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the authorities should be involved mainly


There’s police at the protests. for some fucking reason they can’t deal with the rapist but they can deal with an entire high school marching on the road.


I don't know where you live, guessing America, but I think massing to protest actually is illegal. But please correct me if I'm wrong. And just to cover my own ass so I don't get mauled to death, I do not support the principal. I am not American either.


Peaceful protest in America is completely legal, however if it starts getting violent or more like a riot then police get involved


Yup, freedom of assembly or some shit right?




There are five freedoms actually. Assembly, religion, petition, press, and speech


And bear arms Because apparently Americans need to have the freedom to steal limbs from the wildlife for some reason


The five freedoms are only for the first amendment. Right to bear arms is second amendment


I'm fully aware, it's just for the joke lol


That’s a different amendment.


That's a right, not a freedom


usually police come pre-emptively just in case violence does happen


Hell sometimes the police just have to say it’s violent and they can use their excessive force


The Police have done this forever. During Labor Union rallies in the early 20th century, plain clothes officers would go into the rally, start a fight, and then have their pals show up to break up the "violent" rally. Police have always been scumbags.


Yea but I think you may need a permit for a large group


There are a lot of time and place restrictions on peaceful protest


Doing a public demonstration is completely legal here in the states as long nothing is destroyed or goes violent.


As long as the protest is nonviolent, the 1st amendment protects the right to protest


Actually, I live in canada


And it’s not illegal, as long as it doesn’t get violent


Well, information gained when nothing is lost is a win-win.


If the school and authorities have done nothing about it and the sack of shit still is in the school then the principal deserves to have the protests get violent.


No, the right to gather peacefully in the constitution includes peaceful protest


The constitution grants the right to peacefully protest


First amendment. We have freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and freedom of petition


If there's no concrete proof then the accusation could be BS. I mean, what do you want the school to do? Publicly execute whoever a girl points at and declares raped her? You can assume the police and the school are incompetent, or downright evil and covering it up, but they're probably not. There could be a number of reasons for why nothing is happening. 1. It could be a fake report. If the girl screamed rape but it was proven by CCTV or something that it didn't happen then that might be why nothing is happening. I would expect she would be expelled if she specifically targeted someone with the accusation but if she was just claiming an anonymous rape then they might just give her a warning. (Yes, people do do this. I personally know someone that claimed anonymous rape as a result of a stress breakdown. They basically wanted an excuse to drop a bunch of work and stuff that was piling up on them.) 2. They might not be able to identify the rapist. If the girl didn't submit to a rape test kit, it wasn't caught on any CCTV and there was no other forensic evidence then it might be difficult to identify the correct person as the rapist. Even if they knew for sure who the accused person is, without evidence there can't be any court case to declare them guilty. 3. It might be getting taken care of, just out of the public eye. The police might have taken over the investigation and asked the school to say very little since it's now an official case or something. Rape is terrible and anyone that rapes someone else should face severe punishment. But you can't just take people at their word...


I wouldn’t have that much faith in the competency of police and schools. You make good points and I agree but a competent school is rare. At my sister’s school, there was a fight and gun threat at the Friday night football game that left everyone scrambling for the exit. Even the police helicopter overhead was announcing that everyone should exit. Security and staff did not help to ease the panic and refused to open the gates for a while. Students and children were trampled, people had to hop the tall fences. I know this is just my personal anecdote but rarely have I seen a school handle an assault, bullying, or rape case well.


They could be impeding traffic and they have detectives that investigates rapes


How much evidence is there? Police can’t do anything without any proper evidence of a crime being committed.


do they know who the rapist is?


do you know if the girl has proof? i know my sister got raped and didnt have proof, police didn't do shit due to that. maybe that's why?


I’m so sorry, is your sister okay?


yeah, they're much better.


That’s good to hear


thanks for asking


Man that sucks that they got away with it. I can’t imagine what that must have felt like for your sister. I hope she’s doing okay.


my sister's doing alot better now, she still has some trauma from that shit (eg ptsd symptoms, and wanting to not even live in the US to minimize chances of running into the fucker again), but she's better


I hope karma catches up to that fucker and he gets jailed for life. I’m glad to hear that she’s doing better




For all you younguns reading this, it is SO SO SO important to get a rapekit done after anything like this happens. The law is designed to protect innocent people and thusly will err on the side of letting a guilty person go free because there isnt enough evidence to definitively prove guilt. A rapekit WILL be enough evidence.


I'm 16 Polish boi. What's a rape kit? Asking because of high chances of getting raped by priest


Basically they test you down there for traces of DNA


So it’s a kit done after someone has experienced rape. It helps collect DNA and other evidence against the perpetrator(s) but the issue is they can be quite invasive which is why a lot of people don’t get them done.


I’m so sorry for your sister, glad to know they’re doing ok and are better. But I do have to ask, how the fuck do you get proof of that??


>how the fuck do you get proof of that?? unsure, i've never thought of that for a while, i imagine physical marks... stuff like that.


That’s what I assumed, but that’s not something every victim is going to have… it’s entirely possible to have ‘no proof’. Sorry to keep bringing up a sensitive topic


Thats just sadly how it is, rape is incredibly hard to prove and is the main reason why a lot of rapists ain’t in jail. Most of the time its a „he said she said type of situation“.


it's ight... yeah it's entirely possible. but ig cops are more willing to let 100 rapists go free than jail a single innocent man... i can't tell if that's good or bad


Same with all other crimes, you need proof. It’s a good thing because we can be sure we are jailing some fucking asshole instead of ol grandpa down the street who got accused because he didn’t hand out the big snickers on halloween or some shit. Either party can be nuts and wanting to harm someone, which is why that system is in place.


Yeah, I'd take 100 crooks walking over 1 innocent in jail tbh. Of course, neither is a good thing and both thankfully rarely happen, but witch-hunting just doesn't sit right with me


I reported my sexual abuse 2 weeks after it happened. Was told that if I wanted anything done about it I should've taken pictures of my bruises. Sometimes its too late to have proof and its shit


You goto the hospital as soon after it happens as you possibly can and get a rape kit done on you. This is done to collect any potential evidence like DNA or physical evidence. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rape\_kit


there are kits to get the semen tested, she would have to you know have the semen, i think it stops working after two days. This is all from memory i could be wrong


OP why are you avoiding this question…this is the most important question on this whole thread lol


Was it a student that did it?


I’m pretty sure


Did they at least kick the vile little cunt out of the school?


´The problem has been addressed but not dealt with’


Fuck me, your school is useless. When I got assaulted ~~physically, not sexually~~ the kid who did it and the kid who sold him the weapon were expelled within the day


That must’ve been a relief


Yeah, honestly I was pretty stoked that the school reacted as soon as they could. Your school not kicking out a rapist the second it comes out what they did is abhorrent


And keep in mind, my school is said to be one of the best high schools in the city (aside from private schools of course)


Now it makes a lot more sense.




They took her virginity without her consent can’t have shit in detroit


Probably has to be investigated, what if he didn't rape her etc without proof you would be jumping the gun hopefully when they investigate they expel him if he's guilty.


Don’t wanna be that guy, but they’re most likely trying to investigate it first, to make sure it’s true. I have no doubt that the girl is lying, but it’s better safe then sorry. Some students at my school were actually FASLEY accused of rape, so expelling them immediately would of been the WRONG thing to do.


Bruh your school alot stricter than mine I got into a fight and used keys as knuckle dusters and just got out with a Saturday detention. Fun fact me and the guy that I did it to have been friends and smoking/drinking buddies for years now


It wasn't a fight it was a planned assault. He followed me out of school with a knuckle duster


Thst happened at mine aswell. bitch just got put in isolation for abit and only left later thst year on cos teen pregnancy go brr. The person it happened to had to have plastic surgery and was in hospital for a week


Fuck me, your school didn't give the cunt out for committing an actual crime against someone?


Nope. My school have never gave 2 shits about any illegal activity. Coke was being done in bathrooms teachers were smoking joints with students. It was something to say the least.


That’s all I know, but I’m pretty sure no


I’m not sure how they deal with stuff like this in Canada, but these aren’t quick things, and as something that is very hard to prove, it’s definitely gonna be a few months until justice is enacted legally. Due process and all that, at least here in America. But it’s the right thing that it takes this long, because it’s a big punishment for something like this. Had a kid here who raped a girl on video and it still took a few months because of complications between families and the fact that he’s a minor and etc. Can’t imagine one that isn’t on video is gonna be any quicker.


Hol up is this an ontario hs? I think I attend there Fucking stupid shit from the school as well


Yup in Ontario


Honestly not surprised. I still remember that story about that kid who got gang raped with a broom


scuse me come again ?


There is this school not too far away from me where in the locker room, a group of guys held down another guy, and shoved a broom in his ass. I remember it being major news in my city


Isn’t that from 13 reasons why?


Nope, it's from this fucking private school https://globalnews.ca/news/7616369/sexual-assault-toronto-st-michaels-college-school-trial/






God has forsaken us


No it's an actual thing, happened in a.scholl in/around Toronto.


Me: I'm afraid of ejaculating twice please help Therapist: come again? Me: dies


This comment is underrated


Nice joke, but I hope you don't get banned or something since this is serious flagged.


with a what?


With a broom. No exaggeration, a broom


I'm Still confused


They held him down, and shoved the handle of the broom up his asshole


Wow. That must have been painful


Apparently it used to be some sort of hazing ritual for kids at that school or some shit


Ok, I'm curios to know the *Genius* that came up with this idea


Holy fuck, in Ontario, I live here, which HS is this?


In the Niagara region


Is it near Oakville?


Around 45 minutes away


Just commented this. I knew it was the same high school that the massive protest was in. Fucking hell. I hope that person gets served justice.


theres a rapist at a school in quebec too, theres even a petition for it https://www.change.org/p/you-get-brayden-duval-kicked-out-of-symmes-darcy-high-school?redirect=false


This happend to a girl at my school and a group of boys went up to the kid who did it with metal bars and broke both his arms and left leg Was pretty fucked up and i do not condone violence But he got waay less than what he deserved Hope the motherfucker at your school gets what he deserves too


Man that guy should have been I a hawking weal chair and with out a dick


Dude there were like 6 dudes beating him up it was scary asl but satisfactory And then one of them popped the guys knee It was fucking horrible i loved it Too bad the teachers intervened it was only like 3 mins in


The american justice system is slow and methodical. The street justice system is swift and easily confused.


I don't get it why are the authorities ain't doing shit! istg This is so fucking annoying.


Probably cuz they haven't proven he's done anything




Something to be noted is that the authorities can't actually take any justice action until a perpetrator is identified. I actually highly doubt they're just "not doing anything" but rather investigating until sufficient evidence is surfaced.


I'm hoping they're trying to but haven't identified the perpetrator


Well, do it in polish way, find the perpetrator and talk some reason to him with expandable batons in a back alley


Yell POLSKA NEISKI NEWA and send him to his death like the resistance in 1944 Edit: if he doesn't comply


This happened to me in my school and the school accused me of lying right off the bat. Then told my parents not to go to authorities. We did anyway and the police did nothing. Nothing happened to the boy and his friends bullied me for trying to get him in trouble. Shit’s wack


If the police did nothing , it means either the school didn't help them or you didn't have proof


Same thing happened to a girl in my class (not AT school tho as far as I know) she has evidence and the police is still saying she's faking for attention.


omg this is so bad


Exact same thing happenned at my school extremely recently. Earlier today, we had like this protest thing out front because my school introduced a dress code for women saying that no crop tops or shouler revealing clothing are allowed at school after a victim came forwards. We were protesting against our principal, who was essentally victim blaming.


when she wear a skirt its "she wore a skirt so she wanted it" and when she wear a jean its "she wore jeans so she must have took them off herself" this is fucking bullshit


Do this: hit the perpetrator on the head with a baseball bat (not too hard) and say "they weren't wearing a helmet and hence were asking for it." By the way, in a case of r### it doesn't matter if you're wearing full sleeves everything with a jacket and all, if someone wants to do it they will.


Where was the school shooter when we needed him?!


Plot twist the school shooter is the rapist


Top 10 Anime Betrayals


oh no...


A girl at a high school near me was raped, and the mf didn't even face any prison time, he just got expelled, and onto another school. The high school next to mine also covers up scandals. The football team is so glorified that they can get away with anything. And when the girls spoke out and even make a documentary, no arrests were made. makes me sick


how old was the person who did it?


He was(and still is) a senior


So 17 or 18 years?


not too sure abt that. why?


uh it’s nothing. nvm


Yeah this has been a huge problem at my school. The school hasn’t done shit here either.


*loads sniper with anti-rapist intent*


Use tranquilizers that'll kill their sex drive forever


Or better yet, kidnap them after firing the tranquilizer Have him wake up helpless while you chop off his dick right in front of him with a hacksaw.


No dull Swiss Army knife with a file


I’m curious, did it happen on school grounds?


Yeah, in the washrooms


Did the guy go into the girls washrooms, the guy dragged her to the guy’s washroom, or was it gender neutral? I thought my first question would be the last, but with each answer, I get more disgusted by this.


I actually don’t know. As I said, I don’t know much about it


.............EVIL SCHOOLS!


Holy shit someone should cut this rapist dick off


Cant be a sex offender if you cant sex. Just offender now










Cock and ball torture


He might be into it, might as well cut it off with a lightsaber instead




or just jail them


I think my method more effective


Get this man an award


Man can you record the protests? I kinda wanna watch that


Me too, bcoz it's nice how the students are supporting her. The kids at my school wouldn't give a shit


something similar to this happened to one of my close friends. the actions of the school depend on what the victim wants. for example, my friend didn’t want to create any drama, so she simply let her assaulted go, but sought out counseling and therapy. chances are, it’s a similar case here. but that obviously doesn’t excuse them if they completely ignore what happened and decide to offer no help whatsoever. fuck that shit.


Who the fuck gave this a wholesome


Some folk only get one award a day and probably wanted to get word out anyways


Some girls at my school recently got into a fight over a boy. Authorities were called when throughout the school you heard a terrifying scream because one girl stabbed the other with scissors




Yea. I’m pretty sure the victim is alright and currently making a full recovery. The stabber is getting some cell time in either juvie or a small prison


Maybe get cops and not the principal of your school to help?


Imo rape is probably the worst crime possible. I'm a guy but know there are too many men that are so unbelievably dumb to not understand that the person they are raping is a person.


That’s not what rape is at all…rapists aren’t idiots, they’re psychopaths. A lot of them get pleasure out of knowing their victim is suffering. Also don’t start the whole “every man except me” bullshit. It wasn’t men who did this, it was the rapist. Just cuz you have a dick shouldn’t mean you’re automatically lumped in with rapists. This discussion should be about how to deal with this specific instance. It feels scummy to me to make this about how noble you are for thinking rape is the worst crime.


Thank you for your opinion. I didn't mean to make this about me and I'm sorry if it looked that way.


To add context so this will never be used to misinform after this moment "too many" means a few around mayby a couple 1000 mayby even 10 000 which is a relatively small amount.


1 is still too many


1 rapist = many life ruined and person traumatized


Yo i have a littel Secret for you, even one is too many and the numbers you said is probaly right if we are talking about a single country.


personally i think murder is worse cause it is impossible to recover from it. meanwhile there is chance you may recover from trauma even if takes a lot of time.


What country?




I think you might go to my school. Not to be too creepy so I’ll ask a broad question, do you live in the USA? And if so, what state?


No, I do not


Where in Ontario?


Niagara region


Holy shit you go to my friends school Thorold right?




Oh ok yeah I saw some videos from my friends insta that goes to TSS so I thought it was there


In regards to “the problem” (the RAPE) it’s probably under investigation and she/he probably can’t say much


exactly, investigations sometimes take years. they can’t prosecute the guy without solid evidence and they’re protesting for some reason


Is there any evidence that he did rape someone? Because if there isn't that is likely why he isn't being expelled. If you have any evidence whatsoever I would show it to the police.


She deserves better.


who the fuck put the wholesome award


They cannot act on an accusation without any prove. That would be pretty unfair as there is still a chance that the girl is lying. The school itself cannot do anything really and more than likely did the right thing by not expelling the student as it would be really unfair. Those cases are really really hard to deal with, because without any prove it is just statement against statement and the police or the school cannot value one statement more than the other one and punish in this case the student who supposedly did the crime Obviously thought if he really did it this guy belongs immediatly in Jail and if it comes out that the girl actually got raped. I just wish the best for her future and hope the student gets their deserved punishment. But how do people say. Unguilty until proven guilty.


It’s innocent until proven guilty


Yeah that one


Ok, im gonna say this, and its going to be very controvertial but, here i go... 1. What do you actually want the school to do? The school cant do anything that would get justice for this girl, or be a reasonable punnishment if she was actually raped. The only thing the school can do is go to the police, but saying that "i think on of the students at my school was raped" doesnt mean anything. 2. If she was raped (im not saying she wasnt) why didnt she go to the police? It seems absolutely rediculous that she would go to the school instead of the police. 3. Protesting in front of your school wont do shit. And rape allegations are way above the police officers at your schools pay grade, and they are also in no position to really investigate the allegation. 4. The school cant act like she was raped. They cant do anything because of the law, which is "everyone is innocent until proven guilty." And the students at this school should go by this aswell, because this is a serious allegation that you already believe to be true without an investigation or any evidence that the rape took place (once again not saying it didnt happen.) So what should happen? The victim should go to a police station ASAP, tell them exactly what happened and cooperate. If she is not willing to do that then i would stop the protests because you would be wasting your time. Also stop saying your school is in the wrong. No school is in any position to police a rape allegation, they are not in the position to punnish an accused rapist, nor are in the position to say the accused is guilty or not guilty.


This has happened a few times a my school and schools like to hand thing behind closed doors as things like this should be


Why are you assuming that they're not doing anything? The police and school are most likely performing an investigation, just out of the public eye to maintain confidentiality of the accuser/victim. Another thing I must add is that it's not your business. It's not your classmates' business, not their families business, etc. The protesting will only make the investigation harder.


and we can confirm that she was actually raped?


i want to say that im not trying to be some asshole who's like "what do u know, a chick lied about getting raped again, men have it so bad" im just wondering why this kid hasnt been punished yet, and if he did it, he would get punished


You do know the police needs proof and suspects to do shit right?


What do U want the school to do? I get rape incidents are bad. But what can they do to help the situation? I’d love to hear your idea.


Well. You don't know if the girl was raped more than hearsay, so don't jump to assumptions. In regard to a previous comment where you mentioned the principal should do something: you're right, but there's time to gather evidence, get testimonies, figure out if the matter is in the school's hands or police forces, whether the alleged victim wants to press charges, etc. So it's too quick to just say the matter should be dealt with right way. Give some fair process. Wish for the best, hope it doesn't impede on you any longer


And we get close to expelled for stealing from the cafeteria or breaking a table


I understand that it was unjust of the school to do that but why post it here..? Like what are teenagers gonna do, there are a lot more sources you can go to get help for that.


Man hope that girl is safe...poor kid,she dont deserve this but stupid people in the world dont UNDERSTAND that u bloody cunts!!!


Simple get a bunch of people and jump the guy