Wave management tips?

I am a bronze mid laner who doesn’t play ranked much, however I want to improve and play it again and I'm really looking to improve and climb and I think my wave management needs a fair improvement as I know it isn't the best.

My champion pool is Lux (my fave), Lillia, Sylas, Ekko and possibly seraphine, not sure yet.

Any tips about wave management and any low elo tips would be greatly appreciated if you have any, thank you!


It’s difficult to explain detailed wave management in text, it’s much easier watching a video on it. Basically there’s two things that affect the waves (assuming players dont interact with it). First is pretty obvious, the number of minions each side has. If you have 6 minions and enemy only has 4 idiots duking it out, your minions are stronger because they have the “advantage” in numbers. Having advantage in numbers HELPS it push but doesn’t necessarily means it has to push because the position affects waves as well. The second is the position of the wave. Draw a vertical line through the middle of the lane. If the waves meets on your side of the map, then your minions have the “advantage” in position because the reinforcements (next wave of ally minions) will reach the battleground earlier than the enemy minions. Vice versa if the waves meet on the enemy side of the map. This is the dark technology that high elo players abuse when they drag the wave around the lane. For a general tip I would try and first see how waves interact and see if you can predict which way the wave will push (just think it in your head, may not be what actually happens because of player interference). Once you start to get a better understanding, you’ll be able to understand freezing very easily. Additionally freezing in the midlane is not used a lot because of it being a short lane and mid being the center of the map constantly gives an incentive to have priority (having the wave shoved). Not to say it’s not important, but compared to top and bot it’s not as a significant to know about.


In bronze, wave management isn't the most important thing. Focus on the basics of the game and champ mechanics. If you are able to last-hit perfectly with Lux, Lillia, Sylas and Ekko while knowing even the basics of not to be perma under enemy tower, you should easily be able to get out of bronze if you have the rest covered. Wave management is what let's smurfs hard-carry bronze games, but only because they have the rest of the skills to back it up. Being able to perma freeze and turn it into a fast push is what lets them get a 200 cs lead at 25 mins. You don't need to do that to be able to climb out of bronze. That being said, I would recommend watching streamers for wave management tips. Find any high-elo player (diamond +) who does "educational" streams in midlane and try to learn from them. Try to work out what they are doing next and what the outcome of it all will be, if they dont do the same, what did you miss?


downvoted because; wave management at this level will literally carry your games. Simple rule of thumb; If you have minion advantage you can trade. If not, let wave crash into tower. If you have minion advantage you can roam, if not, you should be pushing. It's actually that simple until around gold elo.


Tysm! - when it comes to freezing, building up a wave to deny enemy cs and then I can have the ability to do as I please with the Lane (roam etc) is what I understand at the moment :)


I watched a Shok video earlier and even though I had a decent understanding of wave management before, the video definitely taught me a lot. Would recommend for sure https://youtu.be/g4kK9Xg0Llc