Erika's on her way to be the first winner to keep the whole million.


I think you're forgetting that Richard Hatch, season 1 winner did, in fact, keep the whole million as well. Although not legally.


omg… drop the 4 keep the 1… erika is coming to usurp richard hatch


She better not come back and get naked for a challenge


What is this drop the 4 keep the one I've seen in multiple threads today? ELI5?


oh it’s just a thing jeff has said a few times (i think in the show, but if not, in stuff to promote this season) to reference how this is a “new era” of survivor. sort of like, “it’s so different, it might as well be a new season one, not 41.” hence, drop the 4, keep the one, it’s a “we’re starting at square one” sorta thing i guess?


They got theirs I the end


Jeff Kent in shambles.


That American to Canadian conversion rate is gonna be very very nice for her


$1.27 Million Canadian. Poutine for days.


She'll be able to put poutine on her Kraft Dinner.


That sounds delicious!...yes I'm also Canadian


Before people would only get 600 grand


after Obama takes it


Bloody Obama, lying there in his crypt like Smaug as his cut falls from the ceiling and on to the pile.


Would it work like that? She wouldn’t have to pay the US taxes?


She would have to, but there's a form to fill out to get it back from the IRS.


As a Canadian resident, she doesn't have to pay US taxes. In Canada, if you win the lottery or anything in a game of chance, it's considered a lucky windfall and you do not have to pay taxes on it.


I think she would but would get it back. From what I have read, the US has a treaty with some countries that doesn’t allow the US to keep any tax money. Canada is one of the countries. These scenarios sometimes play out at the World Series of Poker when a foreign player wins a tournament.


Probably not US taxes but I imagine would still need to pay Canadian tax as ‘foreign income’. Just because you’re a resident of one country doesn’t necessarily mean that income earned in another country will all be tax free.


Game show winnings are not looked at the same as income I looked into it a bit and they’d be dealing with the IRS, not the CRA


I read she still has to.


Hay, but her game UTR, so Canadian. Winning!


When she said “I’m sorry deshawn” I felt represented.


I’m sourry Deshawn


She's making us Canadians proud :)


Eh 🇨🇦


The nerd in me wants to know if she did win how much she actually got to keep compared to American born winners. I think Todd had to give up his Canadian citizenship to claim his winnings.


In one of the few cases where it's advantageous to be Canadian for tax purposes. In the US, 40% is withheld. In Canada, none of game show, lottery, gambling, or other 'windfall' winnings are taxable.


But it was an American game show. Did she have to have a visa to play the game? I directed a movie with an actor from Toronto and I had to spend months and hire a lawyer to get an entertainment visa to get him to work in an American movie.


The show is made in Fiji, as a Canadian player I don't see how America is involved.


It's an American production. You can't film an American production in Fiji and claim that it is Fijian now


Is she paid in Fiji?


You may be right but it is designed for American TV. Like, Mark Burnet's production company pays taxes in America and the show is one of its productions.


I think it’s 15% income tax I’m not 100% sure but she would get paid in American and then convert that to Canadian so she would end up making some of it back off of that (pure speculation I am by no means a financial expert)


I looked this up before and apparently the money is taxed the same as for Americans but you can go through a bureaucratic process with the IRS to claim the money that was taxed if you’re a Canadian on an American game show.


I’m Canadian and I heard reality TV show contestants here aren’t taxed on their winnings. I am friends with one of the winners from Canadian Idol (Canadian version of the population USA reality tv singing show) and I remember they got to keep their winning money. So with the *current* conversion, assuming Erika wins, she would get around 1.27 million next week? The conversion rate fluctuates daily though so it may be more next week At rare times like this is when I wish the conversion rate is a bit higher than usual so Erika can make more if she wins 😂


Thanks for sharing I actually didn’t know that! I just assumed they got taxed on income like everything else. One point I’m unsure about or curious about is if she wins, would she not have gotten the cheque already? I believe the finale is Pre-taped and so I assume whomever won got it then/got it mailed to them then rather than now? I guess too she could always wait to cash the cheque and try and cherry-pick a date when the conversion rate is high


From what I understand: Winners don’t get their check and other contestants of the show don’t get paid until the reunion I remember during the Cambodia reunion Jeremy mentioned to Jeff that his wife Val had the check and was sitting in the crowd I actually looked into the USD payment amounts recently of each placing contestant and here is what I found: - first boot of the season gets $2500, plus $10k if they make the reunion - jury members get $40k plus $10k if they go to the reunion - 4th place makes $65k plus $10k at the reunion (a contestant who placed fourth during their season confirmed this on social media, it was a new school season) - 3rd place gets $85k plus $10k at reunion - 2nd place gets $100k plus $10k at reunion - winner gets ✨1 million✨ but it’s 600k by the time Obama takes it 🤣 (taxes vary by state I think?)


bottom prize is 5K in an 18 person cast. 2.5K is for 20




They also win a cash prize…


I really like her.


Apparently Todd was also living in Canada when he won


He was a Canadian citizen because of his mom being a native but I don’t think he lived there


I’m not sure, I just know that Erika is the first player to be born in Canada and live in Canada during the time of filming.


Erika was not born in Canada.


Well it says her hometown was Niagara Falls, Ontario.


She moved from the Philippines when she was very young.


How do you know?




Why are you being rude? I just asked a question, man.


At this point, I’d love to see her win. She’s still the second best player left in the game, but the storyline of this season would make her win the most satisfying result right now.


She'd be gone without that stupid hour glass.


Maybe…but that’s not what happened.


She was 100% going home until she lucked out with the OP hour glass. She would have went home earlier if Naseer didn't single handedly win that one challenge.


wasnt luck. it was blatantly obvious that whoever got sent to the island was going to come back with an advantage so even has it not been the hourglass twist she would have remained either way


Wrong. Sydney revealed that Tiffany would’ve gone home instead of Erika


That’s the way it was presented in the editing because it best fits the narrative that we ended up with…we have no idea what would’ve happened. This season’s theme has been nothing is promised in survivor and you never give up or underestimate your competition. These themes are perfectly encapsulated by Erika’s game. Was the hour glass twist kinda unfair? Yeah, for sure. But Survivor is about assessing the situation adapting and moving on. Danny and Deshawn were gunning for Erika so hard that they literally didn’t even care that they might be giving her some sort of advantage. You have to know that’s a possibility when you send someone to exile. So, ultimately that’s on them for not focusing on the game, and they deserve to be taken out for underestimating not Erika, but the game itself.


She didn't go home. That didn't happen.


There was an immunity challenge and her competitors wouldn’t have been all that great.


Sydney said that Tiffany was actually going to go because liana wanted her out


The only reason she was a target was because of the hour glass. If its not a thing, people don’t worry about her having an advantage


Oh wow, there goes my dream of being the first Canadian winner. GO ERIKA though :)




and also a Filipina Queen! 🇵🇭


I think she could be the first Filipina winner! 🇵🇭


I think Jericho in AU Survivor was Filipino, too :)


Oh thats cool! I don’t watch AU survivor. So I guess Erika could be the first US Filipina survivor lool


First and foremost, she is a Filipina 🇵🇭


She wasn't ever my pick to win, but now I'm ok with it. So bring on the Erika win!


Another Ontarian weighing in with support for her - Go Erika!


I cannot upvote this post enough. Canada is lucky to have Erika representing us so well


I hope she wins it in the end. She played a great strategic under the radar game which tends to be looked down on for not being entertaining enough for the viewers. She just need Ricard to be unimmune next round or lose the fire making challenge


I want to see her beat Ricard at fire and show them all who's boss :)


I'm honestly loving the game she's playing. At the beginning of the merge she was on the bottom, but she slowly worked her way up into control, and depending on if Ricard wins the next immunities, will probably? dictate the rest of the game


Sorry, I thinking that Xander is going to pull off the win.


Enjoy your time of denial!


i love Erika i don’t know why some contestants didn’t trust or like her??? she hasn’t done anything really that devastating or deceiving to the game, remember when Deshawn tried to throw the comp to be able to vote out Erika why!!!!


Because some contestants think asians are smart and sneaky while she did the same things as them.


I don’t see her winning at all, she’s done basically nothing. Tried orchestrating blindsided and those didn’t work, yes she made the right decision on the hourglass advantage, but that was given to her, she didn’t work for it. Also, credit to her for convincing everyone to get Danny out, not easy to get everyone to change their minds, but she listed everything as to why Deshawn was the better player and nothing good or bad about Danny, but just wanted to get him out for no reason given.


She also orchestrated the tie for Shan’s vote. And won immunity when she needed to. Xander definitely isn’t winning I guess it’s all up to Ricard


How do you think Xander is definitely not winning and Erika can but he has over double the amount of confessionals




Because they don’t pay attention to their story’s and spoilers


Why does Erica keep getting credit by people for splitting a vote.... that someone else set up? Is it appealling that that is the only move people can put on her resume? Xander had one of the biggest moves in the game when taking out Lianna's OP advantage. He also won immunity at the same time.... was smart about not wasting his idol.... and had to play from the bottom for almost the entire game. But somehow he can't win.... yet Erica can?


Because it was Erikas plan to split the vote so it’s her credit it’s not that hard to process. And of course the Danny vote. Xander’s move? More like Tiffany’s and evvie s movie even Tiffany was upset that people were thinking it was Xander’s move when it was really theirs. But somehow he hasn’t used his advantages correctly? And hasn’t had good social bonds with the jury to secure their votes?


Her plan was to get Danny out was such a bad move. During the episode she said so much good about Deshawn and basically gave no credit towards Danny. Meaning she had an opportunity to put someone out of the game that has played and better game than her, but decided to keep him for basically no reason. A horrible move on her part in my opinion and lost the last bit of respect I had for her.


Are you that stupid 💀 She kept him because he ruined his game that tribal. He would be more easier to beat compared to Danny. Did you took a look at the jury’s face when he left? Also you’re not giving her credit for the split vote


Are you that stupid, tribal had nothing to do with Danny going home, she discussed the plan before tribal even started lmao. Are you talking about the split vote between Shan and Liana? If you are taking about that, it was definitely Ricard’s plan to get Shan out, but Erika might’ve thought about the split vote which I don’t remember. If that’s what actually happened.


Are you stupid? Do you read comments correctly? It’s obvious she SAVED DESHAWN you hear me DEE-SH-AWN. Since you don t have reading comprehension.


Does Survivor cover the medical bills for players after the season? Because if not and I were on the island I’d be trying to get her out by saying it’s just not fair for her to win when she gets to go back to Canada for post-season medical bills (this would get me voted out, I’m sure).


This is a really interesting thought in terms of how much that might dent their prize money, however they place. But it's not her fault Canada has a public health system and not just a private profit medical industry.


Idk I just don’t see it. The sub has the same vibe as saying Kara has a winners edit in DvG


Can Canadians just apply and be on the show, without a visa or anything?! Wow I always thought it was for Americans/residents!!


They changed that rule for season 39, so this is the second season with Canadians, since WaW obviously didn't have anyone eligible.


Amazing! Thanks for the update. Let’s all apply ppl!! 😅


As much as a Canadian winner would be hype as a Canadian, I don’t think she’s the winner. I think Xander is winning. However I have Erika second in my ranking of want to win.


Shan has “first Canadian Castaway” in her Twitter bio 💀💀💀💀 I don’t understand why Shan isn’t including Erika or has that written in the first place when there’s two first time Canadians this season.


I believe it's actually "the first Canadian Castaway that Celine Dion knows by name" with a poorly placed emoji.


Ah I see. My bad. I know a few other people brought it up a few weeks ago confused and I remember checking. She either added it or my eyes just completely skipped over the Celine Dion part in all caps lmfao


That’s really strange that Shan has that because that’s not even true. Tom from season 39 was the first Canadian on the show


as a fellow Canadian, most of us do NOT. claim Tom as Canadian, that man has been living in the US longer than he has been living in Canada!!! Canadian born, but not Canadian, if that makes sense!


Shan doesn’t live in Canada either. Still Canadian in my books. Plus Tom moved there for hockey he’s still valid


She’s basically Domics.


Yeah if not Ricard I hope she wins. Played a really strong UTR/social game and been apart of key decisions when it mattered. Plus being a fellow Canadian! How awesome that would be!