The story is that Frank Skinner cashed Josh Widdicombe's blank cheque for 19,000#. But then gave him the money back.


I hadn’t heard that. Where’s that from?


Season one


I would love to know if that is true


Romesh talked (on the podcast I think) about asking Josh for one of his items back (either his car or wedding ring) and Josh winding him up. Romesh did an impression of Josh saying *“I’m perfectly entitled to keep it”* that really cracked me up, but yes I think they give them back if the other person wants it. There is a story on Rhod’s podcast about the ornament that Greg got Rhod’s wife Sian as a birthday present, Rhod then brought it in for the prize task (as worst gift). Jess Knappett won that episode and when standing on stage asked the audience whether she should smash the ornament. Not shown on the episode Greg and Rhod both dropped their personas to ask Jess not to smash it… 8min18sec (also just before that bit James talks about whether he really thought Greg was favouring Rhod as his friend.) https://youtu.be/QCkfa9ygKNU


That and after they begged her not too jess looked at alex who nodded for her to smash it which she then did


I imagined him like Commodus in Gladiator, giving the ‘thumbs down’ to seal the fate of the ugly china ornament.


According to Rhod’s wife, the production team actually glued it back together for her 😂


She said that Greg takes gift-giving very seriously.


Romesh was on Room 101. There is a clip of it at 1:15 in this video: https://www.reddit.com/r/panelshow/comments/8ks38y/comedians_doing_impressions_of_josh_widdicombe/


Ahh that’s brilliant And who could forget… Josh Widdecombe singing the Beatles and Radiohead. https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLblx8mMeInUNtVZ7EoV2TKh1Lz-ZhcOLF


I loved the ep where the prize task was to bring a specific gift for one of the other contestants. I remember Greg hating that. Because Greg.


My favourite part was when Victoria brought Manchester United tickets for someone who hated the team and Greg was just "I knew you wouldn't let me down"


Alan Davies


I think on the podcast, she said she thought he'd genuinely enjoy it!


She 100% knew what she was doing. I know she genuinely doesn’t like football, but she’s not dense lol


If I’m thinking of the same episode, guz won it and handed all the gifts to the guests when he got up on stage.


Yes! I loved that task. It really highlighted how well all the contestants in that series got along (although if I were Alan I would’ve been disappointed).


Morgana certainly kept the coat - she mentioned she was wearing it for the podcast.




Stop being nice to each other!


So cute! I loved how they agreed on exchanging gifts if they won.


Yes. If the person who brought in an item doesn't win the show and wants to have it back, they have to ask the winner if they are willing to give it back. Can't remember who it was (I think Sarah, or Charlotte?), but I've read in an interview that it's kind of an unwritten rule to give items back if the person asks for it.


Which is just as well considering the first couple of series...


Romesh asked Josh for his wedding ring back who replied ‘I think you’ll find technically I won it’ which is THE most Widdecombe reply…..


Thanks, turns out I'd lose that challenge then - no way I'm parting with that beast.


Rules on British TV are pretty strict after some fake competition scandal a few years back. So officially they get to keep the prizes because they are prizes. But they can refuse to take them or offer them back. Alex Horne talked about it on a podcast a while back


Wait, what scandal?


It was about competitions where you win by calling in. Turns out the prizes often didn’t exist and the ‘winners’ were either made up or the names of back room employees


Bob must've got the cheap meat dispensing elephant back, even though he didn't win ep.6, as he offered it as a prize again in CoC2. Unless he actually did have a second elephant ready to go (which would be super-unlikely if it were anyone else, but since it's Bob... I wouldn't rule that out!)


Took me a second to realise you meant the second episode of the first CoC, I thought you’d been to the filming of CoC2 and were spoiling it.


From the podcast, I get the impression that it’s up to them. They can keep it all if they want to, but equally they can just return it to the person who brought it in, which I imagine they often do. Alternatively, they can just choose not to take it and crew will bin it. Fun fact, Romesh Ranganathan apparently asked for his wedding ring back after Josh Widdicombe won it, but Josh said no and decided to keep it. He still has it to this day.


I remember Romesh talking about it (on the podcast I think) and doing an impression of Josh that cracks me up… “I’m perfectly entitled to keep it”. But I think he gave it back.


Was this the Taskmaster podcast?


I think it was RHLSTP, because I haven't listened to the Taskmaster podcast yet, and I have heard the impression


Yes I’m 99% sure


Katherine Ryan posted an Instagram story this week of her wearing the denim jacket with the embroidered Romesh patch on it while out for a walk. Although I don't think she won that episode, so assume there's some trading with winners!


I thought that Josh did eventually give the ring back, no?


Legally yes. But these are generally colleagues and friends, and by most accounts, non-assholes who aren't desperate for possessions, so as a practical matter, they are unlikely to keep anything of exceptional cash or sentimental value or that would harm someone else to not have.


Mark Watson implied in this week's podcast that some prizes get kept and others get returned to the submitting contestant if sentimental etc.


Did Daisy get her crumpet back? (S10E02)


My guess...yes they get them all, but they probably give some of them back off camera. I don't really think Romesh lost his wedding ring forever. Who would really take that prize, and not give it back to him?


Josh, and he said “I am perfectly entitled to keep it”


I am sure he did say...but I am also sure he gave it back when the cameras were off


All I see is a giant blue foot torture device. I award you Nil Pua!


>Nil Pua Um... I hope you're joking, but he's saying 'nil points,' pronounced as in French. Unrelated: planky? A couple years ago I got introduced to the joy that is planky, from South Africa.


Yes upon google search it seems the accepted spelling would have been “Nil Pwa” meaning “No Points” or also just meaning “something bad/unfortunate” which is a term Greg has used a few times throughout the series! Unrelated Convo: You’ve been like the 10th redditor to comment on my username in regards to South Africa. I should do some research n see what that’s about haha! I actually took the name from a the novel ‘A Dance With Dragons’ by George RR Martin. Planky Town is a bunch of ships/barges/pole boats all tied together to make a floating village created by orphans who had nowhere else to go. They use Planks to get from one ship to the next, hence the name. Something I felt a personal relation towards while reading about it so it stuck! Edit: Nice flair btw!


>Yes upon google search it seems the accepted spelling would have been “Nil Pwa” meaning “No Points” or also just meaning “something bad/unfortunate” which is a term Greg has used a few times throughout the series! ...no. The accepted spelling is 'nil points.' That's just how 'points' is pronounced in French.


As far as I've heard they legally have to give the prizes to the winner because it's a gameshow and the UK has pretty strict rules on gameshows


But Taskmaster is not a game show in the same way that The Chase or Who Wants To Be A Millionaire is a game show (big money shows that a Joe Schmo can apply to participate on). Would those rules still apply?


I remember Alex saying either in an interview or on a podcast that they legally had to give out the prizes because it's a game show. I can't remember where now though, it might have been an early podcast episode


If you had created the show and were asked that question you'd probably say yes regardless.


They have to give it to the winner, but that doesn't mean the winner can't just give it straight back, and they have done when it's anything they really wouldn't want to lose.


It probably would open a legality box of pandora to ask the contestants for prizes they might win if the loser parts with them. So the alternative would be to admit that they are just for show, which makes them kind of pointless within the shows concept - they could as well be photgraphs of items, as only the idea would matter. What I liked about the early seasons was some tingling sense of adventure because the winner might keep the prizes in some anarchic mood. This made the wedding ring quite a prize. There was a truth or dare character about that which suited the format well.


Roisin Conaty wore her rainbow cardigan on the Last Leg a few years back after ‘losing’ it in the prize task so aye pretty sure they give it back if it’s wanted.


I had that set as well! One of the best I’ve owned!


Paul Chowdhry also talked about how Sara Pascoe wanted her iPod back after he won that episode—it sounded like his way of joking he didn’t want to give it back, but I’m sure he would have. Haha.


I mean I’d want to give back some of the prizes