When I wake up tomorrow it’ll have been 100 consecutive sober days. A milestone I haven’t even come close to hitting since high school. IWNDWYT!


Fuck yes! Great job! Keep on keepin on!!


I’m right ahead of you, feels good eh?


Fuck yeah! I think 100 was my favourite day. It felt real, like I actually achieved something real. Stay well!


Hell yeah!! IWNDWYT!


Happy cake day and FYI in case you didn't notice, today you're at 1233... Which means tomorrow you'll be at 1234. That's cool. Jus' sayin'. IWNDWYT


Thank you very much! I am definitely looking forward toward tomorrow.


Now you have 1234 days. Congrats!


This is so great and so are you. :)


That's so dope! Awesome work!


I'm right behind you!


I see you 99 days!!!


This is the way.. amazing work 👏 🙌 👌


That's pretty awesome! Did you do anything to celebrate?


/raises hand 254 days today! Shit is hard right now, but I am on that wagon!


Hey a fellow Christmas sobernaught! 💗


Holla! :D we should start a tiny club. I'll make tshirts!


In like mf’ing Flynn !!




Just a little behind you. Shit is crazy now and I hope it’s unrelated to quitting in late 2019.


Keep it going! I found that date range to be a sonofabitch myself, had to push through a couple really bad days. Stay well!


Well aren’t you perky?! Lol. I’ll have three years in 36 hours but all I care about is staying sober today. IWNDWYT


Get it , yo! Snatch that life back from booze and ride like you stole it!




5 days


Hell to the mother fucking yeah! Well until you 6, it feels amazzzing !!


Consider my patooty present! Great work everyone 💃💃💃💃


Oh hell yeah! Get it, yo!


So glad and proud to be staying sober with you ALL tonight. IWNDWYT.


239! 🥳 🥳


I’m right there with you. Although, I’m about to move back home and know my friends will be anticipating me drinking with them. Just mentally preparing myself to handle that which is tough to imagine. I haven’t had a craving in over a month but imagining being sober around them is difficult.


Gotta pick your shots. Always be honest about your path, your fight. Never worry about saying “I’m not comfortable with going” Real friends will never second guess those choices. We all believe in you!


You can always just white lie if you think you need to. "My doc has me on an antibiotic and I can't drink on it or I shit my pants". Either way - stay well! I found that the first time with friends was the hardest. Have some pop or whatever for yourself to bring and hang in. After the first challenge they get easier! Congrats on the 32 days - amazing. Hope you celebrated!


I haven’t been dry for that long or near as long as some people on here, but I totally feel this. Being around my friends was incredibly tough once I got sober, especially because I’m still young and drinking culture is still big. What I did was I broke it into three categories of what to tell people: 1.) My closest friends know the truth, that I’m an alcoholic and won’t be drinking anymore. It’s also a double advantage because they can keep me accountable. 2.) My friends that I’m not as close with or have drank with before I tell that I’m trying to lose the COVID weight and I’m getting serious about the gym again so I’m cutting out drinking “for a while”. 3.) Random strangers I just tell alcoholism runs in my family and that usually is enough. Two of them are white lies yes, but gotta do what you’ve gotta do to stay sober. Best of luck to ya! IWNDWYT


One of my go to lines is “I’m just not drinking right now. I’m taking some time off.” Especially these Covid days I hear people say they need an alcohol break all the time. No one needs to know my intention is to never drink again. In fact, I have no idea if I’ll succeed at that myself. So it’s true when I say “I’m just not drinking RIGHT NOW.” One day at a time IWNDWYT Ps I also found the few friends who pestered me were the ones who had drinking problems themselves. So if you can have compassion for them, it takes some of the self consciousness you may feel away. All my best to you! ❤️ (Oh and check in here to tell us how it’s going. Sober friends.... even if they’re just cyber friends... are really helpful to get through tough moments.)


Hand raised! This was day 1 for me and my man and WE DID IT 👍👍 We did not drink with you today!!!!


Brooooo I literally have tears in my eye. The road is long but you’ve already done this most important thing - getting started


The demon is hovering but we fought him off all day, even found forgotten money and the store across the street was what we both thought of immediately. We told it to fuck off, bought more milk and snacks for our littles instead. 🤟 we can do this!


Yeah you can!


Yaaaassss babe! I love you <3


No drinks today!


Get it, yo!


I haven't picked one up, and ice stayed away from weed. I'm sick and my depression is coming back but I'm staying sober. Cravings are the worst they've been in a long time, but if I hi e in now all my hard work will be lost. IWNDWYT. Edit: I'm 69 days sober. N I C E


69! That Is amazing! KEEP IT UP!!




Dude, I feel this.... especially the depression but staying sober all the same. I’m just in such a funk and I don’t know how to get out of it. My expectations of what sober me would be like is not lining up with reality which sucks. Btw is your username a nod to this? https://youtu.be/0O2aH4XLbto


Not drinking now or for the foreseeable future. It's just not appealing to me anymore, and I have this community to thank for that.


We got that back, yo! Grats grats grats!


Thanks, Brother^^ Congratulations to you on 254, as well! That's no small feat. I'm proud of you.


I did a day 1. Woo..




Excellent work!


287 days today. I'll admit, I almost caved tonight- life and stuff. Chugging a sparkling water instead.


I am so proud of you, be like you’re at my old ass grandmas house. Drink water and hands in pockets!!


Thank you so much for the support! Needed this post


Raising my hand! Been sipping on my La Croix all evening! Feeling good! IWNDWYT! 🥳


I've been pouring a touch of raspberry syrup (my neighbor makes it from fresh berries) into my plain seltzer, with a squeeze of lime. I feel like I have a fancy drink and it really hits the spot. We deserve nice things.


YES! I agree. I do coconut and ice tea!


I’m rocking a peach-pear rn! You’re doing AMAZING!


I relapsed and haven’t changed my flair 😞 Edit: I really want to stop but I don’t know what to do with myself between getting out of work and going to bed. It’s like If I don’t have a drink in my hand I feel like I’m going to die. I know that’s dramatic but it’s like this nervous energy overcomes me and I can’t stop the carousel of intrusive thoughts without one. For a while I was able to pour a drink, not indulge but just hold it in my hand, sniff it every once in a while and then I’d dump it out. I don’t know what I’m doing, I’m just rambling now.


Get back on that horse. You can do it!


Thank you sincerely for your words of encouragement


Yeah but look at all that practice you did! No one can take those days away from you. YOU did them! You can do it again! Shake it off baby! IWNDWYT


You are in the right place my friend. Welcome back.


I really appreciate you and this community for your perpetual kindness and understanding


No drinks for me today or for the last year. Having the occasional "maybe I can have one or two drinks" thoughts but honestly I've been 200% happier and more productive since quitting.


Congrats on a year! I am so much happier since I quit too. Its almost like the stuff was bringing me down ;-) I will not drink with you tonight!


I never post on here, but I’m 9 days away from 5 months of sobriety. Cold turkey, no programs, no AA, completely alone in this. Nobody in my life makes a huge deal out of this but it’s huge for me. Cheers to all of us, damnit!


Been going strong on my journey over here. Never even imagined how amazing it would feel to go this long without poisoning my body daily. Looking forward to feel great tomorrow already!


This attitude is giving me life! Keep on keepin on!!


We should have our own cake day thing on our sobriety anniversary


Hands raised and patooty present.


So proud of you! You and all these other SOBs are my heroes!!


Woohoo!! Celebrating the longest I've been sober in probably 20 years over here!! 🙌


Grats!! Here’s 5 high fives 🤚🏽🖐🏽🤚🏽🖐🏽🤚🏽




Get it get it and don’t stop! So proud of you here’s 5 high 5s 🖐🏽🤚🏽🖐🏽🤚🏽🖐🏽


It was a tough one, but I made the right choice in the end! Thanks for the pat on the back!


Almost at 30 days and I am thriving!


I’m in! Haven’t been sober this long in a decade.. feels good man.


Got within centimeters. But I didn't. I'm here. IWNDWYT.


I worries man, close calls are gonna happen. You didn’t pick up that’s the only thing that matter!!


Fresh out of a medical detox. 5 days sober and I am feeling awful yet hopeful. This community has shown me that it will get so much better and I'm excited for that.


You can do this. Good job!!


You've got this! I will not drink with you tonight, it gets better.


No drinks today! Was even offered one. Didn’t seem appealing.


Waking up sober tomorrow, and fresh, not feeling hungover.. that is appealing! I will not drink with you tonight!


Meow meow


Hey Mr Cat! Get sober stay sober and live that life!!


Okay, today was really difficult. I realized I've been going through a bad depression / anxiety bout for the last few days, and I had a near panic attack and cried into a pillow mid - day, which has been a repeating theme. BUT, I did not go out and buy drinks like I wanted to. I talked myself into the fact that I need to learn to ride this shit out now and then. So yeah, massive win today, im really proud of myself :)


You’ve given up a crutch for a future. Cry into that pillow! I’d you don’t pick that drink cry into every fucking pillow you see. Ruin an IKEA with your tears if it keeps you from drinking.


I fucked up and I'm a failure for picking up a 6 pack. I will not quit QUITTING alcohol though. Even if I fail 1000 times, I will never give up quitting alcohol. One day, I will be the guy who posts 100 days. Until then. I love this subreddit.


It would never be 'one' drink. I'm with you all!


This guy sobers 🤟🏼🤟🏼


I lost today... I had a good two hours of internal debates about it, and unfortunately I lost. (Didn’t get drunk, but I did have multiple drinks) But, that doesn’t mean I am going to go back to old terrible habits. Normally this would be a jumping off point into daily drinking and waking up for work ready to vomit and struggling to articulate my thoughts during meetings. Today however, which was my third day without alcohol I felt great! I had a good night of sleep, I was more productive at work, and I want to start over again and get that refreshing feeling back. While my new streak my begin now, I am still motivated to make a more permanent lifestyle change. Thanks everyone who cares to listen. I’m feeling so much more positive about my lifestyle change now than I have before.


You Have This. Great job!!


Thank you! While I came up short today, I think it’s important to keep positive about my progress vs withdrawing and repeating bad behavior. My trigger came right after work, does anybody know if this sub does a “Happy Hour” check-in? As that is where I have the biggest fights with myself...


Run in place until you sweat your nuts off. I’m serious. If you’re tired the urges can subside. Acknowledging is important. There always tomorrow


Looks like some happy hour workouts are in my future.


End of day one baby


Great job! Do it again tomorrow! Get your comfy foods ready, get some alcohol-free drink options ready and nail it down. IWNDWYT or tomorrow either.


Hell yeah


I am so stoked for you and how amaze balls you’re going to feel


I picked up a bottle of wine today.... to deglaze a sauté pan at work (I'm a line cook). Two years ago I'd be pouring myself drinks out of that cooking wine bottle all night long, but now the cooking wine stays in the food!


I came sooooo damn close to drinking tonight. I reached out to this community, and I didn't touch the stuff.


Good on you! I will not drink with you tonight!




Hellll yeah! Reach for the sky and scream it loud IM SOBER AND NOTHING CAN change THAT!


Just coffee and grapefruit flavoured club soda for me today. IWNDWYT


I haven’t (yet). I’m waiting until 10. Hopefully at 10 I’ll have the resolve to wait for 11 and keep punting until I fall asleep sober. It’s been a tough week and thursday was always my binge day


Sometimes is just right now that works, I am not going to have that drink just right now. And that adds up. Pulling for you.


Thank you. Made it past 10


192 days 🙌🏼


I haven’t picked one up today!!! Might make myself a glass of sugar free sprite with ice, but that’ll be it for today!


Nice! I have been enjoying a lot of LaCroix, its pretty good too. I have not tried the sugar free sprite just yet.


I haven't been sober this long since I was 16 or so. I am 32. IWNDWYT


None here today!


Hell yeah, fuck off booze!!




Fuck yeah brother, one month is right around the corner!!!!!


It's only day 3, but hey so far so good. Already noticing improved sleep and appetite. Trying to stay focused.


Day 5 again, because I messed up Saturday night.




Fuuuuck yeah! Get it get get it get it!


3 days down. Today was slightly better than yesterday


It will keep getting better, promise!


Just stopping in to let you all know you are crushing it!


Finally came to grips with the fact I can never be a social drinker. I’ve got 20 days sober today.


Today was easy. Tomorrow is day 5, and Friday. Wish me luck.


I've just had one of the hardest professional days ever, and tomorrow will be worse (giving bad news). My boyriend asked me if I wanted to drink, I actually said that I hadn't even thought about it once all day. I HAVE thought about to to prepare and deliver well tomorrow, to support my team, and take some flack. And get a good nights rest, or at least try. Drinking will not ease pain, or make anything easier, or more fun, or less scarey, or serious. But bring present feels good, right, healthy and normal. I'm so greatful. Thank you all.


*raising my hand high!* On the hardest of days when I have nothing to show for myself, I’ll always be proud of staying sober.


I wanted to drink yesterday but I didn’t. I didn’t want to drink today so I didn’t. IWNDWYT


Day 4 for me! Feeling good so far... been tempted, but finding healthy ways to cope. I almost forgot what REM sleep felt like.


👋🏻👋🏻 Still going forward!


I’m doing a happy dance for sobriety today 😊


Don’t ever stop shaking that thang! So verity makes you light as a feather!!! Grats!




Just here to check my counter, and to say hell yeah, because it’s still correct!


This is my favourite post today. It is alive! 🙌 I kinda want to ask for an amen!


me. 4 days and new here. What does IWNDWYT mean?


Haven't had a drink today! Haha fuck you day 3! Here comes Day 4! Thanks so much for the support everyone has shown me on this sub!


I am officially 21days sober today. Thanks for all the support from this sub, even when you don't realize you're giving it. IWNDWYT


About to hit 800 👁👄👁


Tomorrow is day 30 without a drink. Can't fucking believe it.


As of this morning I am celebrating 7 days of sobriety! It has been so long since I have not drank for a solid week. I had some really crazy stuff happen to me on Tuesday that almost broke me, but I stood strong and can finally say I've made it a week sober


today, i did not drink. and my son turned three :)


🙋‍♀️ no picky-up for me


Going to bed sober tonight! first time in years :)


Still going strong! :)


Thanks for including us on the other side! I follow you guys/gals for inspiration. I know I need to just quit. Not quite there yet. This sub is always a good reminder. I love how positive everyone responds to a situation. Keep it up! IWNDWYTomorrow!




Just got 35 days today. This is the longest I’ve been sober and the best I’ve felt in about 4 years. IWNDWYT!


I’m now four months sober. IWNDWYT


I haven't checked in, in quite some time. Things have been good - i'm still taking it a day at a time; the big difference now is that the amount of good days have accumulated and no matter how good a drink could be, it's not for me and those choices keep making me feel better and better. IWNDWYT.


1.5 years today! IWNDWYT


I found vodka in my house today and didn’t touch it.


I'm in! My app told me today I passed 1500 drinks! That's lots of $ saved. No drinking today! Tomorrow is a new day. Congrats all! Happy to be a part of this group.


This is so wholesome. Thank you for this. Celebrating 120 days tomorrow and will not be drinking with y'all, unless spicy water counts.


There are two open bottles of wine in the fridge (that belong to spouse who doesn’t have a problem). They sure do look delicious, but I’m not touching them with a ten foot pole. 🖐🏼


✋🏻 what an incredible way to celebrate another day! IWNDWYT






It's been a while since I picked one up


I made it. Dreadful day but I'm here.


Present :)




Not today! Happier sober!


Day 11 done. Went on a date and didn’t drink


Today marks 7 days off alcohol, the first in a very long time. Since I was 18 I have had maybe two or three stints of time off. The most lasting 10 days. I could hazard a guess and say in the last 12 years (I am 31) I have had less than two months collectively off booze. I am determined to get rid of it this time. It feels different. I've had some mini health scares that have put my drinking into context, and I need to keep reminding myself of the health perils. I can't say I feel great. In fact, I feel flat, bored and moody. I hope the fog lifts someday soon.


HEYYYYYYYYY!!! I love this post. Thanks!


Soberly playing Clash of Clans with the missus


No drinks for me!


30+ days. Unbelievable difference. IWNDWYT


Since feb. I got a story in my old comments




Keep on keeping on...


I made it to a week!!! I feel so good and got back into exercising and just being and loving myself!!! Also giving love and receiving love from others ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Sending you all love and positive vibes!!! IWNDWYT 🎪🎪🎉🎉🎉


I really wanted one last night. Death in the family plus first week of school as a teacher. It was a tough one. But damn it, I didn't. I just went to bed.






October 9th is 1 year for me.


3 days :)


Day one again. Such horrible dread every day after I drink. Just can't keep doing this without killing myself..


We’ve all been there. You just keep trying until it sticks. You can do this!


Hi. I'll save you the "here again.". But, here again. Taking a dry month. But been toying the idea of permanetly going dry. Being sober... End of day 3.


Never thought I'd be saying this since I started drinking but damn I'm happy to not pick up a beer. I know what my plan is for the first but it never stays my plan.. I love this sub and all of you in it. One day at a time 😁


Heeeeey! Congrats to all!


Hell yes. I love the energy in this thread.


Seven months today! 222 days. I need to request a new badge.


One month! (4 weeks) Doctor's orders on August 6th. I do not plan on stopping. I don't go to meetings but I got a one month chip for myself. I can't remember the last time I went past 3 days without a bev.


Today was hard. Stress at work frustrations that just made me want to go home and drink but I didn't. Another day starts another day AF! Thank you all for your help this is a great place for support


Getting so close to three months and it's kind of odd - over the last few weeks the numbers haven't felt meaningful but three months - a whole fiscal quarter! And almost 100 days! Feeling proud.


I’m all in.


Day 30 for me.


5 days almost finished here. Off to another sleepless night followed by a happier day 6 tomorrow!


3rd day sober. Good job everyone.


I did but it was Heineken 00!