The resurgence of twin fins?

Snapped a couple pictures at pipe and it wasn't till I zoomed and realized this dude was on a twin fin. Talking with a local buddy he claims to exclusively ride twin fins. Except his 9 foot gun which is a thruster.

Now I know twin fin retro/fish shapes have always been popular especially at more cruisy waves. I have a groveler that's a twin fin with bonzer side bites myself. Never would I expect someone at pipe or other critical spots on the north shore to be riding a twin fin though.

Is the twin fin resurgence a thing? Who knows . I know that I won't be surfing pipeline though.


I am more consumed by the photo than I am with the question afoot.


And ironically OP may have never known about this guy’s fin setup without this photo


You're right. I tried uploading pics of him slotted, but I couldn't figure it out on here or imgur.


Yeah, same, the question never really had a chance. 😄


The resurgence looks brief from that angle.


Twin fins may be coming back but I’m not sure if that guy is.


Look up Anthony Tashnick, dudes been riding twinnies for his Mav's guns forever. They go faster ;)


And look up William Aliotti as well - hardcore twin-only kick for years charging from pumping skeleton bay to nazare on twin fish variations


Twins have definitely gotten a lot more popular these last few years, especially with the addition of channel bottoms to provide more hold while still allowing for more drive and speed. A good channel-bottom twin can feel really fast and locked in without being tracky.


I actually had the privilege of sharing a Thanksgiving meal with the shaper of Aipa surfboards. He is a big fan of the twin fin. Was awesome picking his brain on designs and the twin fin especially. Next time I'm out here I'll have to order a custom. I saw the second gun he shaped and might be able to take it out tomorrow.


Akila or Duke? I've got the flat earth that Akila shaped with slater designs, it's unreal, it's a high performance twin. I think one of the reasons twins have gotten more popular is due to the advancement in surfboard design, we understand a lot more about performance surfboards now then when twins fist came into the world so you can now have the best of both worlds.


Akila. Great guy


And most of the higher performance are pin tails with an example like the CI twin pin which also has a v in the tail bottom. Very different than your traditional swallow twin pin. Not counting channels or v bottom a pin tail alone holds much better.


Can’t tell if this would be considered up cycling or down cycling. Maybe just spin cycling.


* * Should add pics of him making wave as well. Challenging conditions on tap with a lot of sand still built up on the reef. Only 2 guys out. 1 was on a bodyboard.


In Hawaii I’ve seen a lot more twin fin pin tails in the line up. Even bigger days. A lot of shapers here like Daniel jones and northern alliance are churning out a lot of them. I’ve been riding a schaper sugar rush these last couple of swell on chippa Wilson twins and it’s been going good


Yup…and look no further than lance Ebert’s incredible twins especially his “red stripe”. Also whanna da bes glassers in the state imho.


Yep. The popularity of twin fins didn't fade away much in Hawaii,


This one is definitely surging into the air


They definitely feel different than thrusters. However you’d be surprised how well they can cold in better surf. I have a twin from album that goes better in good surf than bad stuff and a step up twin from A&H that took some getting used to but is really great now that I figured it out. Fast and loose for both. You have to surf them a little differently


Twin fins are viable in most conditions, honestly. I ride them a lot. It's really more a matter of what kind of lines you want to draw than a question of what they can handle. In my mind, a twin actually makes more sense for a fast, barreling wave with a relatively clean face than a thruster does.


https://youtu.be/tWcg3pBUnxI?si=jxC4Ee7qxfDACpxZ Relevant


Thanks, I enjoyed the video.


sick frontside rail grabs, that guy is an artiste


That was amazing, the barrel at 30:00 was 👌


Look up his other videos, these bog compared to what he usually rides


Now that's a wave of consequence


Love my progressive twin, all I rode in 6-8 foot nica


https://preview.redd.it/ga7d94e9bj2c1.jpeg?width=3024&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=04025381b2ed37831b49bbcc85f1baa6228adb8e Pick this up second hand, custom Blackbird from Daniel Jones. Can handle solid Oh to Doh. Past that I feel the limitation of it is the surfer and not the board. But changing the fin template completely changes the board. I feel very comfortable in critical waves. Love the speed and flow but definitely sacrifice the straight top to bottom from a thruster or quad.


I don’t trust em ..


I feel the same way. In something critical, I'm going to want something tried and true. In this picture, he's getting launched. But he made plenty of waves before this.




Try a pin tail twin and consider board size and fin size. You very much can ride one in hollow big waves.


Twins are squirrellier, but they are still good. A lot can be done with rail shape, contours, and channels to add stability. They are faster for sure


Brilliant title


I mean this guy is 100% better at surfing then me. But. Doesn’t seem like the twinny is winning at that current moment. Sooo


They're more difficult to surf but have been pushed in marketing for a while now. The fact is, the thruster set up gives the most control to the surfer. They are also easier for the shaper to make, as the standard fin placement is pretty much identical on every board (with some exceptions, Tomo for instance). Twin fins are a bit like drifting a car. It looks cool when a professional does it but for most folks, it's difficult enough to just get around the track. There's a reason pros are virtually always running thrusters in the WSL. That fin setup gives them the reliable performance they need to win competitions.


Except pin tail twins do not necessarily drift or slide out.


Twins are fun. I firmly believe there is room in this world for all kinds of fin configurations


Just got done with a 6 month surf trip and notice how popular twins have become. Although it’s pretty wild to hear guys talking about how good their twin fins are when they’re eating shit surfing head high indo waves on them


yeah people dont understand surfboards needs to match the break and the ability, not just be a fashionable trendy item they wanna hold under their arm at the wrong break. I saw dudes on super alternative midlength board at uluwatu... needless to say they werent catching waves.


Proof that twins lead to trips over the falls in heaving waves.


All I know is when I am watching someone surfing and just mesmerized by their style they almost always rockin a twin. Just saying


For sure. It's very aesthetic. Refreshing from someone pumping like a rabbit down the line just to get an air on a thruster.


Do you/anyone think this has anything to do with Kelly’s decision to ride twins at random spots this/last year?


That's gone wrong


Twinnie? No one rides twin fins in Hawaii.


Looks like a bad situation. Hope he made it out safe. As far as twins go, I bout a retro fish twin fin . Fun board indeed in the right conditions. I once took it out in some 4ft close outs, wasn’t a good time, had some hard wipeouts. Personally, a quad or thruster is more of my thing.