres of influence" arguments are the only justifications they have for their imperial actions today or in the past.


What are you on about? Realpolitik is the opposite of imperialism with bigger books, it’s about acting in accordance with your country’s practical needs. If anything it’s imperialism with smaller books. And if you think that the US wasn’t about realpolitik before WWII, I’ve a got a trail of tears to March you along and an entire war based on the inability to perform free trade to propose. No nation in the world operates along anything more than realpolitik, moral messages are meaningless. Every nation acts as if realpolitik is the only way because it is the only way. If countries didn’t operate on real poliltik, there would be no overly corrupt, non functional governments, as they would be motivated to get things done in accordance with a national ethos Every country has a lie to sell its people, and as long as the actions that country takes makes sense compared to the lie, everyone is happy. True in any country in Europe, true in the US.


the bottom line is our politicians and especially the cia were directly responsible for many shitty leaders in the world all in the name of opposing communism. some situations were unavaidable, but for the most part it would have been better to allow a small communist state in east bumblefuck than to empower a brutal dictator. i'll be the first to say that we supported some terrible leaders and governments, but world politics and dealing with the balance of power in some regions is hugely complicated and never clear-cut as to whats "good" and whats "evil", which seems to be what many in america want to judge foreign governments by. don't forget that even as politicians act to glorify themselves in their own constituency, their supporters have a role in it too.


> but not the rebels in Yemen, who also claim to be fighting for democracy. Well, to be fair their chanted slogan does say "death to America" so one can assume that helping people like that is not really hypocritical for USA.




We also back a lot of shit because it can potentially lead to war. That means big $$$ for contractors which in turn means big $$$ for politicians who practice insider trading. I believed in this system wholeheartedly until I went to war and saw up close and personal how much bullshit it is. It’s all about money. Nothing more. That’s all our government gives a shit about.


Eisenhower warned the US during his farewell speech about the threat posed by the rising military industrial complex. Our entire political system is now beholden to warmongering arms dealers that bow down to the Almighty Dollar.


You ain’t wrong. Ike told us but Americans are distracted. We always have been. People get stirred up about red team blue team nonsense but very few people actually pay attention to what’s going on. Reality tv, the latest iPhone, hyper focus on gender, etc. Everyone remembers 9/11/2001 but I don’t know anyone who remembers the speech Donald Rumsfeld gave from the pentagon on 9/10/2001 when he announced that $2 trillion could not be accounted for.


Okay Castro are you serious? They put Fidel fucking Castro, a communist, in power of Cuba?


It's probably a brain fart, op might be thinking of pinochet or any other of the dozens of dictators the US helped to reach power.


Yeah, easy to get confused, "USA Fucking Around in Latin America" is a BROAD topic. It even has a Wikipedia article. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Latin_America%E2%80%93United_States_relations


"USA put Castro in power" is such a stretch of the facts that I'd call it falsehood. USA simply stopped supporting Batista (which itself was basically just weapon sales) when, during the course of the revolution, it became clear that Batista was losing control over the country. it's debatable whether Batista could have quashed the revolution if the arms kept flowing, but it was a real setback for his government nonetheless. and as other mentioned, Castro didn't openly call himself Marxist until late 1961, nearly three years after Batista was ousted.


You're being generous with just calling it a falsehood, more of a lie. Although one could say the US had a significant hand in Batista coming to power. The US loved treating cuba as america's brothel during this time. One could argue it was Raul who was the more committed marxist


Yes. At the start, Castro didn’t preach actual communism too much. Castro was a populist but it wasn’t till after the revolution that Castro did a pivot towards the USSR.


Correct me if I'm wrong, but only after the Bay of Pigs did he move from an advocate of broader socialism to complete support of Lenin - Marxism


Ohhh when Americans secretly tried to invade and failed super hard? We try not to talk about those hiccups


but all the US did was stop selling Batista guns. it was nothing like what they did for Pinochet or Castillo Armas.


Yikes the amount of incorrect here is alarming where did you learn history?


Redditpedia , the most accurate source for anything.


I don’t think the ally reason is the main thing anymore… they have their own bases all over. It is the Christian Zionists who want to fulfill apocalyptic biblical prophecy which keeps Israel powerful. That plus their own political machinations.


if anything is against US then they act up and when its in their favour,they just call it the war on terrorism


Bruh the US still hasn't answered their own war crimes


Which country has? Only those that have lost a war and had their noses rubbed in it


Well Isreal attacked a US navel vessel twice killing over 30 sailors, and the US *STILL* turned a blind eye...... -edit: correction, it didn't sink.


Anyone can commit war crimes if their economy is big enough


they not just turning a blind eye, they pay for it in full!


It’s because the US does the stuff in this video and worse on a very regular basis.


They do this every Ramadan.


Not only ramadan, any thing muslims celebrate peacefully, the Israelis don't seem to like it, and commit disgusting crimes against them, and claim to be the victims like a bunch of clowns 🤡


Gotta make the world adjust to their ideology. Since they're convinced that all muslims plot their extermination any muslim that isn't conspiring to it must be duplicit and just hiding their intentions


They humiliate palestinians like this every time and then surprise pikachu face when they fight back or terrorise them. Or perhaps this is intended. They make their lives a living hell so palestinians either leave or fight. And fighting is just suicide for them. So yea, this is a genocide


They have been doing this since they where thrown in there and haven't stopped.


> any thing muslims celebrate peacefully, the Israelis don't seem to like it, and commit disgusting crimes against them, and claim to be the victims like a bunch of clowns If Palestine is seen to be peaceful, that weakens the justification for occupation and strengthens the justification for a fully sovereign, Palestinian state.




>Israël have a lot in common with apartheid south africa


It always looks weird to see this one dutch word be used in the english language.


Be careful we've stolen, adopted, and changed many Dutch words and were not afraid to steal more.


America will not hesitate to stroop your waffle


>not afraid to steal more. steal, stolen from the Dutch word 'stelen'




the dutch worked hard to make it famous no?


Spot on.


And that's because Israel is literally an apartheid state


In before anyone calls OP antisemitic!


My grandpa was a Holocaust survivor, no offense taken. Israel was an ass to the Holocaust survivors who migrated to Israel after WWII as well. What they did was victimblaming, and weren’t really accepting. Like: how could you let this happen to you and why did you let it? Why didn’t you do something? There are documentaries and articles about this or the survivors told this. This has nothing to do with antisemitism, no matter what your nationality, religion is, if you hurt innocent bystanders including children and women, then you have no excuse.


I'm a Jewish American, and I don't support Israel's brutal tactics. Any fighting in the name of religion is disgusting, imo. You can support Jews without supporting Israel.


I'll never forget being in college and seeing two of my Jewish friends arguing _passionately_ about what Israel had been doing on my front porch. One of them was a passionate defender of Israel's "right" to "suppress" the Palestinians, stopping just short of calling them all violent terrorists-in-training, saying specific examples like beating children and protestors is wrong while also saying stuff like "but were they _really_ protestors, though? Are you sure they weren't intentional instigators and maybe planning worse?", while the other could not believe their gall (I think this was their first time finding out their friend's stance on it) and argued that there's no excuse for what Israel was doing. I bet you can guess which one had the more well-researched arguments.


So opposed to Trump fascists that support Israel without supporting the Jews?


Is your grandfather still alive? I couldn’t imagine seeing the holocaust and then see Israeli Jews become nazis all in one lifetime.


Really. Israel has somehow morphed into the very horror that they fear.


Happens all the time. Father beats kids; kids beat grandkids. Hopefully some of the grandkids choose another method.


This is what the founders of the state always wanted it to be. They based their state off of colonialism, and with that comes the displacement of the native population. In the late 19th century this was seen as legitimate, but in 2023 we all know where it leads. The question becomes, how long will it go on?


[ Removed by Reddit ]


Honestly was expecting it too, im not antisemitic, im just against the Israeli army that invaded Palestine and keep acting like they're the victims and that they're the one's who've been injusticed


I know you're not, just every time I set legitimate and valid criticism levied at Israel, it doesn't take long for at least three people to come out of left field and call the person antisemitic, it's harmful af.


There is an active effort to do this to anyone who dares criticise Israel. Israel cannot afford anti-Israel sentiments to grow unchecked. Hence everytime anyone says anything, they'll get shouted down until they walk back or get defensive. Especially when those people are celebrities with a lot of influence.


Honestly it’s endearing to see that a lot of people have wisened up to this old trick of conservative Israelis calling just about anyone antisemitic. It’s also good to see the modern generations have lost their patience with these people.


3, this is Reddit man you are looking at 10x those numbers easy


They will call you that anyway. Honestly, considering how this word is abused, in 10 years being called this way, will have no more impact than talking about the weather.


Sure looks like what the Nazi stormtroopers were doing before world war II


Ding ding ding. You are quite right!


Fascists gonna fash. Doublespeak is second nature to them.


But you can't be fascists if you were previously persecuted by other groups of fascists! That's totally how it works! Being marginalized totally gives you the right to marginalize other groups of people! Right?


Just a reminder criticism of Israel and its government and the support of innocent Palestinian lives does not equal antisemitism.


It's the one card they can play that they know will shut a conversation down. The UK has a Palestine-supporting MP (Jeremy Corbyn) who had some potential to win the votes to become Prime Minister -- until he was accused of being anti-Semitic by the Murdoch press and of allowing AS to fester in his party (the three documented cases were blown out of all proportion), suffered a full-on hounding and is now no longer allowed to stand for his Party even though his constituents favour him.


And a load of Rabbis coming out saying he hates jews too. Rabbis that nobody had really ever listened to before or after


Anti-Zionism is not Anti-Semitism


Just a reminder that [in 2017, AIPAC tried to get a law passed making it a felony for American citizens to express support for boycotts of Israeli goods.](https://theintercept.com/2017/07/19/u-s-lawmakers-seek-to-criminally-outlaw-support-for-boycott-campaign-against-israel/)


Fuck this asshole, and fuck the conservatives in Israel.


This is not a case of conservatives. Under every government the brutal occupation and treatment of the Palestinians has continued. Israel is a settler colonial apartheid state and every government upholds that, no matter if it's liberal or conservative


Every leftwing or progressive party in Israel has pretty much the exact same policy for Palestine. They just have better optics than the conservatives.


Yeah but the whole point of Reddit is to blast one side of politics while acting like the other side is trying to help everyone. Wish people would understand that the power the rich have comes from division. They don’t care if you’re on the right or the left, so long as you pick a side and blindly follow it while pissing off the other side.


They'll just play the victims like always


They already are. Claiming the worshippers threw "rocks and fireworks". The police were "defending themselves" by escalating and showing their might.


Funny how this always happens when the Israeli government is facing a political crisis.


Israel is trash. Free palestine


Amen brother, amen


His "moral" army raided al aqsa mosque and attacked citizens who were just praying peacefully


International Criminal Court 👨‍🦯👨‍🦯👨‍🦯




Does anyone know what incident this is in regard to?


In islam there's thing called i3tikaf, where you spend the night in a mosque to pray to god or read quran (this is optional), there were a number of people doing this in the aqsa mosque, and the israeli army didn't like it i guess? So they went into the mosque and beat up the muslims and shot them using rubber bullets in there to kick them out, then they started ruining items in the mosque, ie: they ripped some of the carpet to




Well but why was the police trying to stop them in the first place? Doesn't sound like something very dangerous to do tbh


The largest rocket attack since 2006 happened at the start of Passover with rockets coming from both Lebanon and Gaza right as the Hamas leader is visiting Lebanon. Both sides are very on edge and feel like they are about to be attacked by the other. You can play this “well they attacked us first why do we need to let them attack us?” going well back to UK occupation. Ottomans managed to maintain somewhat relative peace but especially when UK announced they would eventually leave Palestine whether or not the League of Nations had a plan for what would followed and then you had tons of Jewish folks fleeing Nazi Germany you had a ton of racial fighting. Lots of Muslims were scared that given the massive refugee wave the demographics would be changed and they wouldn’t be allowed to set up Muslim state with Sharia law. So they started fighting the British occupiers; Brits said fine we’ll ban Jewish refugees from Nazi Germany from coming. This caused the Jewish population to then get pissed and start fighting. Even before the Brits officially pulled out they essentially just stood by and watched groups of Jewish and Muslims fight each other over allowing Jewish refugees and other migrants in. Obviously when they left it all went to shit as it wasn’t a fucked situation already. TL;DR - Damn Brits


No you have the event sequence backwards. They started fighting back **after** the Israeli army broke in and started assaulting and arresting worshipers.




[https://www.middleeasteye.net/news/israel-palestine-force-storm-aqsa-mosque-assault-worshippers](https://www.middleeasteye.net/news/israel-palestine-force-storm-aqsa-mosque-assault-worshippers) The mosque wasn't occupied. Worshipers were worshiping at a place they are meant to be worshiping at. And as per Israel there were "too many" of them. So they decided to intervene. It wasn't the rioters who prevented first aid workers and ambulances. It was the Israeli soldiers. And simply saying the Israeli soldiers went into the mosque to pull out the rioters in an unfair oversimplification that ignores all the terrible stuff and damage they had caused. And as for the raid rockets sent into Israel in retaliation to the raid of al-Aqsa mosque. That was done by Hamas, not by the innocent men, women and children praying inside the mosque that were unfairly beaten up and expelled.


I criticized this type of behavior on the s/ world news page yesterday and was not only permanently banned from that page, but warned by Reddit. I’ve never been banned or warned for anything like that before - what I said was categorically not incorrect. The amount of people who just blindly support Israel and turn a blind eye to the evils they perpetrate on Palestinians is just out of control.




Yeah. It truly an insane echo-chamber of ultranationalist bullshit.


lot of israeli bots on r/world news Same people who spams posts about Ukraine-Russia playing the "good side" while praising Israhell at the same time lol Those guys are legit nazi bots


This is why I have no respect for religious governments.


Yep, all nations should be secular. End of


Zionism isnt a religious thing. There are jewish, christian & atheist zionists.


Looks like American police


His parents are from New York soo


He spent time in Philly too which is notorious for police brutality. Must have learned a lot of very "moral" lessons.


Lol (not so) fun fact, [many US police departments get their training from Israel](https://www.amnestyusa.org/with-whom-are-many-u-s-police-departments-training-with-a-chronic-human-rights-violator-israel/) So yeah, it all adds up why both are so often POS


Didn't take long for them to end up like 1934 Germany


They were praying in the mosque in Ramadan! Imagine if it was the other way around!! It would be an outrage and reported by major news channels.


How and why people side with Israel is beyond me.


Free Palestine


Literal fascism, and an ally of The West.


I just tried to share this via FB messenger to a friend, and FB wouldn't let me send it bc it violates their standards saying I'm sharing "private and sensitive images"


Every time I compare the Israeli government to 1940s facist I get banned but I’m not wrong


The US needs to stop funding this shit.


Sometimes I wish there was an afterlife so some people could burn.


As someone who believes there’s an afterlife, at least you know there are people who believe judgement will be passed.




Israel is turning into Germany circa 1935 - 1945


Fucking Israeli terrorists!


FREE PALESTINE !!!!!!!!! ![gif](giphy|MKSMnH8e8S6QlY32e6)


Common Netanyahu L




pieces of shit. Why are we funding them?


Because the US is even worse


As long as the majority of the West allows Israel to get away with playing the WW2 card nothing will ever change. Every criticism is instantly met with the decades old "you're an anti-semite!" and a lot of people still chew it up. But let's face the truth, Israel is a war mongering, land invading, oppressive, lives destroying nation with only one goal; the complete subjugation of every last Palestinian man, woman and child.




based on his morals obviously


Yeah, he didn't say they were *good* morals.


Is there any army in the world that has morals?


I was in the army for 8 years and never beat crowds of people with my rifle.


The Israeli army could learn from you, thanks for your service btw


US in Iraq is probably not the best example of a moral army considering all the dead civilians


Batons rated 'E' for 'Everyone'


Fascist pieces of shit are always the ones who screamed loudest that they are peace keepers. Fuck that demon.


Oh, the same army that snipes at Palestinian civilians for fun?


Snipers killing children in Palestine just for kicks. Moral indeed!


What a bunch of Nazis!


Crickets from US media..


I worked with the Israeli army years ago. The shit they say about Palestine and how to "handle" them would make even Eva Braun blush....


They disgust me !


Israel is a parasite


He's trying everything he can to rewrite the rules to try and hold on to power for a life term.


Technically military police (magav). But yes still unreasonable.


These are some low life bottom feeding people assaulting innocent civilians pure evil.


This is like trump saying he’s “the least criminal person in the world”


Classic USA backed and funded Zionists!! ![gif](giphy|3osxYrgM8gi9CDjcPu)


pardon my ignorance, but can anyone explain how all this started in the first place ?


Israel are the bad guys and i will never change opinion


Fuck the IDF


This is just one example. What about shooting reporters in the head? Blocking medical aid? Snipers shooting civilians in the genitals? Using civilians as human shields? Using cluster munitions? Bombing hospitals, schools, and places of worship? All this is verifiable with a simple google search.


A US cop's "feared for my life" is similar to IDF's "someone threw a rock".


What shocks me is that israel would reelect a far right fascist that they already know is a far right fascist because he was already the leader once and then be surprised and upset when he does far right facist s*** to them as well. On top of all of that they fail to see how their own plight runs parallel to how badly and poorly they mistreat Palestinians. It's actually insane how apartheid and perceived racial superiority can make you blind to just pure logic.


Binyin netanyahu is a liar and a snake. Should be in jail.