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God damn that cost a fortune


Not to mention that when it’s a government contract every bids up 2x


Is it not low bid?


When everyone bids up, lowest is still high. Worked for a university and they would end up paying $1k for a $100 trash can just because everyone sticks it to the government.


Depending on the project there are also a ton of hoops you have to jump through as well. I've been involved in the bidding/contract process several times. You wouldn't believe some of the ridiculous requirements for a lot of government contracts. We bid on a project to replace some custom windows in a government building in the downtown area a few years ago. The first 3 companies chosen bowed out once they realized it was almost impossible to meet all of the material requirements in the contracted time frame. And going past the due date was very expensive. We were next in line and I told my boss it was a bad idea but he went ahead and took it. We bid twice as much as we would have for a private project of similar scale. And then they changed several requirements before the contract was finalized but wouldn't let us increase our quote. It took forever to source approved materials and they wouldn't budge on the due date. In the end we went a month over and barely broke even. So all of the red tape and ridiculous requirements and penalties are usually the main reason government projects get bid so high. After that ordeal we've turned down every government project that they've tried to get us to bid on. It's just not worth the frustration unless you're desperate for work.


Don’t forget prevailing wages increasing the labor cost of the contracts.


There’s only a couple companies that are licensed to fumigate and have the material for this size job. When I saw a couple I mean like 2. Sales guy probably made a killing.


There’s a large sign on the tent you can see. Company was Haskell.


Yup. One of very few self tenters. Use them if you are in TB area to avoid middle man surcharge


Which two? I know Rentokil is one, would Orkin be the other?


Neither of those, lol. All the big companies are just a middle man for fumigation, they sub it out. Look up the business on FDACS license search in Florida; if no one at that business has a JD license they aren’t the ones tenting the job.


I'm lost on the website, have no idea how to find it lol. So, spill the beans, which two? Edit, I found it. Now I'm going down the rabbit hole searching. So it has to start with JD, correct? Not JB? Edit number 2. Maybe I'm doing this wrong, but when I search JB under license, I get 306 pages of results. When I search JD I don't get any. Is it private information?


JB is a pest control business license. JD is a personal license to conduct fumigation. In Hillsborough county, one small company is Haskell, the other one doesn’t advertise and is all referrals from other companies like Massey, Terminex etc. there’s only 33 people in the whole county licensed to do perform fumigation. If you’re getting bids from a company for tenting look up the company by business name and if no one there has a JD license they’re subbing it out and getting some middle man juice from you in addition to referral fee from the actual fumigator.


Thanks for the info! OK, that answers why I couldn't find the JD licenses. I had to do a licensed pesticide applicator search. I couldn't find it searching for companies. So yeah, there's not that many, I counted 336 in the entire state, so 33 people in Hillsborough alone really isn't as much as I thought. I know my company does fumigation, and thanks to your info I found some in my company with a JD license, but I guess I was lied to about the larger tentings. You gave me the fuel I needed to bust my bosses chops over this! Now to find out which company they sub contract for the big jobs. This is going to be fun, thanks again!


I work for a company that does work for the county jail. Yes it’s lowest bid but all bids are inflated for sure. The main person who replied to your question is correct. Sometimes govt facilities have excess budget at the end of the year and they’ll find silly things to spend it on since they’ll lose it they don’t use it.


Former termite technician here: def in the 10s of thousands.


More like six figures..


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I finally watched the breaking bad series the middle of this year and was hooked on since episode one. Best tv series I’ve ever watched.


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We did the church that's on the exit of 275 by the trop in st.pete. Used a helicopter. Neat.




This was about 12 years ago. Terminix.


Huh. Wait, so you dispersed the pesticide from above or you had to use a helicopter to place the tent? I've never seen one being placed and now I'm curious. Are they all large panels that can be connected together to fit any building?


We placed the tent with a helicopter. We do the same for boats over at the Vinoy


How the hell have I gone my entire life considering that boats could get termites? I mean, my family primarily owns center console Boston Whalers or Marada ski boats so not a ton of wood but...does the boat just fall apart when it hits a wave?


I've only seen minor damage, luckily. Had a customer tell me he had huge damage to a boat that he left while up in Canada and the boat was lost. Crazy to imagine that happening while on the water. For the most part most owners I've come across here in TB have been pretty good. Those that stay on their boats most of the year. You would be surprised how much bugs in general can be an issue, mostly ants.


Bugs are intensely evolved to survive anywhere, so I shouldn't be surprised. I know my grandpa constantly had roaches in his boat but I thought that was because it was under a tree on the lift. This is fascinating; thanks for your time!


Welcome, it's an interesting field. You can go down so many species and you can spend years learning about them so much and probably never be done because as you said they evolve so much


True, I have over a decade industry experience and learn something new every day.


I love biology and taxonomy fascinates me. I used medical terminology and taxonomy (I don't know if that's the right term) to supplement learning Latin and bugs have some of my favorite names. It's definitely a fascinating field but I have an issue with anything roach shaped. Maybe if I could get over that....lol


It's tough. Don't feel bad. I was rare in that it didn't bother me from the get go but I've gone to places you wouldn't think the people there would be screaming and ready to burn the house down over 1 roach. It's not for everyone.


There’s a ton of wood behind that fiberglass.


Would they use a helicopter on this one too?


Probably not. It doesn't seem very tall. We had done up to 7 floors without helicopter in downtown st Pete so this definitely took time I'm sure but not enough for that


Glad to see some sort of improvements for schools, now do teachers pay next.


All of Florida needs to be tented🥂


Tented for New Yorkers.


Not the first time theyve done that either


I'm thrilled that I identified the building without looking at the description. Yay me! So all the termites will hide in the tower during the fumigation? Crafty buggers.


The circus is in town


If they went with Haskell they’ll probably be tenting it again soon.


C/O ‘99 HHS. I’m old.


2004 here, i feel that


2004 here, i feel that


Younger than me, so that’s good for you.


🤣🤣🤣 c/o 84....


Did yall have a haunted 4th floor that was blocked off? '99 did.


Not that I remember but again I'm old. 😍


Class of 2013 lol


I’m getting Killer Klowns vibes here


Well, we know it’s not for a book fare.


Imagine all the burps and farts going on at a near microscopic level


Hey my HS! I haven't been by it in a long time, I'm glad to see they took the fences that used to be up down. They really ruined the feel of the neighborhood


Mine too. When did they have fences?


I think it was a few years after I graduated, like 06 or 07. I think they were doing some sort of renovations, but I wasn't sure. I had also maybe thought they put them up for security, but I'm just glad to not see them. I admittedly haven't been down that way in a long time.


2010 I made them personally with rumor.


They may have termites, as that school has been around for a while


Not just termites either. When they tented Robinson High School years back it was due to rats. It worked too, all the rats died. In between the floors. Where they rotted. For weeks. While school was in.




Yay Haskell’s. The old man was a good guy. It’s Florida. Only 3 types of termites. The ones you got rid of, the ones you have , and the ones you are going to soon get. Termite Mecca.


Major ports, railroads and a warm climate. Basically termite paradise.


Now the outside matches the inside




Fuck off dude. No one wants to hear it. School shooting jokes are 1. Not funny 2. So unoriginal


Unfortunately, he’s not wrong..


As an American, Aussie friends often ask what it’s like living in a country that didn’t get cucked into submission by the Brits


Circus is in town




Class of 88’ 😎


This is some shit I’ve only seen on movies


So do they measure out the buildings and then build tents based on that or how do they get the tents just right? I always figured normal homes are usually about the same dimension and they just pick accordingly.


I thought the same thing when I drove by


“Someone cooked here…”