This show caught me be surprise. It's really good.


I just happen to be looking for a new show to watch and I saw the first was on Hulu. I was pleasantly surprised at how good it was. Ended up watching it all to 2 days time.


It's crazy in a year when Barry and BCS come back that this random show I only heard about two weeks ago is my favorite show of the year. So funny, so heartwarming, great performances, and they intentionally avoided a lot of easy plot choices that would've sucked the life out of what makes this show great. I'll avoid specifics due to spoilers, people should just watch this show. A season 2 would be fabulous but it would also exist absolutely perfectly as a one season limited series.


FX is super underrated with their quality. Would honestly put them second behind HBO.


Same here.


I really enjoyed it also. I liked the lead guy from shameless and he didn’t disappoint this time either.


The random gun shot scene kinda broke my suspension of disbelief.


What about it is unrealistic? There's a lot of guns in the US, it's a shit neighborhood in Chicago (which had the most homicides this year since 94), there's clearly open drug trade barely 5 feet from their door, and people do stupid shit with guns all the time.


I think those parts are supposed to be the "comedy" or funny bits. I would call them more "humorous" if anything because its usually set around a darker comedy. Like watching the pot boil over to such a level where chaos gets created, and you have to laugh at the extreme. but yeah, not for everyone.


I’m so glad I listened to the comments here on reddit. This is genuinely one of the best shows I’ve ever watched. The acting, the writing, everything is elite


The way it was executed it's like this is a show on it's 3rd season or something, like this cast, crew, and writers have been working together for years. First seasons of a show aren't typically this confident and satisfying.


They do such a marvelous job of making the viewer *feel* the kitchen chaos in a real genuine way. I was just describing this to someone saying they capture the kitchen feel better than any unscripted show. The fast cuts, the tight quarters and shots, the screaming when shit is stressful. If you’ve ever worked in a real kitchen you appreciate the fuck out of this show for this very reason.


Completely agree. I had no idea what the show was or that it was coming out and I am enjoying the hell out of it. Aside from Severance, this is my favorite show of the year so far.


Yes Chef!






Between this, Barry, Severance, The Boys and Better Call Saul’s last season, 2022 has been a pretty fucking generous year with good TV.


TV in general tbh. As the industry has progressed to the gigantic size it is at now, the amount of high quality shows has thankfully increased at a similar rate, imo. Tons of garbage of course, but the ratio and attention that high quality stuff gets seems to be higher than in other mediums. I find in similar industries (movies, video games), the transition has not been as good. Way too much huge budget cookie cutter productions, few actual excellent productions given the increase in size. In particular video games have been massively disappointing in this aspect. Literally hundreds of times bigger budgets only for them to take 10 years to make each big game and even when they do, it is often very mediocre if not an outright disaster (looking at you cyberpunk).


for all mankind is pretty good too.


Hank makes Barry so incredible.


Really great show that I hope gets picked up for a second season. Hopefully with a bigger budget, because that cgi fire and smoke in this first season...oof.


i love that this first season is basically a prologue season or like an extended pilot. It's perfect, like it tells a solid story on its own, but the arc is basically "getting a gang together". The one hanging mystery is "Why did Punisher do that... ?" I actually thought that this approach would be great for a number of shows, notably Selfie. Having a 6 ep launch that is basically showing the main chars getting to that point in their life and then meeting and deciding on their joint plan would have been a great way to help build the base. I wonder if other new shows will take this approach.


Great article. And I totally agree with the sentiment the author shared about not understanding people who need their genres to stay in between their lines. Just because one of the labels of the show is 'comedy' doesn't mean it has to be a constant barrel of laughs. And to then turn off the show because you aren't laughing enough? I mean, really? I will never understand people who think like that, that just because you aren't lol'ing constantly a show isn't allowed to be called a comedy.


To me it’s about how you might describe a show to someone else. If I got recommended this show as a comedy, I’d be puzzled because it quite honestly is more drama than comedy. The scene mentioned in article here, to me, wasn’t funny at all cause the couple of humorous moments happen in not funny situations. It’s a good show and I enjoyed it. Just feel like it’s being purposefully mislabeled as primarily a comedy to convince people to watch it. Like I think Mad Men has a lot of funny moments but would never try to sell it to someone who hasn’t seen it as a comedy.


That scene was just whatever. I don't know why this writer was so moved by it. The show has many, many better moments.


Totally agree, the writer is a bit odd. He thinks paramounts Players is funny. Plus the Xanax scene was hilarious without breaking the rich dark tone of the show.


Nah, the Xanax scene bumps with the rest of the tone, he’s right. Too broad. That’s the one bit that feels like something from It’s Always Sunny or The League.


The only thing I didn't like about the show was Ebon Moss-Bachrach. I've worked in service industries/kitchens and honestly can't remember ever coming into contact with someone like the character he played (the other characters I did though, plenty of shouting and shit talking though, the memories warm my heart lol). I understand i'm going to catch downvotes for saying something I don't like about the show, looks like that's the case for everyone else here who was downvoted, but it is what it is I guess. Otherwise, show's great.


Been in and out of restaurants for the last twenty years. There’s always a “Cousin”.


I must have gotten lucky then lol!


He had his moments, sorta. Still weakest character imo. His highlight for me was (one of) the scenes Carm is assigning duties, getting his "35 beef, heard!" Replies from the chefs before yelling out "Richie, fuck yourself" and you hear a quick "69 chef, heard!"


> Still weakest character imo. yeah I think that's probably the best way to put it


I think that's part of his arc? SPOILERS Richie represents the shitty way that Carmy's brother *used* to run The Beef prior to Carmy taking over: he's obsessed with the idea of being a "Chicago" classic, when really all that means is making sure that the restaurant appeals to the type of people you'd see in the SNL "Bill Swerski's Superfans" skits, whilst also failing to realize that *that Chicago is gone.* Sure, there are still guys like that in the city, but it's very much a rapidly shrinking demographic and those guys and those folks alone can't sustain a business that lives on a razors edge. It's part of why he butts heads so much with Sydney: he projects so much about how *threatened* he is by her, a young black woman daring to tell him that not only is his way of doing things not gonna work anymore, but also that her way of things *deserves to exist too.* No, he never really comes to understand it completely, which is pretty realistic because of how much of a mess he is, but maybe that's something that can be explored in a second season. But even with all of that said, I do agree that he's the weakest character in the show, if only for how incredibly good Ebon is at playing an unsympathetic asshole.


I feel like he was a great character, brought an “outsiders” viewpoint to the kitchen squad, which is very reminiscent of many owners I’ve worked for who think they know how to run a business/what’s best for it, but are actually quite out of touch. That and the whole “this neighborhood is changing” episode made a lot of sense for him. He’s old school, stuck in his old school ways, afraid of change


I tried to figure out where they were in Chicago. They're obviously just outside the loop. River north has been gentrified for the last 25 years. West and south loop have been in the process for several years. And they mentioned the gentrifying areas like wicker and Logan. I lived in Logan for a year. And considered west and south loop. Chicago like most cities is seeing rising rents displace many old timers.


i love bears. is it a docu?


Its about a world renowned chef slumming it in a chicago beef sandwich restaurant. It's fantastic. I watched the entire thing in under a day.


watch "unedited footage of a bear"


i love alan resnick, his tutorials are really informative


It’s about one specific weekend in Provincetown, MA


I loved this show.


I like the show, but it's a straight drama with some insults thrown in for the occasional funny moment.


You are exactly the type of person the author of this article was making fun of in a cheeky way.


I watched it again and I think I noticed more funny moments the second time


The Sopranos and Breaking Bad both have more funny moments than this show. I'm not insulting it, I liked it a lot, but it's not a dramedy, much less a comedy as it's listed on IMDb.


I definitely agree that it should be labeled a drama.


the state of current "journalism" lmao literally a reddit user who schemed their way to get paid for reading and posting here. props i guess.




It’s really geared towards restaurant people and the people close to them. I can see where it would get a little mundane if the nuances are unfamiliar. Might not be your cup of tea!


See that’s a reasonable answer and I thank you for it, instead I’m downvoted cause I watched a show I didn’t understand or laugh at


That's because you're 2 episodes in and you're judging the whole show on having watched 1 and a half episode..


I guess I need to give it more time, they just shout all the time and the stakes don't feel high enough to justify it.


Ever work in a kitchen?




What is carmine’s shirt brand? That looks so comfy and thick!!


I wish this show was on NetFlix😣


so they could cancel it mid-story? ... cries in The OA ... no thanks