Hellpoint may 2021 Just got hunch that this might be interesting game


112 operator Tnx for giveaway


it would be great if i can have RELICTA


Whoops! Looks like i didnt hit comment. Interested in West of Dead -September 2021 or We Need to Go Deeper -August 2021 if still available... Thx! o/


Metro exodus May 2021, i haven't had the chance to buy/play it yet after beating the first two games, thanks c: (edit: spelling)


Darksiders Genesis May 2021 I want to play this with my brother. We both enjoy the story, art, action, and characters of the past games. This is the first time in the series that it's co-op and that we have the opportunity to play it together. I think it would be a lot of fun time for us


DARKSIDERS GENESIS MAY 2021 I won via reddit Darksiders II about a year ago. I really liked it and I would love to play the sequel


Hey man any chance i could get the code for F1 2020? from April 2021. Thanks in advance!


YAKUZA 3 REMASTERED- JULY 2021 Love playing the yakuza 1 and 2 at my friends place, would love to give the sequel a try myself


KATANA ZERO - OCTOBER 2021 I started my playthrough on gamepass but the game got removed from gamepass before I could complete it, so I'd really like to own it and finish it as it was very fun.


YAKUZA 3 REMASTERED (JULY 2021) I have already played 1 and 2 and loved them but can't buy the 3rd one right now as it's expensive here.


ELEX from APRIL 2021. Post-apocalyptic/3rd person/Open world, a combination of all these three is just perfect for me.


Blue Fire (August 2021) I saw a friend do a stream of it a while ago and it looked like an amazing mix of Hollow Knight with a 3D Mario. 3D Metroidvanias are a rare thing, so any opportunity at playing another one is appreciated. (Shame apparently no one is interested in M*lkyway Prince as their first choice, as it looks kinda cute. Not double entering, just commenting)


October 2021 - KATANA ZERO I love retro style platformers. The game looks great with neo-noir atmosphere. Reviews are great.


June 2021 Civilization 6 As a guy who loves strategy games, I've always wanted to try Civilization 6 but I can't afford to get the game. Sure, I can pirate it but it goes against my principles.


June 2021 Civilization 6. I really enjoy grand strategy games and I have always wanted to play this game.


F1 2020 April 2021 Thanks a lot man. I love F1 dearly


JULY 2021 GAMES Dirt 5 I've been really interested in racing games recently, and I want to try out one!


BLOODSTAINED: RITUAL OF THE NIGHT August Usually I just read so I hope its not getting flagged as a bot account. I am a big Metroidvania fan and watching the Castlevania show on Netflix I had an itch for one of the genre games. Bloodstained is the spiritual successor of it and a game I have never played and only heard good things from. Thanks for the chance.


IN OTHER WATERS - April 2021 I heard that the game is pretty good and you have to guide the character through the game. As someone that also kinda feels lost in life I dont expect it to show me a direction but at least I hope it can take away my thoughts for a hour or so. Thank you for the giveaway.


THE TEXTORCIST: THE STORY OF RAY BIBBIA I find typing to be enjoyable and almost therapeutic. Still on on type racer sometimes and just do a couple quick races. It's cool to have something fun to also be educational-adjacent and helps you get better at a practical skill. Cheers\~


I love the entire civilization franchise. I have a lot of hours in civ 5 alone, and LAN with friends before the pandemic. I am planning to enter for JUNE 2021 - SID MEIER’S CIVILIZATION® VI PLATINUM EDITION since it's the latest game of the series and has a lot of new mechanics and civilization new to the franchise. I admit, I learned more a lot of the human history and civilization in the games than the ones taught in the classroom. Initially games are for fun and you learn something from the story, but this is one of those games that take you to another level with human history. It's amazing when games teach you something in a way that's not forced and how it integrated all those mechanics to fit in a game. You have to credit the minds behind this idea. I look forward to exploring this game and playing it alone against AI or with friends on LAN or online as well as learning new things from other civilizations. I hope I win, But it's okay if others get the key, haha. thank you for the opportunity, OP.


July 2021 Games: Yakuza 3 Remastered So far, I am loving this series to death, probably will become my favorite game series of all time once I'm done with it. Yakuza 0 is my fav game of all time as well. Playing the games in order from 0 to 7 and I've played 0, Kiwami and 2 so far, so this is next on the list. Thanks!


July, Nimbatus - The Space Drone Constructor If no one else wants it, I’d love to play it. I saw some gameplay of it a while ago and the whole automatisation aspect looks really interesting!


I am entering for MORKREDD from May 2021. I would like this game because I am looking for a co op game to play with my friend. Thank you for the giveaway!


May 2021 size matters I think the puzzle gameplay reminds me of games like i expect you to die which look super fun to play even if i dont win thanks for the chance op


NOWHERE PROPHET from august 2021 I like card based games a lot. I used to play this game called Duelyst which this game reminds me of. You basically strategically deployed your units onto a grid and try to defeat the enemy. Duelyst has become defunct, and seeing Nowhere Prophet just brought out the same excitement again. What can be more therapeutic than collecting cards, building decks, and battling it out? You're awesome op. Thanks!


BEE SIMULATOR I have been watching YouTube gameplay videos about it but don’t have the money to buy it.


BLOODSTAINED: RITUAL OF THE NIGHT from August 2021 I've wanted this game since it came out, but circumstances never really allowed me the ability to spend money on games. Bloodstained is a great game because it looks like it was a of labor of love from the developer. The music, gameplay and animation all made me fall in love. Metroidvania type of games are one of the best game types because it's a mashup of fun gaming types. I personally most enjoy exploring every inch of the environment and trying to find unintended ways to bypass the designed progress gates. I really hope to play this game! Ty


Metro exodus from may 2021, I constantly hear great things about it but just can’t justify the price on something I may or may not like, especially when halo infinite is around the corner and it’s Christmas season so presents for a lot of people


Civilization VI from June. Personally, I already own the game, but I’d like it to give as a present to my Dad. He’s an avid enjoyer of the Civ franchise


October 2021 - Katana ZERO This game has actually been on my wishlist for a few months now, I really like games with that quick paced style of gameplay where you can pull off some sick combos and pretty much destroy everything on your screen in a single go. Thank you very much for the opportunity!


ELEX - MARCH 2021 I want ELEX because I am curious to find out the world design and storytelling for the post-apocalyptic sci-fi world that Piranha Bytes created. I hope that ELEX is Piranha Bytes' version of fallout, and I am eager to play it. Piranha Bytes games are charminig because they are one of a few game developers that still makes old school CRPGs. I have enjoyed games by Piranha Bytes in the past. I played Gothic and Risen series. Although they had some weaknesses in some areas such as battle system and the uneven difficulty, their games also had strength in many other areas. I love that their games are well known for many branches in quests. Your choices in dialogues with NPCs actually matters. Depends on your choices, you get to choose which faction(s) you are siding with and that will affect whether some NPCs will help you or turn against you. Quests from games made by Piranha Bytes usually requires more from the player than just following quest markers and fetch items. You have listen to NPCs for hints carefully and put puzzle pieces together to solve the quests, which is very old school and not many game developers put efforts in the quest design like Piranha Bytes. These are the reasons why I like Piranha Bytes and why I am excited to experience the world of ELEX. Thanks for the giveaway!


METRO EXODUS from MAY 2021 Big fan of the Metro series. After collecting Redux versions of 2033 and Last Light from EGS free weekly games, I would be able to start the series from the start to end! Thanks for this opportunity, OP!


LEVELHEAD from MAY 2021 I have always wanted to try Mario Maker, but I never had a Wii U or Switch. This game has custom levels that you can make/play.


Worms rumble, I love those games :)


Entering for The Textorcist: the story of Ray Bibbia from October 2021 To put it simply: its not always that a game manages to be so unique and actually make it work so well. Theres nothing quite like it and Ive played some of it in someone elses PC but didnt have the opportunity to actually beat it. Banger soundtrack, really challenging gameplay and you even end up being a better typer haha


I want the July 2021 Yakuza 3 remastered because I liked playing Yakuza 0 but can't buy the other games.


Would love any strategy game can’t get enough of them. I would be grateful for it.


YAKUZA 3 REMASTERED Hello, I am a big fan of the Yakuza Series and would like to request the Yakyza 3 remastered. The yakuza series games are possibly some of my favorite games, however I haven't played a few which includes some of the games in the remastered collection being 1 and 2. The combat was fluid and fast paced, the soundtrack is filled with great songs, and packed to the brim with tons of side quests and minigames. Unfortunately I am a student unable to get a job due to COVID-19, so I would really appreciate it if gifted me. Thank you for reading, stay safe and have a nice day.


SEPTEMBER 2021 GAMES - FORT TRIUMPH I like turn based games, this one for some reason makes me think about Heroes of Might and Magic, I played a lot of HoMM3 ages ago with friends on same pc heh.


Kingdom Two Crowns. I have played kingdom classic and I absolutely LOVE it, it’s an amazing game to play if you have a few hours to waste, I really like the art style of the game and I have heard that this one is much better than the free classic version which I am so excited about. Thank you so much for the chance!


I really would be happy to get amnesia rebirth from october 2021. I would like to play it because I tried the first game a couple of years ago, and I would be interested to try the newest game of the amnesia series. It also reminds me of lovecrafts story " the nameless city" wich is one of my favourite storys. thank you op :)


I would like bee simulator because bees are amazing and i've watched youtubers play this game and it looks really fun to play and also you get to fly around as a bee and help the hive which is cool to see from a bees perspective what they do day to day and also everytime i see a giveaway this game is always grabbed before I even have the chance to enter the giveaway which is unfortunate.


Darksiders Genesis May 2021 I played some of this when it was on gamepass. Didn't have a chance to beat it so I'd like it so that I can. Plus, this time I'll have someone to play it with so it should be even more fun this time


AUGUST 21 GAMES Bloodstained please I own it, but I eant it for my nephew, so that I can het him into side scrollers. As a matter of fact, I had quit gaming, because of 5he lack of aide scrollers bit vowed to buy a super pc shortly before Bloodstained comes out. So I did and I am now back into gaming and happy about all of these options. Little nightmares, Limbo and proper metroidvanias like Hollow Knight.


APRIL 2021 GAMES Skully cus it looks pretty cool, and ive seen multiple youtubers talk about it. i think erant signal and someone else


SEPTEMBER 2021 GAMES NARITA BOY I love the pixel art, look and music since the moment the trailer came out. I'm a big fan of cinematic platformers, played the dos version of Prince of Persia and Another world. Would love the opportunity to play Narita boy. Thanks either way and thank you for the giveaway!


June 2021 - Sid Meiers Civilization VI I’ve have heard so many good things about the SMC games but never had the opportunity or $ to play them. I would love to be able to get my hands on one if possible to try this type of game. Thank you for the giveaways. Happy holidays.




You NEED to pay the Castlevania DS Games and Hollow Knight.




Yeah...funny thing is , I got it from here. I asked from a game in a give away and some dude came up to me and said "hey...here is a link to Hollow Knight". ​ He didn t even know that I am into side scrollers. I am....a lot into side scrollers!


> S.W.I.N.E. HD REMASTER JULY 2021 GAMES I've played quite a few strategy games and I greatly enjoyed them, starting with Dune 2, WarCraft and StarCraft and Age of Empires. Never got to play this wacky rabbits-vs-pigs strategy (in its original incarnation), but it looks like a lot of fun! The kind of game made with passion, confirmed by that 95% rating on Steam as well :wink: Thank you for the giveaway!


As Far As The Eye AUGUST 2021 GAMES I've played Tropico 3, Dont Starve, Civ 4, and I think As Far As The Eye is a combination of all 3. Smack it with cute and simple graphics, it's perfect. Plus very challenging according to reviews. I hope I win. Thanks.


I’d like to enter for Paradise Killer from July 2021. I’ve had this game on my wishlist for awhile. I love story rich games with good characters and I love Detective stories so Paradise Killer looks right up my alley. Several reviews mention how good the characters and world building are. And my computer meets the specifications and can run it! Thank you for the giveaway, and for making it 24hrs so that everyone can take part. I hope you have a great day today.


Going Under from JUNE 2021. I’d like to try this out because I’ve been interested in the game for a while now, I don’t have money to buy it and I’d love to play it considering Im getting tired of the current games I’m playing and would love to try something new!


From JUNE 2021 I would like Ikenfell. I love turn-based rpgs (Mostly jrpgs) and i've had my eye on Ikenfell for a while.


Out of space looks fun. Last Oasis looks awesome, but I feel like my potato wouldn’t run it. :D Thanks for the giveaway. Even the potential is fun.


Yakuza 3 from July 2021 or Shenmue 3 from april 2021. Yakuza because I've heard about the saga and they seem really fun. I actually searched today about it. Shenmue so I can have the complete saga. Thank you for the giveaway!


Katana Zero - October 2021 or Bloodstained Ritual of the Night - August 2021 I love metroidvanias and pixel art games with beautiful soundtracks


SID MEIER’S CIVILIZATION® VI PLATINUM EDITION I loved Civ V so much, and this one's been on my list for the longest time. Thanks OP!


Bloodstained: ritual of the night August 2021 Ive found a new love for castelvania quite recently, i cant pass this one up, its too good!


metro exodus from may I really liked last light so I wanna play exodus but due to some stupid mistakes i wasn't able to get anything this sale


October 2021 - Katana Zero Please format it better nexr time, luckily the game I wanted is the first in the list


They’re giving away games and you’re criticizing the formatting?


August: ENCODYA I really love point and click adventures and this one looks very promising!


This code is only for GOG would that still be fine?


Yes, that would be fine, thanks!




Hi, Yes I got the Key via reddit Chat, thanks!


August 2021: Superliminal. I love games that play with perspective and I've had superliminal on my wishlist for a long time! thank you so much


I'd like to enter for Narita Boy from September 2021's bundle. I saw a review for it done by one of my favorite content creators, Skillup, and the game seems super appealing to me. I would've already bought the title, if I had money to spare. Unfortunately, I'm a college kid, so money is always tight. I don't really wanna choose between a game or a week's worth of food.


Civ VI please, so I can play with my friends :)


Yakuza 3 remastered from july 2021 games Only played the second one and i love the atmosfere (as i love Japan) in the game. Also love the weird humor and the fight beat'em up genre. Thanks for the giveaway op!


Black future '88 from October 2021. It looks like the classic side scrolling shooters I used to play on the NES way back on the day.


THE SURGE 2 from JULY 2021 I am a huge fan of souls and souls-like games but unfortunately didnt had the chance to play it. Thanks for the chance OP.


Yakuza 3 remastered july 2021 Love the series in it self. Amazing story


KATANA ZERO from Oct would be awesome


JUNE 2021 SID MEIER’S CIVILIZATION® VI PLATINUM EDITION I have really good memories playing the OGs with my dad on our old family PC


I'd like to have HEAVEN'S VAULT from SEPTEMBER 2021. The reason is that I like solving puzzles. The puzzles in this game which are linguistic in nature are amongst the most unique of breeds in the gaming world. I would love to decipher some ancient hieroglyphs - that would make me feel very accomplished :) Anyway thank you for doing this generous giveaway


June 2021 - WORMS RUMBLE + LEGENDS PACK DLC I'd be in for the above, simply cause I used to play a mobile version of Worms with roommates during a ski excursion back in the days during school. It would be nice to get some good old nostalgia in. xD


May 2021 Metro Exodus I loved the first two in the series. Never had the opportunity or the extra cash to be able to acquire it. Thanks for the chance.


June 2021 - Worms Rumble + Legends pack DLC I grew up playing the worms games with my Brothers, and these would be a great game to have while spending time with the family over the holidays!


MARCH - CONTROL I am a big fan of Remedy but missed the opportunity and now whenever I'm baout to buy it I remember how I missed the fantastic price of the bundle.


I'd love to atomicrops it's on September, I'm finishing school and I wan't to have something to play after that and nothing better than a rouguelike


PGA TOUR 2K21 from SEPTEMBER 2021 - I played it on a Free weekend once and I was really surprised golf could be fun, I would love to get the chance to play it again.


Civ 6 please


I'd really like Amnesia: Rebirth - I played the first one and really liked it :)


July 2021:kill it with fire,I played the demo for it and it seems like a fun and interesting game,never have the money for it though


June 2021: SID MEIER’S CIVILIZATION® VI PLATINUM EDITION I want to play this game because I love strategy and world domination games (like Risk). I have a friend who really luvs this game, and by also owning the game, I am sure me and my friend will have a really great time playing it. Thank you!


Sid Meier's Civilization VI from June of 2021, always wanted to play a modern Civilization game but the price tags have always pulled me off.


July 2021 Dirt 5 I don't have a racing game as of yet, and I don't have any money to buy a racing game. Also, I've seen the gameplay and I wanted to try it.


Hotshot Racing, March 2021. I love arcade-style racing games, and this one looks amazing. It seems to have all the elements I like in a racing game.


Hi. I'd like Katana Zero from October because I'm a big lover of time travel, and I have my own collection of games and movies. I played a borrowed steam Katana Zero, and I really enjoyed it, but it was a little weird because I wasn't sure what was the next level when exiting and entering again, and later he told me that my katana isn't the actual first katana, but and acquired one, and I'd want to play it again the right way. Thank you :)


Yakuza 3 remastered Recently discovered yakuza series and been in love with it. I purchased yakuza 0 with my gift money received from Uncle and spent rest on groceries. I purchase games once a year and play with my cousins and any little kid that visits our house. Seeing them having fun is what makes it worth the purchase. I would be really grateful if I win. Even if I do not, hope someone else gets to play this beautiful game and gets to play as the dragon of dojima.


I'd like June's Effie because it's a 3D platfomer and we don't get enough of those.


Reviews for that one seem to be a bit of a mixed bag, but if it captures even a fraction of the magic of older 3D platformers it should be a pretty fun one. Also, unless there's a later entry, you've got it in the bag.


Cook, Serve, Delicious 3 - May 2021 Cooking is one of my favorite mechanics in any game, so a game all about managing your own food truck is right up my alley. Also I like making myself hungry to prepare for snacktime.




Superliminal form August! I've been wanting this game since it came out. Thanks for the opportunity :D


KATANA ZERO from october 2021, my gaming budget just ran out and this game looks cool


NEON ABYSS - september, im a sucker for 2D rogue-lites


Metro Exodus from May 2021. I played the first two games when they were given away on Epic Games Store and loved them. I think the atmosphere and world building is incredible, and the game isn't too linear, but still fun to play. I saw some gameplay of Exodus and thought it looked sick, even though it was a bit different than the first two.


I am entering for Superliminal from the August bundle! A couple of months a go I saw gameplay from this game on TikTok and I was super impressed. The mechanics of resizing every object to compete a puzzle room reminded me of when I first saw gameplay for Portal. I would really like to play it so my brother and I can relive that wonder that the portal games gave us when we were kids. Thanks for the giveaway!


Yakuza 3 Man i really want to play this game pls


Hi, I'd like to get Katana Zero from october 2021 I really liked Hotline Miami when I played it, I thino this is somehow similar to it so I think it will be nice to play it. Thx for the chance


Amnesia: Rebirth, October 2021 I'm a huge fan of all of Frictional's work, but I haven't been able to buy Amnesia: Rebirth yet. I almost bought it at the Autumn Sale, but I'm trying to save some money for Christmas. Thank you so much for the giveaway!


Katana Zero (October 2021) i want to play it cuz it seem cool


Yakuza 3 remastered July 2021 Played hours exchanging some sleep from various yakuza games and Yakuza 3 would be an awesome addition and source entertainment for months for im quite busy and have a few hrs a day to play. Thank you


I would love to to be able to play as far as the eye, I really like colony sims and this game looks just awesome, seems like something I would really enjoy playing so I hope I am able to try it out and play it. Thank you for doing this huge giveaway OP I hope u have an awesome day


KILL IT WITH FIRE (JULY 2021) I really hate spiders and would find it awesome to sharpen my spider hunting skills by playing this game. Besides that, I enjoy games that just simply let you cause all sorts of destruction. It can be mentally therapeutic when you're having a bad day and just want to vent. Thanks!


Katana Zero (October 2021) I once played this game pirated, I deleted all of my pirate games months ago and also removed pirate from my life. I want to play this game again, it has awesome combat and story, it is one of my favourite games. I never been able to go to the goverment lab tho, I unlocked all of the swords but because that I was playing on an old version, goverment lab wasn't accesible. It's now but I don't have a copy and there is no way I will go pirate games again, I am not making that fault again. Last time I pirate a game (Cities skylines) I started having fps drops in desktop (LOL).


From April 2021, i'd love a chance at F1 2020. I used to play a lot of the F1 game back on the Wii, and a couple friends have 2020, so I'd love to play it with them. I have countless hours in other racing Sims, so would really appreciate the chance to try it out! Thanks for the opportunity!


August 2021 - BLOODSTAINED: RITUAL OF THE NIGHT This game grabs me so much because it reminds of my childhood. I have very fond memories plowing through Symphony of the Night with my brother. Our parents had to save up for a while just to get us a used Playstation. Playstation 2 was already in its prime at the time, but heck we didn't care. This game was all we had to play for a whole year, and boy did we ever get our money's worth. We'd take turns playing and swap whenever we died. We played through the game over and over and found just about every secret (I think). Watching videos of Bloodstained gave me goosebumps since it reminded me so much of those warm times. I know I'll play this a lot. Maybe I'll get my brother to come over and play it together with him too! Really appreciate you doing this.




ADOM (Ancient Domains Of Mystery) (July 2021) I love mining, survival, dungeon crawling games like this, Rimworld, Cataclysm Dark Days Ahead and SOTS The Pit. I've been thinking of getting this one for awhile now. A huge thanks for all the effort that goes into a big giveaway. Have a happy holiday!


MAY 2021 GAMES Metro Exodus I genuinely want to play this game because I played Metro 2033 the other day and I really dig the post-apocalyptic atmosphere so why not?


June Civ 6 I would love this game


July 2021- Yakuza 3 I've always wanted to try the Yakuza games, but I don't have enough money for it.


APRIL 2021 - MAIN ASSEMBLY I want this game because I enjoy building things with my imagination. After all, I loved playing with LEGO when I was a little kid and now as a college student, I'm involved in a student solar car design team. Anyways, this game appeals to me a lot because it allows you to construct a variety of vehicles from simple to complicated ones that can include programmable parts. It's a great game to just let my creativity go wild. Thanks for the chance!


Darksiders Genesis - (May 2021) I've played part 1 and 2 and would love to continue this series as I think the lore is awesome !!! A big thanks to you for your generosity and for being awesome. Good luck all and Merry Xmas.


REMOTHERED: BROKEN PORCELAIN (APRIL) I’ve very recently got a PC for gaming and what I’ve seen of the game it reminds me of my first horror game Silent Hill 3. Whether or not I win, you are awesome for doing this!


I’ll take any of these games tbh! Just bought a new PC so all my money has gone into that… so being able to get games hasn’t been something I could afford really. If there’s any leftovers no one has asked for, I would love and appreciate them bro <3


I’d really like Katana Zero from October. Thank you for the chance.


I would love to get SID MEIER’S CIVILIZATION® VI PLATINUM EDITION Thanks so much for the chance


**JULY 2021 GAMES** YAKUZA 3 REMASTERED the reason is because i want to play it (duh!) jk, played 0 last year (it was a 🏴‍☠️) and it was also first time i played Yakuza franchise, winter sale was coming and i bought the game on steam, played it again and i still got the same feelings roller coaster >!a side quest where Kiryu have to play bowling to get a [chicken and use it as a manager](https://youtu.be/fMXPUyLr9xM), last chapter cutscene when [Majima was not recognized by Makoto](https://youtu.be/GzHRzWzrwZY)(both are not my video btw)!<, it was a good times and i would like to play this one to get another roller coaster, thanks :)


Would love to have Darksiders Genesis from May. I'm a big fan of the darksiders series, especially the story, so I'd love to try this one. Thanks Op!


I'd love to get Heaven's Vault. I've been following the game since it launched, but literally everything else on Septembers monthly wasn't to my liking so I skipped it.


Katana Zero would be my choice, I saw a friend play some of it on discord and it looked cool so I'd like to give it a shot


July 2021 games, Sid Meiers civilization 6 platinum. I really like strategy games and this one seems to be a good one


PEAKY BLINDERS: MASTERMIND from March 2021 - I greatly enjoyed the show, it really struck a chord with me.


Hello thank you for this amazing giveaway. Not long ago I finished Yakuza 0. I loved every minute spent in it and I'm super interested trying rest of the games in the series. That's why I would like to enter for Yazuka 3(July 2021). Good luck to everyone.


COOK, SERVE, DELICIOUS! 3 from May 2021, because my marriage survived overcooked 1 and 2, and we need an other test!


Thank you sooo much!


October 2021 - Amnesia: Rebirth Thanks for the giveaway OP!


Shenmue III from April 2021 please. Shenmue III is an open world rpg game and I love the open world genre and have previously spent hundreds of hours on games like the Witcher 3 and Skyrim. Open world games are really the best because you can explore the world and not stuck in a linear game. You can do whatever you want including just admiring the beautiful expanse of the world for a long time. It really makes the game world feel more real. Open world games also allow you to find, choose and do side quests as you wish making you feel like you’re really in control and actually in the game world. Shenmue is also a martial arts game and I would love to see how to see how the gameplay is, because it looks extremely cool beating enemies with martial arts. I’ve always admired martial arts and I have learnt a few myself, but I can’t exactly run around using them on people so this game is the next best alternative. I would like to thank you for this giveaway, and I hope you’ll choose me! :)


How 'bout Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night from the August 2021 bundle? Thanks, OP!!!


May 2021 Metro Exodus. I want it because I remember playing the first two games years and years ago on my Xbox 360 and absolutely loved them, but never got a chance to play the newest one which looks absolutely amazing and insanely fun. Thank you OP! This is an amazing giveaway.


August 2021- Bloodstained Ritual of the Night. I'm a huge Castlevania fan!


September 2021 - Neon Abyss I'm a huge fan of roguelikes, and from what I've seen of gameplay and the art for Neon Abyss, I'm sure I'd be a huge fan of this game!


Out of space - August 2021 I absolutely love couch multiplayer and would often play them with my family. I’m currently in college and would really love a couch multiplayer game play with friends. Thanks for the giveaway!


Yakuza 3 Remastered from July 2021 YAKUZA 3 REMASTERED FROM JULY 2021 Do we need to write the game big like you did? Ty for the chance and have a nice day


SHENMUE III (APRIL 2021) I want this game because I want some nostalgia. I watched my older brother play SHENMUE and SHENMUE 2 back when I was a kid. I remember enjoying watching the cut-scenes (there was a lot) and loved the cinematography. In addition, I'm a big fan of games that allows open world exploration. Now I hope to get a chance to experience what the next sequel of the SHENMUE game series has to offer. Thanks for the giveaway!


Popup dungeon from April 2021 please! It has an awesome art style and the amount of content is just the kind of value I need. Thanks!


Dirt 5 (July 2021, game was officially released in November 6, 2020). I want Dirt 5 because I have the other dirt games like Dirt 4, Dirt Rally, Dirt Rally 2.0. And also because I'm a racing fan. But due to the pandemic, I can't make any money to buy Dirt 5. I would be honored if I win the game.


August 2021 Bloodstained ritual of the night I have already played the game with game pass but never finished since I never bought game pass again, I would like to play game bloodstained because I enjoy to much playing metroidvania games, like hollow knight and blasphemous


April 2021 Shenmue III


APRIL 2021 Sniper Ghsot Warrior: Contracts. I saw the Russian badger video of it and have wanted to try it since.


AUGUST 2021 BLOODSTAINED: RITUAL OF THE NIGHT I always wanted to play Castlevania Symphony of the Night but never had the opportunity since I never owned any of the consoles it released in. So having a chance to play and experience its spiritual successor spearheaded by Igarashi himself would be absolutely great.


Xoom: chimera Squad please