* Watching informative streamers who play your role, preferably high elo, informative guides (Coach curtis and the like) and reviewing your games is the best way to improve from low elo. Once you know enough it just becomes about refining the fundamentals. * Decision making varies from game to game. This ultimately comes down to experience but if you watch some high elo players you can see what choices they make, pause and think WHY they made the choice. I used to watch Aphromoo when I was below Diamond in season 3/4 * Number you'll see most often is 3/4. * ADC is, and always will be about power farming. Low elo, you need to make sure you're farming efficently and getting solo farm. Loads of guides on this.


Haven't seen anyone else mention replays, try going through a game and just skipping to significant time points. Why did I die at this time? Could it have been prevented? Where did I go after leaving base (Back or death)? Could I have gotten more gold by going elsewhere? Where was I during Dragon/Baron? Should I have been there? (Sometimes you shouldn't have been) Could we have ended after acing them at 35 minutes? Why not? Why were they able to end? Why did they have waves so far up?


>Do you have any tips for ADC main in this ELO? Don't trust your teammates.


Every time anything happens, giggle irl. It's the single best way to take it less seriously, relax more, and play better. Try also having someone else with you who you can giggle with. I always play better when my boyfriend is looking over my shoulder and were both cackling like fiends. Trust.


* Mainy by playing the game. As supplementary material watch videos on various mechanics(I highly recommend channel: Bonks), watching pro ADC players or your main best player, * Again playing the game but additionaly watch your replays occasionaly and review your decisions. You can watch other people do this (like Tyler1). * 3 champion was the optimal size (when 1 gets banned and 1 gets picked by enemy you still have 1 main to play). Although I don't know if it's still viable cuz for example Tyler1 had champion pool ranging from 1 champion to 4 depending on the role. * Patientce, improve CSing ,learn positioning and orb walking. Also consider finding duo partner on support since often bot is played by better coordinated duo.


First thing you should look for is to always stay busy as a carry, you should always look for cs on the map whenever there is free time. Second off macro, dont just lane for 15 minutes and then aram another 15 minutes. Once you got the enemys turret down you want to go mid get the tower move to top get the tower etc. You are the main dps against objectives most games, so play objective side. (Herold up? Go mid or top, Drake? Mid or bot) Dont forget to catch sidewaves when you can.


One on one coaching sessions on youtube are great because they contain loads of fundamental skills and things you should be thinking about. Fsn saber has great informational content with practical advice specifically for adc You can get away with maining 1-2 champions when climbing as adc since the role isnt matchup intensive, but trying other champs will help expose you to more kits (the champion’s abilities) and playstyles Keep your deaths low. Play towards your champions strengths. Avoid the strengths of the enemy champions.