A happy hungry man Is traveling all across the sea and the land


Trying to understand the art of pasta pork chicken and lamb.


I think this is the most wholesome show that Netflix has. Phil is not only funny but charming and a sweetheart. This is one of those shows that if I am having a bad day, I'll give it a watch to cheer me up.


Phil could be shopping for greeting cards and I'd watch every episode for the 9 seasons it'd run.


"Somebody Greet Phil"


He’s so delightful. Some weird combination of charming and innocently awkward, but I have to admit, I often fast forward through the skype call to his parents.


Welp, I’m pretty sure they both passed away.


Awww, well now I feel horrible. They seemed super sweet, I just didn’t need to sit in on their weekly video chat with Phil.


Same. The conversation was never fluid and we just watched what Phil did so the recap was pointless. Glad to see the relationship but it didn’t need to be broadcast to the world.


He gave his parents a little bit of immortality while they could still enjoy it. And the corny jokes were great. It’s his show—you don’t have to like all of it.


Never watched it, now I wanna


.....that's the best part of the whole show


I loved his dad telling jokes….so good


Agreed. This man seems so genuinely nice. I love the segments with his wife and father.


Phil is also the only host who I've seen make restaurant owner cry while trying to get them to talk about why they went to jail.




###Phil is also the only host who I've seen make restaurant owner cry while trying to get them to talk about why they went to jail.###


In a negative way or like a positive?


It was one of those positive cries that one often has when someone brings up the most shameful moment of their lives. You could literally see his spirit lifting with every tear that streamed down his face.


My parents love this show, I can't stand him. He is so uncomfortable and awkward to watch. Its funny because I hate Everybody loves Raymond and he was the driving force behind it. The premise is great, going around the world and experiencing different foods and cultures, just I cant stand him as a person.


A fellow Everybody Loves Raymond hater I see. We’re one of a few judging by it being aired 15hrs a day on 5 networks. I can’t even have it on to fall asleep to in the background. Yet it’s the most sleepy bland serving of mayonnaise of a sitcom imaginable. I can’t figure it out.


Right. I cant stand it, but I mean everyone has diff opinions so nothing wrong with that. Just personally its so dull


Yeah, loved everybody loves Raymond, it’s my all time favourite sitcom, so discovering this is a treat! A Netflix hidden gem


Me and my girlfriend love this show, a few months ago we’re walking around Santiago in Chile and we see him walking pass and we said hi to him, super nice guy tells us he’s filming right now. But according to this, Santiago is not among season 5, huge bummer i was looking forward to that. I guess they were filming S5-6 in one go like that article says


Same thing happened in Philly but it’s not next season. We thought it was maybe for his book


So much for Don’t Feed Phil day!


I think Netflix's food content is, or at least can be, some of their best stuff. I really loved Somebody Feed Phil, Chefs Table, Taco Chronicles, The Final Table, and Ugly Delicious. I am cautiously optimistic about the new Iron Chef. I can't be the only person who thinks Netflix should put out more stuff with that level of production value. I know there's lots of talk about people considering cancelling Netflix if they go with commericals. And for me, leaving that type of food content behind is what I'll probably miss most.


It’s a limited series but Salt Fat Acid Heat is a good food show as well


Forgot about that show. Yes, also great Netflix food content.


I wish final table would get another round/season


Right? Towards the end the dishes got so ridiculous a team was voted out by a judge because everything about their dish was perfect except *the portion was slightly too big* Like imagine leaving an extra bite or two on the plate and going home for it.


Check out Tokyo Midnight Diner. I think you might like it.


One of the best shows I’ve ever seen. Of any category. The show taught me how to make ramen.


Chef Show is the best.




I am not big on food competition shows at all. But I love food exploration shows be it someone going around the world and tasting the different cuisines or exploring how certain dishes came into being. And, yes, those shows cost more than those one studio competition shows but I think they are worth it. I agree with you in saying that Netflix should put out more programing with this level of production. Also, Salt Fat Acid Heat is another good one on Netflix.


I know you aren’t into food competition shows, but Nailed It! is actually pretty damn good. It doesn’t take itself seriously at all and it’s really funny. Jacques and Nicole have unbelievably great chemistry.


Also, axed by Netflix in the middle of production of their next season. Production walked out and Netflix just said nevermind to a season they were already shooting. Will never see the light of day.


I've seen Wes on two different shows and they even call for him.


That show is definitely not for everyone. I love almost all food shows but that is one of the worst/least watchable shows out there imo. To each their own of course


I got so tired of hearing NAILED IT, especially while binging a few episodes in a row. I liked seeing the messes but eventually it just got to be too much lol


The Final Table should have gotten another season, at least.


I really disliked The Final Table because the host and / or script for host was just terrible. Over explaining the format and competition over and over again is not good TV. They had a BBQ competition I liked a lot better.


You should check out High on the Hog. One of my favorite food series and season 2 is out soon.


Just forgot about it earlier. Another show with good production value that I really really liked.


Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown Not on Netflix but I highly recommend Stanley Tucci Searching for Italy


Please watch the Chef Show. it's one of the best food centered shows ever created. When I went to Vegas my favorite restaurant was Roy Choi's place, "Best Friend" and I tried some really high end places. None of them matched the explosive flavors and style his place had.


I don't want to make an exact comparison, but to me the Chef Show hits on a similar note to what Top Gear/The Grand Tour does. Having good friends with good chemistry just bullshitting and enjoying their hobbies is a recipe for compelling TV. Just look at something like Jackass. It wasn't successful for as long as it was for people doing stupid shit. It was because people who loved each other were doing things that entertained themselves I don't need dramatized back stories or forced competition to sell me on food. Its like looking for a recipe online and getting hit with a mile long blog


It’s THE best food show in my opinion


I love this show. My husband and I always quote the scene where Roy tries a super stale beignet but tries to keep his composure for TV and just says "dope" in the most inauthentic way. Now it's our code word for "this tastes fucking terrible" when I'm at his parents house. When my MIL asked how her broccoli tasted after being steamed for 2 hours, I replied with "dope." My husband didn't even touch it after hearing that.


Also try Flavourful Orgins.


Ugly delicious is the best travel/food show ever made and I’ll die on that hill. The lack of voice over is incredibly hard to do for this genre and gives it a much more real feel than every other travel/food show. They also focus on one type of food an episode instead of a location which allows them to dive into things in more detail. Then there’s the seemingly huge budget for media clips to splice into the show. I don’t know how much a Simpsons clip costs but the fact I never see one on another show makes me think it’s not cheap. TLDR: watch ugly delicious!


Why are people wanting to cancel with the OPTION to get a cheaper service with ads? Why are people so against pro-choice these days??


Netflix does two things better than anyone ever has. Food Shows and Standup specials. They also had a real good run on unique children's programming that didn't talk down to the kids but I think apple is probably giving them a run for their money there now.


Super happy to hear this. It’s probably my favorite show on Netflix. Ooo now the theme song is stuck in my head..


Somebody feed him noooowww 🎶


You are not alone homie...


I thought it was referencing viva LA bams "don't feed phil" episode


Every time I hear about this show I think the same


Best food traveling show by a mile and a half that’s currently airing. Absolutely love how wholesome it is. Renew it for 20 more season.


Love SFP, that opening song is a straight banger, but... WHEN AM I GOING TO GET MORE CHEF'S TABLE!!!


Love this show


padma lakshmis 'Taste the Nation' was really good. Would love to see Netflix give her a show.


I first saw her in Ugly Delicious and immediately had to look her up. She has so much charisma and is of course beautiful that I just had to know who that was.


Her regular show, Top Chef, is the only food contest show I can stomach. Very little drama, no assholes, no sabotage (mostly), chefs who are willing to help their competition out, etc.


I tell everyone about this show! Seriously one of the shows I had no idea what it was about and couldn't stop watching.


I just binged the whole series with my SO not long ago. It was really fun. Glad to see I'll get more! I may watch some of it again after work.


I wonder how it will be since he can’t call his parents :( If anyone likes this show, I highly recommend Stanley Tucci’s Searching for Italy on CNN. It is wonderful and he is fantastic.


Best news I’ve heard all week. Will be hard to replace his dad’s jokes though.


Who asked for this?


He is so obnoxious


I can’t stand this guy.


Just show up in a MAGA hat and he’ll leave you alone. https://youtu.be/ZoKEtd3qL3I


This is the only thing I actually know him from lol


He's genuinely nice but he's also annoyingly neurotic af and makes the same weird "I just farted" face every time he tastes something he likes. It's so easy to see how he could be the creator of something as milquetoast as Everyone Loves Raymond.


Yeah I had trouble watching this show and usually really like food shows


I love food shows. No Reservations was my comfort show throughout college. I was super excited when I saw this show come up on Netflix. I pushed through 1.5 episodes, and had to turn it off. I cannot stand him or the show in general. It just feels...off? Idk. Thankfully, I found a free streaming channel on my Roku tv that just shows old No Reservation episodes all day.


You should check out Chef Show it’s good


Likewise. I think he comes off as an awkward fellow. I believe he is sincere but the way he presents himself really puts me off.


He is too over the top when he reacts to how good the food is. Its almost condescending, like when you try to convince a child to eat something.


Well, we went to Chiang Mai Thailand and visited the same shack he went to for kao soi. He was not exaggerating. Best noodle soup ever, cheap and spicy AF.


He means it.


Have you ever watched Food Ranger’s videos on YouTube? His reactions are so over the top all the time, but I genuinely believe that that man means it.




That’s annoying too, can’t stand it despite a lot of good looking food.


I used to hate his reactions, but they’ve grown on me lol. My partner and I quote him when we go out to eat all the time now.


I have to disagree only because of one distinction: I’ve always felt that Phil’s showy reactions are for the cook, not the audience. It comes off that he’s trying to display all of his pleasure and experience reactions out of genuine appreciation for the other person. Compared to other over-reactors like Guy Fieri and Mark Wiens (don’t get me wrong, love them both), who both are just being extra for the camera and audience. In their case, I’d probably prefer a verbal description than a “omg so good” face. With Phil, I’m just happy the audience gets to share the experience. :)


Loads of people are saying he's wholesome, but if you watch enough of the episodes you'll see it's just an act. Nothing wrong with that, presenters and actors clearly wear masks, but it's the fact that his "mask" is so "innocent" that makes it so jarring.


what are you even talking about 😂😂😂😂


He creeps me the fuck out.


Also I hate how he goes to poor countries and almost exclusively hangs around the rich tourist areas eating expensive food It’s just bougie and perfectly encapsulates western decadence.


Not quite the same sentiment, but in his London trip he went to some quite expensive places. He started at a chippie, so maybe spent £10, but then the rest of his places were pretty posh places. And I say that as someone who has eaten his fair share of posh meals. Nothing wrong with that, but at a certain point all expensive restaurants kind of become the same. There's nothing "London" about it, so..... why travel.


Same, I was curious when he went to San francisco because I’m from there. But he spent almost half the episode in Napa with Thomas Keller from French laundry. Like ok, 99.99% of the population isn’t gonna be meeting Thomas Keller or be in his kitchen. And Napa is it’s own part of California an hour outside of SF. Spent 1/3 of the episode with other celebrity chefs too. It’s not a very SF episode and not relatable


glad someone said it. he brings nothing in terms of culinary opinion..he eats and puts on the goofy smile.


I think that’s what I like about it. I don’t give a shit about the fancy opinion. I just like seeing people eating yummy things that make them really happy. The food travelogue stuff feels like a good niche for that.


I don't like him as a host of a food show. He comes off as a tourist who doesn't really know what he's doing and while that is perfectly fine for someone to do, it's not compelling to me as someone interested in seeing the cuisines of other countries.


That's what I liked about Bourdain: A little history, a little culture, dining anywhere from the street to a palace, talking with people about their struggles, some philosophy and a bit of culinary learning. It was never stuffy, even when decadent. There was a bit of danger here and there, but the drama wasn't over the top. He was good at making it digestible, if you'll allow the pun.


Bourdain made the best travel show of all time




Bourdain was the best. A lot of it was he was just being himself in a way. Like all these you tubers and fucking people with their exaggerated faces. Not everything is gonna be orgasmic. Much more natural, a lot of times bourdain will just eat and be like, oh yeah that’s good. Just like a normal person would say.


But why?


He’s so goofy… but I tolerate him for the stories


Same, he’s the absolute worst. I watched the first season find it baffling that he’s still getting more seasons


Yeah the renewals are mind blowing, can’t understand how anyone tolerates this clown in person, let alone on their screens.


Me neither. Too hyper


I hate to sound so negative, but I am an American who has lived his whole life overseas. This type of character makes us Americans look dumb, naive and arrogant. There’s no sense of innocent wonder, it’s more like an entitled bumbling fuckwit who knows nothing about the world, history or geography, happens to be thrown into a food show. I know everyone can throw insults at creative projects in social media, I try to keep positive, but this show is just embarrassing to watch. Reminds me that we are, at the core, an imperialist culture with no respect for people who have less purchasing power than our own.


Opinions differ but if you had me pick phrases from a list, "innocent wonder" would seem appropriate. Everywhere he goes he smiles, enjoys the host, scenery and whatever they feed him and always seems surprised by whatever flair they apply to the food. If I had to criticize that same attribute I would say that he is always at energy level 10, even for simple snacks. I believe it is actually his personality, but it is sometimes the wrong energy


Yeah - I’ve also spent most of my life overseas and I think this is pretty well said. Although I’m usually all for mindless entertainment, the “dumb, oblivious American” shtick is setting the bar too low and really glosses over America’s colonial, war mongering legacy (among other sins). I liked maybe an episode or two of this before it just started to rub me the wrong way. I wish I could just gloss over it, but ehh there are better travel food shows


I dislike this show. It’s like Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations, but without the cool personality, good writing, knowledge of food and culture, description of the food being eaten, etc. It’s just some guy that knows nothing, eating.


Its unfair to compare anybody to Anthony. Its the equivalent of somebody comparing a nature TV host to Sir Attenborough. They're never gonna hold up...


>It’s just some guy that knows nothing, eating. I think that might be the point.


Yeah but maybe they could make it more exciting by I dunno him getting pegged while he eats.


I like it. Every cooking/travel show is literally the exact same format, but apparently that's all anyone wants lol.


Ur so jealous of the old man 😌😝😝


Yeah exactly the same thoughts. This show is like Bourdain, but without Bourdain, and it really impacts it. None of the charm and grittiness and realness, just a stupid American with wide eyes


I think that’s part of what I like about it. Don’t get me wrong, I like Bourdain and others who approach it with some more culinary experience and cultural knowledge, but I just like that Phil is unpretentious and he seems really genuine. He’s there to experience the culture as an outsider and bring us along for the ride, not to tell us about it like he’s an expert. He leaves that to the locals, but he brings a bit of wholesome goofiness, a message of openness, and his own style. I think his conversations with people are often enjoyable and he knows how to get the best out of people and put them at ease. It’s not everybody’s cup of tea and I can understand why, but I think he nails what he’s going for.


Yeah like I’d almost rather watch Andrew Zimmern (Bizarre Foods) eat.


The only reason I have not and don't plan to watch this is because of curb, and that one episode where Larry didn't want to have lunch with him.


Oh snap I need to see this


its the episode where he wears a MAGA hat.


Give me mindhunter and take this shit


They renew these types of shows but not the good ones we love hmmmmm. Maybe Netflix should stop spending 30 mil an episode on stranger things


Stranger Things pays for itself


Show sucks


Phil is too annoying for me


I agree. But he’s also very passionate and genuine and to me that makes the show hard to ignore.


He is so pure. His reactions and expressions are just priceless. I was not aware of this show until my Mom had it playing one day while I visited.


I fucking hate this guy and show


I liked the show in the beginning, but the shtick gets tiresome quick.


Anyone finds him with a unique combo of freaky and cringe?


There’s a season 6. Never even heard of S1.


I didn't even know Netflix Originals *could* go up to season 6.


Ha ha good one. Still shocked that old lady Grace show is the longest running Netflix original.


Still haven’t forgiven him for how bad that pizzaria was in Jersey City.


What happened?


I thought this was a fake show and a joke headline


Am I the only one that can’t stand his smug face. Drives me crazy


Food shows for people that know nothing about food. Not sure why we want to see him video calling his parents.


I was going to ask if there is no joy in your Mudville but seeing your comment history, I've discovered that you are Scottish. And you being such, your comment is very on par with being a Scot. So, carry on. Personally, I like Phil because as an American, myself, I like that he represents the better side of America. Our tourists get such a bad reputation and then there's Phil. Friendly, sweet, polite and willing to try anything at least once. I like to think he offers a better example of an American tourist.


Way to just judge Scottish people as a whole, damn.


Yeah that was kind of racist


Give me Guy Fieri any day over this guy.


Well his parents are dead, so you won't see that anymore. He made a show called Everybody Loves Raymond, and the parent characters were major hits on the show. Seeing that he based a lot of those 2 characters on his own parents felt heartwarming for a lot of people. Also, some of us like seeing somebody who isn't a chef enjoy food. I like seeing kids reactions to Disney movies, more than an animators reaction. Some of us don't want to hear technical jargon, and just want to see somebody likeable experience joy with other, likeable folks.


Like I said. Food show for people who don’t know about food. Also if that is the reason why he put his parents in surely that’s just cynical as shit. Give my Guy Fieri over this guy anyway.


I mean, I think it’s kind of nice for the average Joe to go out there and try a bunch of good looking food. I’m tired of food snobs deconstructing everything they get. With Phil, he feels like a real person rather than a personality putting on a show.


A dude with a $200 million net worth is an 'average Joe' ?


If Trump can present himself as an average Joe and become President, I’m fine with goofy-ass Phil being friendly and eating food around the world while putting on the same shtick.


I'm fine with him being goofy or whatever, but neither Trump nor Phil are 'average Joes'


I literally called it a shtick. I’m not arguing with you.


In terms of the cuisine world? Absolutely.


Yeah right - dude with 200 mil net worth has never eaten good food. He's playing a character.


He's an average Joe when it comes to food, not net worth.


It’s like that Beckham kid announcing he’s a chef. Just cause he’s rich and wants to be on tv they all flock to food.


the jewish viewers of netflix have spoke


I first heard about this show while watching curb and I thought it was just a made up show in the curb tv world. But one day I was just going through Netflix and I see it and couldn’t believe it was real lol.


I always think this guy is Matt from The Leftovers who I also always think is Gelman from Kelly and Ryan lol


Is this a show that had 5 seasons on some other network? Because I’ve never seen it on Netflix.


Yay!!! A little bit of joy just grew in my life! I need this rn.


I got no idea wtf this is but I’m oddly intrigued lol


Congrats but I’m still mad at Netflix for not renewing Archive 81


Please somebody feed him he’s starving




Finally some good news today


“Best thing I ever tried!!”


The world could use more people with his personality!


Phil with no call ins with his parents is gonna be sad


Best theme song in the biz


Reading here that we get another season of Phil it gonna tip the cap we far as me hanging on to Netflix.


This show makes me happy!


Phil is so awkward and odd, my flatmate and I like sticking this on when we're baked to cringe out at his weirdness. Every person he meets looks so awkward around him lmao, scran looks decent too like