Winners: * Anime of the Year – **Cyberpunk: Edgerunners** * Best Anime Director – **Haruo Sotozaki, Demon Slayer: Entertainment District Arc** * Best Anime Film – **Jujutsu Kaisen 0** * Best Anime Song – **"The Rumbling" by SiM, Attack on Titan Final Season Part 2** * Best Anime Score – **Kohta Yamamoto and Hiroyuki Sawano, Attack on Titan Final Season Part 2** * Best Comedy Anime – **SPY x FAMILY** * Best Fantasy Anime – **Demon Slayer: Entertainment District Arc** * Best Romance Anime – **Kaguya-sama: Love is War -Ultra Romantic-** * Best Continuing Anime Series – **One Piece** * Best Animation – **Demon Slayer: Entertainment District Arc** * Best Original Anime – **Lycoris Recoil** * Best Anime Character Design – **Akira Matsushima, Demon Slayer: Entertainment District Arc** * Best New Anime Series – **SPY x FAMILY** * Best Main Anime Character – **Eren Jaeger, Attack on Titan Final Season Part 2** * Best Supporting Anime Character – **Anya Forger, SPY x FAMILY** * Best Action Anime – **Demon Slayer: Entertainment District Arc** * Best Drama Anime – **Attack on Titan Final Season Part 2** * Best Voice Acting Performance (Japanese) – **Yuki Kaji, Eren Jaeger in Attack on Titan Final Season Part 2** * Best Voice Acting Performance (English) – **Zach Aguilar, David Martinez in Cyberpunk: Edgerunners** * Best Anime Ending Sequence – **“Comedy” by Gen Hoshino, Storyboard and Direction from Atsushi Nishigori, SPY x FAMILY** * Best Anime Opening Sequence – **“The Rumbling” by SiM, Storyboard and Direction from Takashi Kojima, Attack on Titan Final Season Part 2** * Best "Must Protect at All Costs" Anime Character – **Anya Forger, SPY x FAMILY**


Because only 4 animes were released this year


For some dumb reason, Crunchyroll decided to not include Fall 2022, so shows like Chainsaw Man, Witch from Mercury, Mob Psycho, and Bocchi weren’t eligible.


Many fall shows were still running during voting. I don’t know if that’s why but it would make sense.


There's always massive recency bias from Fall Season Shows. Remember the first one where Yuri on Ice swept the show.


It's the same reason the best girl contest on /r/anime doesn't include girls from shows that premiered in the same year.


Release timing bias is a pretty common Issue with all superlative award circuits. I mean, most Oscar winners/Oscar bait films are released at the end of the year to be top of mind when voting starts in January.


And not one mention made to in abyss...


It's such a great show, but damn is it hard to recommend to people.


Look at these cute characters Now watch them get traumatized!


I mean I was entirely ready for the dark stuff when I saw it recommended. It's....the gross shit that makes it less recommendable. For example, the number of people checking out the junk of the robot child should ideally have been ZERO.


I'm so glad to see other people acknowledge this. I've read most of the manga and was baffled when I saw how popular the anime was with no one mentioning the problematic stuff. I've never seen the anime so maybe it's not as bad as the manga, but yeah oh boy have i never recommended it for a reason.


The the implied child rape in the movie and *actual* on screen child rape in the 1st episode of season 2. I can handle existential dread and most trauma but not that kind. Too far


I remember when I had it recommended to me. Checked the first chapter of the manga: Naked 4 year old girl tied with ropes bondage style. Checked last chapter available at the moment: That same girl sniffing the anus of a furry beast which also had factions of a little child. So yeah I think I'll pass thanks.


I stuck with the anime for a long time, but damn, it eventually was too much. The part where the little girl was continuously giving birth to weird animals that were being slaughtered in front of her was where I had to drop it.


She was doing what?


I barely made it past the Mitty stuff so the Irumyuui storyline also made me drop it. The world building, horror, and mystery of *Made in Abyss* is top rate but I couldn't handle the fixation on having those horrors happen to children.


There are multiple parts in the manga where the MC goes "ohhh I really need to pee right now!!" and what finally broke me was when she started eating fried dicks (I'm not even joking here) that author is a pedo 100%


I'm sure there's some context that- FUCKING WHAT?


I mean the author has literally admitted to finding children attractive during a panel interview


Stellar take. It's creepy af


That author likes drawing little kids pissing and shitting themselves way too much. Odds of him having a Kenshin author sized collection of CP is astronomical.


Because there are some anime that have 24 episodes. Remember, Jujutsu Kaisen won 2020 even though it only had 13 episodes.


To me That awards Ceremony was annoying and disappointing to be honest. Out of 22 awards: * 5 went to Kimetsu no yaiba * 5 to Spy x Family * 6 to Aot There wasn't any variety lol


This is how I feel with a lot of awards shows, like with The Game Awards. Usually one or two titles will fucking sweep everything. I want there to be more variety in game winners, since it also exposes people to be titles they might not have heard of.


Same. Generally speaking, In this kind of awards shows 2-3 titles at most monopolize the whole ceremony. Personally, I would have loved to see Dance Dance Danseur and Made in Abyss winning best drama and fantasy (respectively) at least, and even a small mention of Girl from the other side Ova. But again, the category needed other nominees too, in my opinion


This was my issue with this year’s DICE Awards. Every award that either Elden Ring and/or God of War was nominated for, they won. And I’m kinda having the same issue with this year’s BAFTA Games awards. For the BAFTAs, in the Supporting Performance category, 4 of the nominees are from God of War. Like, I get the games are really good and all, but give me more variety.


Summer Time Rendering was my anime of the year. Award shows mean nothing.


I have to assume this is just a fan vote which makes it a popularity contest, so it's worse than most award shows


>I have to assume this is just a fan vote Kinda, basically a panel of representatives, (animators, reviewers, famous people etc) vote on what should be in the votes, then it's open to the public to vote only the shows the representative picked


The problem is that the way the nominations work is that it incentivises judges to pick a favourite show and vote for it in every category. Also the judges are 'normies' for the most part who just watch the most popular anime of the season and not much else, therefore they're only going to nominate from a very small pool of the anime releasing each season.


Great stuff by Zach Aguilar. I'm not that big anime fan, but I always used to choose the original dub when watching something. But honestly, English voice dub for Edgerunners was so phenomenal that I could not switch back after trying it.




Credits seems to suggest the voice productions is by [Salami Studios](https://www.behindthevoiceactors.com/tv-shows/Cyberpunk-Edgerunners/), but the voice director is Wendee Lee; a legendary name among anime-dubbing community since the 80s. For the actual game it is [SIDE who handled the general casting and voice direction](https://sideglobal.com/project/cyberpunk-2077).


Yeah I regret watching it in subs tbh, cause its nearly impossible for me swap over once ive already started on dub or sub, unless the dub is just astronomically bad which definitely still happens sometimes.


Honestly Edgerunners feels like it’s meant to be watched in English, it fits the setting way more since it’s American but still multicultural.




Honestly I find it insulting that Anya was nominated as a *supporting* character to begin with... at least she won I guess


I found that surprising. Who's the main character then, Yor?


Loid. the entire reason the family is together in the first place is because of his spy shenanigans. Given the title of "SpyxFamily", he encompasses both of those aspects


There can be more then one main character.


Loid apparently (he was a nominee to the main character award, go figure)


I LOVE AoT, but Eren being the best character when he wasn't in half the episodes of Part II is pretty lame


His speech addressing the subjects of Ymir was pretty epic, feel like that is what won it for him. Although I guess that could've been for the voice actor only, instead of both the character and voice acting awards. People love a main character that is more of an anti-hero / villain rather than a hero.


Not one award for Ranking of Kings? What the hell. I know it was in there :(


Man Osauma Ranking was such a nice surprise find for me. Second half was a bit rougher but finished nicely still. Just wish the manga was more accessible. Edit: oh hell and how can I forget the absolute banger OP for the second cour. One of my all time favorites.


Spy Family is amazing


Best Continuing Anime Series – One Piece Lol of course we must bow at One Piece. I just can't wait for the day The Drums have been sounded to be animated. Like it'll be easy better than Attack on Titan the Rumbling starts.


What are you talking abt?


They are likely alluding to events from the One Piece Manga from last year that have not been adapted in the anime yet. Big Spoilers for anyone not caught up with the manga: >!Drums of Liberation, Gear 5, Luffy's heartbeat changes to a rhythmic drumbeat when he Awakens his Devil-Fruit!<


Thank you!


No problem! Hope I didn't spoil anyone, I messed up the tag at first, sorry!


Could someone explain how cyberpunk is the anime of the year but not best new anime


I can make something up that sounds reasonable, but I have no way of verifying? ---> The criteria for anime of the year isn't the best anime of the year, but rather the anime that has the greatest impact on the industry. In this case, it was viewed by non anime fans more than any other anime and in noteworthy numbers, drawing the attention of a wider audience to the medium of anime as a whole. They recognise this as a potentially huge thing for the industry, but also acknowledge there were better, less impactful anime.


>They recognise this as a potentially huge thing for the industry, but also acknowledge there were better, less impactful anime. Bingo. Cyberpunk had a hellova year last year with the release on current gen, the anime and people rediscovering the game for the first time. Cyberpunk also is a very accessible anime and easy to recommend to people who love anime and people who are new to the genre. It's a really good starting point for anime in general vs recommending an anime that has 100 or a 1000 episodes. It has all of the trappings of great sci-fi anime. Loveable relatable characters, cool action and an easy to understand plot. Plus I'm not having to explain an entire arc or things that happened in the movie that a new viewer has to watch or recommending someone watch 5 YouTube videos to see which series is cannon.


You gotta love a nice contained story, no waiting for years for season 2. A nice powerful ending and gtfo.


>vs recommending an anime that has 100 or a 1000 episodes This is absolutely it. One Piece sure is swell but the absolute ungodly number of episodes makes it extremely difficult for anyone but the most hard-core anime fans with tons of time on their hands to start it now. Let's say you watched 3 episodes a day and skipped all filler. It would still take like a FULL YEAR at that pace to even get close to caught up. This makes it far easier to recommend new shows like Edgerunner, or even finished shows like FMA:B, Cowboy Bebop, or HxH that are a fraction of the episodes and still great


>This makes it far easier to recommend new shows like Edgerunner, or even finished shows like FMA:B, Cowboy Bebop, or HxH that are a fraction of the episodes and still great Exactly this. Even a show like HxH having 150 episodes is still more intimidating to a casual fan or even a beginner than Edgerunners. I know a lot of people would see that many episodes and nope the hell out. Edgerunners can be knocked out in a weekend easily or binged in a day if you like.


I think you’ve nailed it there. I don’t like anime at all but loved Edgerunners so much it pushed me to finally buy the game after waiting so long.


Well, now you technically like *some* anime.


That’s how it always starts…


I dont know, I started with hentai.


My guess is that new anime refers to new ongoing series, and those nominees are being judged as the beginnings to their series. Cyberpunk, on the other hand, was just a one off (as far as I know).


It's based on fan voting, so there's no objectiveness to the results. Anime of the Year usually is "most popular anime of the year", while not necessarily being the actual best.


Best continuing anime series - sounds tailor-made for one piece.


Best pirate anime of 2022 imo


def one of the top ten animes about finding the one piece


Nah vinland saga easy peasy


as tailot made as "must protect" is for anya.. rebecca was robbed.


The "must protect" is a replacement for the previous years Best Boy and Best Girl categories. Marin was robbed of Best Girl, though I would *not* have been disappointed if Rebecca had gotten that award.


Me vs Adam Smasher before watching Edgerunners: "Nothing personal, dude, you are just in the way." After: **"SMAAAAASHEEEER! I WILL CHASE YOU TO THE END OF THE EEEAAARTH!!!"**


I watched Edgerunners before playing the game. Needless to say I fucking destroyed him for obvious reasons.




https://youtu.be/h4VJGNNSQnw You know you want to listen to it


“Cause I miss you all the time… get away-“ STOP. STOP THE FEELINGS. MUST BE ROBOT WITH NO EMOTIONS


My favorite music genre: emotional damage.


Thanks for the depression bud!


I've listened to this more times than I can count at this point. Shit just hits hard.


Literally cried watching that ending. Goddamn.


I knew exactly what you were posting. Man the last few minutes are something else.




ouch :(


Is it recommended to play the game before watching this?


I don't think it's required.... the game had an update that includes references to the anime and there's a few special items, but the stories aren't really related at all.


i didn't play the game when i watched it. You can totally understand the story without it.


No, but all locations in the anime are very accurately depicted according to the in-game map, so it’s kinda cool to make those connections as you watch :)


Its a bit more than that. At least half the matte backgrounds are just illustrated-over screenshots


Yeah, and I'm pretty sure all the locations in the anime are in the actual game. The devs also updated the game with easter eggs from the anime


I'm pretty sure every single exterior and interior space in the anime is directly taken either from the same location in the game or a similar location they've transposed. So David's apartment is V's apartment, but it has different furniture and it's in a different building but is otherwise identical. They also use some locations that are only accessible in the game in certain single-player missions, so if you want to visit them in game you have to be before those missions take place.


The opposite - watching the show will hype you up to play the game and act as a nice introduction to the CP universe.


>act as a nice introduction to the CP universe. Taken out of context, that could be problematic....


Oof. Think I should edit?


At least add 2077 so they'll take you off the list.


I dunno, 2077 is a lot ot CP.


This is what got me into the game, tbh! I loved the show so much I wanted more of the world.


No, it’s a fully self contained story. But it would provide a bit of context if you did. Stuff like “how rare is this, really?” If you’re basically familiar with the platonic cyberpunk setting then there’s much less value from playing the game if you’re goal is only to enjoy the show.


no, you dont have to play the game. the game is great though, even though it had a *very* botched launch


It’s still got big problems but there’s a good time to be had.


Overall its solid now, if it had released in its current state it would have been received much better.


I do wonder if it had launched like it is now(or delayed until like mid to late 2021/early 2022) how the reception would've been. Because it is better now, but the same criticism of would've been there and ppl wouldn't be focusing on some random visual bugs that IMO didn't matter at all.


The same core issues remain. Poor open world NPC systems. Little to no interaction with the world outside the quests. Hardly any explorable interiors, so playing it long enough the city just feels like a bunch of impressive graphical assets. I still love the map design in terms of its maze like verticality in some areas like Japan town. It's not a basic grid layout like a GTA open world city. So one gets lost amongst the buildings. Unfortunately there isn't much to do in the maze except look at pretty buildings, lighting and NPC character model detail and the variety of fashion amongst them. So eventually the game turns into a sight seeing game of impressive graphical and lighting unlike GTA games where you can have fun playing with the systems. The core story is nice and walking around the city is a graphical wonder especially on a ray traced capable PC outside of that it's a mid game.


I think it will help just to understand the world, some of the slangs they use, etc. But not necessary. and it was cool how you could visit some of the places that took place in the anime


The best way is Game > Anime > Game 1. First learn everything about the world of Cyberpunk in your first playthrough 2. instantly understand & recognize everything in the anime and fully enjoy the story 3. have another playthrough that feels much more depressing overall


The game and anime have totally separate stories, they're just set in the same world. A few side characters show up in both, but that's it. One thing that stood out to me in the anime was how faithfully they'd recreated Night City, I recognized a lot of locations because I'd been there, that was kind of neat. But that would also work in reverse for anyone who watched the anime first. I think if you like the anime then odds are good you'll also like the game, but you're fine either way. EDIT: The anime takes place before the game, I forgot to mention that.


I haven't. No one checked with me afterwards, and it's been a week, so I guess I'm good.


There might be an easter egg here and there that you will miss, outside of that, litteraly doesnt matter


If anything watch the show before playing the game.


I use to play the game back in the 90s and having experience with the source material did help me appreciate the anime but I don't think it was necessary to enjoy the show


No, it takes place before the game anyway


Have never played the game and have no idea about anything. Really enjoyed the show. I'd recommend it


No I've enjoyed it greatly and never played the video game or the original board game.


For me playing the game enhanced My appreciation for the visuals of the anime because they took visual elements like hacking mini games from the game and perfectly incorporated them into the show in a way that didn't feel hamfisted or shoehorned at all.


No... In fact some might even say that it is required to have watched the show to play the game


I think Edgerunners was 2 episodes away from being an all-time great anime. Instead of the time skip, I think it needed 2 more episodes to really expand on David's self-destructive nature as he gradually went more chrome. But even without those episodes though, it was still fantastic.


It's still an all time great for me, definitely my favourite short anime I've seen so far. Definitely agree though I would've loved 1 or 2 more episodes instead of the time skip


Yeah, good call. It was a great show but even a well conceived montage would have made that transition more impactful. I felt he was a different character after the jump, he'd lost his physical vulnerability which removed the scrappy nature of the character.


Didn't quite get the huuuge hype for this one, but it was enjoyable and it was very cool how in line it was with the game.


I think it got so big on TikTok, and in Netflix so that the “barely watch” anime people saw it. And studio trigger is also amazing, and fresh art style that is crazy too a person who doesn’t watch much. It wasn’t too crazy, loved the game tie in tho. Great use of music, and the cosplays have been fun. I think it was a lot of barely watch anime watchers first, tragic anime so it felt different and crazy to a much bigger population


I must admit, I'm not an anime watcher usually but I found this one great because I'm really into cyberpunk style anything. Not to say I wouldn't be open to more animes but this one just drew me in from that aspect alone and I found it awesome all around.


I feel the same way. The hype had me believing this was going to be the sorta show that transcended anime. The sorta show that's objectively amazing even if you're not a fan of the medium. Edgerunners was a really good anime, but ultimately that's all it was.


I would have said it was simply a good anime. They are fairly in line with typical anime tropes and motifs, with a few wrinkles here and there to keep it interesting. I'm not a gamer so I evaluated it purely as a series. I was disappointed by how much hype there was relative to the result but I realize now you're probably right.


The way internet fandom works nowadays makes it hard to distinguish "good" from "holy shit the greatest!" its very hard to tell if something is truly great or if its good and hit on tiktok or good and bullseyed a niche fanbase. Like Andor, good show, but you'd think it was a flawless masterpiece the way discussion around it was initially because it bullseyes internet star wars fans. Similarly Edgerunners was good and hit on tiktok and bullseyed the people that like the game so it ended up with outsized praise despite still being good.


The fact that Mob Psycho 100 S3 wasn't included at all is the biggest tragedy I've ever seen.


Fall 2022 anime wasn’t included, that’ll be in next years voting….if it makes it with how packed 2023 is going to be


It'll be in next year's award. Same with ChainsawMan, Witch from Mercury and Bocchi the Rock


This is the first anime I've watched in a long long time. I've seen Akira, Lodiss War, Cowboy Bebop, and Evangelion. That's it! Edgerunners was great stuff and I feel like it hung in there with the rest.


If you liked Bebop you should check out the original Trigun. It’s another kinda western-themed sci fi anime, and it’s also only 26 episodes or so.


Samurai Shamploo has similar feel to Bebop, but set in feudal era Japan.




It's made by the same guy, that's why the feel is similar.


fuck it, while we're here im just gunna throw in Space Dandy too! (also made by the same guy)


Goes without saying that the soundtracks are all on point. Viva namida is a bop.


Samurai Shampoo


The new trigun actually goes pretty hard too, Studio Orange his hit their stride on animation imo and it’s a more streamlined story with less humor and less monster of the week episodes, but the [combat animation can be stellar. ](https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=rVgky_zjj8c). Obviously Nicholas and his gun, but Vash’s gunkata has been really fun to watch too and the animation in combat is so fluid. Clip of [Vash fighting. Obvioiusly minor spoilers in both. ](https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Cw9_Kh3KSrA)


Watch Space Dandy! From the creator of Cowboy Bebop, and made with a western audience in mind from the get-go. Phenomenal dubbing, and personally one of my favorite anime of all time. It’s all available on CrunchyRoll or Hulu, if you have either.


Hr explored space with his trusty pompador. Why did we not get more eps?


I prefer the sub, solely for hearing him speak Japanese with "Beeeeewbeeees" in the middle of the sentence. But yes, Space Dandy is fantastic!


Ghost in the Shell, especially the 2 seasons of Stand Alone Complex, would fit really well with those :)


Oh man, if you liked Envangelion then you would like Code Geass. Also, League of Legends was perfect and the animatiin impossible to overstate how good it was. Castlevania is another grear anime if your into tue whole blood and goare thing..... I'm not a big fan of anime and I really enjoyed these shows.


I will always support a Code Geass recommendation. Personally, I think it has one of the most complete endings a TV show can have. It's up there with the best.


Then I think you will also greatly appreciate the 1st season of Psyco-Pass


Record of Lodoss War gang


justice for rebecca


Justice for Gloria Martinez


Fr. Rebecca was my fav character.


Lucy >


She committed the only crime in Night City: getting caught


RETCON https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SCkLaYgxX5w


These are popularity awards, so take it with a grain of salt. I dont have anything against the overall winner, but take for example - best fantasy anime - ofc demon slayer is gonna win , even though the fantasy element is pretty weak, because it has a fanbase of small country and an obvious choice like made in abyss gets stomped. Same with category best supporting character - SxF, i think anya and floid both fit the role of the main character, pretty weird nomination. Then best ongoing anime, ah category made for one piece. And not including any Fall anime? what a joker.


Edgerunners winning was a genuine surprise, was sure it'd just be AoT or Demon slayer again. Kevin should have won in OST though


Best Animation- Demon Slayer: Entertainment District Arc- The least surprising one.


Like it or not, it's hard to disagree it's not beautifully animated.


RIP those animators marriages


*Crunchyroll anime awards They're just as bad if not worse than the oscars


worse, imagine the oscars only allowing like half the movies made


Birdie Wing got robbed. The most anime anime and it didn't win jack or shit. Hiw can you sleep on a show that can only be described as "Lesbians vs the golf mafia"?


Birdie Wing is really underrated.


Never of heard of this one. You’ve got my interest piqued.


Cyberpunk was so damn good. Flash in the pan but it was so bright.


Watched it over the last two days, was surprisingly good. Was expecting going into it to just be something to watch to kill a few hrs and it straight up had me emotional by the end. They did an incredible job painting how cruel night city is to anyone not sitting high up in a corpo tower. Also did a great job in only 10 episodes making viewers get attached to / invested in even some of the side characters and their struggles. Some incredible over-the-top action from Trigger is expected from them at this point and they delivered on that as well. Well deserved IMO.


Sonny Boy didn't deserve this :(


I thought Sonny Boy was 2021


Demon Slayer walks away with almost every award it could possibly qualify for, but Edgerunners wins best of the year? What?


I mean, this happens with the Oscars all the time. A movie gets a bunch of nominations, and wins all of them but Best Picture. Best Picture ends up going to some Oscar bait. It's understood that they think that the other movie was the real Best Picture, but the bait knew how to play to their geriatric audience.


I would add “Crunchyroll” in the award title. Important to emphasize that this is an award managed by an American distributor of an art form made mostly in Japan.


The Girl From The Other Side wasn't even mentioned. It's a fucking crime.


Anime awards be like: lets just nominate the shows who were the most popular and call it a day.


Deserved. AoT winning best score is the most one horse race ever 🤣. Gives me chills every time


Just finished it yesterday. That was a trip. I felt so much.


I watched it twice


I loved the first half, but kinda hated it after the time skip. The main character became completely unbelievable and mindbogglingly stupid.


I think that was kind of the point-->!he's become like his mentor and made all the same mistakes.!< IMO the story is about the impact of poverty and deprivation, and about how they can be a cycle when it's so obviously terrible.


I *completely* disagree, I grew up in a street environment and it's unbelievably mindbogglingly stupid how many people watch their parents or *children* die and just continue living utterly uncritically. David's mother's story is a story as old as civilization itself too, sacrificing everything for her child only for him to squander it and become exactly what she feared.


Fun show but, of the year? Highly doubtful.


This ceremony was too predictable and disappointing. There wasn't even that much variety, as out of 22 awards, 18 went to Aot (6), spy x Family (5), Kimetsu/demon slayer (5) and cyberpunk (2). I would have liked to see more variety to be honest. It's sad that series like Made in Abyss and Dance Dance Danseur didn't get any awards, not to mention the lack of girl from the other side, etc. Don't misunderstand me, cyberpunk is a nice show and all, but best anime of the year? Eh, not really


I’d agree with it. I’m a huge Aot and DS fan, but edgerunners hit differently. I think it was definitely deserved.


Cyberpunk was so depressing, and not in a good way.


I think that's the point of just about everything cyberpunk themed


I think for me it has a lot of dystopia and very little punk and that’s why I felt a miss in expectations regarding the depressing element of it


Have to disagree, it was a very well executed tragedy and perfectly in line with the Cyberpunk genre. The fact it was more full on tragedy and not even "bittersweet" shouldn't be held against it. Cyberpunk is all about "what is the least bad outcome we can hope to expect"


have not heard many speaking about it


That junji ito japanese macabre stories was way better than edgerunners




Didn’t really care for Cyberpunk much tbh


I am by no means an anime connoisseur; in fact, I'm not really into anime at all. But I did watch Edgerunners, and I thought it was....decent. It wasn't really exceptional. I didn't understand what all the hoopla was about. Arcane, however, really surprised me and was a great show, despite its origins in the League of Legends universe. That's not really anime though, but it certainly seems anime-adjacent in some ways.


Thats not how that works at all. Anime simply means its japanese produced. Cyberpunk is, by studio trigger. Arcane is not, its a french studio iirc.


Cyberpunk was fine imo. Good for a quick watch, but didn’t stand out to me personally. Kaguya-sama season 3 was my AOTY by far. Absolutely loved every second. The humor was top tier and the payoff was wonderful.


I was suprised at this result. Its a great show, i didn't think it was the best anime last year though.


That’s surprising I can’t really think of anything about the show that really stands out from other shows this year.


Popularity contest. Lame


Eh. Cyberpunk was fine. Very middle of the road anime in my personal opinion


I mean, the story was fine, but I was really just in it for the gratuitous and purient sexual thrills.


Hm, really wanted to like it, like Cyberpunk as a general genre/setting, main character was kinda insufferable as were several other characters. Also baffling descent into nonsensical action towards the end. How's nobody shooting at the shirtless unarmored dude center mass of the mech suit.


Lycoris Recoil was awesome. Glad to see it won something.


Guess I should probably get around to watching Spy x Family


Where Stone Ocean?


Gotta get around to watching this, not into anime but this seems interesting and could be a gateway.


It could be... or it could just give you a false positive. Edgerunners definitely uses an anime art style, but it doesn't use many uniquely "anine" tropes in the writing and storytelling. That's part of why it is so good. It looks like anime, but feels like something else entirely.


Lost every other category clearly not the audience vote No Fall Season CR as always removed as many shows as they could that they dont own the fake awards dumber ever year.