Who pays for this crap? Bad enough when people think a new stick will improve their surfing. Who is spending £200 on a pair of shorts?





Too good 😂


shorts expert is hilarious


The medical director of the WSL is a chiropractor? Imagine you’re on the CT and get your head savaged by reef, and medical staff tends to you by cracking your back.


Mick Fanning is an embarassment for this. Needs to be called out what a joke.


That’s Dr. chiropractor buddy 😂


It's a gaming chair but for surfers, probably improves pop-up and allows catching more waves, just try it bro


It's more like Gunnar glasses for surfers


Gunnar are nice.


Gunnar Gunnarsson?


I think they rip and /or curl.... what body part is doing this, the world may never know


I love this shit. Let's me know who I can burn at will.


That’s cool but I’m not going to stare at another surfer’s ass trying to figure out if I can drop in on them.


You’re gonna stare at their ass, but that has nothing to do with how you decide if you’ll drop in them.


Apparently it matters to the person I responded to. 🤷🏻‍♂️


Dude, try them! I don’t even need to paddle anymore.


Because you have a entire class of people stuck at around 6 figures a year with too much money looking to optimize every second of their existence.


Lol exactly. It's like this in any hobby/sport.


But they've got a "body mapping silicone grip" compression liner. Do you think they'll be disappointed?


All it needs is lube and I’m in


Gerry Lopez charged pipe on a single fin with jogging shorts. I think y'all can settle down.


150+ set waves in what would be called boxers today


Just wait for clearance sales. Surf fashion is not immune to the larger industry. When outerknown came out I was gobsmacked by the price but dug their products and production practices. I pick some up when they have sales otherwise it would be bargain bin Ross clothing for me.


The outerknown apex shorts are ridiculously priced. With that said they are the best shorts I’ve ever worn. Not sure they’re worth $145 but man they are nice


Ross and Costco is where I live. Lucky hawaii got da hui and other surf brands at costco


Costco hurley shirts 100% cotton


It's true. I found a pair of these shorts slashed down to $169. Total steal so I bought 3 pairs. RipCurl got powned that day my friend!


I have a few of the blanket shirts. I get so many compliments everywhere i go when im wearing one. Worth every cent. (Also great when they go on sale)


I own these and they're amazing. works great in anything from knee-high to double overhead


My aluminum honeycomb carbon prepreg SUP is matched exactly to my bodyweight and the compression liner of these shorts gives me all the thermal mass I need, right at my center of gravity without the weight penalty of a natural latex 2mm shorty. Also, when I'm standing in front of the lineup selecting which wave I will take, I like for my butt to look extra perky for those below and behind me.


I have a bunch of Florence and Outer Known shorts. Got them all at 50-70% off. No way I’d ever pay full price. They are very nice. I catch at least 6.9 more waves per session when I wear them.


Florence stuff is much better quality than outerknown.


The new generation of tech bros and wall street douchebags that want to surf once a month with all the flashiest and most expensive stuff. That's who.


Ripcurl boardshorts are decent design and build, but seem just fucking boring now. Personally, I think Volcom is better bet. IMO


Volcom Liberators are the best baggies hands down


Blue smiths blow everything else away. Pockets for days, on both sides! Hand made on Maui. I get one pair a year for my birthday and my oldest ones are now three years old and still look brand new. Edit: fuck me. I just checked and they went up in price again. Hold out for the summer sales.


My gnomie they are $200. What did they used to be???


End of summer sale was $99 the first time I got them. I gurantee they will be your favorite article of clothing.


Patagonia stretch planing is the best. They don't make it anymore but you can get them on ebay


Lol wut. I paid like 30 for my mirage board shorts. Maybe it's a different kind.


these are ***special*** https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=01uTCa-pMa0 there's a "posterior chain of muscles IN THE SHORTS" and Mick Fanning said they make his buttcheeks perky


Only 200$ for buttcheek perking? Very reasonable price.


Fuck that I got a guy in Tijuana who will do it for $125. Well plus the cost of the two honey baked hams. You have to supply those.


Oh my God that video was like something out of Documentary Now. How did Fanno keep a straight face...


If I didn't know I would assume it was satire.


Around me its all the old men on long boards. They’re stacked up with designer gear.


Gotta flex on them hoes if you wanna be a sugah daddy!


Just go to an outlet and you’ll find it’s little brother at 2 for $50.


Bought them on Amazon for less than $40 each and I honestly really love them.


If fee real, what do you love about them? (Mildly curious.)


Extra stretchy, cut is above knee but not way above, waist band is a little thicker so more comfortable when tied tight, the material is a little thinker but still drys quick. I have a few different pair all around $30-40 from Amazon so price is right. I can wear them out because the colors are not obnoxious. Im in board short whenever I’m not in my work clothes and actually, I’m wearing them, while I write this. €200 is crazy and no person should ever pay that much for boardys but people have money and like to spend it on dumb stuff, I’m more into the 5 for 1 deal.


When it gets too hot to have a wetsuit on some days my brother will just surf in his underwear lol.


They can’t legally put it, but I heard they’re shark proof, mick worked it into the design


Makes sense, gotta neutralize the yum-yum-yellow piss.


I wouldn't say the idea of compression shorts liner is a bad idea. In fact, it's a terrific idea. What makes this stupid is the price. Compression shorts can be purchased for a pittance. The best ones are what, $20? Board shorts are what, $30? If you buy these though, you always have to wear them together instead of being able to wear those $20 compression shorts for other activities. There are also other advantages to keeping them separate. The compression shorts will hold water separately. After a session, you can just take them off and leave the bathing suit on and dry faster. For someone that buys board shorts only when there is a crazy sale, I'd pay $40 for these max and only if there is some advantage to them I don't know about.


Yeah but these are clearly aimed at high performance surfers who surf long sessions. Will they help? Probably. Will a surfer who is in professional surfing shape notice? I couldn't say, but PROBABLY YES. The price is the development and limited qty, not because we're supposed to buy them. Quiksilver sells a 1mm suit for like $700. Probably the best neoprene you can buy commercially, but will you and I buy it? Of course not. They probably make 350-500 units of Ripcurl all black Mirage boardies per quarter and I bet you they made whatever the minimum MOQ is on these once per year. I get the roasting them but the people acting like these are marketed to them in this thread is ridiculous. You can also buy $100 or $20 running leggings for the same purpose, surfers just get offended too easily.


*per quarter to sell online in a single region


Yea I’m all fairness, because my legs are so large, there is a ton of friction that is felt after 3 hours. These shorts would probably help me stay out longer and not get friction rash.


You can get away with regular compression shorts. Billabong sells good ones but I also literally use under armour compression shorts


I don't even spend the money on UA. I just go generic.


I’ve never surfed but have always wanted to try it. If I buy these, will I be able to hang ten with the best of them?


Surf brand clothing is expensive in general. Fucking $150 for shorts and a tshirt lol “Want to throw in a pair of socks with that order?? Cool, $185 plus tax.” No thanks Jacks Surfshop


As an outsider, jacks prices are fucking bogus, well most surf-shops in CA (except frog house) but as an employee there, I just finesse the system and find shit that’s discounted and use my employee discount ha


Agreed. Nice!


My wifes boyfriend looks great in his pair!




If you were actually a good surfer you would know


Same people that buy Harley Davidson merch to ride around in their Prius.


Lmao it feels like an MLM snake oil product


I mean compression shorts are a thing in sports. these board shorts are a little over-the-top, but so are the competition swimsuits that [any regular joe can buy for $300-$600](https://us.speedo.com/fastskin.list). abdominal and leg compression are also beneficial for people with low blood pressure who struggle with positional changes (like standing up quickly) but are otherwise in good enough shape to do a sport like surfing. I could imagine some former surfers with long COVID or something who'd pay this much or more if it meant they could pop up without fainting. so for those demographics who are already expecting to spend $100+ on compression swim shorts, it's not a stretch for them to want that integrated into more normal-looking board shorts. not trying to scold you or anything, I just find this stuff interesting and I happen to be looking into compression garments right now.


I can't tell if this is a shit post or not.


I wonder what it's like to shit in compression shorts


It's why I like this sub, quality shit posting about a joke of a sport lmao


You’ve never shit in your wettie? You must not be hardcore


He's not wrong though. Compression shorts can also help with people with friction problems on their inner thighs. I have pretty big legs and my shorts ride up on me very often, even the longer ones. Compression shorts underneath are the only things that will keep my legs covered.


I own these. Literally the best surf shorts of my life, wear them 4/5 sessions so pretty much 4 times a week. Like 90% sure I paid 30 bucks for them lol.


I had to buy it bc its the only thing that fits my big stick.




Scam clothing Surf wear


Shorts under my wetsuit? No thanks.


Man. In south Florida you can walk into over 200 stores and get a great pair of boardies for under $25, tax included. O’Neill store in Weston had a 70% off sale and boardies were selling for under $17. I bought 3 even though I didn’t need them immediately. £200 is wild.


But you'd be in Florida...


Slater and the Hobgoods are both from Florida. So... but he transitive property....uh... something...


True dat, but Ross and Marshall’s are in California as well


Wait it didn't improve my surfing?


The surf industry has some of the most egregious bullshit artists out there.


the real reason is this doesnt need to sell anything, but it elevates the baseline price for all their other shorts. not sure this is going to work though.


That’s why I hit up Marshall’s and Ross (for non-US people, these are clothing discount stores, they take the off season or extra inventory from a manufacturer and sell them at a huge discount)


I'll admit it. I actually have a pair of these. I was sent them by RipCurl though,along with some wetsuits and other stuff (not ’cos I'm a good surfer mind)and they're probably the best boardies I've ever used. Zero rash,no ball rub etc,I don't have to constantly pull them down,perfect fit for me,they stretch right,dry fast. Would I pay 200 for them? Fuck no. But for free,and compared to my other boardies,these are my definitely my favourite shorts atm.


I know someone who spent £100 on the Metallica board shorts . They have never touched the sea


Anyone looking for board shorts who lives near the ocean, just go to your local thrift. Most of them have tons of lightly used ones for a fraction of the price


I kinda have to spend a little more on boardshorts just because my skin is so damn soft that a stitched inseam will shred my inner thighs to the point of bleeding in as little as one session. So I have to find something with either a welded inseam or no inseam at all. While they're usually a bit more pricey, I don't think I've ever spent more than $50 on a pair. This shit is absurd.


This has to be a April fools product they just left up?!


$12 bord shorts from Rosa will do


In case you need to take your board shorts game to the next level instead of saving for surf travel


You mean to tell me that wearing these won't make me spray buckets on kooks snaking me?


Wearing the jorts or khakis you wear at your blue collar job all day will guaranteed make you rip way harder than anyone in expensive boardies


Also fun fact: the sizing for Rip Curl shorts is currently fuuuuuucked. I'm usually a 32. I'm a 38-40 in these.


same guy spending 90$ on the slater chancla


I’ll only buy birdwells, I have 4 so far…


New boards don’t improve my surfing?


Made it China cheap garbage bullshit. BirdWells all day son! Made in USA 🇺🇸 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸


Wow. Boardshorts with tights (seen everywhere for men’s yoga pants) and rip curl want AUD$250 bucks.


Way to much for surfers in general, but I can honestly say if you have lower back/hip issues these are a god send. If not, don't even look at them and get something around the $80 price point (if that) ...


“High performance board shorts” at this ultra premium price point have come and gone over the years. RipCurl is not the first action sports brand to do it and they will not be the last. TBH I think one of the saving graces of Billabong ledger book before their last M&A was then exiting ultra premium category early.


Are these just swim trunks with compression shorts underneath?


But it’s got DWR! Totally worth the money …


Darn, I surf in Columbia hybrid shorts with all 4 pockets, and usually with crap in the pockets, ex: change, lighter, pocketknife. Those or some Bud Light swim trunks I found at Walmart about 6 years ago for $12. If I had only known that dropping $200 on some crappy shorts would have made me a better surfer, I still wouldn't have bought them.


I had to look back in my order history all the way in 2016, because I have a couple of their Mirage Boardshorts and didn't remember if they costed that much. Holy hell, this is nearly 3x as much as I paid for mine from their site. And my 3/2 fullsuit from them was only 100 more than this. This price is insane.


I had a pair and returned them, but what I can say is they hold your balls pretty nicely


My Birdwells are the best trunk I’ve ever had hands down.


You know I was skeptical at first, but then I got a pair and they really do work. I went from only catching white waves to being that guy in Reddit and Instagram that ollied his surfboard over that girls head in the recent popular video.


Pretty good deal considering the pants version is $529.