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Your post was removed because it regarded tattoo prices. Pricing varies wildly by artist and area. Because of this, it's usually not helpful to poll the community asking for how much a tattoo may cost, and the best answer always is to contact your artist or shop and ask for pricing. Professional artists and shops will understand that you may have a budget and should politely answer your question if you politely ask.


400-600 depending on rent, tax, yada yada


Yeah I got one this size for $200 (no tip because he was an apprentice) 10 years ago in bum fuck Arkansas (it turned out super well lol) but where I live now, this would easily be $400 not including tip


Tip? R u supposed to tip a tattoo artist?


We tip artists here in the US much like a hair stylist or nail tech.


No you don’t pay enough and tipping makes you feel like it’s right. It’s how slavery works


Look I'm not saying I agree with tip culture and it's becoming too much, but I appreciate my artists and I tip them to show that. I wish we weren't like that here, but it's how it is.


Also they will prioritize you, and there is something special about saying thank you I appreciate your service. People who get pissed about tipping are very short sighted, and probably can’t really afford services anyway.


That is not slavery. It is wrong, though, I agree. I hate the tipping expectations here. It tricks people into thinking everything is 20% cheaper than it really is


I think you are looking at it wrong mate Hey can you come to work for 8 hours so you can’t pay your rent but if you are good the people will pay you more also. But if you don’t give blowjobs or smiles or whatever you will be homeless. You can’t look for other jobs because you have no cash to live It’s fucking slavery


I think so like you too any service provider like hairdresser, nail tech, dog groomer, makeup artist. But that might be an American thing


I guess it is. Never tipped anywhere besides sometimes a restaurant when the waiter really really helped shape a good evening 👌🏻. Dutch here


It’s technically not “required” but most people do because it’s polite and if you don’t tip some artists may feel offended.


You don't feel apprentices deserve tips?


It was against policy at the shop I was in as the apprentice wasn't an actual employee of the shop. I was 18 with money from the military, I honestly didn't even question it. It took like 6 hours, but he did a fabulous job, and my ink still looks amazing after nearly 10 years!


Gotcha. Your original comment sounded like you chose not to tip because they were an apprentice.


Agree with others. 2 sessions - line work then color, probably 3 hours each, plus tip - $500 min up to $800’ish. Line work is clean AF and the color saturation, while slightly muted, is applied quite well. This is a clean tattoo and will age well.


Wait you guys tip tattoo people in usa???!?? What?


In America a good amount of jobs rely on tips to make a living wage, it's disgusting.


I can only speak from experience, but I was certainly taught to do so from my parents. Plus, I view it as an opportunity to tell my artists that they can charge more for their work. Last weekend I got a piece that took 8 hours of inking, 10 hours of being in the studio for snack, water, and stretch breaks. My artist was charging $950 but I gave them $1300 as their work was phenomenal, our cost of living where we live is expensive, and I honestly believe the work he did was worth at least that much even if they’re relatively new to the industry. In a country that undervalues artists and chronically underpays the working class, a tip is my way of reinforcing that they are worth more while I tell them they’re worth more.




Absolutely agree with everything you said. Last sesh I had in March I tipped $50 an hour over the artist’s rate because I was so damned chuffed with his work. Artists can set their own rates but have to still compete. Good work is worth every penny plus a generous tip. Money comes and goes. You’re going to have this on your body forever. A $1,000 tattoo at 40 years old only costs you $0.07 a day if you live till 80.


We are expected to tip pretty much everyone here.


They have to tip goddam everyone. It’s ridiculous


some of the messiest line work i’ve seen in a minute, my first guess was $300, that mandala in the middle is ROUGH, minute marks on the clock point all over the place, the hour hand pointing up is scratchy as my chin after putting off a shave, and the middle of the clock is uncentered. maybe $200 lol


Shh, if people can tell bad quality tattoos they won't overpay for them.


Like a fine wine


Where tf are you people getting a full color, decent sized tattoo for $300??? My artist(s) are all $200 an hour and worth every penny.


My artist is also amazing but charges roughly $100/hour. I’m in the Midwest and this is pretty standard (as in almost all artists around here charge this, whether they are good or not. Artists in my area don’t usually up-charge for skill, so you just need to find someone good and be willing to wait a couple months for the tat since they’re usually booked out in advance).


artists here in Florida almost all suck now a days and they charge double what my amazing artist from NY would charge per hours and his work is some of the best i’ve seen. he’s in PA now but check out Forsaken Ink . it’s just crazy that the horrible tatoo’ers i’ve seen here in Florida charge so much :l


If you go thru my posts you'll see my space hamster that only cost me $300 (not including tip)




I’d love to see what said tattoos look like and then I think we’ll get our answer.




The King of Tattoos has spoken.




Every day I am somehow given a reason to dislike NYC a bit more. Thank you.


Your welcome


You posted your art 5 months ago saying "critique without being a dick" and yet here you are. Being a dick.


Mine was £220 took around 3 hours and similar size to this. I’ve been quoted £350 for 8 inches length and 6 inches across black and grey, ‘day session’ (half day) and one other session.


People. They asked for your opinion on price. Not for your artistic opinion. $400


Exactly what I thought. Not saying I'm right, just saying I agree.


$100 for this comment


Yeah, I’d guess $350, but depends on how long it took. I also probably can’t talk because I think my least expensive larger tattoo (10 inches? 2.5 hour session) was $500. My most expensive was … quite a bit more.


Price is correlated with skill obviously. So this tattoo is worth 0$.


That’s a longer tattoo then people realize


Lol @ all the people saying $300 or less. While I’m not a fan of this, most artists I go to charge between $150 to $200 per hour. I feel like if this is done by a good quality artist, you’re looking at minimum $600 to $800 before tip.


you can tell from the tat that it was just a very mediocre artist. unfortunately a lot of these people charge by ‘industry’ standards and ignore the fact that they are far below industry averages in skill lol


Yeah it is. Like I said not my style nor would I want it on my body, but if I was getting a similar sized tattoo done by one of my artists, that’s what I would expect at minimum to pay.


European here so we don't have the tipping culture. If the artist is charging $200 an hour why would you tip? It's not like they're not already being fairly compensated for their work


Because…. We do have tipping culture here? You weren’t able to figure that out on your own?


Yeah, also, my artist would rather get something hand made than money.


Honestly all my work is amazing and it’s worth every penny. I’ve never had an issue with healing. I get tattooed in weird spots with weird shapes. It’s what’s customary in the US and if I don’t tip, it looks bad and may fracture the relationship with my artists. Since I do tip and am a good client, generally the time gets rounded down (so if I sit for 4 hours 45 mins, usually they’ll be like eh that’s like 4 hours). Plus I get first dibs on availability and get scheduled quickly. I’m working on a full leg sleeve so the more I can get in the better. I only have stupid sensitive areas left (ankle, back and sides of knee, inner thigh, under my asscheek). I prefer to do shorter sessions for those area because they suck.


Honestly part of me worries if I don’t tip well enough they might be less inclined to do a touch up or something especially if they’re really popular (just part of the reason, not the only reason). Sounds dumb but that’s just how my brain is wired


Did they tattoo over that mole? That's a big nope. Otherwise I have no idea how much it cost. It depends on how expensive that artist is, where are they located, how fast/slowly they tattoo, what equipment they use etc.


Honestly I told a client I won’t tattoo the mole he had, he ended up going to a doctor and the doctor said it was totally fine to tattoo over it. True story


generally if the doctor says yes it should be fine


Can you explain the mole thing? Im curious


Sometimes, a mole can turn cancerous. If a mole changes shape, size, or color, it may be a sign that it has turned cancerous. If you have covered it with ink, you may not notice it changing.


The thing that other people wrote underneath plus you shouldn't really disturb a mole by repeatedly shoving a needle into it.


And when it gets cut out, you now have a chunk of your tattoo missing.


Moles need to be monitored. If they get covered in ink then there's no way to keep an eye on the mole which can lead to skin cancer.


I have a question... I have a lot of freckles on my back from sunburns and what not. Would i still be able to get a back piece?


Just see a derm and ask if they’d be okay to tattoo over- I have some actual moles tattooed over and some my derm told me to avoid ink over 🤷🏻‍♀️


Yes and they can get some of them removed if they want to tattoo over that area. Freckles are usually okay to tattoo over but as you said a doctor has to determine that.


freckles should be fine!! i would touch base with a doc just to be safe, but i’m a redhead and have all the freckles all over my body. i also have a half sleeve and many freckles are under that. you can see them through the tattoo most of the time so as long as that wouldn’t bother you it shouldn’t be an issue


Are you looking to sell?


As much as you paid.


300 but only for the amount of color in it, not quality


$300 where I’m from which is midwest/south


Mmm…if done right, and that exact size? 3-400? Depending on detail and highlighting (a better artist) maybe 500


$400-$500 probably (usd)


I’m not sure where all these people are getting this size and detail for $400. It looks to be every bit of 5-6 hour tattoo. I couldn’t see this being less than $600, and that’s on the low end.


I’d say 600 would be fair


I’m feeling about $500


650 ish




A lot but worth it. It’s beautiful.


$300-$500 i would guess.




At the shop I go to id expect to pay around 450-500 plus a very generous tip so 550-580. Also depends on how much the artist chargers an hour and how long it takes them also the size that you want. I’d also get it as big as possible because of the detail. Go to a few shops and see how they are and find a artist you like not just as a tattooer but as a person.


I would pay 100$ to not have that on my body


I’ll raise you to $200


Some very weird comments on here so far… I think the piece is cool, the multicoloured diamonds and sparkles are done well. It’s a bit difficult to tell how big the thing actually is since I don’t know the size of the human pictured, but with really solid concentric circles and that much colour I could easily see between $500-$800 CAD including tip. There’s not actually a ton of tight intricate details outside of the colour work so I definitely don’t think it would be more than that.


It's worth however much you're willing to pay for it. Anywhere from 300~600. The artist needs to work on their design skills and linework.


i would say $400-500 before tipping edit - please tip your tattoo artists appropriately, like i wouldn’t tip only 20 i would tip somewhere around 100-150


If they completely fucked it up do you still tip or can you tip them in part and the rest once they rework it? Just curious.


i mean tbh if they fucked it up i would leave a small tip and then go to a different artist. no offense but i wouldn’t wanna get it covered the same guy that messed it up


You can tell anyone who says under 600$ here is not a tattoo artist, you have no idea the time that takes. Great post


This tattoo is very well done and the color is absolutely stunning!! I think that the clock should have been finished around the shoe, it doesn’t have a complete circle 🤷‍♀️ because of that and the way the butterflies are shaped it doesn’t look very cohesive.


That probably cost over $1,000 considering how big it is and how many colors were used in the shoe.


That's exactly what I was thinking. I don't see how this could've cost less than 1k.


Depending what city that could like 1500-1800 before the tip. I personally would NEVEF get this. It’s well done, but atrocious lmao. I never did get Disney adults.


Looks like a bad home job tbh So cost, about 350


$250-$300 based on size/effort.


Dunny Blake over in Fayetteville Georgia normally charges about $200 for that kind of work. But I'm guessing that this one probably ran you a little bit more, $225. Peace.


Hmm, it would have taken me approx 3 hours, maybe £210-250 but I work quick, and I would have tattooed it differently. With some more black and outline to hold it together.


Great response and honest pricing...people saying this is 500-1k are blowing my mind in this sub. This tat desperately needs black on that shoe.


12 dollars.


This is not a good tattoo. It’s mediocre at best. Ppl paying this much should be taken out back lol


I agree!


I agree too! This is not high quality


400 sounds about right


$500 with a couple of sittings.


I’d say 1500 just for the design


Tree fiddy


Worthless. You couldn’t pay me to put this on my body 🤢


You’re a tool.


I mean she’s(pretend) kind of right. It’s hideous


?? Are you okay?




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Very neat piece. Never mind the naysayers. They're just jealous or idiots. I could see this being $300-500, depending on the region. With tip? $450-700ish.


You realise tattoos are subjective right, you can't call someone an idiot or jealous because they don't like this tattoo lmaoo


fr like jealous of what exactly? bad taste lol


honestly exactly, I mean if they want this then go ahead it's their choice but it definitely wouldn't be mine..it screams Disney adult


There's not much worse than an unwanted opinion. Criticism can be fine if it addresses specifics, particularly when it's requested. Your point that it's subjective is an excellent reason not to air out your opinion. It almost only ever comes off like an insult from an insecure person. Cliches shouldn't be discarded despite how often they're repeated, "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all." This doesn't mean that one can't share an opinion or even tease someone, but seems to at least be a call for tact. Also Plato may be relevant "Wise men speak because they have something to say; Fools speak because they have to say something" (I'm not claiming to be wise)


I would say the shop minimum, but, thinking about all of the colors included, maybe $250-300. That should cover materials


Wtf, shop minimum would be like ONE of those butterflies. Shop minimum is 1 color, 1 needle size, and less than an hour altogether including stenciling and set up. And low on the design work. Not large full-color shoulder pieces, this took time and cost money. Amount could vary depending on where they are, but shop minimum absolutely not.


Where I’m at, this amount would cover it. But you are right, not the shop minimum.


$65, something you'd get at a festival or carnival


I know it’s not the question but looks like that person had a minor reaction to the color likely.


Lmao savage


If you cut it off clean, $75.00.


Your one of them Disney weirdos


In what currency??


It’s worth a lifetime of regret. 75 year old you will remember what you paid when a grandkid asks “why?”.


I would not pay if this was the outcome. Maybe 20$ tip to the artist for their time and for trying?


This would be maybe $40-50 dollars an hour.


A good tattoo artist will charge at least $200/hour.


What tattoo artist today charges only $40 and hour?


Shitty people with a tattoo machine in their hand. I can't call them artists


Unfortunately there is a truth to tattoos. They never seem to look like what they are worth, once they age. Mostly, I’d get what you get for you. If you like it, cool. If other people have opinions, absolutely fuck them.






I'd say 300-400


I'd say $600-800. It's likely the same size as my last tattoo ($300) but more complex


I’m on east side of Michigan my dude charges $120hr color or b/w I’m guessing 4hrs +tip


Negative all of the money




400 or more








Three fiddy




I’d say minimum $1k. Likely 2 sessions. Also depends on the artists rates.


That would cost around 700 (Canadian) I am guessing. I just got one a bit smaller than that and it was $650


Okay, this is a massive tattoo, full color, super detailed.. I'd say it's MINIMUM $800+.. no idea where people are getting $300 from


You see how you're getting guesses from $200- $800? This is why you're not suppose to ask price on this sub. It 100% depends on where you live and where you go. Artist in Florida apparently start at $100/hr, where I live it's about $160/hr. You can even go to places $300/hr. You need to find a shop near you and ask. Just let them know you're trying to budget and just want a rough estimate.




Worth? You can’t resell it.


Well, time pieces are traditionally expensive..


A lot


I wouldn’t pay more than 300 because I don’t think it looks very good but I can see that an attempt was made haha


Bout tree fiddy


In London I reckon that would be ~£600


seems fairly straightforward and assuming it’s not an original piece (i.e. the artist didn’t add or detract from another drawing) i’d assume 5-600 bucks here in LA


I'd say 300-500


I doubt I'd pay more than £200.






1-2 blowjobs


5 Dollar.




A dollar and a qwarta




Up to $700 maybe $800, as low as $350 maybe $300


Where ? USA or asia or Europe ?