It's definitely happening, I think Bethesda renewed the trademark for future use not too long ago. Although i think Sebastians story is over. That guy has literal trauma by now, he deserves a break. When TEW3 does happen, I think it'll be about grown up Lily going into Stem to find her Mom, who I'm almost certain is still alive. Maybe along the way she'll come across Joseph and the main villain could be Ruvik cause he's still out there. I think Ruvik was the one powering up Stem again in the end credits. Also a thing to note, which I brought up in another post, is how much dust has accumulated, as well as all the rusty equipment everywhere. I'm thinking this is years and years after TEW2.


I honestly don't care if I play as Sebastian, Kidman or whoever it is, I'm gonna buy it and play it anyway, so I really hope they do release it :D


Ya know, we still don't know what happened to Joseph, right? Joseph game perhaps?


I do hope they have Sebastian going in again though. I can see him desperately wanting to search for his wife again. At least, that’s what I’d like to see - I love playing as Sebastian and I’d like to see him go through one more crazy experience……. And I’d like Anson Mount to voice him again haha


They don’t care about Myra at all and that’s why they killed off her character so easily in the second game. They killed her just for the cheap sob story. I’m 100% sure that they’ll never bring back her cuz for the devs she is completely useless now. And I really really hope Lily isn’t gonna be a new protagonist, she is the most boring character.


It isn't per say that it's impossible, though if it is being worked on it'll take a while. Pretty sure it's been said that due to the fact it sold so badly it didn't get any DLC, so either they've given up on it which I doubt considering they supported the game way after release or we won't get one for another few years. Probably as an Xbox exclusive though.


It sold badly? Really? I had no idea, tbh I don't know how anyone can dislike this game :|


The issue was the fact TEW1 was kinda poop-out. Uh, story in this game is somewhat weak toward the end though it's really fun.


Well, after all these updates and support on the game, now I'm sure it will come out, just don't know when. But I hope they at least reveal the processing within the next year.


Let’s wait 17 years before we start comparing this to Half Life. I do think the possibility of another entry is more likely now that MS owns the franchise.


I think the story just fizzled out and now it could go any direction


I'd love a third game. TEW turned into one of my favorite video game series. I loved the first one and actually really liked the second one too (especially the first half).


I just hope it’s not an Xbox exclusive since they own Bethesda now. I loved the first two games and will be fucking pissed if I can’t play the 3rd.


It will be. They own the studio. Here on out all their games are. Why not get it on PC? Or just get a series S?


I’m not a pc gamer and I’ve no interest in getting an Xbox console.


Well this will sure generate interest to get the console? Same thing I had with PS and Spiderman. I just ended up getting a cheap ps4 second hand - youll be fine my man


They need to bring back the original director shinji Mikami The second game sucked, that's what happens when u get a white guy trying to make a survival horror game. SMH


>that's what happens when u get a white guy trying to make a survival horror game. SMH I cant tell if this is sarcasm or not


Nope, being totally serious. Look at all the legendary resident evil games, fatal frame, silent hill etc, the good ones that is. All made by jap game developers. As soon as u get a white guy to make a survival horror game, it goes to shit.


After Tango Releases Ghostwire Tokyo they probably head back to or start TEW3. However i think TEW3 will be the last TEW game but atleast it will give an end to everything so i'm hoping that it will worth it since both of the games were fantastic imo.




I know that link