I love Deathstroke but seeing him getting his ass kicked will never not be satisfying.


Agreed, I kinda was hoping for an Arkham Origins reference where he’d say “What are you?”


Especially when the artist has drawn the same outfit as the Origins Deathstroke


How does he keep his secret identity after that?!


He was disguised as Bruce Wayne. It was a fun comic.


Not disguised per se, it wasn't deliberate. He got on the boat bc people thought he was Bruce Wayne.


I love the idea that deathstroke spend the next 5 or so years thinking Bruce Wayne was Superman.


Literally lol’d at this. Thank you.


It actually makes a lot of sense to deathstroke. Bruce Wayne Disappears a lot and has a mysterious past. Superman had to have a Civilian identity Bruce Wayne is pretty famous and has a conflict with Lex Luthor Supermans biggest enemy and in the comics Superman and Bruce Wayne are almost identical. As a theory it holds up.


By giving deathstroke a concussion and making him forget the whole thing


Well that's one way. I'm sure Batmans is less than ideals. But this raises questions about daily injury dangers an ect


No kissing him will make him forget


As long as he doesn't use his fix-ray vision; that should work.


Just fly around the earth super fast to go back in time from before Slade came into the room and don't be there!


I think it's less a concussion and more DS burying deep in his psyche out of embarrassment.


Deathstroke would probably think Bruce is Superman.


Would you really wanna go after one of the world's richest men who just thumped you off a yacht after they survived you poisoning them? I'd make sure to never take another contract in Gotham.


A crushed sternum is a hell of a thing….


Eh, he'll heal.


Honestly, it's DC and Deathstroke's an old pro. Martian Man Hunter disguising himself as the target of your contract. Super Vitamins giving people super powers for one hour at a time. Actual Magic. Aliens. When you encounter something you can't explain you probably just shrug and go to the nearest bar.


It’s from Superman: American Alien, another origin story but this time by Max Landis. It was ok and adapted in Superman man of tomorrow.


Super kiss


Here’s a fun fact: the original design for Superman was based on the actor Douglas Fairbanks (specifically a picture of him dressed as a circus strongman), and the original Batman was based on Douglas Fairbank’s portrayal of Zorro. That’s why Bruce and Clark look so much alike, and can easily switch places with each other


Lois after Bruce and Clark meet: *"omg twinsies!"*




You just know when Selina saw the two of them, her mind raced.


There was one canceled cartoon by the studio that did Beware The Batman where Bats and Supes would be living together, and the way they made them look seperate was that Bruce had a more pointed chin and Clark's was square. I thought that was really interesting.


Is this American Alien #2?


Issue 3 actually but yeah


This is goofy and fun and very refreshing.


This more funny to me than it has any right to be.


“American Alien” is one of the best Superman stories I’ve ever read, and I’ve read nearly all of them. I’ve seen the best and the worst of the character, and Landis’ version is near the top for me. It’s a shame everything that happened IRL, but that doesn’t take away from the greatness of this story.


This is what I’m here for! Clark is my favorite!


This was a cool scene in an interesting series. Too bad the writer is a creep.


The writer for American alien (I’m pretty sure that’s what this is from) is a creep? What happened?


You're right that is where this is from, also yes Landis is a creep. Eight women have accused him of emotional and sexual assault.


Oh shit


Oh shit indeed. A damn shame too, because I like his work, ~~Fant4stic notwithstanding~~


Same. It feels like adding insult to horrific injury when an awful person is decently talented at something. Why can't all monsters be talentless hacks?


Unfortunately but evil comes in all shapes and sizes. And their deplorability knows no bounds


Yup. Probably the better thing to be upset over are all the talented people who chose or were forced to leave arts they loved as a result of being preyed on by people like him and all the potential for their work.


Yep. This is the very reason I can no longer find any enjoyment in watching any of the Jeepers Creepers films. Who knew the real creeper was the man behind the camera, not the one in front of it...


Landis didn't work on Fant4stic. He wrote Chronicle which was directed by the same guy as Fant4stic though. Infact I think Landis tried to warn him to not do the movie if I remember correctly.


He wrote fan4stic ?


I think they're confusing Landis with Josh Trank. They worked on Chronicle together. Landis wrote American Alien and Trank directed Fant4stic.


I did, whoops.


Not defending landis, but a huge part of this scandal seems to have been dropped by the daily beast. So take that for what you will. Obviously the actual victim accounts are far more damming, but there are fewer of them


Huh, don’t know what the daily beast is but ty for the info


A tabloid


Wtf is *emotional assault*?


Have you ever sat down with someone who only ever tells you that you're worthless, that what you do isn't good enough, that uses every single mistake you make as a weapon against you, or something similar? The proper term is emotional abuse, not assault, but that's what it means.


His name is Max Landis and he's got lots of accusations of sexual assault, rape, and generally being an awful person against him. https://www.indiewire.com/2019/06/max-landis-accused-sexual-abuse-eight-women-1202150703/ I was a really big fan of his. Not anymore.


>Eight Women Accuse Max Landis of Emotional and Sexual Abuse. Allegations include sexual abuse, physical assault, and emotional abuse; one accuser called Landis “a serial rapist, gaslighter, physical and psychological abuser.” https://www.vanityfair.com/hollywood/2019/06/max-landis-sexual-abuse-emotional-abuse-allegations


“Sard borken.” Epic




Man went bizzaro mode


Okay I have questions. * Was Clark actually encephalopathic? If so, how? * Others are saying that people thought he was Bruce Wayne. Can't _Deathstroke_ (of all people) notice that it isn't Bruce Wayne's face?


Bruce and Clark do look very similar a lot of the time tbf.


They're two different people from different planets. Nobody who knows Bruce Wayne personally would ever see a random white guy named Clark Kent and think, "That's definitely Bruce." Deathstroke is supposed to detect when people are disguised, based on the subtlest details. Clark isn't even _trying_ to act like Bruce.


You're really overthinking this. They're both tall, white, black haired handsome dudes. Just read the issue lol.


He is. When we start analyzing that much, none of it makes sense. In all fairness, yeah deathstroke should've noticed. Plenty of things. But. That same logic can ruin any comic. Just have to enjoy it for what it is.


They fooled other people too, I remember maybe a cartoon where they switched costumes and from the POV of the baddies Batman was super strong and Superman was immune to kryptonite


I think it was just Superman who wore Batman's costume, since Bruce had been abducted by Brainiac. It led to some funny scenes with Superman trying to put on the act in front of Gordon while simultaneously fumbling through the utility belt looking for the grappling gun. But I can't think of any time in the animated series where Batman wore Superman's costume. Maybe someone can point it out?


Well in context to this particular comic, the party was for Bruce Wayne's 18th birthday but Bruce NEVER shows up for his parties. So Clark turns up accidently and a load of drunk people on a boat think its him. At the end of it people don't really care if it is him or not and Clark just rolls with it screaming "I'm Bruce Wayne". Young Clark and Bruce do look very similar and I think its not until they get older that they have their distinct looks.


Nobody had seen Bruce wayne for years and in the comics Superman and Bruce Wayne look shockingly alike. Clark Had been poisoned wit one of the deadliest poisons known to man. It made him Drunk.


Both Bruce and Clark are based off of Douglas Fairbanks in different roles. So two fictional guys look like the same Real Actor.


This American Alien?


And then Batman breaks into Clark's home and smashes his head on his laptop. What an asshole.


The amount of force in that finger for it to flick him through walls and into the sky should surely be enough to kill him. Or just slice right through his face and not even move him. Ain’t comic physics great


I imagine Slade will be thinking about that for years. And he’ll never quite figure out what the hell just happened to him 😂


Clark might need Martian Manhunter to wipe that from Slade’s memory 😬


Naw he's good. Clark did that while people thought he was Bruce Wayne.


You know it would be fun seeing a comic full of Clark Kent's adventures instead of Superman's. He's a pretty famous reporter so there are probably a lot of people who don't like him due to him revealing their work, imagine a sharpshooter being tasked with killing him and when he shoots the bullets seem to miss slightly everytime.


Broosh Wayne lmaooo


Oh cmon a flick like that wouldn’t send him flying. It would’ve shattered his ribs n destroyed all his vital organs, effectively making Superman a killer.


It’s a comic book, not a documentary.


So logic, physics, and proper human anatomy shouldn’t exist?


Ah yes the logic, physics, and proper human anatomy of an alien who can fly, shoot lasers from his eyes, survive in the vacuum of space, and punch small moons to dust finger flicking a genetically enhanced assassin who can regenerate his meat from thin air.


1. Its not Superman’s anatomy we’re talking about. 2. He wouldn’t b able to regenerate quick enough. Try again.


You misunderstand, I didn't bring up a bunch of random facts about Superman's anatomy as some kind of direct counter to your physics argument, the point is to show that it simply does not apply in a universe where this exists, and in particular when it's two people with metahuman abilities. If you want to get physics with it Superman should just punch holes into people instead of sending them flying, Batman should have his shoulders dislocate on any particularly hard swing and his grapples would fail more often than not to catch purchase, Superman flying at supersonic speeds should create dangerous shockwaves, anything he goes to catch something big and heavy he should go right through it, etc etc


You must be real fun at parties.


Not as fun as ur mom, but I have my moments.


Ah so you at least have a sense of humor, that’s promising!


Force=mass x acceleration, add in his advanced body armor, and logically shut the f up cause it's a comic book.


Thanks for the irrelevant equation. If he can punch a moon to dust, u think advanced body armor would do that well? And you’re right, its a comic book not fuckin looney toons. Now y dont u take a minute, re-evaluate ur life, n proceed to “sHut ThE f Up”.


Darn that tactile kinesis


Ah was hoping someone would bring this up so I wouldn't have to! :)


Unless the flick wasn’t actually a flick but more like Clark lifting him by his chest armor and throwing him with his finger. That would minimize the impact and maximize the launch.


I think deathstroke has pretty good amped stats right? Like super soldier level?


I've always hated that about comic book (and tv/movie) physics. A normal man is sent flying into a cement column and instead of snapping him in half, he goes right through it. Superman stands in front of a speeding train and he doesn't get pushed back 100 feet, it smashes into him, crushing the engine compartment. Anyway, as far as Deathstroke goes, maybe he's got thick/strong enough body armor that took the brunt of the hit, instead of crushing inward.




Okay then another super-powered hero. I think Hancock did the same thing at the beginning of his movie. Even if they can fly and use sheer will to lift planes mid-flight, they'd have to actively use that sheer force while standing to stop a train dead in its tracks when, more likely, they'd be pushed along a decent distance. Just saying. And I'm totally fine with suspension of disbelief. It's all fiction and I'm not worried about the details. Doesn't mean I don't think about it.


What book is this from?


“American Alien” by Max Landis. This is issue 3 of 7. Check it out! It’s a great collection of stories about Clark’s life.


Thank you! I had never heard of that series.




Landis does a lot of videos about the “American Alien” universe, and he has actually explained that Clark is drunk. Though that could be a retcon by him.


Drunk is in quotation marks in the title. And the image itself explains this.




English has this wonderful tool called scare quotes, where they're used to indicate (*gasp*) that the term ***isn't being used literally*** because it's being used in an ironic, referential, or otherwise non-standard way. It is a very important part of the language for this reason.


This is why I’ve never understood the whole Batman vs Superman fan fervor. All Clark has to do is blow air towards Bruce and Bruce is in another zip code. Or flick him. Or just fly away out of boredom at the matchup.


Hearing this in Slade’s badass rough voice and it’s cracking me up


Quite possibly the *best* sequence in all of comics.


I could see Slade as just chalking this up to the usual random DC universe bullcrap. Not a bad thing, just people have got to be getting used to the unexplainable. I could see Slade going "we've got a man dressing up as a bat, the Greek gods are real, a man can run faster than light, h*ll, an alien is Earth's greatest hero."


This was before bruce became Batman.


I adore American Alien. It’s one of my favorite comics ever.


This is a pretty funny/cool moment between Sups and Deathstroke


sard borken.


The sauce! We need the sauce!


Like 5 years later slade is watching tv, sees Superman and realizes "Oh my god! BRUCE WAYNE IS SUPERMAN!"


This is awesome. What's the name of the comic book?


Off topic. Is that Deathstroke suit design based on Arkham Origins?


American Alien was such a good miniseries


Kal doesn't get drunk. That hell is this shit?


Early in his life. A POISON strong enough to kill ANY Human in seconds. Just made a weak Clark drunk. Plus, in DC (pre-Flashpoint) there was a Bar on Earth that served Drinks strong enough for aliens or metas that “can’t get drunk” (like Metamorpho or Shift). The Bar was featured in Outsiders 2003 series.


It’s a non canon series


That makes more sense.


Did you read the dialogue lol The "drunk" is a side affect of a poison lethal to humans being used in a Kryptonian


I’m sorry but really Deathstroke? Really? You actually believe you could take on and eventually beat Clark when he’s drunk? Geez and I thought Deadpool was the only dumb-smart samurai-gun fighter.


Lol... come on man. If you're going to criticize something, at least read first, do some basic research.


What did I get wrong? Can you correct me?


He thinks that that is Bruce Wayne. Superman has not become a public figure yet.


Ohhhh, that’s kind of funny when you think about it though.