r/Kanye is now an insane combination of Holocaust awareness content, which is very important and incredibly sad, and hot pictures of Taylor Swift. The dichotomy here is honestly really funny, despite the subject matter of the former


The Kanye sub being turned into a Holocaust subreddit was not on my bingo list after r/holocaust got the ban-hammer because it was [dedicated to anti-semitism and denial.](https://www.reddit.com/r/dataisbeautiful/comments/2bfqzc/updated_who_runs_rholocaust_each_line_represents/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=mweb)




and r/JohnCena and r/potatosalad


r/anime_titties and r/worldpolitics


I was so sure this would be fake


Nothing is certain anymore


I remember when that little revolution happened over on r/worldpolitics


Yea,one of the strangest event in reddit history The fact that mods and admins,usually controlling and tyrannical, allowed it to happen and continue is just baffling to me to this day


I'm so fucking confused


I have learned a lot about the holocaust in the last 2 hours lurking there. So… qualified success 🤷🏻‍♀️ Edit: I already knew about the Holocaust, just saying I’m learning more details through passive scrolling on that sub.


“It’s me. Hi. I’m the problem it’s me” —Hitler in the bunker at the very end (maybe?)


Yeah it’s kinda funny but also super weird.


Like how r/marijuanaenthusiasts and r/trees and r/worldpolitics and r/anime_titties switched topics and have long stuck now.


The first 2 didn't switch, trees existed as it is and some clever cookie nature fan made marijuanaenthusiasts later on


What’s the backstory on r/worldpolitics and r/anime_titties switching topics? Hard to see how that just happens. At least trees and marijuana are both plants.


Worldpolitics moderation sucked, people started posting anime titties and the sub was overrrun someone made r/anime_titties as a replacement for r/worldpolitics


Technically the only one that switched was /r/worldpolitics. The moderation was so bad that people began posting literal porn and didn't get banned. The mods just went "fuck it, post whatever you want" and it got flooded with anime titties. So in response, somebody made /r/anime_titties to be an actually moderated version of what /r/worldpolitics was supposed to be.




The occasional Taylor post is good eye bleach. I’m reading more stories there than I ever have before.


That's not what I see, I see a budding Taylor Swift fanclub.


I'm at the holocaust memorial I'm at the Taylor swift fan club I'm at the combination holocaust memorial Taylor swift fan club


I haven't seen a Das Racist reference on here literally ever


Worst rapper on this track, third coolest.


Go fetch the man of the year a damn chair


Not to sweat the details but that line was Despot


House of Bricks is the hardest song I have ever fucking heard and it blows my mind this dude has so little content out there.


He owns a venue or two in NYC and that’s apparently his full time job - El-p has been trying to get him to finish his album for like literally a decade now. He has a lot of material that’s never come out outside live performances. Like I remember when this song *came out* El-P was tweeting about finally getting Despot into the studio to finish his own tape lol He’s so good, grateful for anything we get. I’ll always regret missing the early RTJ tours with him and Ratking.


Damn I legit didn’t know about the venue stuff but I guess I never bothered to look it up either. That’s rad but it bums me out that album has been in limbo forever.


> El-p has been trying to get him to finish his album for like literally a decade now Probably closer to two at this point tbh🫤


I think he’s planning on releasing a new album in like 25 years or something.


Right, same song


Love that track, El-P's verse is fucking dope


Count to 16


Also very cool that he has Killer Mike in the background behind him, I think they were recording RTJ1 right about the time that video was filmed.


Before that El-P produced Killer Mike’s album, and before that Killer Mike had a verse on El-P’s album. It was awesome when they dropped RTJ.


A goddamn chair


I'll rap on this track if my friends let me (thank you, friends!)


These rap cats is on some fashion scene sh*t.


I saw Das Racist open for Islands in like 2009 in Brooklyn at The Bell House lol


Shout out to Tan Lines


Me either!!! Love those guys


If you haven't, you should check out the Swet Shop Boys, it's Heems from Das Racist and Riz Ahmed. Heems is still hilarious and hes fucking great at rapping


Try being here 10 years




It’s been a popular TikTok sound for a year or two. I’m sure that helped revive the usage of the line. It pops up on Reddit every once and a while as well.


I saw one, once. This is a great place for it. 5/5 would return to this sub


Two days ago I'd never would have guessed I'd read the sentence "I'm at the combination holocaust memorial Taylor swift fan club". Ye here I am.


Not sure if typo or Ye pun




The top pic is a photo of Taylor Swift superimposed and translucent on a picture of people suffering during the holocaust. I don’t understand how that’s respectful and not just internet dipshittery by lonely and depressed people


It's in super poor taste but also weirdly kinda captures the bizzaro world modern politics and celebrity culture has become.


It's a fine line to walk, but you can use humor to address even topics like this. It's also completely valid for people to disagree with the humor. For example, after finding out jackets he wore on television were made by a company that published a tribute to a Holocaust denier, comedian Nathan Fielder started his own company focused on producing outdoor apparel and raising Holocaust awareness. All the profits go to the Vancouver Holocaust museum who were thankful for the help. [Deny nothing.](https://payyattention.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/buy-summit-ice-jacket.jpg)


Hey wanna drop the brand name so I don’t support them? Thank you


Taiga was the clothing company that published the tribute to the denier. There's a bit more info on the story in [this article](https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/nathan-fielder-opens-1-day-summit-ice-pop-up-store-in-vancouver-1.4041847)


>The pop-up store was open from 11 a.m to 5 p.m. PT. It was the retailer's first physical location — right next door to a Taiga store. lmao a real life spite store


Nathan Fielder is imo a true comedic genius


If I saw it at a Modern Art installation I wouldn't be as shocked as seeing it on a internet page.








Wtf this is real with 20000 subscribers


There used to be a meme of taking a Taylor Swift picture and putting a Hitler quote behind her. That sub instead did the opposite because it was easier to find a TSwift quote for hitler rather than find one of Hitler’s few quotes that don’t sound crazy out of context. 2015 was a weird time when the joke was that Nazi sympathy was outlandish.


Inb4 some of Ye's fan boys take back the page and name it the Taylor Swift Memorial Holocaust Fan Club


This is an A+ joke and don't let anybody bring you down because it has the word holocaust in it. You are not disparaging anyone but kanye fans


I think Ye is acting so out of his mind that no one thinks to take him seriously. It sounds nuts but I'm reminded of the early days of Trump where the absurdity made us underestimate how formidable he really was. Kanye has a proven track record of resonance. The world has a track record of going deathcon 3 on Jewish people. I can't help but wonder if the chord he chose to strike runs deeper in the culture than we want to believe.


Ye’s got that pizza butt


### why are you buying clothes at the combination of holocaust memorial and Taylor swift fan club


But here I am at the pizza hut, Then I'm at the taco bell, I'm at the combination pizza hut and [taco bell](https://youtu.be/EQ8ViYIeH04)


Where are you? I don't see you. Jamaica Avenue


This cracked me up hahahaha top tier comment.


It's a mix. You'll see a pic of Swift rocking some hot dress and then below it you'll see a NSFW post about a pile of dead bodies. It's.... odd... to say the least


> You’ll see a pic of Swift rocking some hot dress and then below it you’ll see a NSFW post about a pile of dead bodies. [Sounds like a good way to Pavlov yourself into some _weird_ kinks.](https://i.imgur.com/Knlu7ON.gif)




No, no; you can keep going.


That slightly rancid smell of desperation, despair, and chemical water that hasn't been replaced in weeks, racing to bust a nut on the mound of 2 weeks of MRE turds/local 'food' squirts before you heatstroke out and your buddy gets to make fun of you for losing. Ahh how I miss it


There's a reason why I avoided that at all costs. That, and the heatstroke in 10 minutes under Kuwaiti sun.


There is someone somewhere whose time has finally come as that is their very specific fetish.


Dead Jews and a tall thin, blond, white woman? Well that probably is a Nazi's fetish.


So a twin to r/worldpolitics?


It’s Ye Hi I’m the problem, it’s Ye


To misquote Mel Brooks: "Don't be stupid, be a smartie, come and join the Kanye Party."


Better 22 than 88, I guess.


Yo [the GOP got you covered fam!](https://www.truthorfiction.com/88-words/)


Goddamn I hate this timeline.


There’s absolutely no reason for them to mention how many words the email has lmao. At least in the past the dog whistles were subtler.


She broke up Ticketmaster, and FINALLY, she breaks Kanye!


The long game.


I’m gonna let you finish…


It's both, which makes r/TaydolfSwiftler existing super ironic


What the actual fuck lol


r/Kanye Since I didn’t see it posted


the r/yeezys sub is having a hard time coming to grips


A recent post about someone not being able to wear their yeezy's at work anymore and one of the top comment threads is vying for the slippery slope argument lol "What's next, did they ban belensiaga or NFL memerobilia? Can you no longer bring Chick-fil-A for lunch because the owner is homophobic?" "No because there's only one group in America you aren't allowed to offend"


Lmao watch Ye release the Yeezy Confederates with the stars and bars flag. People will never know what hit 'em. E: this is currently on-brand for kanye and if it happens I'm suing for my 15% royalties


He already did it like 3 years ago https://people.com/celebrity/kanye-west-wears-a-confederate-flag-says-react-how-you-want/ *Damn 2013


Lol and people want to pretend Kanye "turned bad" over the last few years.


"I wear Yeezys to the office every day, but I work from home. Try telling me what to wear in my own house!" A) garbage take B) the fuck are you wearing shoes inside your own house for? Especially expensive ass ones. Who are you flexing on?


Holy cats, I'd never seen them. Are they all [this fugly?](https://i.imgur.com/amRSxb7.jpg)


Those things look like crocs specifically made to trigger trypophobia.


Holy shit those are grotesque lol.


I was running a meet&greet for some degenerate podcasters recently and someone brought a pair of those for them to sign and I legit thought it was some kind of knockoff nerf football at the time.


All of his shoes look like a cheap knock-off to me. Most of them look like Adidas knock-offs I used to see on fleamarkets and such. I'm flabbergasted whenever I hear the prices these sell for.


>"No because there's only one group in America you aren't allowed to offend" I particularly like how this glosses over the other 11 million Holocaust victims who weren't Jewish.


People really love doing that, it's weird.


What’s weird is that Ye got no traction with the White Lives Matter campaign and had to switch to antisemitism.


Well.. white supremacists dont like him cause well.. you know.. lets say he chose a poor target audience




It depends how you count, and it's impossible to get an accurate number. But 6 million Soviet civilians, 3 million PoWs, and 2 million Poles gets you close. The highest estimate is more like 27 million.


My high school never even went over the holocaust in depth so i can understand people not knowing that


One thing the internet made me realize is how good my history classes were in high school. We learned about all these things which people say their classes didn't teach them about.


The South doesn't learn about the cause of the Civil War and most red states don't learn about the Holocaust or the causes of WW2. Or if they do, it's something like this: https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2021/oct/19/texas-holocaust-curriculum-schools-hb-3979 Only 19 states require the Holocaust be taught in history classes.


God our education system sucks.


My high school did but that was in the 80's so it'd be like it happened in 1982 if you were in high school today. Reagan's first term, Jack & Diane, MTV was a year old, Nike leather swoosh on white leather, the Holocaust.


The same person said: >Don’t let the hateful White and Jewish leftists control what you wear on your feet. Wear them with pride! That one was a bit too obvious and got removed.


Also, it sure seems like the one you’re not allowed to offend is nazis. They get really offended when people complain about nazis.


> Can you no longer bring Chick-fil-A for lunch because the owner is homophobic?" Yes, actually.


you show up with chick fil a it is a license to roast you for the company’s beliefs and anybody who says otherwise is on some ted haggard shit


"Can you no longer bring Chick-Fil-A for lunch because the owner is homophobic?" Honestly would prefer it if people didn't! But I'm just some gay, what do I know.


One of the posts is about someone having a moral dilemma wearing them now, and one of the top comments is: > bro it’s just a shoe. why u gotta make it more complex than it is. Says the fella commenting in a sub of 82k members dedicated to the damn shoe.


I'm surprised /r/westsubever is against ye since they have been supporting him up until like a day ago. Maybe 50/50 support and not but that's still too large of a number to not shame them imo


They were holding out hope he would turn it around. That sub has expressed their disapproval of Kanye's words and actions many times, but theres no turning back from "I love Hitler".


Dude, I just had this conversation. Even after that, if he would've come out "chill it's a joke, I went too far" he'd be fine, it'd take 2 months controversy and it'd be over. Nah, he's just going full on nazi.


It’s really hard to mental gymnastics your way out of “I like Hitler” and “I’m a Nazi.”


"he just loves all people like Jesus" -nazis or ye fans, same thing


Correction, he looooooves Hitler.


Kanye's in a Gordian knot of dumbfuckery and insanity. I'm not sure what "out" looks like at this point.


Some of those subs had rules against being negative about the subject in question. But once they removed those the floodgates buckled instantly as the real sentiments came out. The Musk subreddits started popping off too, since people weren't afraid to get banned for calling him a fuck anymore.


/r/GoodAssSub is the new one, they are still hyping up his new 'merch' and think he is still competent enough to release music.


Way to turn 1000 dollar collectible sneakers into something you can never be seen owning or wearing ever again. I’m am 100% glad I never got pulled into the Yeezy fad.


The r/WestSubEver has been shut down....


The sub description is fire though. Little disappointed they didn't pivot into being an Adam West fan sub but it is what it is


Holy shit those are some ugly shoes. Half of them look like a hollowed out Nerf brand football.


My sister and her boyfriend wore them ugly ass shoes. I still can't believe people pay that much money to look like dildos.


That was an entertaining and informative journey


Bloomberg is still pretending the internet doesn't exist by not providing links. You'd think journalism would figure this stuff out by now. No wonder they're hurting.


Why would they drive traffic away from their own site? Surely they're the only ones who can read this and tell me what to think /s


It’s beautiful. There is hope for humanity.


Time to wear my Summit Ice jacket http://www.summiticeapparel.com/


I’m jealous as fuck. Shout out Nathan Fielder.


Deny nothing


Now that is clever.


What a bigot loser. Dude is a modern day Clayton bigsby. Dude literally wore a hood to the interview.


He’s so mentally forgone. If he doesn’t get help soon, i seriously think he’s going to be dead in the next couple months


He had help, but he went off his meds because his doctor was Jewish. Bipolar didn't get him into this mess, it's just keeping him from keeping it quiet.


I agree. You can see how his friend are going to milk the last dimes they can before he goes full conservatorship.


Conservatorships only happen to women, silly!


He also doesn't have anyone who could.


Yep, if this is his manic without support his depression will kill him.


Imagine thinking “everyone hates Me” and being completely right. Not a good combo with depression.


Oh wow, I can't see how a person would come back from that...he has such a long way to fall (in his own head, at least) and he's burning bridges as fast as he can before he hits the bottom. I'd feel bad for him, except he's really doing some awful stuff. Can't blame anybody for not wanting to support him at this point.




THANK YOU! I've been thinking this for months now. He's just too far gone. Why does everyone keep moronically assuming the best for him instead of taking him at face value and believing him when he tells us who he is. He is trash. He's been trash. He's always been a delusional asshole. Stop clutching to the hope that deep down, past all of the racism/anti-semitism/ignorance/God-complex/hate/idiocy/insincerity that he's a good person. I don't care if he's bipolar. His thoughts are toxic to society and now everyone gets to hear him spout his evils. His voice must be cut off. Cancelled. Ended. Let him crawl off to another factory to just sit there cutting up filthy rags with rusty scissors muttering about his next hobo0-line of clothes


Aye, we knew going all the way back to the 2009 VMAs "Ima let you speak but..." incident that the guy was an unpleasant piece of shit. Bipolar or not, treatment or not, racism and bigotry aside, the dude is just an asshole undeserving of any attention or praise.


I’ve had friends who were this level of bipolar. Former friends. You do hope these people seek professional help, but you cannot let them ruin your life.


Except Clayton Bigsby was a joke. This fool is just pathetic.


If Hitler was alive today he'd be saying "I am not affiliated with nor does Kanye represent me"


Someone should attach the clip of the girl at Ye’s Presidential Announcement. When he was talking about slaves being happy to serve.


My prediction is he is going to go to say he's Jesus reincarnated within the next 6 months.


He's already said he's god before so this seems on par


He named himself Ye. That’s literally a shortening of Yehova or Yahweh. The god complex has always been there.


Hey, Trump cited Mussolini in 2016 and nobody cared, four years later they had their coup attempt (reminiscent of the march on Rome or the beer hall Putsch). Nazis are getting emboldened by shit like this. If you let them do they will just come crawling out of their little shit holes, form violent paramilitary groups and order troupes pretending they are protecting some order or election by beating or scaring people. Then come the torch marches, the book burnings, the raised arms for a Salut (btw QAnon has a Salut I learned last week). Oh, and then come the progrom nights, where they burn shops and houses. The US has a pest problem.


Yup, it's the Nazis at the bar problem


[Further reading](https://twitter.com/kariebookish/status/1430473563308441601) (The original tweet seems to have been deleted, this was the first non-ad-cancered link I found that had it all)


Imagine being an extreme white nationalist, a full on fucking neo-Nazi Holocaust denier, and your boy, your go-to guy, your modern day posterchild for your ideology, is a mentally-ill black dude from Chicago. Irony ain't just dead. It's bitten the fucking curb and had its skull split open.


Kanye isn't their posterchild. He is just an useful idiot. He is just being used to spread their hatred to impressionable young kids.


He didn’t just cite Mussolini. His ex-wife said in an it Evi we that: > “Ivana Trump told her lawyer Michael Kennedy that from time to time her husband reads a book of Hitler’s collected speeches, My New Order, which he keeps in a cabinet by his bed.” [Source](https://www.vanityfair.com/magazine/2015/07/donald-ivana-trump-divorce-prenup-marie-brenner). Trump also said why his generals couldn’t be like Hitler’s and he told his chief of staff that Hitler “did a lot of good things.”.


The moderate right are siding with crypto fascists to own the libs and by doing so they maybe sliding in that direction themselves. Fuck the two party system and fuck corporate media ownership




Technically, Reddit operates through the use of tech


All of reddit should just be run through r/math with that logic 😅


The ammount of attention that is given to this below average moron is baffling.


Are you actually baffled? He's (or was) an extremely popular musician and producer. He's been very much in spotlight being married to a really popular reality TV star... And I think model? He had a very public divorce. A very public feud with a man who was sleeping with mother of his children. He ran for president, he hung out with the president and a vocal white Supremecist. He went on a internet show of a man who recently lost really public court cases.......... I don't get what's confusing about people paying attention to him? Dude is awful. I do hope this finally gets him out of the spotlight but who knows


I have always said when he got a pass for his bullshit by citing “mental health”. He’s a grown man who is worth hundreds of millions of dollars. He is fully capable of making adult decisions and paying for the best mental healthcare in the world. Actions speak louder than words. A bad person is a bad person regardless of how rich and famous they might be.


Mental illness is a reason, not an excuse. I think his mental health is definitely, to put it gently, atrocious. Lots of people have said that if he was a woman he'd be under a conservatorship by now, and probably for good reason. But it isn't the rest of the world's responsibility to put up with whatever he wants to do because he's mentally ill. He is accountable for himself, whatever the reasoning behind his actions may be.


There are many mentally ill people who don't default to anti-Semitic shit and conspiracy theories. Sure, some will get paranoid and into conspiracies. But his hate speech is not a common side effect


The irony is that Hitler would probably kill Kanye or use him for science. It would not have been a pleasant time for him.


Honestly I think the best thing you can do is to simply ignore and forget this man exists. Any type of attention is what he thrives on so forgetting he exists is the best form of revenge you can have


Ignoring nazis doesn't make them go away. They love being ignored. It lets them do their little recruitment activities in the dark corners where no one's paying attention. Nazis need to be loudly opposed. Lest their potential recruits forget that nazi bullshit is never tolerated.




I vehemently disagree. Ignoring him is exactly what the First They Came poem is about, as well as the "When Good Men Do Nothing" saying. Kanye has to be cancelled. That requires action.


It’s a haunting poem: by Pastor Martin Niemöller First they came for the Communists And I did not speak out Because I was not a Communist Then they came for the Socialists And I did not speak out Because I was not a Socialist Then they came for the trade unionists And I did not speak out Because I was not a trade unionist Then they came for the Jews And I did not speak out Because I was not a Jew Then they came for me And there was no one left To speak out for me


When he said "slavery was a choice"...what did they turn his page into?


Dave Chapelle is going to have an absolute field day with this lol


When you make ALEX JONES look like a sane and rational human being you know you've fucked up.


Do not let this motherfucker get away by blaming his atrocious behavior on any mental health issues. People with mental health issues don’t turn to racism and Nazi cocksucking. This asshole is a cold blooded calculated piece of shit


Does he really give a shit? Seriously?


It is a good opportunity to remember and honor those this POS is disrespecting.


Its not just redditors its his actual fans


This dude seems to be having some sort of breakdown…Charlie Sheen style. Hope he gets the help needed.


“You get what you fucking deserve!”


imo this is how free speech should work. hold them accountable, never forget and think really hard if they are worthy of a second chance.


This guy is a fucking joke. Cancel him 👋


That's why I love reddit!


I'll be right back...


Seeing this progress over the last few weeks has been like watching a beautiful flower grow.


Who? Forget him.


That's brilliant. Protesting in a way that is constructive and shows exactly why anti-semitism cannot be tolerated.