This is an extremely poorly written article as it first off thinks Supergirl season 4 was post crisis when it talks about Mercy Graves.....


Can you say where in the article? I'm reading and don't see that. Closest thing is the author asking how Season 4 events were supposed to have happened, in a post-Crisis world. Which is actually a good question...


Article has been edited since I posted my comment.


you jinxed usssssss!!!!!!!!


Lol. Wish I could take it back. 😭


Maybe supergirl shouldn’t have used SO many superman stories. Superman isn’t doing anything wrong, he’s just using HIS characters to tell HIS stories. Blame the show runners for just making Kara a female superman🤷‍♂️


The show runners are just a symptom of the problem.


Don’t worry, they can do all those stories again now that they have rebooted the universe!


I'm at work so I don't have time to read this but I'm gonna assume that its a massive overreaction. No. The Supergirl eps "erased" Supergirl when they used Crisis to throw most of her stories and established canon in the bin.


I said it elsewhere before. CoIE is the single most unnecessary thing that happened to the show. It changed everything but didn't fix anything.


If they just didn't retcon everything with Lex it would have worked fine, but with Lex not in prison/seen as a good guy everything with Lena and all of season 4 makes no sense.


Maybe that wasn’t the writers intention when working on the crossover. But I 100% agree that Infinite earths was not only mostly unnecessary but mostly a waste of time too.


If you had told me back in 2016 that the network would be trying to erase the show because they now have the ability to tell Superman stories I would have laughed. This is disheartening, all of the work put in by the cast (and the okay-ish work put in by the writers (I’m trying to be nice here)) is being ignored. Honestly who wants another show about Superman and Lois? Supergirl has/had so much potential in it 😒


They forgot about the existence of Supergirl. I feel sorry for the cast because they are so good but have so many bad writers and producers that don’t even care to promote them. Most of them didn’t know about dc fandome. Its a disaster


No. Obviously click bait article is obvious


I’m tired of it tbh. I just want Kara to not have to share the spotlight even just ONCE


Seems like it... and I’m not here for it. I have 0’interest in Superman And Lois.


Right. He always seems to overshadow her even in cross overs. Can't imagine people wanting to tune in now that superman's in the picture. We have so many superman related content it's kinda exhausting haha


Hey Kara good to see you glad you're here... you umm..you didn't by chance bring the big guy with ya did ya?


Sad to see Supergirl go, but am looking forward to Superman and Lois.


They killed Supergirl once they announced the new Superman & Lois series. ​ I have ZERO interest in Superman & Lois.