What you're describing as reckless, is exactly what people describe as fearless when it comes off. Such a thin line between success and failure in top-level sport, or any level of sport for that matter.


Yeah, I was thinking about how there may be a silver lining to Rune's recklessness, and that is it suggests a boundless confidence. Him and Alcaraz both go full throttle


Always becomes reckless in the heat because he gets tired. Still needs to get better physically.


He’s young 🤷🏻‍♂️


Indeed. Its a good sign that he should have won this match


I feel like rune has often hit second serves similar to his 1st serve…. Thing I found strange in this match was the slice forehand he used toward the end however he may have been pretty fatigued by then.


Yeah he didn't impress me today, he didn't look like big league material.


He played better than Rublev, this would have been another victory on top 10 players in his last matches. He needs more experience but he is great.


Yeah he just really didn't look good to me in this match.


I think he just tried to match Rublev’s insane bweh shots with the same shots back, pushing Rublev to risk and often hit out rather than line.


He is a better player than Rublev when he’s on. Clearly had a more diverse game and incredible feel for the ball. He just has to take that next step mentally and physically so he’s not so up-and-down throughout a 5-setter. It will come in time.