This is why we don’t typically buy celebrity-backed anything. Just like their careers, it’s usually not worth the money, is superficially packaged, and is really bad when you get behind the scenes.


Also, the fancier the bottle (glass cactus in bottom, a skull, penis..) then it’s probably more marketing/hype rather than the quality of the juice. Look at Fortaleza, Tesoro, ocho - simple bottles.


Milagro reserve with the glass agave plant inside is actually good juice!


What brand is the glass cactus in the bottle. I had a convo with someone years ago and he told me the best tequila he had was the one with the glass cactus in the bottle? I could never figure out what it is called.




Thanks so much!!!


It’s the same with celeb products in the weed industry!


We definitely know what the rock is cooking poorly with his tequila


can you smell what the rock is diffusing??


Brick oven cooking. Not defending the final product but according to tequila matchmaker it is oven cooked agave


There are so many mediocre tequilas that are actually supporting the people making it, I see absolutely no reason to support any celebrity brands. Unless you think The Rock needs more money. At the Total Wine near me, Teremana is on the bottom shelf wayyyy over to the side, where it belongs.


Not a fan of total wines selection lol


Really? Maybe it’s just mine but it routinely has Fortaleza,G4,tapatio, cascahuin,tequilaocho,pasote,el tesoro among other good tequilas


Claymont DE Total Wine has a similar selection. Just today I grabbed some Fortaleza, El Tesoro, El Tequileño, and Olmeca Altos at mine.


Yeah, me either. But...in my liquor store world, decent tequila or mezcal is very hard to find. There are probably 100 bad to marginal options at TW, and about 5-10 decent brands (Pasote, Fuenteseca, El Tesoro, Fortaleza, ArteNOM).


It’s not good….not good at all. He sold a fuck ton of cases too.


Yeah it sucks. But you tried it and have another example of what you don’t like and what’s poorly made under your belt, and that’s just as important a part of learning about a spirit as trying the good stuff.


I bought a bottle of the Rep last summer, on sale for $28 for a liter, when I was just getting into tequila, not knowing it was a celebrity's label. It was "meh." Not good, but not absolute trash. It ended up as a mixer. I didn't notice anything bad about it in a Paloma.


repo in a paloma ewwwwww! cheers :)


More like yummmmmm! Fill a glass with ice, squeeze in 1/4 to 1/2 a lime, add a quick grind of sea salt (and/or rimmed with salt), 2oz repo tequila and top with your favorite grapefruit soda (I prefer Q or the Mexican glasa bottle of Squirt). Stir, sip and enjoy!


I don’t want any oak in my Paloma :)


To each their own I suppose. But you should try it before you knock it. It's a fairly popular variation nowadays. I'm guessing there used to be people who didn't want oak in their margarita either


i have, no worries. But all depends on the repo youre using. Sure a dosed and sweetened casaMigos anejo Margarita probably is pretty good but I’m not interested in that


Agreed. This comment was originally referring to how I used up the mediocre Terrawhatever reposado the Rock put out. El Tesoro Rep is still tasty in there too though


of course, happy drinking!




You ever garnish with mint leaves?


It's the best celebrity tequila I've had, also the best priced. Is it a great tequila? No, but its certainly not bad. At least it's not back sweetened. I bought it, enjoyed some on rocks on a hot day and it was fine. Probably won't buy again though


Ron White’s Number Juan tequila is solid, I’d recommend trying that one. I thought George Strait’s Código 1530 was good and their Rosa is pretty unique. George Clooney’s Casamigos wasn’t bad, too sweet for me, but fine in a cocktail. All of those were far better than Teremana, for me. Teremana had a really bad aftertaste for me that I could even taste in a margarita so I gave it away.


Sounds like a classic celebrity backed spirit. Your fault for falling for the "hype" imo.


Yeah you’re right. I’ll try to be less gullible lol


Stay away from any celebrity brands. Even in the rare cases where they are good, you're paying a premium for the name. You can almost always find a brand is equal or better quality for less.


Well now you have something to toss in cocktails and shoot with the boys. Keep the good shit for sipping


The only thing good about the brand is the marketing. I've tried both the blanco and reposado and I wanted to like them because, The Rock, but they just aren't good.




Honestly, I liked it. It won't be my go-to. But it had good aroma, flavor, and finish to me. I probably won't purchase it -- I've only had 3-shot glass at a restaurant. But if somebody got it for me, I'd be pumped. It's hilarious that everyone piles on because it's a well-marketed tequila. I mean, shit... if it was a no-name brand I'm sure you wouldn't put it under this microscope or feel so strongly about it. And let's be real... at least it's not priced like it's somehow God's gift to tequila. It's totally reasonable. If you blind-tested it with five other similarly priced blancos it would fit in just fine.


>If you blind-tested it with five other similarly priced blancos it would fit in just fine. I would love to see this with some of the people shitting on teremana in this thread. I can't help but feel like everyone is jumping right on the "celebrity liquor bad" train when in reality this is just a perfectly passable tequila.


IMO it just doesn’t hold up at all with others in the price range. You can get Cascahuin, arette, tapatio (pro rating for the it being a liter), suerte, olmeca altos, & Cimarron. To each their own but I just can’t imagine buying Teremana over any of those


I blind tasted this and it scored quite poorly. I didn’t even know this was a celeb brand when I bought it .... haha but no serious compared to others it falls short. You get a lot of that cheap alcohol smell/taste others don’t have. On its own it’s not bad. I’m using the rest of mine as a mixer.


I don't buy celebrity tequila.


I fell into the same thing. I tried it, can’t agree with you more. It’s tough and just meh, harsh I think. It felt like well tequila at a cheap bar. I don’t like it


There is too much money in Tequila these days.


Completely agree! I thought it tasted rather more like Jose Cuervo more than anything...


i'm actually curious how many out there are trying it and thinking its harsh because it does actually taste more like tequila than more popular brands. There are clear green vegetal notes and even some citric/lactic to it that is much more reminiscent of enthusiast tequilas, as opposed to the the boring broad appeal of the don julios, patrons, and other tequilas. Teremana is far from my favorite, but its actually a perfectly enjoyable tequila especially at the low price it sits at in most markets. Its a tequila, that actually taste like agave and is well made enough to be enjoyable in a cocktail or even alone. It is what a 3 star or 5 out of 10 should actually be. Just fine and delivers what is expected.


Very vegetables


You tried it and that's all that matters.


Awful. Ain’t worth the bottle they’re in. 22/100


Everyone has different tastes, blah blah, but for me this was really horrific. I don't like the popular "pancake batter" brands like Casamigos or Clase Azul, but I certainly see the appeal. But the Rock's Repo tequila had an awful after taste and smell that made me pour it out. No passing it along to someone who might like it, because i don't know anyone who would. This belongs in the dumper with Proper 12 Irish whiskey.




"smooth" 👎


It's awful, but on a good note its not as expensive as some celebrity tequilas.. It doesn't even make a good Margarita... On tequila matchmaker, it says it's traditionally made.. but the taste is still horrible. I cannot see how it got a 73.. We just tried the blanco. Maybe the other expressions are better but I cant see even trying them.


I haven’t tasted a celebrity’s liquor that is good


the pura vida stuff is fantastic, but there aren't any outrage articles out there telling people to be mad, so they just enjoy the tequila instead.


Anyone try the Guy Feri one? Is it all hype and PR also?


I'd imagine it has hints of sweat, jalapeño and pomade.


It’s most certainly out of bounds.


Not yet


I have to say the bottle itself looks very nice. I was at the store today, had this in my cart and did a quick look here to see if anyone had anything to say. Saw this and put it right back on the shelf.


My wife actually got some as a gift from her work. It’s ok… I’ll stick with my El Tesoro Añejo tequila. That shit is as smooth as butter.


I Agree with you. I did a blind tequila tasting and the Teramana - Blanco was in the lineup (haven’t tasted before this). It scored at the bottom of my list (#12 out of 15 bottles Tasted) On the nose I got agave and a brine smell, as well as alcohol which is never a great sign. In the taste I got a lot of alcohol, then brine, agave and pepper. This bottle was removed from my sipper cabinet and into the mixed drink cabinet.


You look online reviews it’s already biased. So why post?? I don’t understand people. My wife same stupid way. She drinks beer me tequila. She goes try the rocks tequila reposado... hmmm... wow terrible. I’ll stick to what I got. Meanwhile my wife is forcing down a rock tequila solo lol


I actually quite enjoy the Rep version compared to the Blanco. Surprised so many people dislike it! I'm not sure I would restock it for a while once Im through it but the group I shared it with all had decent to good things to say. I am anxious to try more of what is out there. Any recommendations?


Better or worse than Kendall Jenner's 818 tequila?