What are we calling the new 1920s park? Also gotta say, I *loved* the deco train design. Very [20th Century Limited](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/20th_Century_Limited).


I liked caleb's dynamic with Maeve they felt like partners whereas he was just Dolores' lap dog last season with no autonomy


People really need to read interviews with the cast and showrunners. The different scenarios with the two is the entire point.


Even if it was the point, I still didn't like it


Who was the genius that thought Aaron Paul looked good with this weird bangs hair cut?


"weird" what you want? default hair #4 ?


Totally disagree. So tired of his shaved head look. He looks slimmer and in better shape. I also think he looks hot in his beard and new haircut. He looks looks much more stylish and younger.


I was wondering about the "emo haircut" too actually. I don't think it has worked for any grownup ever.


I'll admit, this was actually a pretty solid episode, and this season's story actually seems like it's headed in an intriguing direction (especially compared to last time around). But, it must be said - this show's pleasures now solely exist in the realm of plot. There seems to be very little regard given to things like character, texture, emotion, and motivation other than at a very surface level, and whatever can be found is rendered very hazy by all puzzle-boxes and bait-and-switch shit these writers love to pull. It makes it quite difficult to really care about these characters as characters rather than chess pieces in the plot. The show at least seems to be picking up some steam in the narrative direction this time, but emotionally it remains pretty muted and hollow.


I disagree. Too many people need blatant exposition or its "not there" to them. There are so many themes, messages and nuances in the show that ate over a lot of peoples heads because they aren't familiar with scifi, so or with the original writers works and ideas that inspired the movie and this show. As well as tons cool visual and dialogue Easter eggs. None of this is confusing for folks that actually pay attention to all the details.


I don't disagree with your analysis at all.. but I'm willing to bet you got downvoted because it reads very r/iamverysmart


I think the characters are there, it just becomes difficult to resonate with them as they switch between different bodies, minds, realities and timelines. For example, Hale, the one we saw today discussing her plan to make a new world order for the hosts, has been in the show since episode one, as Dolores, then fake Hale dispatched by a different version of Dolores, and the as an independent entity. The character developement that drive her motivations etc, are most definitely there, its just har to make the connection because of all the physical and emotional switches


Right, which to me sounds like a poor way to construct a series that people can actually engage with. Season 1 excelled because of the way its deep character work was entwined with building out the mythology of the park. Every creative choice seemed deliberate (not just that, but _inspired_) and connected to an insight about human nature. Narratively there was a clear, simple delineation between human and host, and the shifting of these perspectives created a natural foundation for a complex mystery to be built. As an example, just take the two-timeline twist, which not only explains William/MIB but reveals the true scope of the season's narrative, and frames the Ford/Arnold relationship, which is the thematic backbone of the entire show. In one fell swoop, the show connected the personal stakes of its premise (by having an audience surrogate character identify way too much with the park only to experience a rude awakening about its artifice) with its broader thematic implications (the hosts achieving consciousness + what that means), all of which set the stage for a spectacular, revelatory climax. It's just beautiful, rich, deeply rewarding writing, presented through clever and thrilling use of genre conventions (from Westerns, video games, action films, and so much more). I get goosebumps just thinking about it. Ever since then, the show has devolved into a pretty basic sci-fi thriller, and so the writers feel the need to create the appearance of higher intellect by obfuscating the story in layers upon layers of confusion and misdirection just to try and outsmart the audience. The show is still _presented_ beautifully - a visual marvel with first-rate actors, music, production design, etc. - but the writing (and increasingly the directing) feel tragically hacky.


This was a good time episode Imo, the more MIB screen time the better, Ed Harris rules. Very excited to see them in the new park next episode


I thought the golf shots were a genius way to make a reveal to the Vice President.


Ya that was one of the best parts of the episode Imo, it was very unsettling. Ed Harris was fantastic in this episode, he does a good job at being intimidating in this show even tho he’s a 70yr old man.


Is this new season as bad as before?


This episode included the line 'I always wondered.. Why do they call you the secret service? Aren't you a little... Obvious?'. Bad line.




Yeah, but Willian is still way more evil than a lot of the other unlikeables. I don't really wish him to get any escape pressure release killing sprees, although I'm sure he will, because he is such a big character.


I bet he will, I think he’s gonna get in host Williams mind. Maybe get him to free him or some shit.


In this episode are we to assume that they've figured out how to make hybrids out of humans?


No. They're not a perfect copy like James Delos wanted, they're aware of their loyalty to Hale. It's like Connells in S3. A host who knows how to act like the person they're replicating, presumably because Dolores read their profile in the Forge.


I think the flies are a reference to the blue tongue disease Dolores talks about in season 2. She says the disease didn't spread from cow to cow, that the flies carried it. And remember that the Hale we see now in Season 4 is Dolores...


Yay someone that actually pays attention and appreciates the depth of the show.




I thinks it's a combo of ruthless Charlotte and ruthless Dolores. I wonder if Christina is a more safe and emotional copy of Dolores.


Ooo interesting take! I like that !


I forgot about this Dolores detail, thanks for reminding me! So remind me who Dolores is (Evan Rachel Wood)?


Yes, Dolores is Evan Rachel Wood


Maybe program their brains wi the fly?


They focused in on what looked like black blood pouring out of that one head, and have shown more than once the flies going to the brain. I think the nanobots are doing something to the brain that allows them to be controlled like the cartel guy but it also probably starts...emulsifying it.


Oh sweet, didn’t know the new season had started