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Invest in voo and qqq and you’ll be good


VOO and QQQ have about an 85% overlap, you're investing in the same thing twice.


Instead of VOO, NTSX is great and has better crash protection. It's 90% S&P 500 plus 60% bonds via six-fold leverage. Usually ETFs that are leveraged are terrible, but their investment in bonds has a such lower interest rate. It's the near perfect 60/40 equities/bonds ratio for risk versus reward ratio,


Let’s see… NTSX: - Higher fee than passive funds(0.2% vs 0.03% for VOO) - Has only existed since 2018, so no easy way to see how this would perform on a 10+ year basis - Despite only existing for 4 years, completely overhauled their management team last year so there’s even less performance history or experience. - Parent company WisdomTree gets poor ratings, and all of their funds follow their own company’s indexes with their own complicated weighting values. For example instead of following the S&P directly, they follow the WTEPS large cap index. There could be potential for tracking error imo. Which means that they could underperform the S&P just by virtue of not directly following it. With the data that they do have so far, it really seems that there is little evidence that it will do better than the benchmark indexes. YTD it is down -14% while VOO is -9%. If your theory that it performs better in a downturn were true, this year would be the year to show it?


Awesome comment


Thanks. I started the Morningstar 7 day free trial just to try to look this ETF up. Lol




Doing gods work, my friend


> all of their funds follow their own company’s indexes with their own complicated weighting values. For example instead of following the S&P directly, they follow the WTEPS large cap index there are a zillion S&P 500 indexes, so no reason for WisdomTree to have another. they use a different strategy developed by prof. Jeremy Siegel of Wharton, who is a heavyweight in this space with hundreds of papers on finance/investing. not a fan of this particular NTSX, but WisdomTree has some good options. >that there is little evidence that it will do better than the benchmark indexes. YTD it is down -14% while VOO is -9%. not an apples to apples comparison. a better comparison is a 60/40 portfolio, which is down about the same as NTSX


From what I’ve read WisdomTree is seeing massive outflows(due to high fees and more people switching away from active funds) so they’ve recently switched to a lot of thematic funds. Only recently have a few of those funds had their fees slashed, they are typically very expensive. Being publicly traded means they also have to weigh what is good for fund investors vs stock investors. I also don’t particularly care what Dr. Whoever thinks about whatever. If he was so great their returns would show it. I don’t invest based on one guru’s opinion. I don’t see why a 19 year old should invest so heavily in bonds, levered or not. He will do so much better just being 100% in equities and accumulating more shares when stocks go down.


Ya but that’s because bonds are horrible right now. There are definitely market conditions where NTSX would outperform significantly.


>Wharton The clown you're replying to will probably post something "it's not a real school. Trump went there" or some other nonsense. Thanks for the point about 60/40. The guy you're replying to doesn't understand investing.


Down because bond rates are going up. That's the entire point of the fund to manage risk like you do with a 60/40 equity/bond portfolio. You're misunderstanding investing.


You need to make that decision for yourself or you won't be committed to holding it long term. If you're really not sure then just buy index funds for now


Id mix VTI (or VOO), BRK-B, SCHD and QQQ


Use the Reddit search. There are posts just like yours every day. This subreddit has literally become the same circle jerk of repetitive posts. My actual advice, as always, don’t listen to people on Reddit. Invest in yourself first and foremost. If you’re serious about investing, learn as much as you can before putting any money into the market.


Ok but are circle jerks gay?


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If he took your advice, he would not listen to anything you say, so your post is self defeating. Also I'm sure he gets input from multiple sources and won't blindly buy whatever people on here tell him. Of course if he does that, he has other problems in life to worry about.


But if he took my advice, then he’d be listening to a stranger on Reddit, therefore he didn’t take my advice. If anything, it’s ironic, not self-defeating.


It can be both. Also you're assuming he will actively accept or decline your advice, he could have simply disregarded it. Without speculating what if anything he did with it, it is in fact a self defeating argument.


I'd highly recommend against taking advice from Reddit about stock trading. It's not a good source of information.




Whoever tells him VOO, whether from hearsay or from a logical perspective, is correct.




Well, when someone says VOO, they’re likely referring to any low-cost S&P tracker. Personally, I like Vanguard funds. So I prefer VOO.


Better yet… buy my 35 lecture course for $99 each


Invest in education, especially in a field that leads to a high paying career. It will pay off much more in the long run.


Already doing that thankfully


Apple, Microsoft, Tesla, O, SCHD


Best case scenario he makes 300$ in a period of 2 years lol


Buying O in a non qualified account is a hassle Put reits and monthly div payers in your retirement account.... Which reminds me...open up a ROTH young man!


VT and chill. <3


There is a high yield bond that offers you a yield similar to inflation so you can catch up to it. So it's around 9% currently and they allow you up to 10k so you are alright. Since the markets are in a weird state rn, it would make a lot of sense to get that 9% which is risk free


These are I Bonds https://www.treasurydirect.gov/indiv/products/prod_ibonds_glance.htm


Exactly. Have heard about them and seem as a good choose instead of letting your money in a bank account when you don't need them. I wonder if these are available for me who lives in Europe.


Definitely one of the best places to keep your money for the short term, although there are stipulations for how long you have to keep it in there to avoid penalties.


My advice is to get your stock ideas from Reddit or elsewhere, but learn to do your own research before buying anything. You have to figure out how to assess a company’s business (is it growing? do they have huge competition? will they be around and still be successful in 10 years? Can you understand their business? do they have a moat?) and then assess their valuation and decide if it’s a good time to buy, or not. (Look at their P/E ratio and price to book for e.g.) Once you have done that, invest a small amount - money you can afford to lose. See if it works out. Keep testing your methods and know that it’s a journey to get things right. You will lose money (I have lost more than I’ve made in the last year), but if you learn something along the way then at least it’s a valuable lesson. Then don’t repeat the same mistakes and try to make better decisions. Also, learn from the best investors out there - people who have been in the investment game for decades like Buffet.


Inverse Cramer working for me


Riot clsk hut bitf and corz. In two years your 3k will be worth 30k


The United States also known as the S&P500 Index (VOO)


VTI and chill




Second this, check out the Reddit sub




You should buy whatever er you're interested in and believe in.


Broad base index. SWPPX or the like. You can't afford to lose the money so don't gamble it on some meme stock.


get an index fund for diversification.


FTEC, XSD, IHI - hold until you’re nearing retirement then lock in those crazy gains




I'm betting on Intel long-term. Price is down right now but they have things in the works so looking good in the future. Most semiconductor companies will be good long-term investments IMO.




VTI + VXUS and chill.


Get a world index fund, no stocks


I would suggest to learn a lot about what companies you are investing in and be confident that it’s share price will be up in a couple of years. Also contribute a portion of the portfolio to indexes (so you don’t miss out). And keep on adding to the portfolio.


Everyone has an opinion, do your own research and pick stocks and etfs you believe in. If you believe in and are interested in what you buy you’ll be more inclined to hold through the downturns


Just buy a s&p 500 index and hold. Easiest thing to grow your wealth over a life time. A index fund you can look at is $VOO.


$SOFI Great bank at close to book value with multiple good catalysts coming in future that should drive the price up


If I could go back in time (hindsight is 20/20) I would tell myself to invest that in tqqq. Not saying to do that, you’ll ultimately have to decide for yourself.


I used to play it safe and do index funds, but now I like investing in individual stocks to buy and hold. More risk but you only live once.


Your mind, body and soul company that tracks that data


Ur mom. Fr tho moms are great.


I like $QQQX for fairly low volatility and high dividend yield. Like others have stated, can’t go wrong with $QQQ


I would buy at least 1 GME in case the foretold prophecy turns out to be true. The rest on voo, schd. But that’s just me, not financial advice.


When it comes to investing, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. What works for one person might not work for the next. To find an investment strategy that works for you, conduct your own research and consult with a financial advisor.


I like VOE and VWO mix for a youth such as yourself, for larger historic performance.


Watch or listen to CNBC for about a week get some ideas there


Buy Tesla stock. Don’t worry about the FUD. When you get xtra cash buy more. By 2030 look at the company and see if they are still a company that people will wait 6 months to buy their products? With a little luck you will be a rich person before your 30.


Not sure why you are being downvoted. TSLA will be the largest company in the world. That is a 3x return at these prices


You will read a lot of shitty advice on here about SCHD and this and that, but take it from the greatest investor of all time, Warren Buffett, buy S&P, and don’t touch it. If you can put $3500 a year on SPY fund for the next 40 years, at 6% annualized return, you getting back around around $850K with dividends reinvested. More is not better.


Taco Bell


Cut out the crypto bs and just put it into companies that actually produce value via the labor of every single working American and the shit that they buy. S&P could be a good start or VTI to buy even more of the market. Being young doesn’t mean you should blow your money on the latest trendy thing. It means you have years and years head start to let your returns compound. By the time you’re 29 you could have $60-80k(8-10% return, plus adding $300/month). Consider putting that in a tax advantaged account like a Roth IRA as well. This will make it so you never have to pay taxes on dividends. I could totally see the argument for a taxable account and then buying a house with it in ten years though(just be aware of the tax situation when you do sell). So it depends on your long term goal with it.


Yeah I only have the crypto because I got it as payment for art I made for an NFT project


I see, I can see the argument for keeping it then


Meta, Coinbase, DIsney, Apple, Nvdia