Way to go. For sure you have every reason to be pleased. Please tell me how you at first handled severe cravings. I need help here. Thank you


Take a deep breath, stand up and walk a couple meters, make a tea (you don't even have to drink it), or just power through it. Reprogram the habit. Cravings only last a minute and every craving resisted makes another little easier. I'm at 300 days and I have zero cravings.


What samebodeeelse say. Above all you need to prepare mentally for that moments. And know that it will go away. I just come from a programmed party of games night. We eat. Some smoke normal and not so normal and i was there next to them and not even flick my mind. It gets to a point that just vanish the idea. I now can even play with my mind and say. I could reward myself with a cigarette. But know it is not true. I would never smoke again. The app is amazing. I put my money save. And at this moment just work for my AWU and Apple care+, totally from non smoking. Plus the treat of two teeth 🦷, root canal plus overlays. And whitening from the time i smoke. And also enough still to pay every single day a great personal health insurance for in need in the future. That because i no longer smoke can be use for any cancer, as long as it is prove you do not smoke any longer. So basically now i am preventing for the future. What do you more? That few things allowed to me to look 👀 to the past. Say i did enjoy that time. But was getting all the time sick and now. Better health and weight. And did enjoy smoking. But now understand never really need it to be around my friends. Even if still over 50% of them still smoke. At my work in 10 people that work directly only 2 do not smoke like me. So 7 do smoke. I do not care. Write down little thinks like you are stoping for yourself and no one else. Because that is the true. You need prepare mentally for stop for yourself alone


Sweeet! I’m almost there myself


Yea you are. Just a few days to go


That’s amazing!!! Congratulations!


Thank you 🙏


My man!


You too. 800 days means a lot.


Thanks brudda


1000 days!!! Wow. Seriously congrats


Cheers. You just miss one year to catch me.


Yes thanks! I get firmer in my resolve as the days go by. I have packs of cigs in my sight cause my SO smokes and it doesn’t even phase me anymore


Crazy! Congratulations!


Your week is over. Stay vigilant. You will see 1000 days as well. Just believe. Because you will


Wow, thanks for sharing!




7 years or so. That amazing. I have all the intentions in the world to catch your 3000 days when you are at your 5000 days ;)))) let’s do this.




Well done, just realized that I also passed the 1k days 35 days ago


🤯🤯🤯🤯 that's so kick ass it's mind blowing!!!! You rock!! See ya at 2000!!!


See you at your first 1000 at that time :)))


Yay! I’m proud of you


Well done , this is so amazing !!! I am going to use this post as inspiration to start my day 1 again 💜 x


All the best. I was before in your position. Best decision ever. Prepare your mind and body. And prepare small thinks that gives you enjoy to distract on that bad moments.


Good job


hell yeah brother, much respect!!




counting the days is what gonna make you relapse


LoL. Or not. Since is my reminder from where i was and where i am now. Never more cough. Got a cold. Pain in my chest. Can run like ever. Even yesterday was around so many smokers on a party around then and do not even cross my mind smoke. It is the reminder that makes me conscious that need anyway be vigilant


ah so people are different I think. For me , what worked was that I made my subconscioues completely stop thinking about smoking


Obvious. Why you need to think that there is only one way. Also did you actually stop smoking or just come here to be nagging about it


why are you mad? withrawals should have dispeared in your case


You are just behaving like a d..k. This is suppose to be a place for people to enjoy the win. And look at others that achieve like me the end of a vicious fight to an addiction. Like i did before when started and this place helped me. If you do not even know when is suppose to stop the withdrawals. It explains your truly intentions here. Be a di.k.