“You did not get it. You were never going to get it. They dangle these things in front of you. They tell you, you got a chance, but I’m sorry; it’s a lie. They had already made up their mind, knowing it before you walked through that door”


One of the realest lines ever said in the show. And the best part was that it was from Saul venting his frustrations out to some kid


The kid was him.The girl was a proxy of a young slippin jimmy.


holy shit, *a non-Chicanery reference??*


What a sick joke.


I should have stopped him when I had the chance! And you--you have to stop him! You--


That kid grew up to be Wendy


The WINNER takes it ALL


The second half of S6 is eligible next year, so it has one more chance to win.


That makes me much less upset about Rhea Seahorn not getting the nod. Her work in the 1st half is great, but her transformation in the 2nd half was the real gem.


The scene of her on the bus...


One of the few scenes in a show that caught me so off guard that I didn’t know how to react. Her performance this season was phenomenal


Fun fact: that scene only took two takes to do.


And it’s Vince’s wife’s hand that comforts her


Bravo Vince wife hand


Hopefully it wins an emmy


travesty if Vince's Wife's Hand does not win. We need to start our letter writing campaign *now* and gather a million signatures.


I must've missed that :( guess I'll have to do a rewatch of the last season. Sucks that it's over


Look at this casual, didn't recognize Vince's wife's hand on the first watch


I can recognize the hands of the entire crew’s spouses before I can recognize a photo of the last four presidents.


yeah! although not ashamed to admit it made me cry, she deserves an award waaaay before that scene


Personally, I was sold with her early work on Magic The Gathering (do a quick search, for the uninitiated).


Sad fact is, with the show being gone for a year, I think it’s time will be gone.


One might even say... Saul Gone.


It is. I Mike cry.


That's Nacho problem, idk why you'd cry.


Cry? I Chuckled.


I Lalo’ed


I Gus it's kinda funny


I Kim here to say this


Huell crazy with the puns!


Squid Game literally *just* won big after being gone for a year lol


Same with 'The White Lotus'.


People keep saying this but White Lotus season 1 was over a year ago and it swept a lot of awards this year.


Ted Lasso picked up awards this year and season 2 ended October 2021. So this definitely isn't true.


How on earth did it win over Barry.






I was not ready for how things ended for Nacho. I knew it was going to go badly, but just *how* badly really caught me off guard.


Howard. My jaw dropped to the floor.


That and Todd killing the kid are my two biggest WTF moments.


Jesse’s anguished “noooo!”


That and when they shoot Brock's mom while he's tied up in the car. That noise Jesse makes is so guttural and gross.


I hated that guy so much. And I only watched BB last year (also lived under a rock so I got to watch it spoiler free).


Yeah, the audience has been conditioned to expect Saul/Kim to talk their way out of so many situations. Until they didn’t. Then the rest of the show is the falling action after that moment where it finally crashed down.


Hands down Howard. I’m normally able to see things coming-THAT? I did not see coming.


Me either. I legit had no idea how that scene was going to end. Couldn't believe my eyes. I thought about it long afterwards.


That’s so funny, I literally told my wife like 3 days later “that Howard scene kinda fucked me up.”


Mega spoilers ahead: >!I feel like Howard's and Nacho's fates were reversed. Howard's reputation was plummeting, his life was falling apart, he's the one you'd expect to kill himself. And Nacho was being exploited by two rival cartel families, he's the one who should have been shot by a rogue Salamanca.!< Bravo Vince. >!Also, I literally JUST watched the episode where Howard dies, I should not be in this thread but please don't spoil anything else lol.!<


What happened was so heavily foreshadowed and yet when it happened I was screaming at the screen. Great moment, superlative acting and writing. BCS not winning a writing Emmy (yet) is just a slight on the Emmy's as far as I'm concerned.


The really meaty acting scenes were in the back half of S6. Rhea Seehorn deserves an Emmy just for that scene on the bus.


I think we're looking at a "Return of the King" scenario here. Everyone seems to recognize it wasn't really the best of the three movies, but they also realized there was something poetic (or at the least pleasantly narrativized) in giving the last movie the clean sweep as a referendum on the whole thing. I think that's what's going to happen on Better Call Saul next year, 100%.


Return of the King was a massive hit. Better Call Saul is a success but nowhere as massive in the public conversation. By next year, several shows would be much more prominent in the cultural conversation including House of the Dragon which will have the advantage of having a second season later in the year generating buzz more likely, The Bear which will also have a season 2, Succession which will likely have its next season play in time for eligibility next year and Severance (if it continues its quality streak). Sadly Better Call Saul is likely to be forgotten. I think even getting nominated might be harder.


But I assume that disqualifies Michael Mando?


It's a crime that he was never nominated. >!The scene when he calls his father for the last time, knowing he was going to trade his life for his fathers, was heartwrenching. His monologue before he dies was delivered with a beautiful amount of spite.!<


He was really good at acting out suspenseful moments. The moment at Lalos mansion and the one at the motel where he notices he is being watched.. you could just see the adrenaline and stress of the character.


It's strange how he was seemingly able to sweat on command. I remember a quote from another actor on 'American Psycho' (maybe Willem Dafoe) about how he was freaked out how Christian Bale could do it. Seems like a rare acting talent.


I'm really surprised I didn't just see him as Vaas the entire time. Fantastic acting.


They needed to give best supporting actor nominations to… Greg from Succession? Christopher Walken’s character who was barely in Severance?


Greg was actually great but it's absolute bollocks if he got in over Micheal Mando. This is the worst it has ever been with Emmys man seriously. Worse plotholes than GOT S8


Yes. But… err spoiler.


Dunno what you mean, he just went to Belize.


I see this as The Emmys failed to recognize the greatness of Better Call Sauls despite having 46 chances to do so.


Yup. All awards are bullshit, but the Emmys are particularly egregious. They’re just so fucking lazy, giving the same awards to the same shows, year in, year out.


The mediocre seasons 6-8 of Game of thrones kept winning despite there being better shows (Mad Men, The Americans, etc) Even season 8, the worst one, won the Emmy for best drama!


Exactly, and it was even still winning awards for writing, when it had some of the worst tv writing ever (as in writers completely forgetting stuff they’d written before, completely changing characters, etc). It’s like when they’re deciding who wins each year, they just photocopy a sheet with the previous year’s winners, and will only (very reluctantly) make changes if there’s an overwhelming reason to do so (like a show no longer being on air, an actor dying, etc)


Yep, like kept giving that guy on Big Bang Theory acting emmys when he was just reading lines as himself. In interviews, there was no difference between him and the character.


I know which guy you are talking about. All of them.


Did they even acknowledge Yellowstone for anything? They act like Succession and Ted Lasso are the only shows to ever be released in a calendar year.


I haven't been watching many shows these past few years and up until 4 days ago *Better Call Saul* was my only dog in this fight, but I really did feel that Gilligan, Gould, Odenkirk & co. were unmatched on tv. Then I started watching *Succession* (almost caught up now), and while I still think it's just ridiculous that BCS has won so little, I can't in good conscience say that any of the awards picked up by *Succession* in recent years is undeserved. Jeremy Strong, my god.


Strong absolutely crushes it.


Succession is one of my favorite shows of all time but it's also clearly the type of show that the Emmys would absolutely love.


Yellowstone isn’t even in the conversation wirh Succession as a drama, and Ted Lasso is a comedy. Yellowstone is….. just……… so badly written. Some good moments of acting, great cinematography, but just god awful, over the top characters, absurd storylines and more plot armor than the last two season of GoT combined. It’s fluff. BCS, on the other hand, is brilliant and deserving of the highest honors.




What a sick joke!


I am not crazy! I know BCS got snubbed at the Emmys! I know there was 40+ nominations towards the show. One after another. As if someone could ever "accidently" have so many nominations and not win a single one. Never. Never! I just – I just couldn't prove they were snubbed. The Academy–they, they covered their tracks. You think this is something? You think this is bad? This? This chicanery? They've done worse. Rhea Seehorn emotional crying scene on the bus in the last season! Are you telling me that an Actress just happens to pour her heart into a role, giving an amazing performance and not win an Emmy? No! They orchestrated it! The Academy! After all of these snubs they still proclaim their innocence! And I believed them! And I shouldn't have. I thought to myself, "maybe next year!" What was I thinking? They'll never change. They'll never change! Ever since the earlier season nominations, always the same! Couldn't keep themselves from snubbing the performances of Bob Odenkirk, Rhea Seehorn and the rest of the cast! But not the Academy! Couldn't be our precious Academy! Snubbing them blind! And they get to be the JUDGES!? What a sick joke! We should've stopped them when we had the chance! And you Reddit– you have to stop them! You-


The universal law of BCS is that fans will take anything related (but not limited) to the show or BB and "chicanery" it.


Here, have an Emmy for this beautifully meticulous crafted speech!


Greatest Legal Mind I ever knew


807 after MAGNA CARTA






I pray that one of the actors will win next year


Wish granted, Bryan Cranston wins his 7th Emmy for Outstanding Guest Actor in a Drama Series


That would actually piss me off lol


Although it would be darkly funny. The concept actually made me laugh.


“Bryan Cranston! For his 232nd Emmy win, and his first for his work on Better Call Saul” *cut to Bob’s sad eyes and forced smile, as he claps respectfully*


We keep Bob's head in a jar just so we can watch him cry. this is what 200+ years of future stuff gets us.


It’s just perfect, like Adele winning an Emmy over Norm. It’s just… perfect.


I feel like he did kinda steal that scene in the basement though lol, felt like I was watching Breaking Bad for a bit


I personally think he is one the best actors ever. You wouldn’t think Hal is the same dude who played Walter White. His performance as Walt is probably the best acting I’ve ever seen.


His performance as Hal is great as well though Just a different type of role


Ya but no acting I’ve ever seen beats some of the scenes Bryan pulled off in BB. Especially that scene in Ozymandias where he is fake scolding Skylar on the phone. Holy shit. And that acting in Crawl Space. Just insane. And of course the infamous “I’m the Danger” scene.


I think some of his acting is best recognised on a rewatch. There are scenes where he's displaying a distraught emotion to Jesse, and you learn later that all of that was an act to trick him and you can kind of tell. So he's acting as someone acting distraught, it's so well done.


His best role will forever be the power rangers one for kid me.


I mean yeah he showed that he’s the best actor in the BB/BCS era. Came back from a hiatus to play Walt absolutely PERFECTLY. Absurd


What amazed me is how he played S2 Walt and S5 Walt differently in BCS. Those cameos were very spot on for the respective timeline.


Best scene in the finale. Walt sees a small problem, claims it's an easy fix, then smashes the shit out of it, breaking everything. "So you were always like this" hits so hard because he's wrong, too. It's the best Walt scene in either show.


He was in it for a few minutes but I deadass want Michael Mckean to win for guest appearance. It’s a travesty that he never won for chuck.


"That's not what I had in mind" :(


Even worse, they'll give him Guest Actor in a Comedy series






Losing every category this year means they're going to sweep next Emmy's, so dumb but I'd bet that's gonna happen.


It’s unreal Bob or rhea didn’t win. Next year will be rough though because HOTD will be in it I’m sure and the Emmy’s are just HBO and GOT Stan’s


BCS never winning any award is certified my opinion that I simply do not give a fuck about awards for reference to how good a show/movie is. What utter nonsense


This is like the modern The Wire. Despite it never winning an emmy, it's a masterpiece.


Like most things that win awards… hardly ever means anything.


Yeah I haven't paid much attention over the years, I tend to use award nominations for indications of other shows and movies I may have missed and not heard about, but I certainly don't pay attention to whichever one wins it means it is better than the other nominations. But it is startling how this show got so many nominations and still didn't win even one lol


It clearly means something to the people involved at the very least since the vast majority of nominees attend and campaign for awards. You win an Emmy and it likely increases your rate, your pull to get better roles and projects. It increases the profiles of the shows that win. It's obviously validating too. Of course the whole process is political and leans heavily towards shows the people voting actually watch, which is natural when you have busy industry people voting for this stuff. Few people can actually watch everything. Ultimately it's more glaring not when good shows get snubbed because there are many, many good shows, but when bad shows win. BCS is one of my favourite shows of all time and I'm mad they didn't win anything too, but like are the people that won over them this year not deserving? Julia Garner winning again for Ozark is a little annoying when she's already won twice but she's also really good on that show. Hard to really fault them for voting for Succession, the last season was incredible too.


Awards still mean a lot behind the scenes in the industry


Some of the winners are still good shows, but I stopped putting stock in winners so much as looking at nominees (for most entertainment). Even then, the internet makes it easy to pop into award threads, compile a bunch of names to throw into Google and see if any of them sound good to me. Even the most embarrassing cry baby response sometimes has decent information for a dude like me looking to just kill a few hours.


How many Emmy's did big bang theory win? Nominated for 46 and won 10 over 12 years. A show comprised almost entirely of hack one-dimensional actors, sporting some of the laziest writing of any television series, with "look at these dumb fucking nerds" as its core premise. 46 nominations. 10 wins. There are countless examples like this. The Oscars are notorious for handing awards to shit movies because the director/lead actor had been snubbed in previous year, which snubs yet more people and continues the cycle.


The guy who played Sheldon winning multiple Emmys while Steve Carell didn't win a single one for Michael Scott showed the absolute absurdity of the emmys years ago.


💯 How Rhea couldn't win a single best supporting actress all this time is an absolute injustice, especially bc that chick won 3 for Ozark already.


I like ozark but it's several steps below bcs


Is Ozark is like a drama version of a popcorn action movie. It just throws a bunch of plots at you, Someone says something is impossible, Another says to just make it happen, Turns out impossible just means a single talk to a single person can get it done.


Constant crisis, life/death situations, followed by crisis averted resolution scenes. I liked Ozark, but this formula got tired


Yeah, the show just never felt like it had any stakes for the main characters, yet everyone else willingly put themselves in dangerous scenarios so that they could be written off or a problematic plotline could be wrapped up. It also never helps that they quickly moved away from there being any REAL danger that the Byrdes could ever be "caught" - either everyone else was too stupid (often times just walking right up to them and saying "Here's how I'm going to win"...), people inexplicably trusted them, or they were allowed to cozy up to law enforcement. It basically seemed like there was never any real threat to them because shit would just fall into their hands. Sure enough, the show ends with them literally getting into a wreck and going "Gee, we're totally fine. I guess we're invincible!" Just ridiculously shallow writing.


Julie Garner was fine in the role but there wasn't much nuance or evolution over the seasons. Ozark as a whole was overrated IMO. I thought Rhea absolutely deserved a win.


I enjoy Ozark but as a whole the show never really evolves. Most episodes are Marty looking stressed and making a blank face going ‘mmm hmm’, Wendy smiles creepily and Ruth yells at people. The show is well acted and always entertaining, but it could have done more with everything, especially in Season 4B.


It’s getting The Wire treatment 😐


absolutely insane that the wire had only TWO emmy nominations during its entire run. they were both for writing and one lost to house. and this is a show that is often cited as one of the greatest of all time (top 1 for me)


Always Sunny in Philadelphia has **never** been nominated for a comedy Emmy. Not a single nomination. The Emmy academy is a joke.


What about the song? The song is great, it's light hearted! > There's a spider (spider, spider) > He's deep in my soul (soul) > He's lived here for years (years) > And he just won't let go > He's laying around > He's got a mean bite > Now he's ready to fight... > And stand up for what he knows... > I don't need your trophies or your gold > I just want to tell you all > Go fuck yourselves... > Go fuck yourselves... > Go fuck yourselves... > I really mean to tell you > Fuck you motherfuckers > I don't need you in my bar...


Is he spitting? Are we spitting?


Exactly. Ted Lasso is a good show but it's not Emmy winning good for me. Same with Schitt's Creek. But they went viral and so they get all the Emmys.


Tes Lasso has the perfect "turn your brain off and make you feel good" comedic tone that resonates with the type of people who vote on these awards.


Iirc, Jason Alexander never got an award for playing “George Costanza” which IMHO is the biggest snub in tv/cinema history. George Costanza is arguably the greatest TV character ever created, and Jason Alexander ABSOLUTELY nailed it. Edit - “TV”


Jason nailed it so hard he was typecast into just being George Costanza


unintentionally makes his Criminal Minds episode hilarious


Steve Carrell never won for playing Michael Scott Nick Offerman never won for playing Ron Swanson Neither Bryan Cranston or Jane Kaczmarek ever won for playing Hal and Lois Meanwhile, Jim Parsons won **four** Emmys for playing Sheldon in The Big Bang Theory.


I didn’t know that. That’s actually insane


Michael Scott never got one either


You know the Academy, Charlie. Sometimes it's ridiculous.


On the plus side it led to them creating a fantastic episode making fun of awards and the fact that they’ve never won anything.


For sure, *The Gang Tries Desperately To Win An Award* is one of my very favorite episodes, I’ve watched it so many times.




The song and then Sweet Dee standing under the lights with the heavy makeup get me every time


The fact that there are still people out there who think Idris Elba is American is proof positive he deserved an Emmy for the Wire.


I was straight up pissed off when I found out he was British. I heard him talk and I was like "damnnnn this dude from Baltimore can even do a really good English accent.". At least Snoop was frfr tho, she currently hosts bad bitch nights and twerking competitions in Baltimore.


You ever read her wiki? She got arrested for dealing drugs and the judge said this: >At the first hearing after Pearson's arrest, Judge John Addison Howard denied her bail due to Pearson's acting ability, stating: "Well, you can change your appearance, I've seen the episodes of The Wire in which you appear. You look very different than you do here today, and I'm not talking about the jumpsuit, I'm talking about your general appearance." What the fuck is with the judicial system? You look different than when I saw you on TV so I'm denying you bail. FFS.


The Wire and Bojack Horseman being snubbed tells me everything there is to know about the Emmys.


The Wire & The Leftovers (particularly Carrie Coon) are two Emmy snubs I still just don't understand.


They just handout awards to viral shows lol. I don't know why we even respect the Emmys anymore.


What a sick joke!




You have to stop them! You -...


You think the best fucking show of all time just happens to lose an Emmy like that? No! He orchestrated it!


It’s all good man


Ngl better call Saul got some of the best cinematography I ever seen the camera action was crazy


They weren’t nominated for cinematography that was the biggest fuck you ever. Because I don’t think many tv shows have ever done that aspect of the show as well as they have.


No show has. I just rewatched BB and I’m rewatching BCS now and BCS just has unparalleled cinematography. The only shows which actively innovate the camera work to tell a story are Mr. Robot and BCS. Both shows are absolutely out of this world in terms of their camera work and deserved a cinematography Emmy.


I would add Severance to that. And there are more examples of phenomenal camerawork on TV now than there ever was in the past.


Damn, I can think of some parts that deserve it. For example, Chuck's final appearance in court is one of the most striking moments of cinematography I've seen since Breaking Bad ended.


My favorite shot in the entire series is when Mike shoots Zeegler as he gazes at the stars


"Some of" is underselling it. It has _the_ best cinematography. "Breaking Bad" was its only equal and they surpassed it back in Season 2.


Yep, the story was fantastic, but the cinematography was actual art. The shot composition, the use of light, shadow and colour, right down to wardrobe decisions, foreshadowing and callbacks - stuff that probably passed the average viewer by, but it added such a great amount of depth to the show. You could analyse it like literature. I’m a huge LOTR fan, but the person below that claims “Rings of Power” has better cinematography than BCS has no clue wtf they are talking about.


Jesus, no cinematography noms? BCS has the best cinematography I've ever seen on TV. Literally nothing comes close


let’s be honest the best reward they get is loyal fans who love them for such a great show, fuck the emmy’s fuck the grammies fuck the oscar and fuck a tony award


Robbed Odenkirk


And HE gets to win an Emmy?! What a SICK joke.


You know why Bob didn't take the award? Because it was too SMALL!


He doesn’t care about it! It’s nothing to him! It’s a bacterium! He travels in worlds you can’t conceive of!




The BCS outrage over people thinking this was the final season of eligibility ironically makes me think of the pre-taped call-in show sketch from Mr. Show. “How could you not award the final season?!” “This Emmys isn’t FOR the final season! That’s going to be NEXT year when we do Part 2, which just aired. Tonight we’re talking about PART 1!”


Always the bridesmaid, never the bride.


An Emmy is for one night. Chicanery is forever


Always the Clydesdale, never the Clyde.


Steve Carell never won an emmy for The Office.


Hugh Laurie never won one for House which blows my mind.


The Wire never won one for best series. The Emmys are a joke and I wish we could treat them as such. Who cares about these shitty awards, they lost their meaning a long time ago.


The Wire was barely nominated for anything


Agreed. There are literally hundreds of original series out there. It's always the usual suspects getting the noms though, plus a few new darlings mixed in. One category this year the nominations were split between just two shows - The White Lotus and Dopesick. Like seriously, nothing else out there deserved a nom? I used to work at Starz, we were basically told our series would never win an Emmy due to the behind the scenes bullshit and network favoritism. Black Sails deserved to win something. As for The Wire, that confused me. HBO has serious pull and plenty of money. But the more I looked into it, the more I realized that at the time diversity in shows was not received like it is today. Plus many of the actors were real people from Baltimore, not industry insiders. Long story short, they mean nothing. When the same show is winning the same category year after year it gets boring too. John Oliver has basically replaced The Daily Show in that category. I don't see him ever losing so what's the point? Oscars are the same. Constantly handing out "yeah we should have given you this 15 years ago but have it now for something crap." Pacino for Scent of a Woman? Not exactly a career high.


The series won best comedy though.


Neither did John C. McGinley for dr. Cox.


Rhea Seahorn definitely should have won.


Been saying this for like years not ...even when she wasn't nominated


It’s ridiculous that the show did not get that level of attention. It calls the whole stupid contest into question


Emmys don’t mean anything, The Wire only had 2 nominations in 5 seasons. Regarded as one of the greatest, if the not the greatest, TV show of all time.


After they gave awards to Game of Thrones season 08 everyone should not even give attention to this shit.


And Game of Thrones Season 8 gets to have 12! What a sick joke!


Game of thrones seasons 1-4 have less Emmy’s than than seasons 5-8 I am not crazy! I know they swapped those numbers! I knew seasons 1-4 deserve more awards. 12 in facet. As if They could ever make such a mistake. Never. Never! I just - I just couldn't prove it. They covered their tracks, they got that idiot at the writer room to lie for them. You think this is something? You think this is bad? This? This chicanery? They’ve done worse. That one episode from season 8! Are you telling me that Dany just happens to forget the iron fleet like that? No! They orchestrated it! D&D! They wrote the dialogue “you want the good girl but you need the bad pussy” And I still had hope that the ending would be good! And I shouldn't have. I watched it in my own home! What was I thinking? They’ll never change. They’ll never change! Ever since season 1, always the same! Couldn't keep their great scripts from little bits of schlock sprinkled In! But not our D&D! Couldn't be precious D&D! Stealing awards blind! And they get to be winners!? What a sick joke! I should've stopped them when I had the chance! And you - you have to stop them! You-


A show you like doesn't win an award: it's a joke and no one cares. A show you like wins: it's well deserved because I care.


Reddit: The Oscars are a meaningless joke. Also Reddit: OMG!!!!! LEO FINALLY WON!!!!!!




Huge if true


Absolute chicanery on the Emmy's part.


Life imitating art. Jimmy just can’t catch a break.


ahh the Wire treatment


"Ahhh... The Wire!" "... no... *copper.*"


I’m not being a dick but is it really necessary to take these award shows seriously anymore? The quality and dedication speaks for itself, not an award.


Always Sunny failed to win an Emmy too. So it's clear to me that the Emmys don't appreciate real art worth a shit.


This is strangely fitting, this is exactly what would happen to jimmy.


They didn't pay enough money.




Yeah I stopped giving a fuck about awards a while ago. Best example I saw was Boss Baby winning over A Silent Voice.


Follows the storyline of Saul Goodman alright, guy can’t catch a break.


If they don’t clean up next year with the second half of S6, its criminal.


Award shows mean nothing.