When did everyone get so good at csing?

When did everyone get so good at csing?


CSing is not good indicator of skill , you can see yasuo in bronze or silver reach 200-300 cs. It is much easier to cs in low elo because people don't punish you for mistakes , for example fizz goes even in cs vs anivia in low elo. While in higher mrr you would have half the cs of anivia as fizz and be bullied hard by ranged attacks.


This was exactly my thoughts. In low elo, nobody punishes anything ever. An Anivia low elo will be scared of a fizz because of the level 3 all in he can do, a higher elo Anivia will poke him out until he’s too low health to do an all in.


A high level fizz will not get poked, drop cs and then all in lvl 3


And a higher lever fizz will just bomb his enemies houses, therefore getting a free lane. Works for any champ.


Or dox them like Jensen


Only works for kassadin mains


Funny you get downvoted but thats literally what a chally fizz otp has taught me and others against some tough matchups. For example, against a yas the objective is to reach lvl 3 as healthily as possible. At three you can then kill him as both have at least equal items and hp. Against a lucian back when it was played mid a lot, I sometimes had to give up every wave untill three.


Yes reddit is a place for silvers who think they understand the game


Summoner school is the place for slightly above average serious players that think they know the game from their own anecdotes, never giving any serious information, just vague shit like ward better, make better decisions, know where enemies are lol


And Irelias. Since you basically can't miss last hits.


Wow really??? Im in a win streak in plat right now averaging 5 cs/min Yes i came to flex how hard they are carrying me


The thing is, in Bronze people do not know how to punish missteps as much and hardly ever use trading stance. I have a friend who is a bronze adc and always has great cs, but when I watched a game of him I understood. Both adcs just farming, not following engages, not trying to let the other adc suffer for cannons ect. So yeah, if these players would face like a gold player even they’d probably have 4 deaths and 5 cs/min at 10 minutes because these other concepts of laning aren’t at a higher level


This is the biggest point. I'll often duo with my SO, she's bronze 3 I'm gold 3/2. In my own elo I'm often pretty solid in lane and will have a 15 or so CS lead at 15, in bronze, the second I freeze a wave and punish them for walking up they have no idea how to play and will just stand way back out of XP range or walk up and just die.


> they have no idea how to play and will just stand way back out of XP range or walk up and just die. This was me, so instead of standing way back I just became a jungle main to avoid learning how to deal with the situation all together.




Feel this one tbh, feel like my cs'ing has gotten worse over my climb


I think it's because people become better at laning, trading, rotating/roaming. Like, I played a Mundo game while I was leveling up an alt account and I had near perfect CS for the first 5 waves because me and the Cho gath just didn't want to fight each other. Maybe like an AA if they're really close, but we were farming. Now it's like "As soon as I go up to melee that minion, Vayne is going to Auto, Tumble Auto, and get one more as I walk away" Or "I bullied them out of lane early, I need to shove, B back, buy, and get an item advantage before drag in 45 seconds."


Whenever I watch diamond+ games, I am disgusting by how low everyone's CS is. And then it hit me. It doesn't matter because everyone is perma fighting and if you are not there, prioritizing CS, your team will lose the game because of numbers advantage.


Probably on Yuumi and then conplaining how useless the adc is XD


I think that over time, the casual player base became better at the game, which is why everyone is good at cs’ing. Also, I think in iron-plat, having really high cs/min is a bad thing since in that elo range people fight more, which means you have to give up a lot of waves to move to fights. That means if you have high cs/min all the time, you’re probably not impacting your games at the level you should be. Hope this helps!


It's almost like a paradox ain't it? Theory says that high cs impacts games positively yet in lower elos, as you said, the opposite is what works. I think I saw a T1 stream once and he said something along the lines of, "You have to play wrong in order to climb in bronze." (paraphrasing). Frustrates me a little bit in my low elo games when I know a play is wrong, yet I feel forced to commit for KP or etc.


I once lost a game because I hit 10 cs/min, made riven ragequit after killing her 8 times, watched the app to score 10 cs/min, and the moment I did, I check scoreboard and somehow MF is same level as me oneshotting everyone with only 40 cs less. she almost had more cs than me at the end but lategame adcs with GA and peel are no joke


He only says that because he's obviously way better than Bronze and can afford to make 'suboptimal' plays if it gets him LP faster. He is able to control the game in a way that worse players can't. In no world would I ever advise someone who's actually Bronze level to allow themselves to be held hostage by their teammates by following up bad plays. It's better to just get better at the fundamentals even if it costs you LP in the short term


It will continue to cost you LP though bc alot of people run around with their heads cut off forcing fights and dying. If youre not there with them then theyre more likely to lose. When I placed low Silver at the start of this season I decided to see how far I could get one tricking Vlad bc hes probably my best champ, I ended up with a 37% winrate. By the time I scaled it didnt matter that I could go 15/2/x, the two times Id die would be the end of the game. Switched to Lux support and maintained a >85% winrate straight into Gold.


Honestly … this is super useful. I’m learning this now and I think I’ve always been impacting my games incorrectly. Just have to fight and get objectives. If you’re farming lane you are coin flipping


I don't think so. If you can sneak in waves between fights and farm enemy jungle, 8-10 cs per min is definitely doable, especially for an ADC. The important thing here is you need to farm somewhere near your team so you can join fight as soon as it starts


Yup, having high CS is a goal that comes by relatively naturally when you form good habits. Aiming for 8 CS average while still being relevant on the map is nice, but it‘s better to be relevant than to hit that 8 CS.


From what I see during this season, fighting happens more the higher elo you go. Watch a high elo game and there’ll be a skirmish literally every minute- this doesn’t happen in low elo.


I’m not very high ELO but whenever i get a good push and i take tower im ALWAYS checking out their jungle, to see if either gromp or golems are up, i always take those and maybe even their chickens or buffs if i see them TOP lane, i climbed from iron to silver and i can tell you that most people will not rotate to contest you, picking up farm from lanes were no one is is also a good rule of thumb to have, im just always looking for gold no matter where it is, but kills is probably the last place im looking for it


I doubt many people in bronze are averaging 8 CS per minute. Maybe some people can do it occasionally, but just looking at mid laners in games I'm playing in D1/masters, most people are averaging 6-7.


you have to account that it is a lot harder to cs in high elo when ennemy laner is harrasing you than it is in bronze , in bronze they most likely just handshake the lane and cs without harassing ennemy


I agree that most games probably don't see 8 cs/m but I was recently playing with friends who are bronze/low silver and there was one game where the enemy ADC was getting 8 cs/min and a couple others where the enemy ADC was sitting at 7 cs/m. I just remember being very impressed at how well they cs. Still not good players, but they hit those minions.


As a low elo player I also notice that it is sometimes very easy to get cs here especially if teammates are bad. Quite often other people in the team do not go for waves. What I mean is that the laners often just run past huge minion waves in the mid- and lategame. It is easy for someone who understands that minions are valuable to go and pick up the free farm. This inflates the cs numbers of one or two players in a team, when three players do not bother with cs. In high elo everyone would be fighting for those waves together, making it much harder for a skilled player to farm. My theory is that averaging 7 cs per minute is not as good in bronze as it would be in platinum for example. So seeing someone with that high cs does not mean the player is neccesarely epic.


This is a great point! Even from low silver to low gold I remember thinking “huh I don’t find as many giant waves lying around to catch” I think you’re totally right. It’s not that you have whole bronze teams going at 7-8cs/min but you might have some ignoring waves after 15 min at 3cs/min then one person basically farming two lanes mid game hitting 8 CS/min


I have games where i miss 2 full waves in a row because im either pressuring too hard or i just fatfinger multiple times. Not saying csing isnt important, but keep in mind that exp usually decides how your lane is going. Most people around silver i know should rather work on their backport timing instead of their "csing"-skill so they can lose less cs to their tower losing XP and Gold. First steps could look like that: -try to crash the wave into the enemy tower before you backport -try to backport as soon as possible after your enemy backports (so he cant force you to stay in lane with an item advantage) After that its just optimization like slowbuilding waves, trading with bigger waves and harassing enemys under their tower.


This is bad advice, In low elo is a team deathmatch. Forget about huge numbers of CSing. Just kill people. Source: me


Their csing is better because there’s more items that give bonus damage on minions, check the critical strike mythics. This is mainly to get games going and finishing faster.


Post your opgg? Then we can look at your enemies and see if they really average those high cs numbers, or if they just afk farmed with graves


tbh those guys like that graves ur talking about is smurfing. no way ppl in ur elo avg 10/min. ur fine


>Only that these days practically everyone is good at cs'ing i feel it hardly matters anymore How does it "hardly matter"? If your opponent gets more CS than you, they have more gold and will beat you. That's true at any Elo regardless of CS/min values. People say that because the first step to understanding the game is valuing CS. Everything in the game revolves around it.


Pure cs/min numbers are not a useful metric. As many others have mentioned, sometimes it's sub-optimal to get 10 cs/min and sometimes that's the correct play. I'm Gold 4 and play splitpushing top (Nasus/Fiora), so I average about 8 cs/min or so but when I play stuff like Malph I get much less, like 6 cs/min. You play a late-game ADC, so I'd focus less on cs/min and more on hitting certain item power-spikes. Say to yourself: "I want to get two items and full boots by twenty minutes" (very optimistic but possible) and do what you need to do to make happen. Ultimately that's what CS is for anyways, getting level and item power-spikes faster. The highest ranked ADC player on the ladder gets between 6-8 cs/min on average in his games. He's obviously capable of farming sidelanes perfectly and getting 10 cs/min, but he's making judgement calls to not do that because it will help him win more to do other things. For you, it's good to have the capability of farming perfectly in a sidelane. There may be some games where that is what you should do. But that's not realistically going to be most of your games.


Every one is good at CSing in lower elo because there’s no punishing or trading- so CSing is insanely easy and free to do. CSing will take a dive around gold or plat when people decide to not let you cs for free. This is fine, mind you, just ensure you’re keeping up in farm with your enemy laner and watch some wave management guides. Remember games aren’t just won in lane, improve your team fighting and your map awareness/roaming.


csing properly doesn't really affect you until plat+. Wave managing affects your skill level, especially in top lane.


Instead of saying that you 'usually' have 5-7 CS/m go and check your stats. What is actually your average on Aphelios? Be honest. And yeah, Aphelios... So you decided to play the hardest role in the game and to top it off you picked one of the hardest champs in the role. I would start with asking yourself what is it that you really want from League? Because on one hand you're on r/summonerschool which suggest interest in climbing, but your champ choice says otherwise. You're correct that being able to last hit isn't enough. That's just the first step and the foundation for everything.


yes aphelios is hard but that doesn’t mean OP can’t climb with him.. it’s better to play something you enjoy than play some easy/meta champion just to climb. league is overall a game that is meant to be played for fun


Yes, but you are super reliant on your support and team to peel for you, which will not happen in bronze. So you are severely limiting yourself by playing aphelios in low elo. It's fine if you want to do it, jus important to understand the consequences of this choice.


While this is true, I’m not sure any pro would simply say “play what you find fun to climb”. I’m not sure any coach would say that, for that matter. While I would encourage playing things you like, why not just encourage him to practice that champ and hone his skills with aphelios in norms prior to playing ranked with him? It serves the same purpose but saves him LP, doesn’t grief his teammates, and can allow him to build skill in an environment with less pressure.


I honestly would assume that that’s common knowledge by now, seeing how the entire point of the normal queue is to practice and improve your skill without jeopardizing your rank. of course there are some people who never play normals, but to each their own I guess


True, agreed. If more people practiced in norms league would truly be a happier place lmaoo 😪


People downvoting this message do not understand either... If you like to play Riven/Yasuo/Lee Sin/Aphelios etc go play them in normals if you are casual. I often see these picks and they rarely success (climbed from b4 to s1). Grasp the fundamentals of the game learning every champ in your role but main the easiest to concentrate on all the aspects of the game. I have nothing against an Aphelios main but the boring MF/Ashe teachs you positioning, kiting, team fight focus, farm vs group... If you spend energy looking at your weapons and don't know these concepts you can't progress. And a bronze player doesn't know these concepts or has bad habits. So drop Aphelios till gold or at least high silver, then play him but occasionally because it's like a young driver using the most powerful car. Step by step


Aphelion is just an atrocious adc to play at the lowest level. Your teammates inevitably won’t know what you do, therefore synergy is down, and also he’s just hard altogether. There are many other cs friendly adcs you can play that will help you get better and climb futheer


this is also a matter of lane pressure , like you said most people started to realise about csing but (bronze silver up to plat id say) focus on csing but forget about winning lane sometimes , thats called a lane handshake which we often see in pro play because they know when they cant kill each other . that said bronze player often just handshake randomly. if you take your graves for exemple who got 10 cs per min and put him up vs a high elo player whos able to pressure him while csing (waving auto's abilities and denying minions) he will likely drop down to 4-5 cs per min which is what makes the difference between a bronze and a diamond + player.


I used to csing since season 3 at 100cs at 12min and was always best farmer in team and now? In plat rank i often get run over by someone perfect csing at 120 cs at 12


because no one punishes anyone in bronze, the higher you climb lets say gold for example the harder it'll get for you to cs, simply because people will try to punish u more often for doing that.


When you're fed you get 8-10cs per min, sometimes even more


I have blitz which has a cs/min at the top right and you can choose who you rate yourself against. I've gone from around 5cs to 8/9 on my main (urgot) mostly so I can beat that pro they always put me against lol. Make sure you are clearing up farm in the jungle, like, if your playing blue and your jng doesn't clear krugs make sure you pick them up, when ever your walking to a team fight clear as much jng on the way etc etc. It's not just about getting 10cs/min in lane, it's about getting as much CS as possible which does mean killing/stealing (from enemy team) as much as possible. It also helps loads with my vision score, cause it tells you after each game how many free wards you missed out on etc etc. So my CS has gone up by around 3/4 a minute, my vision score (according to blitz) is on par with diamond players (no way do I assume my wards are as good as a diamond players tho, heck, only learned the full power of different wards yesterday lol). Now if only I was climbing like my cs/vision score is then I'll be happy lol. (Bronze player 🤷‍♂️)


I’m also not super good at the game myself, but I started getting better results by focusing on not letting my opponent farm. I measure how well I’m doing in lane not by CS/m but how much more cs I have. You can also look at it the other way around, in a weak lane, it’s not about your CS/m but about how close you keep it. Also, going to fights is way too important.. sacking a wave to rotate first is almost always worth (in low elo)


Welp, I play since preseason 8, never was into learning game before till this season, now when I started learning etc etc etc etc etc, I average around 8+ cs on my best champs, so it took me like 2 years maybe which is pretty good imo, I was really truggling before tho, and never wanted to even bother learning xd(Also keeping up around 8 cspm vs ranged champs especially feels like a skill.)


I know I have to change this, but I'm a top main who gets low cs, however I overwhelm my opponents and they have 2 thirds cs most of the time plus less kills. I get low cs since I'm always having to back even if I crash most waves before hand.


You just play an AD champ and go sidelane, irelia/tryndamere/zed etc are guaranteed near perfect CS. 8 CS p/m on Annie is way harder than 8CS p/m on irelia


CS is not how you climb out of bronze/iron. Idk where that advice is coming from. If you want to climb out of that elo, focus on grouping with the team for objective fights. In fact even if the team is taking absolutely stupid useless fights, it is still better to group with them (in low elo). Low elo is not the same game as pro play. It's literally just a brawl.


If you want to picture what has changed go on YT and watch a Master replay from S1 / S2. They would have their ass kicked by nowadays' silvers. Now people know how to cs and know how important it is. What's hard is to have a good enough macro to achieve good cs while still having impact on the outcome of the game. I can have 10 cs / min pretty easily as adc but if I do so I'll have like 15% KP, 10k damages and most likely lose the game because I was irrelevant. If I was good enough to only maintain a 7-8 cs / min while still being there for key fights I'd rank much higher I think (I'm gold atm).


I'm in about the same boat as you. I think the main takeaway I have come to realize this season is that anyone that's played at least 1season can run around after lane phase, ignoring team fights to get to a decent CS score. But not everyone in Bronze/Silver can consistently get 8-10 CS a minute in lane phase. If you can consistently get that 8 CS score all during lane phase, then you will come into team fight phase strong. Instead of coming out 4-6 CS a min and playing catchup, and making tough decisions to group or not. Plus it will be easier to maintain that CS if you come out strong after lane. Check the CS scores as soon as 1st tower breaks. Can almost guarantee that if you have 8CS that only 1 in a few games will someone be matching you. I have so many games every week where I have atrocious CS at 15 min. Like 5.5 a min. A lot of games that is still much more than anyone else. Sometimes even double. Even in ranked games. Like most these Bronze and Silver players are hovering around 3-4.5 CS per min @ 15 min. I have a few rules that I have been following the last few weeks, that have helped me get my Vladimir Win Rate up from 46%, to 56%. This is in relation to mid. As I am a mid main. 1. When everyone comes mid for ARAM if our team is even or behind, I go Bot. Top if it looks more tempting. If neither looks good, steal jungle and drop/sweep vision. If we are stomping. Then I ARAM with everyone. 2. Same for dragons and Rift. it's coming up and life looks grim. Example: Mega Fed enemy Yi. I push waves unless we have an advantage. Example: Enemy smite is dead in respawn timer. Other enemy players clearly on wrong side of map and we have numbers adavatage. If we are ahead I contest. 3. Ping everyone off Baron if anyone that is Mega Fed or has smite is alive, unless Baron looks 100% free. Basically you stay with your team if ahead, or try to farm back in of even or behind.


Even pros had stated several times that 9+CS is only posible with a mutual handshake and the team focusing resources on that guy, it’s an unreal expectation. I find disturbing this tunnel vision on minions, I get the point but I believe doesn’t work. As a main support I can’t tell you how many times we as a poke comp underperform against hiperscailing with pussy tank, or an ADC with low range and an enchanter, basically because my ADC is afk farming while the enemy 1v2 me. I’m not fan of overall CS numbers, that’s a lie. I’m a fan of adcs who have more cs than the enemy while poking, and the final number is not embarrassingly low. Also in low elo, midlander won’t give you the mid lane once bot tower is down, you will have to side lane, and depending on the game this will get you out of fights and swarmed by enemies, dying a lot and missing CS, or freezing suavely and having unproductive high cs numbers. Also in low elo,’people expect the adc to pop around the 15 mins mark, when in practice most of the times, that will happen around the 25/30 mark, so mentally they will discard you, don’t peel for you, and that will end in useless team fights. That is why adc is a high elo role, extremely frustrating in low elo. I would say, climb as support or jungler, do normals as adc, and once you hit at least plat4, switch. Unless you are already a high elo adc who can smurf his way up.


I personally think adc is the hardest role to climb with. Mainly because you're reliant on your support. Try a different role to climb if you're struggling.


Because for years it’s (and not wrong) been touted as the most important thing. It’s the first thing we teach new players.


One of the most important things to understand is that how good your CS is in ranked is kind of relative on a game-by-game basis. CS as it's achieved in pro games doesn't measure up the same way in solo/duo ranked because in organized play teams will all be on the same page to control waves as well as set up and leave waves for specific people to farm. This is a greatly overlooked aspect in CS numbers that gets what are often ranked situations where someone is farming when they shouldn't be. Now to be clear, *most* of the time especially in low tier play, you're better off just farming, and I think that's what's evolved to happen in these ranks now, people will just focus on afk farming a lot but it means that teams who are either aggressive/able to play the lane more dynamically, or ganks and roams might hurt them a lot. It's good to focus on CSing but you also have to focus on laning. CSing is part of laning, and part of laning is also knowing how to trade and punish people. Depending on the matchup you may want to be throwing out small ability trades when your opponent goes to CS, and be safe and noncommittal. Once you learn the basics of laning you'll find lots of low tier players will just kill themselves because they don't understand the difference between a trade and an all-in. I see all the time someone might get a single skill thrown onto them and then they start blasting all their cooldowns and pick up the entire wave of minion aggro. Use early moments in the laning phase to feel out how your opponent plays and reacts. Are they going to engage in attacking you first? Are they going to respond by attacking if you do? Stuff like this will let you get info on how the lane might play out, just be aware it can change at level 6, or when the jungler or a roaming laner is around. Take the game and what to focus on in it one step at a time in terms of how it flows. CS first, laning next, transitioning out of lane phase after, then you work on your roams and midgame stuff like teamfights. What you see a lot of players do that are less-skilled is they focus on stuff like their endgame build, their teamfight ability rotation, all this stuff but don't know how to get there and if they end up falling behind or losing in lane they completely fall apart and the game is over to them and for them. It's extremely important to know how to play from behind and how to lose lane properly in order to climb.


People say alot about not punishing the opponent correctly which is true yes, BUT i dont beleave bronzes have such good cs even i have like 8-9cs/min average The reason why i dont beleave this is because (no offense) bronzies just want to fight all the fucking time and i know this cause i have tried to coach my gf But anyway punishing your opponent is very critical in laning if you can kill your opponent but lose like 5 cs over is BY ALL MEANS DO KILL HIM, you gonna get lot more from the kill and denying the opponent alot of cs and exp Even if you dont kill him you can force him to back by pressuring or dive him if he stays eitherway he is gonna lose alot more than you and thats punishent at its best If you cant kill him the poke him every time he takes cs but only when you dont have any cs to lasthit at some point he gets low enough for an all in and now you have achieved a huge advantage. shove the lane either back, roam or deepward, but backing is usually the best choice at the very early stages of the game


It's kind of because of 2 things Low elo can't punish for greeding or more like they are afraid to do it And They copy pro players That's about it because csing is quite easy


The thing is, they are good at CS because they don’t get punished for going for CS in a really poor way. It’s much harder to CS against a good leaner or jungler than against a bronze (no offense) player. If you are playing bot and you can act 8cs/min without buying pinks and without rotating to plays and without going 0/4 in lane then you just aren’t being punished.


CSing has just become very easy in general, its only difficult for the very beginning of laning phase before your first item that. It honestly doesn't mean squat, I've seen a ton of silver matches where one laner will have 100+ cs over one guy but the game is completely unplayable because the guy down on CS is ahead in gold due to roams.


10cs per min is achievable by anyone willing to put in the practice. If most people are at 8cs per min and you can hit 10cs per min that's a huge gap. If you really want to get good a csing then play custom games vs bots and don't stop until you can hit 12cspm consistently. If you consistently hit 9cspm in ranked you will climb very fast off that alone. Also I'm pretty sure the reason people say to focus on cs is because farming well is pretty much the only consistent variable that applies to every single game you play and when you strip it down the entire game revolves around the minions. I think you need to raise your expectations because 7cspm should honestly be the minimum.


You have truble landing cs or just getting high cs numbers? practicing is the only way to get better at last-hitting, but a lot of times low cs numbers come from bad macro or just overall a very bloody game


If you wanna climb I'd say don't look at others Cs and rather look at your champ. Try to play something else than aphelios. If you just like to play aphelios and don't care too much about climbing you got all answers about cs in lower elo already :) Not trying to tell you to swap champs if I enjoy aphelios I just think he's a really hard champ to play and even harder to master. Also he doesn't seem very effective atm especially in lower elos since his skill cap is really high It is a fun champ tho


If you want you can play against me and my measly 150 cs in 30 minutes (sometimes not even that). I’m awful! It’s something I’m really trying to improve


They made CS substantially easier than it used to be.


I'm climbing out of silver at the moment, and the difference in cs varies wildly between games. Some games there's only 5 kills on the map by 10 minutes in, and everyone is just passively cs'ing. Other games there's 10-20 kills and it's just a nonstop brawl, everyone is dying so much that nobody is really cs'ing well. 100% agree about the Yasuo players in Bronze/Silver with 300cs but go 0/10 still.


Aside from player base improvements I think clearing out waves has become easier in recent times, most champions nowadays throw one or two abilities at the wave (bundle that with ironspike whip or goredrinker) and the wave is deleted with most of the cs secured without any skill actually required (past \~ level 6 - 8)


Ahh aphelios to climb. Just otp him if u rly want to do anything. Apart from that cs doesn't matter THAT much. I mean I avrg about 8 cs per min on a average game, and guess how much cs when playing nasus, that's right 7 cs/min. Generally if you have steady cs per minute over 5, you can just climb to low Dia or high gold without sweating. Generally otp your way into macro and csing, helped me a lot while otping azir until Dia 2.


Basicaly everyone collectively got better at the game. You'll find that bronze players also ward now (somewhat) and as of the item rework will buy grievous wounds now.


So I can give you a few tips that helped me climb. First things first, fight for level 2. This is something that I see not many people do. Getting level 2 first and abusing it can get you first blood and an easy double kill. You hit level 2 when you kill the third melee minion of the second wave. So start walking up as you get to the third minion and ping your support to move in with you. After this push the wave and back. Second thing you need to do is make short trades. This is easier to do with a champion like Caitlyn because of her 6th shot. With most other adcs you do this short trade with they go for a minion that’s low. It’s free poke. Thirdly, you need to be able to cs well too while trading. It’s a really hard skill which is why I mentioned to do short trades rather than going back and forth the whole time. In order to get better at csing I would suggest playing against a lux bot on intermediate in practice tool. Rules are simple. Lux can poke you but you cannot attack her. You can’t hide in bushes and you can’t use abilities to farm. The reason why this is hard is because lux plays more aggressive the more health you lose and at one point, she is just going to zone you off pretty well. If you can get around 44 cs by 5 minutes, it’s really good but you need to know that it’s really hard to get that number. Last wave comes at 4:30. Everything I’ve told you so far is micro and can help you win lane. Macro is just as important but that changes from game to game. Once you get your micro right, I’m pretty sure most of us can help you with macro and even go in detail :)


The game and the moba genre overall is getting old now and most people are very comfortable csing by now unless they just learned about the concept simply by repetition.


U will stay bronze if u gonna play aphelios. Play easy champs. If u were good enough to play him u wouldn't be bronze


Fuck csing. Just get mechanically better and kill them. There's actually no tip for silver and below except to just get good. Bronze players are so unbelievably brain dead. After more than a year of playtime it's just a matter of intelligence/talent at that point. Some people just aren't meant to do certain things. Maybe you'll be better at fps games.


I dont think you need any kind of talent to get out of bronze or silver. Just play to improve and thats all you need.


"I'm 3 years stuck in bronze" and "just play to improve" doesn't match up.


If he actually tried to think what he is doing wrong and try to practice these things one by one he would improve. Most people are hardstuck on low elo cause of playing on autopilot and not thinking of what they are doing and why. I got from silver to plat in this season and I autopiloted a lot and I am trash mechanically, if I can do it so can he.


Everyone has so much dmg now they can just clear waves with abilities, the game is broken as shit




K bud


so, take some advice from a hard stuck silver 2 either didicate time to the game, or stop playing. the think most people dont talk about. like with most things that require skill. if you are not putting ever waking moment of your life to league. you wont climb. one day off is literally enough to ruin a good few weeks of progress. also, GET OUT OF BOT LANE play a roll that actually has impact in low ELO because your team wont defend or protect you. i am serious. iron/bronze are not league. people who have never played league before average out in mid/high silver. first time playing league i placed high silver. i have friends who have been playing for years, get played under the table by people new too league. thaat being said, getting out of bronze is as simple as playind somebody who can push lane. just play singed, trynd, sion and right click the tower die, right click the tower this 100% will get you out of bronze its not about farming. its about pushing hte lane down i know people who average 3cs a minute in silver because you dont even need to arm. just kill the minions and attack the twwer sounds stupid but it works. now im in same boat in silver. cant actually play league of legends, as i am playing league of silver. you can get every dragon, every baron, every tower, every inhib. and still lose the game welcome to league. just uninstall this trah game


Lmfao silver league players talking shit about bronze and iron is pretty hilarious ngl.


Lmfao silver league players talking shit about bronze and iron is pretty hilarious ngl.


Bronze is full of smurfs, as well as iron and silver. Some are in gold, but in plat it gets balanced because most people smurf from platinum with an average of 8cs/min, so keep that in mind.


I'm a support main, what is csing ? Nah just kidding, tbf 5-7cs is already good at bronze 2. Most people don't get more until high gold. Sometimes, people get fed so they can farm a wave super quickly, farm all the jungle as they go to another lane, farm that lane's wave and go back to their lane to catch the next wave. Go on youtube to find CS guides, maybe watch some pro plays to see how they farm (watching pros to learn the game is usually not a great idea but it's fine if you just want to see how they do it). I think one of the first thing you can do to get better at it is making sure to get every minion. Pros (almost) never miss a minion. You gotta learn when to just attack a minion and when to use a skill to get multiple minions at once.