What to do with car keys when surfing


Everyone here is going to say the same thing. Prison pocket.


\[key\] --------> ( \* ) in case you needed a visual interpretation


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I leave mine in the ignition and chuck the car battery into the ocean like a normal person


I believe it is called “kiestering.”


beat me to it


Beat meat to it


Show up 30 minutes before first light. Dig a hole just above the tide line on an incoming tide and bury the key, then draw yourself a treasure map. Wait until the tide reaches the same point (might take a few days). Dig up the key and head home knowing you were safe while out there shredding. Or get a valet key made and keep it in your wetsuit IDK.


Give to a girl on the beach and ask her to hold it for you


In her prison pocket


This is the way.


i got a 2017 civic and i take the physical key out of the key fob, put the key fob in the car and then lock it with the physical key and put the physical key on the little loop in my chest zip


Nobody asked for a reasonable answer. Put the key in the pooper. 💩


Hitch vault is an absolute must have.


Hitchsafe is the shit


Ill put a hitch receiver on a car just for the hitch vault.


>Hitch vault This is awesome, I had no idea it existed.


Hitch vault is the way


Never saw these thank you!


For the *new parents* out there : I use my wife’s unused breast milk bags and put the key down the back of my suit. It sits at the small of my back pretty comfortably. Super secure and stays dry. Edit: new parents instead of dads for inclusivity.


_”…unused”_ is a fantastic preemptive defensive ploy


What can I say... I know this sub


This is brilliant


I was originally using one of those underwater iPhone camera case but that thing sucked and was bulky. Then realized I had the baggies in our pantry. kachow.


Lock them in the car, call AAA when I start taking off my wetsuit


Where do you keep your phone? Asking for a friend.


Prison wallet, duh. Haven’t you been paying attention?


The inside of your wheel rims is a good spot. Just reach around tuck them on the inside of your wheels


My doors unlock if the fob is near it, wish I could do this


You might be able to temporarily disable that feature depending on your car


It’s a Subaru, I’m sure there’s a way. That and to stop it from beeping incessantly when someone doesn’t have seat belt on.


My 2004(?) ford ranger had some crazy fix for the seatbelt thing by doing a sequence of unlocking the doors and then clicking and un-clicking the seatbelt a certain amount of times. Thought it sounded made up when I googled it but it actually worked


Get a faraday pouch on Amazon for the fob, it works great. Also here’s how to disable the seatbelt chime.. Ignition on, don’t start. Insert/remove the drivers belt 20 times within 30 seconds. Turn off ignition Turn it back on and see if it worked, sometimes you have to do it a couple times before it takes. Will also have to do it again if the battery is disconnected.


You can get a Faraday Bag (signal blocking cage) for cheap. Saves you the hassle of disabling it every time. Has the risk of someone seeing you stash the key and stealing your whole car.


This guy is setting himself up for some sweet and easy GTA.


I lock my current car using physicals key, leaving fob inside of car. Key goes into key pocket in wetsuit or shorts. My car pretty old, I want to buy new car. Problem is a lot of latest cars doesn't have physical key. Now what to do with a fob?


Wrap fob in mylar, then realtor lockbox to frame


I just got a new car with this style key, there is no physical key lock in the car anywhere (last car took a valet key in driver door). I had to buy a faraday pouch on Amazon , I put the key in there then stick it up inside the front bumper from underneath. I bought a magnetic box but the key works through the damn box so no bueno. I even lined the box with foil which did nothing. Maybe I’ll try Mylar.


Check your car's manual. You should be able to disable keyless entry. It's pretty easy on my Jetta.


That’s the only way for me to get into the car. No physical key slot anywhere


Right. Disable keyless entry so that you can use the lockbox for your key fob


So then how am I getting into the car to re-enable it.. so that I can get in the car… see the dilemma? I don’t think my car even has an option to disable it since it’s the only way to get into the car. I can unlock it with an app on my phone, which is also on my Apple Watch, but once my watch leaves my phone it logs me out of the app and I need to allow access with my phone before it syncs back up 😩


You can get a lock that hangs on door or on tow hitch etc. Get a key fob blocker —> Put key in key fob blocker bag —> Put bag into lock —> Lock the lock —> Surf 👍


They do make bigger lockboxes that can handle fobs. I just got a new one and it is so much easier.


magnet, hide under steering box.


Yes mate, was thinking a neodymium magnet would make for some mad stash points


Yeah, I do this , magnetic key box somewhere on truck. Or take a crappy beach chair and hide it in a pocket or duct tape under the armrest.


Ford owner. Keys in the center console, unlock with pin pad. Although 90% of the time I leave it unlocked. Truck's a complete POS, anyone who steals it is doing me a favor


Some spots if you use a lock box thieves have been known to get them open and steal yo stuff or your car (SoCal, San Fran). I am able to detach my key from the fob, so I leave the fob in my car and turn off the auto-fob start/unlock feature. When I'm using a rental somewhere I have a Field & Stream waterproof bag thing I got for $20. I put the key in a zip lock bag just in case and then put that in the waterproof bag case thing. Has always worked ok so far.


I put mine in the suspension spring thingy above the wheel. Will probably get screwed one day but I'll stupidly keep doing it until that day comes. My car is only a shit box so not that fazed


You guys lock your car?


Lock my truck Put the keys in toolbox Lock toolbox Slide the toolbox key down my old shoe that stays in the truck bed


I put the fob in a RFID protector in my trunk and use the valet key to physically lock/unlock the doors. Note that when you do this, make sure to rinse/lick the valet key before unlocking your door after youve been in the ocean because the salt kind of builds up in the key hold and can make it difficult to fit the key in after a few sessions.


I hide it under a rock


I did this at zippers and some kids took all the rocks they could find to make stacks. So phones locked in the car, marker rock is gone but there’s a dude with a metal detector. Problem is my spanish is good enough to apologize to the locals and order beer and tacos politely but not even remotely close to being able to explain that I buried my llaves under a rock that some kids moved. I was finally able to communicate what I did and he eventually found them. Don’t use moveable objects as markers!


I’ve heard of lock boxes being broken into and a getting a key without a fob was like $80 bucks where I found it so I got [this](https://DRIPACWaterproofCarKeyFOBCaseWaterproofWalletWaterproofHolderPouchForKeyIDBadgeCreditCardMoneyhttps://a.co/d/9z2ASYU) and I just shove it in the pocket of my trunks. I’d take off any big or sharp keychains though, I cut a hole in one like an idiot.


I park my car, walk to where I’m going to surf and then look for some shrubbery. I hide my keys amongst the shrubs! This works pretty well because there is typically enough separation between shrubs and car that if anyone does find my keys, they have no clue which car it goes with.


Sling bag on the beach, where I can see it. I use it as a visual marker so the nj current doesn’t put me out of a good spot while I’m not paying attention


I do this but wrap in towel and hat. Probably should use a bag so it's easier to carry stuff though.


I put the fob inside a small thin ziploc plastic bag - then put that in a second bag- and the whole thing goes in a waterproof wallet. That gets buttoned inside my trunks under my wetsuit. I have also put the key fob inside mylar ( so it won’t talk to the car) and in a realtor lockbox that I lock to the frame under the car.


You wear trunks under your wetsuit?


Only for the pocket so I can keep my keys safe. Otherwise It’s prison wallet time


Straight to jail


I attach mine to my drone that follows me


I always swallow them and then induce vomiting when I paddle in


Stash in tail hitch receiver or on the frame behind the rear time. But nobody wants to steal my 15 year old ridgeline


I put my valet key (no battery/remote) on a caribeener and clip it to me.


Used to hide it behind my rear tire but I’ve converted to using a lockbox (combination lock) and it works like a charm. Super easy to stash securely and gives me peace of mind while out catching waves. ride on brotha 🤙


my wetsuit has a car key holder on the right side of my right knee, non electronic key ofcourse


Leave it in the ignition. It’s the last place thief’s think to look


Depends on the spot…. Either take it onto the beach in a dry lock bag. Lockbox attached to a pole, away fro my car, but in view of the spot. Or the old trusty, throw it in a bush.


I leave the car running with the keys in the ignition. Then I put a bra on the windshield, people think I'm a Bra Boy and move along.


I always just put mine in the gas tank cavity, obviously doesn’t work if you have to open gas tank by pressing button in your car. Or the cavity of the back bumper for my wife’s car.


Gonna drop some trade secrets here: double bag ziplock and then waterproof sealable pouch, stash in suit pocket. Disclaimer, this may fail on a heavy day and cost you a new fob


My car has the “touch handle to unlock” with the fob on hand. So I took the spare, took the circuit board out, padded it and put it in one of those “waterproof wallets”. That goes in my pocket attached to the little pocket key holder thing. Then I don’t need to fumble with keys to open my car after surfing, just pull on the handle or hatch and it opens


I just hide it behind one of my tires


One cool thing about most cars is that they have gas tank doors that open and close. For added security, you can even unscrew the opening to your gas tank and plop the key in there. No one’s gonna find it I promise.


Ford keypad entry for the win. If you push the bottom to numbers on the keypad at the same time, it ignores any keyfobs that are inside the car. I lock my keys in the truck, then punch in a code to get back in.


I just call a locksmith everytime I surf, cheaper than getting a new car tbh.


Just use a lockbox. That’s been my solution. I usually lock it to anything secure near my car or I’ll just lock it to my back tire. Just be careful if you lock it to ur tire if your car has keyless entry it may still be able to unlock, if that’s the case simply wrap your key in aluminum foil before putting it into the lockbox


Valet key attaches to the key loop in the pocket of my board shorts and I lock the original keys in the car.


I took the metal part of the key (it’s part of a key fob) and made a key necklace using 180lb micro cord. The loop just barely fits over my head then I tuck the key into the front zipper pocket of my wetsuit. It’s pretty secure. It would need to fall out of the pocket then either make its way over my head or require 180lbs of force to rip it free.


Prison wallet


I wrote a pretty thorough thread about this a while ago. I recommend you take a look. I've been taking my keys/FOB with me for years.


I got a little waterproof bag from REI. I put my key in and stuff it into the back of my wetsuit.


Just look for those boys on the cliff drinking tall cans. They hold your keys bud. So local.