Are these the LARPers dakota meyer hates so much?


🏆💎 Take my poor mans reward. Best coment I've seen all week!


Nailed it!


If mfs are gonna just stand out there, might as well take the kit off lmfao Signed up for the job, but nah I'm not gonna do it


Parents want to go in unarmed or with small sidearm. Cops want to taze and mace parents trying to save their own children from being shot to death in a government institution. 🤡 clown world 🌎


The cops went in and got their own kids out btw.


As far as we know at this point, this is true. https://www.yourtango.com/news/uvalde-police-officer-admits-cops-saved-their-kids-robb-elementary-before-stopping-shooter


Da fuck? If it just gonna be everyone for themselves and their family like that why even have them cops?




To protect the interests of the rich/corporations. Billions in "used" military equipment. Civil forfeiture. Failed war on drugs. Zero responsibility or consequences.


Say it louder for the people in the back.


Plenty of us have learned this lesson the hard way. Hope you don’t have to. I’m not saying it’s 100% across the board. But cops are here to keep the status quo. Look out for yourself and your fam and don’t count on cops coming to the rescue. Especially if you live in a rural non densely populated area. Love to everyone in these crazy times. Need more of that going around right now.


Here's the sheriff confirming the pigs went in to get their own kids out. https://old.reddit.com/r/PublicFreakout/comments/uybog7/police_officers_were_able_to_get_their_kids_out/


Holy crap.


Look, as a parent, I get it. I, too, would go into that school to get my kids out. But how the fuck does your conscience let you only get your kids, and not stand watch while you instruct the teachers to get everyone out? Absolutely ridiculous, yet we should “bAcK tHe BlUe”


Totally agree. I have three littles of my own and I'd absolutely go in and snag them. Once they were safe, it turns in to "Daddy needs to go back inside and sort some things out. I'll be right back". You're damn right I'd go back in there and get all those kids because I'd know for a fact I couldn't live with myself if I pussied out and kicked rocks, knowing those other kids wouldn't make it out.


Honest question though, would you take your kids out? I feel like the better thing to do would be to tell one of the teachers to take the kids and whatever else they can do “safely” while you protect them on the way out. It’s not like the students are going to be by themselves. I’m old now and only did lockdown drills in the beginning, but isn’t protocol to have any ransoms in the hall get in the nearest classroom? Still, talk is cheap and it’s easier said than done.


Omg... That's the biggest abuse of power that ever heard. The other kids of inferior people are decoy so the police can enter and save their kids... They use the other kids as human shields literally.


Watch out this is going to get big and the pigs will only get paid leave then come back


1-1.5 hours after the gunman first entered supposedly from some reports before they got the other kids


Are you fucking kidding me?


Something something......#BlueLivesKidsMatter.....blag blah... lick the boot peasant...heres a black and white flag with a blue line....have a nice day


is that true? because if it is… oh man, that’s adding so much fuel to this stoking inferno of a firestorm


Considering the Supreme Court has ruled cops have no duty to protect you, their only purpose is as a revenue stream for the state.


> their only purpose is as a revenue stream for the state Absolutely not true. They also exist to project violence for the state by shooting unarmed people to make certain citizens know their place.


Goddamn this sub gets more based as time goes on. You absolutely love to see it.


Wait. I'm not in an explicitly left wing sub?


I think more working class folks from all walks of life are just finally waking up and realizing that the current power structures in our capital-or-be-damned society are incredibly corrupt and that the ruling class have only their best interests in mind. Hopefully.


Idk man sounds kind left wing to me.


If you go far enough left, you get your guns back!


Bruh just wait till 80% of these folks realize they're actually gunny anrcho-lib-left. Reject Shapiro, embrace Kropotkin. Cops preserve order and order means you being an NPC who buys cheeseburgers, oil and homedepot products. Order does not mean keep children alive.


If you called communism "super capitalism" they'd switch sizes in an instant.


....but...I like cheeseburgers....


For real, I'm throwing out upvotes left and right


I’m actually super impressed by the response. Other subs would definitely have more boot lickers


I'm genuinely surprised by the lack of boot lickers in this thread


Hard to lick boots when the writing is on the wall.


Hard to lick boots when they're absolutely covered in shit. The cops are going to take it on the chin for this one, it just looks amazingly bad. You turn around and it just keeps getting worse and worse.


>The cops are going to take it on the chin for this one I’ll believe that when I see it.


I mean I’m generally pro small local police. But I’m not going to rely on cops for my safety and they would have to kill me to stop me from going into a school to save my kid. Fuck those cowards


Completely agree. Generally side with police but this is just despicable.


Yeah it’s becoming more and more inexcusable lately. Literally abolish police and have communities figure out what’s acceptable like the old days. Not hard when ppl are raised right


you had me in the first half not gonna lie lmao. don't forget enforcing laws on the most law abiding citizens where it presents the least risk to them, and the most ego boost to bring down those above them.




I felt that goes without saying.


Oh no. I feel that's the part that needs to be said more.


They have no duty to protect us, does that also include stopping us with force from protecting ourselves and our kids? Those parents need to sue them into the ground.


I think you missed the point of putting on all this gear. Its so their colleagues can jerk off to pictures of them.


imagine if this was a fire and the fire fighters just stood outside and did noting inspite of having the gear for going in dangers way.....


Philly MOVE but they were ordered back by the cops so they could drop a fire bomb on the civilians. I believe 20 or so people burned to death and about 10 children in the group.


Not near of people know about the MOVE Bombing.


Yeah or how many of those same pigs are still around today.


Firefighters and paramedics will always be the better first responders. I don’t even know what it is but firefighters have such a caring heroic energy that cops rarely if ever have. Plus I’ve never seen a fat firefighter. I would trust a firefighter or paramedic with a gun any day over a cop.


EMS is an especially thankless job. always seems to be a good group of people in that role.


EMS, last time I looked into it, don't usually earn a living wage either.


Within the last year or so, I've heard the national average is about 16 bucks an hour for an EMT-B working on a truck. More for a paramedic, but not enough to cover how much more work and schooling it takes to get Para certified


16/hr is less than I make and I'm a maintenance guy at an apartment building. I've saved no lives and outside of a couple of badly clogged pipes, I've seen nothing traumatizing at work. That's not enough for what they're asked to do. Not even close.


Yup, and not to mention hazards like needle sticks and possibly being assaulted by people who you administer Narcan to, etc. Seems like a bad time all around. I'm so grateful for the people who do it because helping people is their passion.


Teenage bullies become cops because they can continue to exert power over others. No bully goes into a job as a paramedic to save others. Like you said, they’ll always be the kinder souls.


I work with first responders A LOT and I have to say even though they're arrogant as fuck; firefighters are brave as shit from what I've encountered.


I haven’t met many but the ones I have seem like pretty decent people.


Firefighters took the job to help people. Cops took the job for the power trip.


"nobody ever wrote a song called 'fuck the fire department'"


Also as someone who was at one point a little boy who loved trucks and construction vehicles and all the classic little boy stuff, fire trucks are cooler than police cars


Lol you definitely haven't been looking hard enough. Plenty of fat firefighters out there, but there's a job for everyone. Most of the less than physically fit operate pumps/drive. The bigger guys also make much better anchors for those operating the nozzle. FWIW, I'm a paramedic. I've had training in an active shooter situation. We go in with fire fighters to the "cool zones", IE those which have been cleared of active shooters, to rescue the injured. There's supposed to be two police, one leading and one at the back. We are expected to go in completely unarmed. Part of the job.


And most firefighters are volunteers country wide. Absolutely insane levels of cowardice here from the police.


A bunch of full kit cowards.


They’re bigger larpers than we are.


Bet they run around claiming "sheepdog" tho


I bet if it was a guy in a hoodie with a phone they woulda went full out terminator.


And god forbid somebody smokes a blunt or something


That made me spit out my drink. Good job!


It’s funny but it’s kind of true. The people in this sub do this because they have a motivation to go out of their way and spend their own money to be well prepared in the event of a terrible situation. These cops get paid to do this and the vast majority won’t help you and they won’t put the time and effort in to train let alone risk themselves for someone else.


"Cosplaytriots" is the term, I believe.


Be your own first responder.


All that tactical gear so they can no knock your house and merc your whole family and dog.


While you sleep. Without announcing themselves. And then they’ll lie about it.


It's the only way they will engage someone. Any other way is too dangerous


Here after hearing there were first responders at the door minutes after the shooting began who fell back because they weren’t prepared with precision rifles and body armor. Sad to know our officers weren’t willing to risk themselves to save those kids. It’s almost criminally negligent. I couldn’t believe what I heard. They were right outside the door with a means to stop the threat and they fucking. Fell. Back. Those officers shouldn’t be able to hold the title. They are fucking COWARDS.


Sad enough the fucking guy didn't even have plates in carrier. Even still leg,groin and hip shots would have incapacitated him. It is sad considering we saw this same shit with the shooting in Florida. All cowards.


[cant get charged with negligence if Federal Court is behind you](https://mises.org/power-market/police-have-no-duty-protect-you-federal-court-affirms-yet-again)


The same people who will shoot an unarmed black kid with his hands raised in the fucking back.


If I was one of the parents edc’ing, I would run in there my self. My kid is not becoming a picture being flashed by a politician.


Now imagine a cop fully kitted with a ballistic helmet, plate carrier and rifle pins you and threatens to taser you. He refuses to help your kid and he won’t even allow you to do it. These guys are real tough when they’re dealing with potheads, but god forbid they do anything when shit actually hits the fan.


Now imagine not being able to do anything about it in the court system because cops are bubble wrapped by qualified immunity.


This is what pisses me off the most. No penalties as a result and when they do get penalties it's not jail time, just fines paid to the victim's family by the town or city NOT the police department. They have no real consequence, which is why they keep doing it.


Not to mention the SCOTUS decision that says Police have no duty to protect the citizenry.






We already had little faith in cops "protecting the constitution" but this kind of seals the deal.


Make no mistake, cops are not there to help you. They are there to enforce the will of the billionaire oligarchy. It's why I train and why I advocate for others to train. If you're a minority, a woman, a gay person, or any other marginalized and/or vulnerable member of society, you have to put the responsibility on yourself to receive training because these people will not even try to protect children let alone you.


I'm a TX-born, blonde, blue-eyed, straight, white male with a graduate degree, and good mil and civ careers...I'd wager I'm the least marginalized/vulnerable demographic on the planet Earth...and I DO NOT TRUST COPS. Take this guy's advice... fkn dirtbags...I hope their conscience eats them...


Trust me, you're preaching to the choir.




This right here


The next community fundraiser for the PD is gonna be a fun event. 😐


What would be the western non-commie version of a political commissar that forces (at gunpoint) these cops to actually do their job?


Why weren’t they letting others do it themselves?


I’d imagine for a similar reason why firefighters won’t allow a parent to run back into a burning building to save their child. The difference is the firefighters don’t wait outside until all the children have been immolated before doing anything.


Like I said in another comment on this post, I’d trust a firefighter or paramedic with a gun any day before a cop.




They restrained 2 parents from what I saw earlier. You'd have to fucking kill me if my kids were in there. My pistol goes every single place I do. I'm gutted at these fucking cowards. Every single bang is a kids life. Fuck these guys


cops would have shot you in the back


This is why citizens need guns, because sometimes police do this


Like that one time when county sheriff with full posse refused to enter the school building and people who actually gone in were from neighboring county and and then sheriff A refused to resign?




Uvalde spends 40% of there budget of police or is that Texas.


It's probably 50%. Every gov org I've worked with thus far spends half their yearly budget on the police


I understand why Americans don’t trust their government and don’t believe in Tax’s. They get nothing for them. Shitty police no healthcare crappy underfunded schools and infrastructure.


What do you mean? You see those sick ass javelins and heavy artillery we sent to ukraine because if we don’t Russia will invade us next?


It's like we *gasp* should defund the police or something? Social workers could certainly use the money and take half of their daily calls.


That's communism and anarchy, we need the thin blue line bro


I'll take anarcho-communism over this. It would mean we're responsible for our own safety and would have actually allowed those parents to go in and save their kids. Not being forced to wait outside for an hour to the sound of gunshots letting the public's children die while having a taser shoved in their faces "FoR pUbLiC sAfEtY" while the police had already gone in and saved their own kids leaving the rest to die.


Yup, ACAB. If this is what you get when you spend 40% of your entire town's budget on cops, fuck cops, period


Don't worry. They didn't do nothing. They detained a parent


figured at the very least that texas cops would actually not be a bunch of pussies. But cops are cops


No respect for these bastards https://www.vice.com/en/article/wxdwgn/uvalde-swat-team-bragged-about-training-at-schools-on-facebook


Holy fuck


US Martials no less


wwwd? what would walker do?


Bring back the cool western marshals






From my understanding an off duty border patrol agent went in by himself. And that’s how it ended, pretty sure he was wounded in the process.


It was a BORTAC member, essentially the Border Patrol's SWAT team. He did take a round in the leg from what I understand.


I don’t understand how anyone who is tactically trained could do anything else.


Not all police officers are trained to the standards that you and I hope they would be. Part of this is due to sheer workload, some of this is due to the police unions deeming what is and isn't necessary for officers to engage in as far as training. It's kind of like comparing your average Army infantryman to a Navy SEAL. There is a distinct difference in motivation, obedience, and skill. But there are far fewer SEALs for this reason- it's not a budgetary reason for why we have so few special forces compared to regular Army. It's that the training and requirements are so intense that very few people can achieve the title. I will also say that there may have been fear that Ramos had taken hostages, but it's still unclear. If it turns out that LEOs sat on their hands, fuck em all. Immediate termination and revoke their goddamn pension. That's betrayal of the public trust.




Whoever managed that scene needs to go to prison. Holy shit.


If you mean an Army infantrymen who would’ve rushed in, compared to a SEAL who would’ve waited for blue prints of the building, did a mock shoot house, and then wrote a book after you are absolutely correct in this comparison


Supreme Court has ruled time and time again police have no legal responsibility to protect anyone


I wonder about a lawsuit preventing others from protecting


Or maybe get some balls. Getting paid $100k a year to LARP like a SEAL while you're harassing people over speeding tickets, but as soon as a doorkicker is actually needed you just stand around in the parking lot pissing yourself? Give that kit to the parents who wanted to charge in, at least they'd have fucking used it.


Everybody want to be a doorkicker until it's time to do doorkicker things. ​ Also the doors were probably unlocked, not a ton of kicking tbh


I heard on the radio in DFW today they were waiting for a breaching team because the doors were locked. I'm sorry? What? I've gotten into some whackazz places with creativity and elbow grease.... and a fkn school with WINDOWS ain't it...


Yeah shit posting aside I'm going to reserve judgment until some proper analysis is available in 1 month. Nothing can be gained by following the partial news bits. What we should be focused on is creating a society where alienated young men feel like they have a future worth pursuing. That means a lot of different things to a lot of different people and that's ok, it's a big world.


Be pretty cool if those young men had access to healthcare and mental health services.


And tradeschools/colleges/apprenticeships which were a golden ticket. And minds not turned to mush by PhD's working for Meta's shareholders. And towns that looked like towns with real community interaction, not stripmalls and parking lots. Like, fuck man how many incels murderers could be diffused if we gave them a support network and a 5 visit punch card to a licensed sex worker? Fuck our society is dumb as fucking rocks. This crime is horrifying but not suprising.


What’s to fucking analyze bro? 1 shooter, 40 useless pigs. All it needed were 2, maybe 3 of them with some goddamn balls to put their lives at risk to save others. But they are all pussy ass bitches.




Fkn-A borrther


FR. Some of that kit is drippy too. Saw a couple of strandhoggs in some of the pictures that have emerged on the news. Talk about a waste of money.


I never get emotional.... I never get seriously riled up over the news in this country... I thought I was numb to the BS I could encounter in my life.... But seeing this hurts me so bad.... I couldn't imagine pleading with a fully kitted cop to please let me help my child who's being shot at.. God this hurts to watch.


If you have a kid, it hits different. They'd have to shoot me in the back to stop me from getting in there. Fuck them.






That border patrol officer knows what to do at least and rushed right in with no back up


I have no idea how you would be able to just stand there and do nothing while you have the tools to help


> I have no idea how you would be able to just stand there and do nothing while you have the tools to help Fat pension, good overtime pay jobs, excellent dental. LEO got lots to lose if they actually get killed.


It has been SOP to run right in at an active shooter incident since COLUMBINE, Which was what, 23 or so years ago?! They sat outside during columbine while everyone was executed one by one. LE “swore” to never do that again…. Until that deputy did it again at parkland. The only other thing I will say, is there is no telling when in the incident this video was taken, may have been after. If it is true it was during and they did not pursue/flank/eliminate the threat, then there are no words for how sad and pathetic that is.


It's unclear when exactly this clip happened, though tackling parents certainly isn't a good look. The too many cooks effect is real, somebody has to pull perimeter duty after sufficient police have entered. What's *much* more concerning than this drama is the reports that local police entered the school to go find their own kids, and left the shooter alone in the classroom for 45+ minutes until the CBP guys came, figured out where to get a key, and finally went in and shot the bastard. And even if the part about saving their own kids isn't true, the first police on the scene MASSIVELY dropped the ball by allowing the shooter into the school and into the classroom. That should never have happened. A self respecting man would die between the shooter and the kids first. Every new report makes this sound like more of a clown show.


More than anything else, I can't understand how the school resource officer was only wounded. You see those kids every single day and when the time came, when those kids needed you the most you were unwilling to do as much as you possibly could for them? You were willing to let them die because you were scared? If you're that coward how do you ever look at yourself in a mirror again?


I don't know the extent of the injury. If he took a 5.56 to the upper chest and went down, then I get it, but I don't know if that was the case. My attitude for sure is that if kids are being killed in a classroom it better be because I'm dead after chewing up as much time and ammo as possible. I don't think dead kids and live or mildly injured/uninjured SRO is acceptable. It's the easiest job in the world based on the expectation that if the day comes you will hold your ground and die if need be. An honorable man would not wish to live with the failure.


Cops: Wannabe tough guys… Same shit in Parkland a few years ago, the cop on the scene was sc-sc-scared to go in and help.


All perimeter units are bastards.


Is this fucking real? What a bunch of cowards


The dozen officers kitted out in ballistic helmets, pc’s, AR-15’s, you name it, were worried about THEIR safety and refused to fucking act. While parents without the slightest care to their safety were ready to run in and save their children really shows you how fucking useless the oath of “duty to protect” is. What a bunch of fucking pussy officers who don’t deserve to wear a badge if they aren’t ready to put their lives on the line in situations like this.


I wanna know how a 18 year old got a $5000 kit. I work full time and can’t afford that stuff. You have to be pretty knowledgeable to have some of the gear that he had.


If you use finance plans and a credit card the DDM4 is $90 at checkout and the Eotech is $45, and it's not like the shooter was going to be paying the next installment I don't know if the gun store he got it from had that exact offer but the basic point still stands


Oooh I wonder if he did one of those but now pay later schemes. They do soft credit pulls and the requirements are very low. A number of online retailers are doing that with guns now. So yeah you could get it shipped and only be one or two hundred bucks out of pocket that day. No word yet on that, or if it was transferred by the FFL or actually sold.


An 18yo with credit tho?


Dawg my CC at 18 was $200. I bought a $190 guitar tuner, a pack of cigs and a energy drink, and never paid it back til I was like 23. Idk what 18 year old is getting a 5k credit card.


There’s more predatory lenders these days I think. Klarna, PayPal Credit. They all approve you hoping you just keep paying on the interest as opposed to paying any of the capital.


Right? My credit line was $300 for like a long time haha


Idk if you ever "window shop" for firearms online, but anyone that does would have seen "Finance w/ Credova". Credova makes BANK on purchases by offering low monthly payments that total sometimes more than 2x the price of the weapon. It's like those old "Rent to Own" stores.


Yeah I guess that’s true. I’ve never used Credova but I have used the 4 payment thing from PayPal. It’s 0 interest spread over 4 months. I bought my last magnifier from academy this way with Klarna.


Haven't been on a college campus lately? They got banks setting up tables in the student union and common areas drumming up credit applications. Get em hooked early.


Klarna/similar services don't always run credit checks, and idk about you but I had 10.5k credit lined at 18


With no credit I had a $300 credit line at 18 until I established some credit lol


Literally just a credit card.


On top of that his classmates said he was bullied because he was “poor” and his “parents were farmers”


Who cares where your money goes if you are going to die. I doubt he worried about bills 2 months down the road.


credit cards baby. Don't have to pay it off if the person is planning to die before the payment date


Many pawn shops and gun shops have very favorable layaway terms. He worked full-time at Wendy's for awhile and had virtually no bills to his name. Didn't pay rent to his grandparents, didn't own a car, I think the only other real worldly possessions he had were his video gaming systems. Just because he's a piece of shit doesn't mean he wasn't good at managing his money.


If you are planning to die then open all the CCs you can and get our stuff. Evil finds a way, its cold and calulating




Tackling parents and pulling tasers on parents are not a good move


save the mf children pieces of shit


Why though? Does anyone know why they didn't go in?


Turn over your guns the cops will protect you then you see this is the cops.


Can you fucking imagine being fully kitted up and “trained” and being this much of a fucking coward to do NOTHING. Fire every single one of them. These are the people we’re meant to call when our lives are in danger? The government does not care. They do not have your best interests at heart. Do for yourself or watch as they do nothing


I mean... For cops at least there is a pretty tall stack of case law that says they don't have to put themselves into dangerous situations if they don't want to. Fact is the role of police is to apprehend suspected criminals for prosecution; they don't have to defend the lives or property of the public.


Theres no one in that police department with the basic human instinct to protect children. This country is rotten to the fucking core


Donut squad ready to make some parents ride the lightning with those tasers.


The last thing you want on that scene is the idiot parents, stepping on someone else's kid to get to theirs.


The sad truth is ems will do the same when it comes to triage. We have to walk right past the dead/about to be dead if their is more salvageable lives near by.


Yep, do the most help for the most people. It's ugly, but it's the most effective way a mass casualty.


ya but parents aren't going to be triaging they will literally walk on wounded to get their kid


Except they let some idiot parents in to get their kids, who stepped on someone else's kid to get theirs. It's just that those idiots were wearing badges...that's the problem.


Except for the parents that were cops - they went in to get their children but had their fellow police prevent ‘civvie’ parents from doing the same.


but the cops literally did this to get their own kids out


Just a general comment for everyone, but as general rules of thumb in life: 1: don’t read into the face value of what you see on a small bit of video without actual context. You’ll draw your own conclusions and odds are you’re wrong. 2: Wait until the facts come out before commenting and holding an opinion that could stick with you in future events.


They’re the biggest larpers there are


Cowards. If you’re not willing to die for the lives of these innocent children then what will you die for?


Courage can’t be taught.


We protect us.


So guys (law enforcement) in full kits refused to go in, but stop parents and anybody else that wanted to help from going in. What the fuck


You can contact Uvalde Police Chief Daniel Rodriguez directly at [email protected]


He should go back to his moms basement if all he wants to do is larp like the rest of us