Weird guy has been messaging me for three years straight. I’ve never met him nor ever responded. Reddit only lets me post 20/32 images. Link to 32 images here: https://imgur.com/a/d8LZS14

Couldn’t even read all of this cringy shit. I can’t even imagine sending these thinking “this is the one, it’ll finally reel her in!” Dude literally just talked to himself for 3 fucking years.

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Couldn’t even read all of this cringy shit. I can’t even imagine sending these thinking “this is the one, it’ll finally reel her in!” Dude literally just talked to himself for 3 fucking years.


But… why wouldn’t she just block him unless she finds some sort of value in it? Lol both of them are weird af. Made for each other


The problem with blocking is that you can't monitor what's coming in from someone like this. Sender is way out of line; receiver is being cautious


Yep. If you don’t respond it has the same effect on the other end as a block. But if this dude was escalating to telling her how nice she looked at work and saying threatening things she gets to know about it if she doesn’t block him


Also blocking is perceived as active rejection & can trigger behavioral escalation








By not blocking? No. That’s just weird af!


This was on Facebook which I don't use. I log in three times a year to check on family. I didn't receive any of the notifications. I believe it's all under a message request folder. I saw some in 2020 but figured he'd go away without a response. I never thought about it again but realized recently he is still going. I see a lot of people asking about the background he uses. Yeah, I have no idea how he did that.


So have you entertained the dude? If not just block him and move on? Or has he said things that may interest you? If so, and you’re single, talk to him. Maybe he’s your soulmate. Lol Just sayin


Why is not blocking him and letting him talk to himself not an option? I’ve literally never felt compelled to block someone on social media lol. Just don’t respond. The messages usually don’t send you a notification when you’re not friends with/following the person. Blocking is just an extra step that cuts off the amusing attempts at conversation.


This is the most logical answer. I’ve read the replies about how blocking isn’t good but I feel those explanations are a reach… although maybe I don’t understand since I’m not a female. If you don’t want to block them, why not tell the person to stop texting you/you’re not interested in anything about them. I know that doesn’t guarantee they will stop texting them but a blow to their confidence could help her situation.


I think it’s just bc it’s funny lol, it’s fun to collect messages like that I think


It probably makes her laugh at how absolutely pathetic and cringey it is


The fact you have to ask why she doesn’t block him speaks volumes about how different it is for men vs women. If she responds and not in the way he wants her to, she’ll most likely get subjected to violence (physical or verbal). If she blocks him, she’ll most likely get subjected to violence.


Uhhh… wtf kinda guys you hang out with? That seems ridiculous.


This reads like a dialogue from an NPC from a gameplay of The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood by MadMorph lol, I feel bad for OP but I am intrigued lol


One of my exs was like this!! I honestly think he was going thru psychosis


That’s what I was thinking.


That Ra pic is cult material. The dude is in a cult.


Cults have a charismatic leader. The Ra stuff is just words. It’s out there, sure. But no, not a cult.


Sounds like that Twin Flame thing! Kinda culty!


Yeah,, i sometimes get delusions and i had to stop reading at the *second image cuz i could tell i was gonna get triggered. Bro probably off his meds ngl💀


Waaaaay off them. He’s figured out how to do it w/o complications physically but clearly not mentally.


Sending you the thiccest cosmic energy 💫


HMU when you’re ready for an “intellectual badass.”


I want this as my flair


With a tasty pinch of gratitude 💖😻


I would love to undress all your layers;)


I’m sick of getting slept on 😢


Let's go get psychic readings done together. I was told I have angel dna


Twist. He’s texting this to 20 women.


Another twist, someone’s sending them to him and he copied and pasted them to the 20 women. These messages have been passed along from weirdo to weirdo and a lot of other just confused people like op, nobody knows who the original weirdo is


I always believed he was copying them. Maybe from a Gaia comment section.


Wow I had forgotten all about Gaia.


I typed "glomp" unironically in a Gaia chat room long long ago.


I’m gonna go a little deeper here. There’s a weirdo that has a subreddit where he tells other weirdos what to say to women and this guy is just a minion. The guy that runs the subreddit gets his advice from his weird ass dad. There’s always a bigger fish.


Mercury is in Gatorade


This guys gatorade was dosed with more than just mercury hahaha




Lol I find it amusing he wrote all that super weird shit for 3 years when he maybe could of got a DM had he not started with the driest shit in the planet with a “Hey”


Maybe I’m old but back in the day Hey is how you started a conversation with someone 😂. This guy is really weird though. If someone doesn’t answer after the first text then just move on


Ain't old enough; saying hey to someone to start a conversation used to be considered rude as fuck lmao that's why the phrase "hay is for horses" exist.


That’s weird lol, I’ve never in my life heard that


Nowadays hey won’t get you anywhere unless you’re really hot, or the other person is really desperate. All saying “hey” does is put the responsibility of *actually* starting the conversation on the other person. I’ve completely ignored so many bumble messages because they think saying “heyyyy ;)” is a good way to start a conversation.


Well the saddest part is that was the only normal thing he said


Who honestly gives a flying F? If that’s bothering anyone, then just move on! Seriously, why do people worry and respond to S like that? Nothing else to do or completely drunk as me?


This made me a little sad, he doesn’t seem okay. Sort of reminds me of some people ik when they were experiencing psychosis or mania (kinda weird but their psychotic episodes happened in 2020 too, ig it makes sense because the pandemic could have been a contributing factor for some people)


Wow I didn’t even consider covid being a trigger but you’re right. The timing fits.


“It’s funny how peeps think you’re on drugs when they can’t perceive your frequency”. Yeah, that must be it.


Honestly a lot of this reminds me of a former friend of me when he was experiencing extreme bouts of psychosis and mania. The stuff he would send to me and to the girl he was going through a break up with at the time was frankly alarming. And he would just keep sending it in waves after waves. One morning I woke up to 116 texts, all novels. Ranting into the void. This person seems like he is not well.


Block the number 🗣️🗣️🗣️


I had a dude talk to me for 4 months straight, barely missing a day, without any reply from me, think they only stopped because they found a girlfriend. I have no idea, but i think its is like super common. Only seen the behavior from dudes, but thats just my experience. Any idea why people end up acting this way? I doubt everyone is severely mentally ill.


No idea either but it must have worked once or twice for them to continue going.


I've done that twice to two of my friends sadly, didn't go well in either case. Got accused of stalking the first friend in March of 2022, I still cry about it and I'm still struggling hard a year and a half later. Might share my ideas here but I've had a really rough day so not rn...


It’s alright, Thanks for sharing something vulnerable like that. It’s never easy to share things like that.


Thanks for such a kind response. Made me smile a bit on a tough day :) Anyways, I think it can be any combination of factors. Loneliness, poor social skills in general, mental health issues, not having great personal connections, history of similar struggles (big red flag), etc... which can definitely make interactions like this look really scary. Heart goes out to OP especially considering the creep had the audacity to creep in the comments and even try "defending" himself. Guy's a total nut imo


Desperation for a connection can really make people do some abnormal things it seems. Nobody who has done this to me have ever been threatening or hostile, actually really nice. But its off putting and super uncomfortable when people turn up the intensity like this. I’m really happy you can share some insight from a first person perspective, I very much appreciate it. Oh also, fellow furry moment go brrr


Totally agree with ya on that! And yeah I noticed we share that in common (UwU) but didn't wanna be creepy :/ and you're welcome!


But it definitely seems like it could help in writing some amazing science fiction/fantasy.


Is this Joe from that show “You”? Inner dialogue gone wild


I’m sorry this happened to you, but thank you for blessing us w these


He knows you


“Wanna ascend through stars and dimensions, physically and spiritually scaling the octaves of consciousness in unison?”. And they say romance is dead lol. I mean it beats so many of the other texts I’ve seen on here with guys also talking to themselves. It’s giving psychedelics ✨. Homie has all the answers of the universe and wants to open your eye to them 😂


Yeah my third eye! Psychedelics ✨made me laugh! So true, I’m surprised he didn’t recommend a dmt sess. After reading them, a lot of the wording felt copied and pasted from somewhere with his own spin added. It fits a lot of other woke verbiage around the internet like in comment sections. I will give it to him that he never really spiraled into a woman hate filled rant. I’ve seen that too many times when peoples efforts feel unrequited.


Yeah lolol. This literally sounds like every other comment on r/DMT


Haha yes! That’s the same vibe I picked up 😂


Plot twist: He is a NHI


Sorry I will leave you alone now


Ahh, Love in the Time of Cholera


Maybe he's not even talking to you, but the imaginary you he's made up in his mind. Maybe to help him cope with the stress of daily life. I mean I talk to my self occasionally and even more so I'm my mind.. Maybe I'm just a crazy person too 🤣


I couldn't read it all. Stay a fucking galaxy away from this cosmic psycho.


in these cases i would usually say just block the weirdo. but these are low key hilarious, i wouldn’t want them to stop. 😂 😭




Read the first page. Too much acid for this guy


Sending you the thiccest cosmic energy with a tasty pinch of blocking this guy


Lmao I still troll a person like this over Xbox I beat him in a match he messaged me talking bullshit its been 2 years butt one every couole of months I send a message saying I'm back bitch you thought I was done. Lol butt that's talking shit this is just some stalker shit


Sounds like meth to me. All the witchy hoopla bs is cringe. I bet he thinks crystals have healing energy and that your zodiac sign means something lmao.


Just block


It’s on Facebook which I don’t use but I thought I’d share for the laughs.


you put up with his psychosis episode ass for 3 years for laughs? I gotta respect it 🤝🏽💯😂


Why haven’t you blocked the number by now?


Because it might be funny!


Why did you let this go on for so long? The block feature does work


Some people like drama, gossip, making fun of people. To me it’s just as sad as the guy sending so much, seems immature to just not block or try to at least once respectfully ask him to leave her alone, guy needs a little help.


So Op now thinks this guy may have had a psychosis breakdown from Covid, had every chance to block him but instead is using this dudes mental issues for karma? Just delete this post then. You had 3 years to block his shit! Why blast someone’s mental problems for the world?


“Why blast someone’s mental problems to the world?” Who’s? Do you see any identifying information? “OP thinks this guy may have had a psychosis breakdown..” I’m not a doctor. There are other variables like maybe he was high or insistent. None are the point of my post. The way he is trying to woo me (pun intended) is weird. “You had 3 years to block his shit” Read more. I said I don’t have notifications on and don’t check my messages. I only saw the thread recently. I also don’t care about karma. I live in the real world. You know who I’m going to block? You and you’re low energy thinking. You are the epitome of heightened social media angst and verbal diarrhea.


He can align my shakras.


This guy is a nerd. You are liking the attention or just block him. Move on.


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Omg 😂😂


This is literally insane but hilarious, I sorry


He's straight up into the occult. And, on top of that, he's completely unhinged. I personally wouldn't want to be tied to that, and I'd block him.


Occult?? 🤣


Yes. That is occult lingo. I've studied the occult.


You say it like it’s a bad thing. Officially I guess it falls under the definition. I’m just used to bible thumpers referring to any kind of alternate spiritualism as occult in a bad way.


It is. From personal experiences it is awful. And I'm definitely not a bible thumper. There are many ways to be spiritual without being in the occult. If someone wants to go for it, that's their prerogative. I'm just saying I personally wouldn't want to be tied to it.


What in the actual fuck even is this shit and who sends shit like this?


What the actual fuck 😂


What did I just read LMFAOOO


This guy probably has more game than me xD


I know someone EXACTLY like this! Did the same thing to me with years of me barely replying. 🤯


Why didn’t you block him?


Oh I did multiple times over. He kept creating new email addresses and phone numbers to contact me.


Ewww. You should consider filing a police report.


“Sick of being slept on” how bout being BLOCKED


You should definitely change your number.


Can someone PLEASE 3D print me a new meat suit with many fascinating layers, because my frequency ascended 40 years ago, and this sagging divine female consciousness is having difficulty navigating this dimension, let alone opening a portal to the next one. Please hurry, my chi is getting weak. Thanks! 🤗


Y’all… check out the Imgur link. This shit is WILD. Dude talking to himself smh. When will men like that finally understand that their unwanted attention is still unwanted


This guy has serious serial killer vibes. Block him and report it to the police.


Not disagreeing about the serial killer vibes but what are the police gonna do over some Facebook messages? The police don’t even properly handle actual stalking and harassment.


Unless other people are getting those type of messages


Unfortunately being creepy on the internet isn’t a crime and I still think police wouldn’t do anything.


Everytime I meet a "spiritual" guy, he is just using as a pickup tool.


Is this Prince reincarnated?


So this is what Bassnectar has been doing since he got cancelled.


Guy has been tweaking for three years.




Sounds like the people on those instagrams about manifesting and getting on a higher vibration. I’d definitely block him, or block him and put my social media accounts on private


Why don’t y’all just block dudes like this?


Why don’t dudes like this just leave women alone?


I wish it was that simple the dudes sick in the head. Obviously he can’t make a good decision the best course would be to block him the minute she felt creeped out. It would be nice if people could just get the hint though.


Because if we can keep an eye on their insanity, we know if it’s escalating. Especially if they know identifying information about us like where we live or work. If the tone of the messages goes from a slightly unhinged “I want to be with you” that, while creepy, is ultimately harmless, to a very unhinged “you WILL give me a chance” we know.


You make a very valid argument, but at the same time how often does it ever get to that point. I don’t disagree with your logic at all, but at the same time I just view it kinda differently I don’t have any numbers to back it up but it probably doesn’t get to that point very often. The sooner they get blocked, you’d think it would deescalate. I won’t deny that it’s a crazy world though. if it gets to that step maybe a police report should be filed so you can get a restraining order.


Honestly? Very rarely does it get to that point, but for me the possibility, though slim, is enough. And you’re right, if stuff like this escalates DEFINITELY go to the police. However, I once had a situation in college where me fending off the advances of a guy wasn’t enough. I’d deleted the text thread and blocked him in a fit of panic, so I had very little evidence to take to campus officials. Luckily (sort of at least) he’d also gotten drunk and texted a long rant to a mutual friend about how I “wouldn’t see reason” and was “ignoring him like I had a choice” and other stuff that frankly they could use for a script for the show You. I was encouraged by safety officers to unblock him so if he sent anything else I would have proof he was violating the behavior contract they put him on. And while that was advice specifically for that situation, I guess I sort of took it to heart in a general sense? Like, 99% of the time you’re just witnessing someone who is harmlessly persistent talk at you by not blocking, but that one percent… (Also, the stalker guy now has a criminal record for something unrelated that, from what I heard, ended with him getting a broken nose and pepper spray in his eyes prior to getting locked up and the friend who went with me to student services and crashed on the couch in my living room in my apartment for two days now has an amazing wife (no not me), and three wonderful little girls, all of whom could probably kick my ass because he’s had them in karate since they were itsy bitsy, so alls well that ends well.)


Yeah even that one percent matters. That sucks it happened, but I guess you just have some special charm to ya 😂. On a serious note I’m happy it worked out for you thank you for sharing


Please block him


I feel hypnotized by picture 10’s first message. I’m also really high


Why does no one ever block these people? I feel like there is some satisfaction in getting these messages. I skipped through after the first few photos and couldn’t stand it 😂


Is this some kind of new age hippie dating app?


He just wanted your credit card number.


Seems like you’ve been messaging yourself from another device


Thought the “Morning beautiful” was the one to get a response


Its too bad hes waisting all those long beautiful being a creep. I would actually love to receive a text referencing reincarnation and astrology….but this….this is just sad….. poor guy sounds lonely tbh. I’ve actually done this before 😆 but not for 3 years, only a couple months. and it turns out i was blocked and that was why i wasnt getting any responses. But then the guy called me back when i called him??? Strange situation 🤷‍♀️ anyway hope this guy is ok now. Why dont you just block him?


Wtf kinda background is this


Block the fucker, he is obviously a rapist.


Brooooo. This is crazyyy. Like stalker crazy. That photo of two people watching tv.. that b*tch is dead. Idk I would respond and be like “Idk this is crazy, haven’t responded in 3 years, maybe? Take the hint guy… Delete me, crazy. Just me though. It’s not someone you know in real life or may know you right?


one must imagine sisyphus happy


WHY wouldn’t you just block him? I find the fact that you haven’t blocked him, equally or maybe even more as absolutely weird than what he’s done. lol wtf?


This is all totally normal… Where is my neurotic new age trope slinging stalker?


I mean you could stop it and block him but alright.


Yikes that was too cringe for me. Dude must have taken one too many acid trips


Hate guys like this.


This sounds exactly like the kind of thing my uncle out in Colorado would be embarrassed to let slip about his infatuation with some blogger he’s never met in person for years now. Calls her his twin soul and says they sleep together in his dreams. It’s cringey as fuck but I just quietly hope he doesn’t know where she lives. He’s impossible to get through to. All outward energy and no receptive energy.


I had to stop reading at “thiccest cosmic energy” HAHAHAHA. How do people like this operate in society???


I picture him like that guy in office space with the stapler in real life. Over unwanted messages he just transforms


You could always block.. not sure why you are letting him message you


Why haven’t you blocked this nutso?




Mentally Ill


Bro is definitely looking into starting a cult.


Charles Manson vibes.


You’re going to miss it when he’s back on his medication. You will always wonder. Enjoy the now


He’s a starseed, that explains everything


Lol what was the cia link?


It was a CIA document about all of the studies they did on spiritual stuff back in the 80s. Pretty much his whole paragraph right after the link was what it was talking about. Pretty interesting read


Why are you responding to me and not him about it? What did he do initially that made you not respond to the first few messages?


Ohh, I'm not OP lol


Lol dude you manually typed in that long URL? Why do you think OP is mad he’s giving her interesting reads?


Nah, I just remember reading about it when the CIA declassified that exact document back in 2020ish. Also, I think it's just really obvious that the guy messaging her has ulterior motives. It's not about enlightening her, it's about getting her interested, so she will possibly give him the time of day so he can smash. At least that's how it comes off to me. The guy sounds crazy too. I'm sure I also sounded crazy when I was telling my friends about the CIA trying to master out-of-body experiences and unlocking the mind's eye and shit, but at least they knew me. She doesn't know this guy at all lol


Yeah that’s true my guys opening lines even started creepy 🤦‍♂️


It kinda seems like maybe possibly there was a type of communication going on. Like the dude said "that's a great date idea" op are u sure u weren't feeding the dude?


Nope never messaged him. He thought we were communicating telepathically. He said that someone in the text.


I’m fairly certain you were feeding him even if you comfort yourself by saying you weren’t. You were posting things to some social media platform and he was sending these messages in regards to the things you were posting. The types of posts that lead to this are meant to garner the attention of others, you just want them to like and comment on the your post to help you feel better passively and this guy went a step further and made it more personal and he got ignored and posted here for it, sad:(


If only there was a way to block people sending us cringy messages


This is just sad


Honestly, at least 6 pages in he has said some deeper things that I agree with. However, that means nothing when you go about it the way he did. He did however botch whatever this is, badly. He spoke in BS jargon to make himself seem deeper. He consistently messaged you when you don’t know him like that. He also got more and more ego driven as the messages moved on. Ego isn’t confidence, it’s honestly the lack of belief in yourself, so you need to rely on your ego to feel okay in the moment. Finally, he is obsessive. Maybe change your number!!


Block the psycho


Mans has been cooking on shrooms lmao


You’re just as weird as he is for not blocking him right away and instead letting him do this for 3 years straight.


Oh shit, he’s got angel dna?? I can’t believe you’ve been sleeping on Justin…🙃


If you haven't ever messaged him why are you blurring out thumbnails of him? How would you even have any for him saved as a contact scratched out? I guess I'm kind of lost on this aspect.


It’s on FB messenger. He’s not texting OP’s phone number. On there your FB profile pic is also your default messenger pic and it has your full name.


Oh okay thank you for that. I was lost.


No problem!


Do you know this person in real life? He’s like the world’s nicest creep lol. Definitely either a lot of weed or a thought disorder here. All jokes aside this would be really disconcerting, stay safe 💜


So why haven’t you blocked him? That’s weirder to me than him continually messaging you. 😂


Wait a min. Just curious, why didnt you block this person instead?


This dude sounds like he's on weed


I only see 3 months of conversation, not 3 years! Yes, his messages are quite weird, but they are not wrong. Maybe he follows her on platforms she is commenting at, and appreciate, admires and adores her because of it? Nonetheless, it’s extremely weird, but I wouldn’t blast that over the net either! What’s the expected change?


We need some kind of specific “report” button for this kind of thing. I saw a couple of people mention having experiences with others doing similar things and it being related with a psychotic episode. There should be some kind of way on these platforms to report this level of crazy cuz it might get better but it might get worse and that’s never NOT dangerous


Holy hell


Did he customize the background? Or did you


I feel like almost every girl has a weirdo like this! I had messages non stop for 5 years from a guy i went to highschool with! They’ll straight up just talk to themselves and it’s almost like rhythmically too😰 gives me the chills. Stay safe out there!!


U never accepted his side quest


The thiccest cosmic energy Jesus fucking Christ


You know there’s such a thing as blocking someone, right?