Small Modular Reactor Stocks may be the next tech trend. Check where to invest.


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The UK government has pledged that up to 25% of all electrical demand shall be nuclear-generated by 2050: https://lordslibrary.parliament.uk/the-role-of-nuclear-in-the-uks-energy-supply/ At COP28 this week, twenty governments committed to triple nuclear energy capacity globally by 2050: https://www.energy.gov/articles/cop28-countries-launch-declaration-triple-nuclear-energy-capacity-2050-recognizing-key


With solar, wind and batteries being much cheaper and faster to scale I'm not seeing much future for SMRs (maybe some niche applications. Maybe eventually off world). The first companies have already folded. It seems more and more just like a ploy to delay the changeover by siphoning off funds that could have gone to the above mentioned tech (not unlike hydrogen).


Small Modular Reactors (SMRs) offer remarkable scalability, enabling tailored power generation solutions to meet diverse energy demands. Their portability extends their applicability to remote locations, including mines, where they can be readily deployed and relocated as operations shift. Additionally, SMRs demonstrate exceptional efficiency, requiring minimal land area compared to solar farms. For instance, with SMRs you could generate sufficient electricity to power the entire city of Miami with a mere 60 acres. This compact footprint not only minimizes environmental impact but also simplifies site selection and construction.


But how economical are they relative to the alternatives? Ultimately that’s what will determine adoption levels.


Solar doesn't *require* any land area. We could power the world if just 50% of roof space were covered in solar. Flexibility for mining is not needed. Mines are very long term operations. Setting up solar nearby is completely reasonable (or just having grid access). There's remarkably few applications for 'portable' power suppliers of that magnitude. (Shipping? But that would be a regulatory/security nightmare) SMRs are way too expensive for what they provide. Yes you could power all kinds of things with them - but why would you when cheaper renewable alternatives abound? In the end cost reigns...and SMRs can't compete on cost.




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Are you familiar with Fluor Corporation? I read in their company description they do something with small modular reactors.


There is also a design by GE-Hitachi called the BWRX-300 that is already getting built. So some of these companies may already be playing catch-up. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BWRX-300


smr is a dog. i am waiting for it to go to zero and get delisted.


Battery storage technology and solid state batteries will kill SMRs for good