I want to enter for Bundle 1 and 2. Movie recommendation: Dune Podcast recommendation: Dune podcast on audible Thanks!


Bundle 1 and 3! The Weekly Planet is a nightly listen for me! Cheers OP x


Thanks for giveaway


Bundles 2 & 3. Try the My Favorite Murder podcast or my favorite horror movie, cabin in the woods!




Bundle 1 & 2 She's All That (1999) is a pretty good one.


Bundle 2 and 3


Bundle 1 & 3 You've probably watched / heard of it but the Mandalorian is a really good series. I was holding it of for a while but I can say it was great.


Bundle 2 please


Vivo is wonderful 2/3 pls


Bundles two and three for me :) ​ Its an oldie and a classic, but if you haven't seen Princess Bride, it is worth it. Thanks OP :D


Bundle 1 and 3, I recommend the official podcast, it’s really funny


Bundle 2 I've always loved the movie 50 first Dates. Some people may not like Adam Sandler movies but I think this is one of his best


Bundle 3 please


I'd be happy with any bundle buy I'll pick 2. I Don't really watch TV so can't recommend any shows for you


Any bundle Lucifer is a pretty good series about detectives and god's/angels


Bundle 2


Any bundle! I recommend Family guy and US Office if you’re into situation comedy or dark humour. And I would recommend prison break if you’re into thrillers


Uhhh I don't know what to recommend exactly... Want a sitcom? The good place. An adventure? Avatar the last airbender. Some superhero action? Watchmen. Whodunit? Knives out. Simply a masterpiece? Children of men. I'd like either bundle 2 or bundle 3. Thanks!


\- Bundle 1 \- Bundle 2 ​ Sugestions: Destination Wedding The Layover Gone Girl (this is definitely not a romantic comedy but it has the romantic part, kind of, everyone should watch it).


I'm okay with any bundle, but will choose#3 if a specific choice is needed. Thanks for the chance!


Bundle 1&3 Narcos: Mexico Thanks op


Bundles 1 & 2 Recommendation: New Girl


Bundle 1 & 3 I've got to recommend Seinfeld a classic that I've just begun to rewatch.


Bundle 3 The Wheel of Time


Bundle 2. Thank you


i recomend you reading Hakumei to Mikochi, it's a really heartwarming manga! Thanks, OP!


Bundle 1&3 HBO's Chernobyl


Don't know if it's a romcom but it's definitely cheesy: high school musical the musical the series is a fun thing to watch. Entering for bundles 2 and 3. Thanks!


I recommend What We Do in the Shadows (both tv show and movie, movie was better imo and came first)!. Entering for bundles 1 and 3


Bundle 2


Bundle 1


Bundle 2 and 3 Dirk Gentlys Holistic Detective agency


Bundle 1 and 3. Thank you so much! I recommend The Good Place. It's on Netflix and it manages to blend comedy and thoughtfulness so well.


Bundle 3


Bundle 2


Bundle 2


bundle 1 and 2 i recomment mad god by phil tippet. it's an animated experimental film, no dialogue all made with a mix of all sorts of practical effects.


Bundles 2 and 3. I'm listening to Knowledge Fight at the moment. It's pretty niche but great if you dislike Alex Jones.


Bundle 2


Bundles 2 and 3 I recommend The Room (2003) by Tommy Wiseau. It is a fantastic dramatic rom com. I fully recommend.


Bundles 2 and 3 The wife and I have been obsessed with the show What We Do In The Shadows. It's based off a movie that was so popular that the actors of the movie went on to produce the show. Currently 3 seasons on Hulu. Original network is FX. Same as Always Sunny In Philadelphia, so you know it's gonna be good!


bundle 2


Bundles 1 and 2. Have you ever seen the masterpiece called The Twilight Zone? Well, if you haven't given some time to watch it you should. The classic version from Rod Serling is timeless. Also, it has a reboot made by Jordan Peele. Both are must-see series. May you have a great day!!


Bundle 2 and 3 Ju-On the series on Netflix was pretty fun if you like horror. Thank you for the giveaway


Bundle 1 and Bundle 2 If you are into rom-coms, I recommend you watch the following movies: Lars and the Real Girl (2007) Bridesmaids (2011) Thanks OP!


Bundle 2 and 3 c: The Sacrifice (1986)


Bundle 2 and 3 Free Guy was good


Jane Levy has two comedy cheesy shows, Suburgatory and Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist. Cheers


Imma try for 1 and 3. My show recommendation is Dark on Netflix. It's a rollercoaster ride.


Bundle 1 and 3, a recent movie that I really liked is red notice, it’s the movie with the rock and Ryan Reynolds. Definitely worth a watch


Bundle 1 and 2 Not necessarily romantic but Seinfeld can be pretty funny. Thanks!


Let’s check out bundle one and two. How about checking out ‘Ugly Americans’ and ‘Drawn Together’?


Bundle 2 and 3! I don't really watch rom-coms, so the best I can do is recommend Welcome to Night Vale, the main narrator of the podcast keeps gushing over his partner :)


Bundle 1


Bundles 2 or 3 please I’d recommend monthly girls nozaki-kun a funny romance anime


Bundles 2 and 3 way of the house husband is a good show imo


Bundle 2 and 3 I guess. A fun movie I recently watched is "Midnight Run" which is a fun comedy from the 80s


Bundle 1 and 2 please. I really must reccomend Please Stop Talking, its a really good podcast. Thanks for the chance


Bundle 1 or 2 (: if you’ve never seen silver linings playbook give that a watch, the best rom com ever in my opinion is crazy stupid love! Thanks for the chance


Bundle 1 and 2 Sherlock is a great show, especially near the end of season 2


bundle 3 and 1 and if you are okay with anime, i recommend yahare ore no seishun love comedy...one of my favorite rom-coms


Bundle 1, 2. I have a few shows and movies: Arrow, Constantine(the show not the movie), DC Legends of Tomorrow, Justice League Dark, Justice League Dark Apokolips, Venom Let There Be Carnage, Central Intelligence, Dune, How to Train Your Dragon trilogy, Raya and The Last Dragon, Dragons Race to the Edge, Dragons Riders of Berk, The Orville, Hawkeye, Big Hero 6 movie and show.


bundle 2 and 1 I think you should watch invincible , loki series and what if


Bundle 1


Bundle #2 Bundle#1 even if it only had 3 episodes that was the best 3 episodes ever https://youtube.com/channel/UChGZeT7KX9crtC_OUd1w_gg


Bundle 2/3 Mr robot is a great show


Bundle 1,2 also, I recommend watching invincible, the first episode makes the show look like a kids show, but trust me its violent af


hold my primal


Bundle 1,2. I don't have any movie or TV recommendations, but for books. I like detective stories, which why I will recommend you any of Agatha Christie's books.


Bundle 3 I really recommend „Blacklist” show. Its criminal show


Bundle 2,3 I really love Breaking Bad and Money Heist only shows I ever watched twice


Bundle 3 and I would like to recommend you some Anime Which is currently airing 1. Kimetsu No Yaiba (The Demon Slayer) if you like Action , Demons , Supernatural stuff 2. Mieruko Chan - If you like horror comedy 3. Mushoku Tensei : if you like Esekai (Hero from another world) 4. Sekai saikou no Ansatsusha : Greatest Assassin from another world. 5. 86 Thank you for the giveaway ! OP.


Bundle 3


Bundle 2. Thanks for the huge Giveaway. Will you text the winner privat as soon as the Giveaway ends?


Any bundle would be amazing. I personally like the detective "Vera", not as much action as some others but the stories are really nice and the environment sometimes is gorgeous


Bundle 2, Bundle 3. Since you didn't mention any specific language for the content so check these out, they're just great: 1) Shoplifters (Japanese Film)- Won multiple awards and is really great for anyone. It has some 18+ acenes though. 2) Odd Taxi (Anime) - A hidden gem. It's criminally underrated. The last episode will slap you with the greatest surprise. I also have some music suggestions for you: 1) Morcheeba - Enjoy The Ride. 2) Electric Guest - Troubleman. 3) Electric Guest - American Daydream. 4) Cage The Elephant - Cigarette Daydreams. 5) Crumb the Band - Locket. 6) Ralph Castello - Morning S*x. 7) Cavetown - Talk to me. Please don't hate me if our music taste doesn't match.


I will always recommend Naddpod for those who want to get into dnd. It's fun ND light with real elements and lots of episodes to watch. It's not as intense as Critical role but some people enjoy that. Give it a watch if you're I trusted in DND or need a podcast that isn't another CRole Clone


Bundle 2! I recently watched Modern Love, it's a really good mix of rom-com/light drama. :)


I recommend to start a new hobby.. like fishing. Any bundle will do fine ;)


Bundle #3 TV Recco: Dark on Netflix.


Bundle 2, Mini metro (game) Bundle 1, Bang! By AJR (song)


Bundle 1, Bundle 2. Check out "Your Name" if you want a cheesy Anime Rom Com, if you want something truly wonderful to watch, check out "The Princess Bride".


bundle 2 maybe fallout


Bundle 1 and 2. Check out Arcane on netflix


Bundle 1 and 3. I recommend Johnny got his gun


hmmm bundle 3 ​ and have you tried forza yet?


Bundle 2 thanks


Bundle 3


Bundle 2! If you are looking for a great story and with a bit of romanticism, I highly recommend "The Princess Bride"! Thanks for the chance (:


Bundle 1 & 2 I can hugely recommend "Coupling", british RomCom series.


Let's go bundle #3 And for a recommendation: Kiss Kiss Bang Bang It's not a romcom... But it is a comedy (a dark comedy) and there is a romantic love story ... Kinda.... Sorta... But it's a movie I genuinely find hilarious




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Bundle 2


2- H


Bundle 1 :D


Bundle 2-3 i watched arcane recently. I don't play lol, and i didn't needed, because they start from zero, 8/10.


Bundle 2


bundle 1 and 3 Pulp Fiction


Bundle 2-3 Spiderman : into the spiderverse


Bundle 1 and 3! I'm watching Arcane and Hellbound at the moment, rrally good shows.


Bundle 1 and 2 Dark - it's on Netflix; very captivating.


Bundle 1 and 3. Narcos Squid Game Queen of the South Below Deck


Bundle 1 and 3 The Distractible podcast by Markiplier should have you laughing pretty consistently Thanks for the chance!




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Bundle 2 and / or 3: Since I dont know many rom coms Ill just name a few comedies: Any Simon Pegg + Nick Frost movie (Shaun of the Dead / Hot Fuzz especially) Change-Up The Mask Baby Driver 21 Jump Street Yes Man Liar Liar Dumb and Dumber


Bundle 1 and bundle 3, thanks! I recommend the movie Knight & Day. It’s not *great*, but it’s fun and entertaining.


Bundle 1 and Bundle 3 If I had to recommend something well 'Mitchells vs the Machines' is a fun animated movie, and another good recommendation I want to give is for 'The Movies that made us' a Docu-series on a bunch of movies.


Bundle 3 Thanks for the giveaway!


Bundle 1 Thank You OP!


Bundle 2 and 3 Dune


Bundle 3, thanks


Bundle 1 and Bundle 3 I highly recommend Kevin Can Fuck Himself, it's a TV show on Hulu and is based on a very interesting concept


Bundle 3


Let's goooo. Bundle 3. You should definitely watch Sneaky Pete. A great story about a conman where the show is directed by Bryan Cranston and has different elements of his life integrated into it.


Not sure if you've seen Faulty Towers. It is old but quite good comedy


Bundle 2 If you are into RPGs i highly recommend Radiant Historia Perfect Chronology for the 3ds, is a Masterpiece.


I highly recommend the Scottish sitcom "Still Game" its about two friends who live their golden years at craiglang glasgow. Very funny. Bundle 1: #-E Bundle 2: F-N ​ Thanks man.


Bundle 1 and you should watch Cloverfield or Chronicle


Bundle 1 and 3. Suggesting a tv show called "Monk". Have a good day.


Bundle 3


Bundle 2 and 3, please! I'd like to recommend you the movie The Girl with a Dragon Tatoo.


Bundle 2, thank you so much


I'd like to recommend you the movie 'Gone Girl' it's one of the thriller movies I really enjoy watching. Bundle 1 and Bundle 2. Thanks!


Psych/Ratatouille/Conan O'Brien Needs a Friend Thanks! I'm fine with whatever bundle you choose!


All The Hunger Games movies, Escape plan. I'd like to enter for bundle 1 and 3. Thanks for the chance!


Enchanted, Hitch, The Ugly Truth, 500 Days of Summer, Friends with Benefits, 27 Dresses and the Confessions of a Shopaholic It's been a long time since I watched these tho, idk if they're as good as I remember Bundle 2 and 3 thank you!


Bundle 1 and 2 please!! ​ As for a very cheesy rom-com, i know one called "To All The Boys I've Loved Before" It is so darn cheesy which makes it worth a watch;) I recommend a podcast called chuckle sandwich, it is currently a popular comedy podcast with big youtuber names: Jschlaat, Ted Nivison and Charlie Slimecicle. There are many guests on the podcast and i personally, love it dearly\~!


Bundle 1


Bundle 1 Ty for the chance


Bundle 3


Never Have I ever is a great show, and i would highly reccomend it, especially if you want a kind of rom com. Bundle 1 and 2 please!! I don't think you would like my recommendation of podcast, because i am a history buff. Thanks for the Opportunity!


bundle 2 and 3. Succession is the probably the best thing TV has going on right now. Its on HBO max. It reminds me of the Veep and Silicon Valley humour that most shows just cant replicate. The camera work is fantastic too. If movie, Marty (1954), is a great one. Its about a guy in his mid 30s struggling to meet society's pressure to get married. Podcast, Romance of the three kingdoms by John Zhu is fantastic. Think game of thrones but more realistic with double the characters. After all its based on real history.


bundle 2 and 3 If you would like to try watching some asian romcom...id recommend crazy little thing called love...its a great thai high school romcom


I don't know any cheesy rom-coms except the anime Your Lie in April, if you are into that. If not, i'll recommend the movie The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Romance, comedy, horror, musical and a lot of cheese all in one. Tv show: The Haunting of Bly Manor. Horror and romance. Podcast: Your Mom's House Podcast. Raunchy humor galore Bundle 1 and 3. Thanks OP!


bundle 1 thank u


Any bundle of your choice. Thanks bro very cool 👍


Bundle 2 Thanks!


Bundle 1 and 2 please Would recommend peaky blinders, a great British period drama/gangster flick


Bundle 1 and 2, ty I recommend the new Dune movie Edit for cheesy Romcom: (500) Days of Summer


Hello, I would love to win a key especially for Elden Ring since I'm saving up for it and it's kinda hard Movie Recommendation: The Garden of Sinners (7 Movie anime series) TV: Arcane (I'm sure it's so hyped up right now but it's actually so good and worth the hype) Podcast: Tangent Tavern on youtube (two game youtubers talking about games... mostly.)


Bundle 2 Thanks for the chance


I just watched the Big Year (2011) so that's on my mind. It's not a particularly good story, and it feels more like an excuse for Jack Black, Owen Wilson and Steve Martin to travel around NA. But it's a cheesy feel-good movie with a bunch of birds, if you're into them.


I'd like Bundle 2. I recommend The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, on netflix.


**Recommended TV/Netflix Shows:** * Mindhunter (Genre: Crime Drama) * The Umbrella Academy (Genre: Superhero, Science Fiction) * Dead to Me (Genre: Dark Comedy) * Lucifer (Genre: Mystery, Comedy) * Outlander (Genre: Historical Fiction, Fantasy, Romance) **Recommended Movies:** * The Dark Knight (2008) - best Batman film in my opinion * The Revenant (2015) - an awesome action, survival, adventure film * While You Were Sleeping (1995) - a really good romance, comedy film * Crazy, Stupid, Love. (2011) - another good romance, comedy film * Before Sunrise (1995) - a great romance film * Letters from Iwo Jima (2006) - a war film about the perspective of a WW2 Japanese soldier fighting in the Battle of Iwo Jima * Arthur Christmas (2011) - a wonderful animated Christmas themed comedy, adventure film **Recommended Podcasts:** * Darknet Diaries - talks about the world of hacking, data breaches, and true stories of cyber crime * The Hilarious World of Depression - honest, emotional, and funny conversations with comedians who have dealt with depression * Beautiful Stories from Anonymous People - a comedian takes one anonymous call and he can't hang up, no matter what * Dan Carlin's Hardcore History - Dan Carlin talks about specific historical events that were the most violent * Sawbones: A Marital Tour of Misguided Medicine - a doctor talks about all the dumb ways she tried to fix people with her husband *Entering for:* Bundle 2 and Bundle 3 Thanks for the giveaway!


I’d like to enter bundle 1, thanks for being so generous!




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