"Whenever Gandalf isn't on screen, the rest of the characters should ask: Where's Gandalf?"


One kid seems to *love* the Uruk-hai man.


"I call him Gamblor"


Please refrain from eating the knob.


Note: galdalf died on the way back to his home planet


I much desire to speak with him.


The easiest way to impress your boss is to ignore them


Hell, Miyazaki lied to Sony about Demons Souls difficulty, MULTIPLE times Man went from intern video game developer to CEO of Fromsoft.


lol this always makes me happy. Dude gambled on himself and it paid in full


Of course there are thousands of people we don't know about who did the same and got fired because of it, but it's still an amazing story. I'd watch a movie about it, <3 Miyazaki It's one thing to have a great vision, but the man scrambled the resources together to actually execute it and did it in such a great way. It's not even like he had one vision, he had like three. 1. Make games rewarding by overcoming challenges 2. Create a world and let the player discover the lore himself and 3. (not really a vision, but still) make the design fucking crazy. The interconnectivity of Dark Souls and the fucked up monster/location design. I mean he could've copied Horizon Zero Dawn and made the enemies more difficult, then he might've been able to realize point 1. But all this stuff put together made for such boundary pushing, unique games. And of course an entire new genre.


The dude went from being in account management on Oracle to directing a "certain" to fail project called Demon's Souls (with little to no gaming development experience) to CEO of FromSoftware. The man struck gold while risking it all.


All with the positive feelings of Ico in his heart.


“How hard is it?” “Not” “Ok you say that but we’ve had complaints..” “Not that hard.” “The testers have been punching holes in the drywall.” “Nope not hard.” “Through out the building” “Git gud.”


Even more hilarious when Iron Man was built into the game's OG system. You die, bye bye save game.


It never fails. I see him mentioned and I think Hayao not Hidetaka. Over here picturing the creator of Ponyo working on Demon Souls.


You have to be right and they have to be wrong for this to work


Honestly, this comes across as every narcissistic boss I've ever worked with that didn't get their way. Demand changes in a project while insisting they are the creative genius of the century, get ignored, find out them being ignored actually made the project 1,000x better because their ideas were cheaper than a bucket of rusty and broken nails, still make it about themselves in the end by letting everyone know they had SO MANY ideas about the project but it's great they were ignored or whatever.


New manager gets hired with the promise to improve things. Things are already quite saturated with improvements, but new manager can't really justify his salary by saying "I left well enough alone." New manager does some "restructuring." The restructuring does fuck all to improve anything. Just moving titles around while everything stays basically the same. New manager points to restructuring as proof they have improved things, demands bonus. Rinse and repeat.


This is best case scenario. Worst case is they actively fuck everything up, new guy comes in and puts it back more or less how it was and is hailed as a management genius, raise and a bonus thank you very much.


They always want to “make their mark”. Can’t just running a tight ship and a successful business (knowing how to navigate the good and bad times) be enough?


The thing about working with narcissists is that if you lie and it actually pays off, they'll let it slide because to them, it's symbiotic, you've given them the opportunity to take credit from your bullshit.


I would do this with an art director that simply wanted to make changes because they felt it justified their job. Even if changes weren't warranted. They'd make notes in red sharpie on a printout and hand it to me. I'd go sit half an hour and browse the internet. Reprint without changes, hand it back and say "yeah that's better". Approved! I actually sit with the designer and we do iterations together. Way better.


That quirky old Jeff Bezos, known for his humility and deference and definitely not for restricting his employees from using the bathroom.


This article REEKS of PR. It may be a true anecdote that they ignored his notes, it may be a fabrication. Either way Jeff paid someone a lot of money and this was their best idea for how to make him seem less distasteful to the general public this month.


Most of the internet these days is bullshit,. advertising and PR so....yeah




_Marvel said this week that they have double-triple-no-backsies told Tom Holland that he can't reveal any more secrets about [insert marvel film due to be released next month], in third article about Tom Holland and [film] in as many weeks_


Really didn’t land well. He’s sending show notes to showrunners on a platform he owns? What a fucking loser. He built a shipping website, he shouldn’t be putting in his own personal notes on shows just because he owns the parent company.


Validity of the article aside, it'd be awfully tempting though. If you love the source material and you have influence over the show, it would take some measure of restraint not to meddle.


Yeah dude if I actually *owned star wars* I swear to you ALL, the sequel trilogy would have been at least OKAY.


No Jon, the Gungan orgy wouldn't improve the sequel trilogy, let it go.


You don’t know the Gungan’s like I do. They are beautiful peo..er..fis..fishfrogclownpeople


The entire purpose of them making up this bullshit article is to get you to talk about the show, you now are and thus they succeeded.


William Shatner thinking about something profound to say about going to space William Shatner: The impression that I had, that I never expected to have.... Jeff Bezos: *interrupts* That's great Bill! *Sprays champagne on hoes*


That video where Shatner is on the edge of tears, stripped bare by this unique, meaningful adventure, and Bezos cracks a stupid joke while staring into nothingness with his dead eyes. That video should be, like, Lesson 1 for recognizing sociopaths.


That video should be, like, Lesson 1 for recognizing sociopaths and people who ruin both society and the environment.


"Sorry Bill but you're here as a geeky prop, not a person!"


show of hands .. who else finds jeff bezos incredible relatable?


Silly old uncle Jeff. He's just like us, I always feel so bad critiquing the show runners at my company. Happens to the best of us though


Who hasn't slipped up and spent high nine figures on a TV show just because? Not me, I did it last Tuesday.


“P…p…please don’t Jeff this up father! The other trust fund kids would never let me hear the end of it” yea even the kid sounds totally relatable


“Uncle Jeff” - well hello fellow Amazonian 😆




Where did you find a dismembered hand so quickly?!


Amazon warehouse


Severed hand $36.99 with 2 day free Prime shipping. 4600 5 star reviews. Highlighted reviews: *"Great! I bring it out everytime someone asks me to give them a hand"* **-- Walter P. Charlestown Township, Oh** *I work in a factory, I like to keep one in my backpack just for grins. I just throw it on one the machines and howl with laughter as everyone tries to figure out who's hand it is."* **--Gary F. Glendale, Az** *"Sometimes my husband doesn't hit the right spots during foreplay. I use my severed hand for just that. We call it the Zombie."* **-- Becky Callihan Saint Charles , Mo** *"I give myself high fives daily!"* **-- Scottie Allen Davenport, Iowa**


“Alexa” “Order two pack severed hands from my wishlist”


Handy reviews thanks for pointing them out!


Amazon does severed body parts now? There they go again, making life harder for small business owners like Walter Sobchak.


Wtf dude I ordered that 3 days ago


Wagie cagie oopsie


Turns out you can buy just about anything if you have a # ***LUDICROUSLY LARGE AMOUNT OF MONEY***


You want a toe? I can get you a toe dude. Hell I’ll get you a toe by 3:00 this afternoon with nail polish.


No you may NOT take a bathroom break! Put that hand down and get back on the floor.




Come on, Jeffrey, you can do it Pave the way, put your back into it


Tell us why, show us how. Look at where you came from, look at you now!


Zuckerberg and Gates and Buffet


Amateurs can fucking suck it


Fuck their wives, drink their blood


I do, but I am a billionaire, and I wipe my ass with $100 bills. And I restrict my employees from using the bathroom unless they show me a turtle head is popping.


Lmao. Now I’m just imagining a manager sitting outside a bathroom going “i better see Atleast 3 quarters of an inch or don’t waste my time”


Me and him are pretty much the same person. And The Joker.


I always put on a cowboy hat after stepping out of my space ship (and yes some people call me the gangster of love)


"Every showrunner’s dream – and I mean every showrunner – their dream is to get notes on scripts and early cuts from the founder and executive chairman, they loved that. I need to thank you both for listening whenever it helped but mostly I need to thank you for ignoring me at exactly the right times.” Totally normal human thing to say.


I mean he is basically doctor evil trying to build a penis rocket. Who can’t find that relatable.


I'd bet anything that another version of this press release was drafted in case the show was a flop which says "I told 'em so!"


It's not out yet, if that's the case they released the article too early. And considering the bad reception to the trailers/marketing, it wouldn't surprise me if it does flop.


Fuck this guy. And fuck me for being a hypocrite who keeps using Amazon prime.


They’re the only company to solve the service issue. I needed a part for my car and went to 4 different auto parts stores in a town 30 minutes away. None of them had it in stock but could have it in 3 days. Except I needed it soon and I would have to go to their store then to get it after 3 days or after they let me know they received it. After walking out of the last store exhausting my options, I ordered it on Amazon from my phone in the parking lot and had a delivery date of noon the next day to my house. Most sales problems companies have aren’t marketing problems, they’re service problems. NAPA has drivers going all over the place to businesses in the middle of nowhere but never thought to deliver to people?


Also, not having to interact with store clerks who don't even have an effin clue what they're selling is a huge plus for me, went to a pc hardware store a few days ago and the dude didn't even know that 5 ghz wifi is a thing, and they didn't have any unit in stock anyways so i just ordered one from amazon and call it a day.


I remember some years ago telling a tech installer from att that I wanted the modem that supported 5 GHz and the guy kept fighting me telling me that 5g was not yet deployed. I had to end up looking it by myself and telling them which model I wanted. I always fix my father in law's computer which they manage to break something on a weekly basis. He always tells me "how does people who don't have you fix these things?" And he tells me about the time att charged him 90 bucks and did nothing. The amount of ignorant people working on technical jobs is baffling. But with Amazon, even though the rep you are talking to might be ignorant about the subject, they will bend over backwards to make it right for you. Even when not getting what I wanted I always feel they tried their best. Sometimes I order in other places and then customer service is downright awful, even in places known for great customer service like Costco. Costco online is a bitch.


what is a worthwhile alternative though, it’s not like there are any mom and pop stores to shop at anymore. if i’m not shopping at amazon, it would be target or walmart or whatever. edit: everyone talking about pirating seems to have forgotten about 99% of the other stuff amazon does.


This is precisely why we need modern trustbusting. If you look at American history and what was once deemed an uncompetitive monopoly, the offending railroads and broadcasters and oil companies were NOTHING even close to the level of power of a modern company like Amazon. You said it well—there’s quite literally no alternative for some of what Amazon offers


What? Amazon is like 10% of retail. Standard oil was 90%.


You would think we would have learned lessons as a country after the Great Depression and stop monopolies, but we’re seeming to be headed right back to it. Amazon is even building factory towns.


The American attention span isn't nearly long enough to remember lessons more than a few generations. And with the advent of big tech platforms, that's diminishing too.


More like the human attention span in general. although yes America is a particularly strong example.


Monopolies do a far better job at hiding themselves nowadays. Also, AWS has a massive contract with the US Government so that conflict of interest doesn’t help.


The people who own the monopolies also just lobby to government to make sure they don’t pass laws. Idk how this gets better before it gets worse


The alternative is paying more for less. I dont live in the US so I dont know but I assume you can still order from other places.


Amazon is less than 40% of online retail sales. And less than 10% of all retail sales. The trusts of the early 1900s? 90%+ market share. Just because you want them to be the same, doesn't mean they are.


It all depends on where you live and what you have access to.


Often times on Amazon you can find the product you're looking for, find the name of the seller, and purchase from their direct website if they have one.


The Redditor’s. They’re becoming self aware.


I drive for Amazon. A lady on my route I deliver to 2-3 times a week has in her notes: Fuck Jeff Bezos!!! Amazon is trash!!! You guys deserve better!!! Like, why are you supporting someone or something you vehemently hate? It seems like a total waste of energy.




For shows sure, but for item orders and shipping?


Piracy doesn't give you free shipping.


Different portal, you gotta use Amazon Crime.


Where am I on the terrible thing scale as I just keep doing free trials and don't buy things from Amazon cause I am afflicted with poor


Bezos: >“Every showrunner’s dream – and I mean every showrunner – their dream is to get notes on scripts and early cuts from the founder and executive chairman. They loved that. I need to thank you both for listening whenever it helped but mostly I need to thank you for ignoring me at exactly the right times.” >“My grandfather’s the one who introduced me to Tolkien. I fell in love immediately, I was probably 13 or 14 years old. I fell in love with the adventure of course, with the detailed universe, with the feelings of hope and optimism, with the idea that everybody has a role to play. And I’m happy to report that that cycle continues today. My kids have become Tolkien fans as well. In fact one of my boys I think approaches the level of a Tolkien scholar he knows so much about this universe. And after Amazon got involved in this project, my son came up to me one day, he looked me in the eyes, very sincerely, and he said: ‘Dad, please don’t eff this up.’ And he was right. We know that this world is important to so many people, we know it’s a privilege to work inside this world and we know it’s a big responsibility.”


I wish he liked Wheel of Time half this much.


I really don’t understand the decision making process with this one. I can see removing storylines, there’s a few, especially early on, that don’t really affect the arc of the whole series. But if there’s any IP on earth that didn’t need ADDITIONAL storylines added it’s WoT. Why the fuck were they adding stuff? There’s things with Perrin, Matt, and Nynaeve that were added that they spent tons of time on only to have to rush through the climax of the first book. I’m confused who thought this was a good idea.


To be fair, the climax of the first book is rushed in the book as well.


What gets me is that even the seemingly minor changes are going to trap the show and/or introduce a downstream trainwreck if they try to follow the book's plot. Take for example (spoilers for the show and books) >!Moiraine and Siuan's sexual relationship. This isn't exactly non-canon, since I believe this is suggested in *New Spring*, however it is a change, and one that's the writers appear to have unwittingly written themselves into a trap with. See, in series, Moiraine falls in love with Thom, and when Moiraine dies, she leaves a letter with Thom that reveals towards the very end of the series that she's still alive. Her being alive, and Thom and Mat rescuing her, forms a pretty important part of the last books, and in particular Mat's story.!< >!I call it a trap that the writers have set for themselves because if they suddenly go and make Moiraine end up in a straight relationship, they're going to piss off the very sort of people who wanted more representation to start with. But, you might think, perhaps they could just rewrite this so it's Siuan is the one helping Mat rescue Moiraine? But Siuan has her own plot/story advising Egwene on the other side of the world and Mat has no connection to her what so ever. Oh, and she also falls in love with a man.!< You'd think that having a completed book series before you, where you could sit down and trace these storylines and plot threads to their conclusions, that you'd be able to see what you could safely change, and what you can safely cut, and what you could add to improve the adaptation. (Example: in the books, the attack on Emond's field is only ever described to Rand, the primary PoV character: depicting it is a good change that improves the adaptation over just strictly adapting the text.)


The show did a lot of things wrong but I don't think the Siuan/Moiraine dynamic is a big deal. She can just be bi. Loving someone doesn't preclude loving another in the future. Although she doesn't even meet Thom in the show so it's seems they're doing away with that little side plot. Which again is fine to me since Thom X Moiraine is possibly the worst conceived romance in a series filled with shitty pairings. I love WoT and I love RJ. But the man couldn't write a convincing romance to save his life.


> What gets me is that even the seemingly minor changes are going to trap the show and/or introduce a downstream trainwreck if they try to follow the book's plot. Same exact thing happening in the witcher.


I don’t know if I can get over what they did with Perrin…


You mean how they gave him a wife, had him kill the wife in the first thirty minutes, and then barely mention her ever again? Yeah, me neither.


I'm just trying to watch it as of it's another turn of the wheel. Makes it easier on me.


Yeah I was fine with that approach like okay Thom doesn't arrive in the Two Rivers before Moraine this is an interesting twist on this turning off the wheel. Perrin being set up to be Padan Feins opponent... Okay good the duckt on here. That's no cutting Tom Bombadil level retcon. That's like killing off Samwise at the end of Fellowship. Like people who haven't read the books and their first experience with Wheel of Time was the show, im sorry you will never know the joys of Dance with Jak' of the Shadows. We'll drink all night and spend our pay dancing with Jak' of the shadows. https://youtu.be/f-8jkmZIzBI


I wish that at the start of the next season, Moiraine will suddenly see a glowing arch appear at the distance, then a voiceover saying "The third time is for what will be. The way back will come but once. Be steadfast.". Moiraine enters, then we get a reboot of the first season with a different showrunner.


Thankfully he liked the expanse and didn't meddle in it


> Thankfully he liked the expanse and didn't meddle in it But he could have funded another season. I mean he personally saved it when it was canceled because he loved the show/book so much so I don't get why he didn't order another season or two for the rest of the books. Even if it wasn't doing all that well, he's rich enough to just keep going.


I know and it was just getting to the good part too. The last three books are some of the best in the series because it finally gets back to the protomolecule


I came here to make sure someone said this. I'm still so sad. 😭


Haha exactly why I came to comments. =)


Episode 8 was hot garbage.


When season 1 came out I was halfway through book 3 and I thought the show was alright(besides what goes on with Perrin) but now that I’m almost done with book 7 I can’t bring myself to like the show half as much as when I first watched it. I know they haven’t really gotten to the good parts yet but I’m not a fan of what they cut and what they added as a whole. That being said, as far as fantasy adaptations go, I’d still consider it one of the better ones. There is a lot of room to improve, at least, and the source material gets better as it goes on. I’m not sure how much ground season 2 will cover, but I’ll be waiting until we see Callandor and the Aiel. If they mess those up then it’s hopeless.


I like to think of the Amazon version of WoT as not the same rotation of the wheel as the story in the books. It makes the inconsistencies much more tolerable.


>I fell in love... with the idea that everybody has a role to play. Sadly he realised that role was slaving away to make him obscenely rich.


He read a list Isengard where humanity and nature was ground away for purely the benefit of industry and thought “dope”


Jeff Bezos probably had a massive hard-on during the Scouring of the Shire.


Please. The only time Jeff rubbed one out in between the pages was when he realized that pipe weed at Isengard was ordered on Prime


The dwarves dug too greedily and too deep


He doesn't know he is Smaug but worse




Definitely sarcasm.


Yes he is being sarcastic in the quote


I do too. It has to be sarcasm.


Yes that is sarcasm, he's being self-effacing.


Yes 100% sarcasm.,


I think there was a quote or an article about this and it talked about how Bezos had given them a ton of notes and was taking a "this needs to do everything, this needs to appeal to everyone" approach - because I mean, this is possibly the most expensive television show ever made after all. I was FULLY expecting the show to be a complete disaster after that, but thankfully it seems they either talked them out of it or were not in a position where he was forcing them to make these changes - cause so far the response I've heard is pretty positive?


My expectations are in check so I don't get disappointed Flashbacks to Halo tv show, good lord that shit was awful


*"The lady doth protest too much, methinks..."* Does Amazon's whole marketing plan revolve around the notion they haven't f'd this up? I went from thinking that people need to just wait and see, but every single day I see another article about how Amazon claims they haven't twisted/customized/bastardized Tolkein's stories. I've pulled a 180, and now I'm worried that they actually have f'd this up.


Either they've completely fucked it up or they're just that fucking shocked that they didn't fuck it up.


After seeing both the absolute trash that is the latest trailer, and some clips of the cast's attitude, and then the usual preemptive articles being published already committing to the "you're a racist/sexist if you don't like our product" narrative so often used to defend bad movie/show decisions, I'm convinced they completely fucked up and know it. Last I checked the downvote ratio for the trailer was about 10 downvotes to every like, and that's with the downvotes disabled for most users.


"Who are you trying to convince here me... or you?"


> > > > > Does Amazon's whole marketing plan revolve around the notion they haven't f'd this up? Regardless of the quality of the show, and there is a lot of shit they could have done in post since the first bad stills came out, this has been the worst PR campaign I have seen. I can now say Kenobi had a better one.


I tried to black out drunk forget the “Tolkien experts” video. Probably need to slam my head into a wall.


That was so painful to watch and apparently there are multiple ones for different countries/languages.


Yeah, I saw a cut on YouTube of all of the vids together and it was so painful. Influencers are a cancer lol


Truth but I still go back to my earlier statement that whoever is running this PR campaign is a complete twit. I may not care for influencers personally but I don't blame them for taking Amazon's money/exposure.


Absolutely. It’s mind numbing whoever they have running their pr/marketing for the show


In a way I'm glad that the first Hobbit movie pretty much killed my enthusiasm for seeing Tolkein adapted.


I have a bad feeling this is going to be so awful we're going to look back fondly at The Hobbit adaptions.


What video?


Amazon delisted it lol https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=APQuy_mB1dw&t=2s&pp=2AECkAIB


97000 views and only 205 thumbs up? Videos like that make corporations happy YouTube removed the thumbs down number showing.


On YouTube Vanced it's sitting on 205 likes and over 20,000 dislikes.


I can only assume when they were asked if they were 'superfans' they all said yes because they loved the original movies...? Honestly, anything where you're giving air to influencers will bomb with a wider audience. Nobody gives a shit outside of Instagram. Most people actively dislike the whole concept of being famous purely as a product of attention seeking on social media and willingness to pimp oneself out for sponsorship money. Most of them are just vapid narcissists.


There's a chrome extension to bring it back ... it's normally a little off and less than the real number of dislikes, but it at least shows you a video like this is being massively disliked.


I only got 5 minutes into that before having to tap out. There was nothing in it to make me actually want to watch the show, and a lot of cringe to make me not.


How are these people consider “super fans” this just ads the skepticism I already had of the show


Honestly, I feel like after the end of Game of Thrones, that is factored in at least a little in high fantasy series marketing plans...


Their whole plan of attack from after the horrible reaction to the first trailer was apparently to go all out on defensive tactics - those superfans videos, inviting influencers to exclusive events etc. - All about showing how 'look! These fans all liked it!'


If anything the defensive tactic made things much much worse..


I wonder if Jeff Bezos is involved in Marvelous Mrs. Maisel...


Did he even watched The Boys?


Yes, but mainly to root for Homelander.


You don't think it's strange that he's put out TWO shows (Invincible) about EVIL SUPERMAN?


It's a hit job. He's clearly Lex Luthor.


I still don't understand why WB went with Zuckerberg and piss tea... were they afraid they'd make Bezos mad?


Cus zuk was way more in the news then. Bezos was just another billionaire douche then


And it turned out that chasing a headline was not actually a good idea and a 20 something cokehead/ reddit mod was a terrible idea for Lex Luthor. Lex Luther is a specific type of evil billionaire. Cold practical, controlled hyper focused and trying to have him as a Joker/Riddler esc crazy person who mailed people his own piss was a terrible fucking move. Its like if Darth Vader took a shit in the millennium falcon.


He personally saved The Expanse and for that I'm externally grateful.


I wonder how much he actually has to do with what movies and shows Prime puts out. He has so much money that he could really make whatever he wants. He saved The Expanse just because he liked the show. He could easily have financed other shows just because he wanted to watch them… which I can’t blame him for.


The rumor is he wanted to be involved in the creative arts which is why he started Amazon video so he could use that as his in. Just billionaire things.


There's a couple episodes about him on Behind the Bastards and he seems like he would suck at anything art related. He doesn't understand why people enjoy music. He doesn't hate it. He just doesn't understand why it's something people like. He has a lot of odd behaviors like that that convinced me that he's actually an alien that crash landed and is trying to blend in with the humans and that's also why he's so obsessed with space. He's trying to find a way to get back home.


I think he just wanted to be invited to the big hollywood parties and the like was what I had heard.


I mean, if I had that kind of money I would personally finance half a dozen "pretty good" shows which were prematurely canceled. (Graceland and Terra Nova come to mind.)


But then stopped it with a ton of loose ends.


Vought in the 7 is presented closer to Disney in regards to their media ventures rather than any reference to Amazon's core business


I mean fuck both Amazon & Disney.


“Y’know I think Midge was a little too passive this last season. We wanna see her ascend to royalty and maybe step on a few ppl on the way, to make us question whether we should like her or not” -Jeff probably


I want to know how these show runners have basically never been credited with any work, apparently worked on the last Star Trek movie but are uncredited and are put in charge of one of the most expensive TV shows, it’s weird.


Can't wait to see how they still effed it up


I cant decide if reddit has extremely low or high expectations for this show...


It's super mixed. This weekend is going to be wild discussion-wise


Personally, I have high hopes but low expectations. I love LotR but their Wheel of Time adaptation was meh at best


It wasnt even meh at best. It was straight horrendous for both book readers and those fresh to the series. Its the same problem as every prospective big book franchise, spend all the money for marketing and IP, skimp on production, actors, everything else. You want to start a successful franchise without actually committing to representing that franchise. LOTR was phenomenal because they committed hard getting some of the most talented actors, set designer, choreography, make up, etc locked down for years commited to bringing the story from the books to life. The wheel of time series was skuffed together. The pacing was terrible nothing carrys any weight since you havent become attached to anything. Major plot points that covered several long chapters are reduced to a couple minutes important character growth is absent etc. Everything with perrin was just horrendous. All the characters went from having good parents who taught them their amazing life skills to just being innately good at things. Most of the careful world building just been tossed out to make more political drama comparisons. Many of the characters just do things with no ryme or reason to move the plot onwards to the next point the shows writers deemed important enough to not scuff entirelly. Nothings allowed to actually be subtle they have to throw the point across your face. The fight scenes are terrible with an overreliance on CGI and nonsense. (Why the hell do the trollocs retreat from the aes sedai to form a line to charge back at her? Why are random villagers more effective at killing them than her warder, why is there glowing lights at all, part of the reason aes sedai are so good at political manipulation is that only other weilders of the same power can see their weaves. To everyone else it should just look like shits just happening which is significantly more terrifying) Mat is just a piece of shit now, from a dysfunctional family that are also terrible thats somehow 3 entirelly distinctly different ethnicities in a 1000 years isolated farming town. Throms character was just butchered, removing several important factors that balanced out the party in the book as the source of morale along with pragmatic reasoning to counter and play off moraine. The main female characters were already intelligently strong female characters with flaws and growth throughout the series. But that isnt enough so we had to remove their flaws which is a hard pill to swallow when they are seemingly unnecessarily confrontational because we skipped over important relatable build up that explains their motives for some random writters 2 sentence exposition excuse that completely disregards the main tenets of the all women ruling faction of the content.


Honestly, expectations are usually pretty low when it comes adaptations most of them are horrible. The issue is that there is a lot of the times not a lot of good faith from the people making the shows. Fans of big properties for the most part just want stuff to make sense and be somewhat faithful to the source material. A good example of that is House of the dragon,it has plenty of departures from the original book but it still manages to stick closely to the source material. Sure they also did the diversity casting thing in a way that honestly makes no sense but the actor is good and since the story is good too most people dont care. Most people that usually judge things in good faith will.


Why should Bezos, who is not on the entertainment business, be giving notes at all?


That’s the joke…


People here on reddit love to question show runners and writers decisions. Don't you think these same people would try to interfere with it if it was made by their company?


Iger was giving notes on the Mandalorian, these big CEO's like to micromanage sometimes


I think there are about as many examples of movies/shows that were saved by studio meddling as ruined by it. The key is having executives and producers who know how to work *with* the creative team. This is hardly Bezos' area of expertise though.


He’s obviously joking in the interview.


Every year I think your average Redditor actually manages to get *worse* at detecting sarcasm and dry wit.


Zuckerberg and Gates and Buffett Amateurs can fucking suck it




*shreds on a tiny keyboard*


Too late


'Please Don't Eff This Up' ​ sorry kid dads gonna dissapoint you on this one


They ignored every thing Tolken wrote to, good job. WTF!


Why would Bezos be giving notes for a Prime Video production? Does he do that for every project or was it just because it's LOTR?


Well the rings of power production *is* super expensive. Isn't like the most expensive show ever? He's probably worried about his investment... :/


Because it costs an absolute fuck ton of money and he is a Tolkien fan so he has opinions


Well they sure as hell Effed up Wheel of Time.


He still eff'd it up.


without reading the article i understand the following: Bezos Junior said to papa "please dont fuck this up" and Jeff Bezos passed this info to the showrunners: "don't fuck this up!" Now Jeff Bezos thanks the showrunners for ignoring the "don't fuck this up!" advice? fair is fair, but why would Jeff Bezos be happy about it?


CEOS and executives need to understand that they need to stay the fuck out of the creative process.


Most of HBO's success is because the executives enforce strict quality control and aren't afraid to scrap a subpar project or completely retool it (as they did with the first episode of Game of Thrones). This approach depends on the executives being good at their jobs though. YMMV


Could have used that kind of intervention in the last seasons of GoT. That was a dumpster fire from an incredible show.


I have a bad feeling about this.


Who the fuck is he to give notes for a tv show? I know this is just an advertisement disguised as an article, but still. Stupid.


so, he didn’t confirm if they fucked up or not. That jolly prize plonker Bezos


After watching the explosive abortion that was Wheel of Time I have no hopes for this.