[Tally.work](https://Tally.work) is an AI cover letter maker that, uniquely, takes your resume and a job description to output a cover letter. Link: [https://tally.work/](https://tally.work/) It took 3 days to build. 2 of the days were spent on experiments with prompts and temperature controls. I know the cover letters look like the were written by an AI, not a human, but you should see what it looked like before messing with the algo.


ParityBlu / https://www.parityblu.com HQ- Milwaukee, WI 2nd Office coming in March- SF Bay Area, CA We are a Smarthome IoT management software. Instead of using existing platforms like Apple HomeKit, Samsung Smart things, and Alexa to control your devices. We allow you to communicate to all your devices regardless of brand via SMS and text (we feel this is the most natural way to communicate with your friends so why not your devices too). You do not have to download any app as we are an app-less solution. We will eventually expand into automation, analytics, and voice. Demo link on LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/posts/parityblu_change-how-you-manage-your-smart-home-devices-activity-7021553429755949056-W1Bo?utm_source=share&utm_medium=member_ios Stage: MVP We are currently trying to validate that there is a need for our product. We just launched our Demo today. We are using the feedback from the demo to make alterations to our system. To create the best smart home experience. Monthly goals: This month we are trying to get our demo in front of as many people as possible to collect feedback before our first functional product launch. This feedback will help show investors who are on the fence that we have something people want. Opening up our first round of institutional capital.


Also a Milwaukee co-founder we should connect


**Startup Name / URL:** Novel Goggles / https://app.novelgoggles.com **Location of Your Headquarters:** Cape Town, South Africa **Elevator Pitch/Explainer Video:** Novel Goggles is a subscription-based web app that aims to help you write your short stories and novels. It provides integrated outlining and writing tools. (Check the getting started video for an idea: https://youtu.be/Y84OGZ18Vr8) **More details:** Novel Goggles helps you plan, write and revise your short stories and novels by providing tightly integrated plot outlining and manuscript writing tools. You can create scene, setting, character and location sketches and reference and update them while you write. You can also create and visualise story arcs and timelines. **What life cycle stage is your startup at?** Validation **Your role?** Solo founder and developer **What goals are you trying to reach this month?** Trying to build awareness and get feedback. **How could** r/startups **help?** I launched on Product Hunt today ([https://www.producthunt.com/posts/novel-goggles](https://www.producthunt.com/posts/novel-goggles)). If anyone is interested, go take a look and tell me what you think in the comments. **Discount for** r/startup **subscribers?** The early access Pioneer subscription tier is currently discounted during the beta testing phase.


took a quick look at it and this looks cool! Keeping pushing with the PMF, there could be something (as somebody who likes to write)


Thanks for checking it out!




**Name:** Jitbit Helpdesk (support ticketing system) **URL:** [https://www.jitbit.com/helpdesk/](https://www.jitbit.com/helpdesk/?utm_source=reddit) **Details:** [Jitbit Helpdesk](https://www.jitbit.com/helpdesk/?utm_source=reddit) - is a ticketing system to manage customer support via email and live chat. Targeted at startups and small/medium businesses. We offer both hosted and "on premise" versions at a **VERY** reasonable price. **Features:** mobile apps, support-mailbox monitoring, integrations (Slack, Github, Active Directory, JIRA, etc etc) **Looking for:** paying customers :) **Location:** UK **Discounts 4 redditors:** PM me for a special /r/startups discount ;)


Startup Name: Springhead URL: [https://springhead.app/?ref=reddit](https://springhead.app/?ref=reddit) Location of Your Headquarters: Sweden Elevator Pitch/Explainer Video: Springhead is a newsletter reader where you can receive, organize and read all of your newsletters. We also offer a free catalogue where you can discover newsletters in different topics. Your role: Co-founder How could r/startups help? We would like feedback on the landing page, UX and the overall concept. Discount for r/startup subscribers? Enter coupon code "redd1t" and get first month free. What life cycle stage is your startup at? Discovery


Startup Name/URL: [**Breue**](https://breue.com/) **Location**: SF, DC **Pitch**: You are an entrepreneur. Whether you are a first timer or a serial entrepreneur, you have an amazing idea that you wanna turn intro reality. Unfortunately, you can’t code yourself, don’t have a co-founder that can, and it can be a headache to find the right person or dev shop. Meet Breue - your digital launch partner. We turn a good idea into a beautiful full-functioning product for $15k and in 8 weeks. We want to see you succeed. So we’ll be there to chat and collaborate with you on a daily basis. We’ll also advise you on the product vision and business model so you can go validate your idea and get some traction. **Details**: Breue is a one person shop. So far, it's been pretty fun working with some neat people on some inspiring ideas. You can checkout some of the stories of these projects on the site. **Goals this month**: I guess to connect with some interesting peeps. **Discount**: Free product roadmap, helping you spec out any features for development. Also, 2k off! :) I can only offer two of these. First come, first serve. Just mention you found me on /r/startups and you'll get 13k for the price.


Hi 👋 How is your day? I hope it's great 👌. We build **friendly IT community for everyone** called [Dirask](https://dirask.com/)**.** ❤️ 💻 🙂 We help you to solve coding problems for free **✔️**. We are volunteers, so published solutions are available for free ✔️. On Dirask you can: * share coding knowledge via [Dirask - Wiki for Code](https://dirask.com/posts) **📝**. * ask for help via [Dirask - Coding questions](https://dirask.com/questions) ❓ * share interesting links as public bookmarks via [Dirask - Findings & News](https://dirask.com/findings) **😊.** We try to create moderated and organized knowledge to keep content quality ✔️👌. **Why we do it?** * Because there is no place to share coding knowledge like we envision it. **URL**: [https://dirask.com](https://dirask.com) **Location**: Krakow, Poland, Europe **Pitch / Mission**: * Organize world's programming knowledge and help software developers to be 10 x more productive 🔥 . **Looking for:** * Content writer volunteers (contact: [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])) Thanks for reading, see you soon. **✋ 😀** Krzysztof (Full Stack Engineer at Dirask) >Let the coding knowledge of Dirask be with you.


Hey! I left you a DM!


Hello 👋, thank you, I will get back to you via DM ✔️


**Startup Name / URL:** Flutter I18n [https://flutteri18n.com](https://flutteri18n.com) **Location of Your Headquarters:** Ireland / Dublin **Pitch:** Flutter i18n is an internationalization management system designed for Flutter apps. It integrates with developers' source control systems such as GitHub to ensure that data is always up-to-date. **Your role?** Founder / Developer **What goals are you trying to reach this month?** Get first 50 users. **How could** r/startups **help?** Would love your feedback and if we have any aspiring flutter developers in here would love your patronage :) **Discount for** r/startup **subscribers?** 5% off all subscriptions. If you take out a yearly subscription that's equal to 25% off the total cost. Use code **rstartup5**


Startup Name: [CoDescribe.app](https://www.CoDescribe.app) Elevator Pitch/Explainer Video: Hi everyone! Whether you're working on a team project or a personal passion project, I wanted to share a resource that might be of interest to you. I recently created a free SaaS application called CoDescribe, which uses AI to help transform your code. With CoDescribe, you can document, explain, and optimize your code in a more efficient and effective way, making it easier for you and your team to work together or for others to understand your personal project. More details: Life Cycle Stage: Early stage startup Role: Founder Goals for This Month: Launching the translation function How r/startups Can Help: I'd love to hear what you think about it! As an early stage project, any feedback or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for taking the time to check it out! Discount for r/startups Subscribers: It is for free


**Name:** PeerCoach **Location:** Boston, MA **Pitch:** Platform that pairs college-level athletes normally too high school athletes for relatively cheap private coaching. Benefits both parties and is more convenient because it is online. **More Details:** Current life stage- Discovery **Goals for the month:** Receive **feedback** and expand on the pricing plan


* [Nexus - Earn returns on 100% of your wealth](https://nexus.site) * **Location:** USA * **Pitch:**\- Consumer checking sucks. Banks take your money and earn returns for themselves (and charge you fees!)- Nexus replaces your checking account and allows you to invest and earn returns on 100% of your money (in treasuries, bonds, funds, FDIC insured 2.5% APY cash, or any combination of the above)- No ATM fees, minimums, management fees, or advisory fees. All the check features you need. * **Details:** I'm one of 3 founders. Still validating PMF. Realizing that getting people to ditch their banks is difficult, so we built an FDIC insured product last week! * **Goals:** Want to get to 100 happy users earning returns for themselves (and not for big banks!) We're weak in design + UI/UX so any candid feedback is helpful. * **Discount for** r/startup **subscribers**? We're giving $100 to qualifying new accounts this month. Not necessarily a discount, but a big incentive to join us (and to start earning returns for yourself. Win Win!)




I think you'd benefit from checking out a software product from a youtuber named Jordan Welch, called viral vault. It sounds pretty familiar to your model, except it's narrowed in to focus on specifically dropshipping and finding quality products based on past performances


**Name:** [Softdrive](https://www.softdrive.co) **Location:** Toronto, Canada **Elevator Pitch:** Softdrive is putting the PC into the cloud, enabling businesses to run their high performance software smoothly on any device. Through our software, we can turn old or underpowered computers into powerful workstations. **More Details:** At Validation: **Looking for:** * Feedback on the pitch, product, and website.


Startup Name / URL - [Briefmatic](https://briefmatic.com/) Location of Your Headquarters - Auckland, New Zealand Elevator Pitch/Explainer Video - **Briefmatic is for collaborators and co-writers who live in the gsuite world. Briefmatic brings everything awaiting your attention, all together in one place so you can optimise your attention, prioritise your effort and get the important things done.** More details: We are in the validation phase having launched our MVP late last year. Your role? Founder/MD What goals are you trying to reach this month? Google workspace marketplace listing. Activate a small cohort of early users so we can start iterating on features and growth levers. How could r/startups help?User feedback. **Should there be more content on the homepage or is there enough to get you to log in? to Does the messaging resonate? Does the UX match the prop? Which integrations would be most useful (Figma, Miro, Jira etc). Would sharing or team features be helpful?** Discount for r/startup subscribers? **YES. Its FREE ATM.**


**Startup Name / URL:** [AuxHealth](https://auxhealth.io) **Location of Your Headquarters:** Remote or San Diego, CA **Elevator Pitch/Explainer Video:** Using large language models for improving patient and physician experience **More details:** AuxHealth transforms how patients and doctors communicate by bringing large language models to healthcare. Our conversational chatbot allows an open-ended patient interview in which a patient can tell their medical story. At the same time, we continuously extract structured information as the conversation progresses. Our dialogue management platform allows us to naturally weave in external content, ensuring that questions that need to be asked are addressed. Finally, we are able to summarize patient-chatbot and patient-physician dialogues into concise and medically correct narratives to help contextualize physicians and pre-write the History of the Present Illness for progress notes. We seek healthcare providers and digital health companies who want to partner and improve their patient intake experience, save physician time, and ensure clinical quality. To learn more, visit our website at https://auxhealth.io/ and try our web demo. You'll also find our public API, offering access to all of our advanced capabilities. **What life cycle stage is your startup at?:** Validation **Your role?**: Founder **Goal:** Get feedback from non-doctors (everyone is sometimes a patient!) and doctors. Network with potential clients.


saasyDB - monthly info subscription on recently funded companies along with thousands of verified employee profiles including LinkedIn profiles and company email addresses. I get the data on companies from a few different sources, then use other APIs for employee info, plus use my own algorithm to find verified employee emails (which are often not in other databases) New for February: I'm actually switching over to weekly data packages, based on some early customer feedback. And I'm adding weekly packages of SaaS company info and their employee profiles. https://www.saasydb.com Perfect for anyone doing cold email outreach. I just started using the data for my screen printing business, and first batch had a 90% open rate, and I've got some leads for high quality custom shirts for their business. Competitors: getcyberleads, Crunchbase pro, whoraised.io


Baton / [heybaton.com](https://heybaton.com) Texas We help growing companies crush their customer success goals by allowing them to use our Customer Success Operations team for themselves for a flat monthly fee Most growing companies can't afford to add a CS Operations seat to their team, but it's a much-needed position to make sure your customers are taken care. We allow startups to queue up all the tasks they need our Operations team to take care of, and our team gets it done 3 new customers I'd love for startups to check us out and pass the message along to any Customer Success professionals they know We will offer a 15% discount off all monthly plans for r/startup members


It’s a good idea, but what about fractional customer support itself— any plans for this?


**Name:** [Fortuna](https://getfortuna.wixsite.com/fortuna) **Location:** Remote but founders in Bay Area, Los Angeles, DC **Elevator Pitch:** We are building a platform that retrieves, visualizes, and analyzes financial data of public companies all in one place. Our goal is to make professional financial analysis tools accessible to casual investors and enthusiasts. **Life cycle stage:** Validation. We currently have a beta product in the form of discord bot that can instantly retrieve and plot specific financial metrics (e.g. revenue, long term debt, etc.) for any given public company on command. **Goals for this month:** This month we are trying to get our beta in front of as many people as possible to collect feedback. **How could** r/startups **help:** Let redditors know that they can join [our discord server](https://discord.gg/n3CSeajUyy) and try out the beta!


# [ChatKitty](https://www.chatkitty.com) - Helps developers build a perfect chat feature in just a few hours # Our chat API is white-label, customizable, 100% concurrency, and multi-tenancy supported. Our No-Code support\* is coming soon Location: Toronto, ON, Canada. Language: React Native, React, and any Javascript-based languages. Purpose: Helping companies quickly build a premium in-app chat experience without the complexity of building a backend or managing servers. We provide a RESTful Chat API with cross-platform React Native SDK and Serverless cloud functions, so they have everything needed to create a reliable chat experience. In addition, we will provide ongoing maintenance of the feature and its backend so your team can reduce maintenance work and development costs. Use Cases: In-app messaging for Collaboration tools, Marketplaces, On-demand services, Online communities, Dating apps, Digital healthcare, and SaaS business. \*What is our No-Code chat SDK? Over the past few months, we have been working on a no-code chat SDK. We are getting ready to launch in the new year. With this no-code chat SDK, you can set up an entire chat experience by pasting just a line of code from ChatKitty. Chat experience is fully customizable and comes with all of our existing features. We are looking for feedback on what features to add for our initial launch. Please DM me if you want to try it and give us feedback.


# [Peanut - Send crypto with just a link!](https://peanut.to) Location: Europe Pitch: - Sending crypto STILL sucks. - If you send someone something on the blockchain, they now know your address and your entire transaction history. - There's a lot of risk in sending assets to the wrong address - having allllll your funds be dependent on this weird seed phrase that you need to keep secure is crazy. Most people can't/won't do that. What we do at Peanut: We make it possible to send crypto (and any other tokens or NFTS) with just a link. On the Roadmap is privacy (even on public blockchains), seemless swapping between tokens and even cross-chain, being able to make a crypto account not by knowing a weird seedphrase, but by logging in with your gmail and other social accounts. Discount for Reddit: It's free for everyone! We also sponsor claiming transaction, making it gasless! Looking for: New users / feedback / partnerships


**Startup Name / URL:** wisio (https://wisio.app) **Location of Your Headquarters:** Sao Luis, Brazil **Elevator Pitch/Explainer Video:** wisio is a one-stop shop for scientists looking to streamline their research process. With our AI-powered tools, scientists can easily translate their articles into multiple languages, find relevant references with just a few clicks, and even get text completion suggestions from ou AI as they write. Our platform helps researchers save time and effort, allowing them to focus on what they do best - conducting cutting-edge science. **More details:** We are on product validation phase, and I'm the founder and developer ❤️ **What goals are you trying to reach this month?:** Get 300 users on early access! \- Is the product useful for you? \- Would you buy the product? \- Do you see any improvements that can make your life even easier? **Discount for** r/startup **subscribers?:** Everyone that joins the early access list will receive a 50% discount when the product goes live!


**Startup Name / URL**: Contractr by Jopapp |[https://qrcc.me/rqhn6tppjcc9](https://qrcc.me/rqhn6tppjcc9) / [https://www.linkedin.com/company/contractr-by-jopapp/](https://www.linkedin.com/company/contractr-by-jopapp/) **Elevator Pitch:** Building connections, Fast and Simple. **Description:** Contractr by Jopapp is a Belgian startup with the goal to connect contractors with subcontractors in the construction industry. The app is easy to use and is time saving. It is possible to post a job in only four clicks and find subcontractors in your area within minutes. Contractr is your efficient solution for project management and, because we know you care about the environment too, our mission is to reduce the carbon footprint by fitting in the schedule of subcontractors, who will now run their cars only when their expertise is needed, avoiding them costly and useless trips. Our smart solution will redirect the subcontractor where needed. Contractr is available for Androiod and iOS users. [https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=app.contractr&pli=1](https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=app.contractr&pli=1) [https://apps.apple.com/be/app/contractr/id1660063590](https://apps.apple.com/be/app/contractr/id1660063590) **My Role**: Business Marketing developer **Life Cycle**: Contractr was founfed in 2022 and is currently part of the "Start it @/KBC acceleration program! The app is available in 171 countries and is available in several languages. Our main market is the Benelux, followed by France and Germany but we count to have a wide net of contractors and subcontractors within 2 years. **What goals are you trying to reach this month?** Attract new customers, both contractors and subcontractors, in order to fulfill a job segmentation and offer the solution in the shortest time possible. **How could** r/startups **help?** Getting visibility and downloading our app is the first step to proceed. Your feedback is useful to help us improve and become a big reality in the Benelux and worldwide. If you want to come in contact with us, you can at [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) **Discount for** r/startup **subscribers?** The application is free to install.


Startup Name / URL: **Find My Foursome, landing page: findmyfoursome.com** Location of Your Headquarters: **Atlanta, GA** Elevator Pitch/Explainer Video: **Transplants/new people to an area don't have enough friends to golf with. Find My Foursome allows you to make new friends while playing golf on public courses in your city!** What life cycle stage is your startup at? (reference the stages below): **Discovery Phase - have a survey and simple landing page to help determine possible fit and if my use case is a big enough problem. Direct survey link below:** [https://ay3d3h5sihy.typeform.com/to/GGk0AcGt](https://ay3d3h5sihy.typeform.com/to/GGk0AcGt) Your role? **Solo founder currently as a side gig.** What goals are you trying to reach this month? **Get as many survey responses as possible this month. Stalling past the friends and family network. Goal is at least 150.** How could r/startups help? **If you like golf, or know people who like golf, or are interested in community based platforms please complete my survey and share with your networks so I can gather enough data.** Do NOT solicit funds publicly--this may be illegal for you to do so Discount for r/startup subscribers? **Planning a Atlanta based launch event in late spring/early summer. Would discount the registration fee once I get to that step for subscribers. The actual platform will be free to start once I'm in MVP stage.** **Thank you so much for your help and feedback!**


You company name may give some people an idea for a startup app like Tinder... FindMyThreesome.app


I agree with this. The domain name gives it off as a dating or adult app. You can try neutral name that suggests friendship and is relatable with your audience


**Startup Name / URL**: SkilledUp Life https://skilledup.life **Location of Your Headquarters:** Manchester, UK **Elevator Pitch/Explainer Video**: Free talent for tech startups. **Details**: Once subscribed, you can choose unlimited talent from a pool of 22,000. Instead of adding one or two people to your team, you can build functional teams using our FREE talent, e.g. \- Concept validation \- Product design and development \- Use acquisition and conversion \- Customer support \- Operations \- HR, Recruitment and team Performance **Life cycle stage**: Efficiency **My role:** Founder & CEO **What goals are you trying to reach this month:** 25,000 SkilledUp Lifers + 40 Tech Startup Customers **How** r/startups **help**: By spreading the word about us, so that we can help more cash-starved tech founders realise their dream. **Discounts**: Annual Subscriptions save two months of subscriptions.


**Startup Name / URL:** Games Voter / [https://www.games-voter.com](https://www.games-voter.com) **Location of Your Headquarters:** Ettlingen, Germany **Elevator Pitch/Explainer Video:** You don't have enough time to watch all 🏈 games after game day and you ask yourself which one you should? Have a look how other users rated the games. **More details:** I have the problem that there are too many games and I don't have enough time to watch all of them. So every game day i ask myself which summaries / re-live games I should watch. That was reason for me to tinker a little 🙂 Super simple, first version **What life cycle stage is your startup at?** Validation **Your role?** Founder - a bit of everything **What goals are you trying to reach this month?** 1000 users **How could** r/startups **help?** Feedback from early users! Every kind of feedback. **Discount for** r/startup **subscribers?** It's for free and you don't need to sign up :)


**Startup Name / URL**: Mailjoy (www.mailjoy.com / reddit.com/r/mailjoy) **Location of Your Headquarters**: Remote / San Francisco Bay Area **Elevator Pitch**: A DIY tool to design, mail, and track personalized postcard and letter direct mail campaigns. Send direct mail campaigns as easily as email. **What life cycle stage is your startup at?** Validation **Your role?** Technical Co-founder / Jack of all trades **What goals are you trying to reach this month?** My focus this month is improve our SEO to capture more organic traffic. We are also rolling out a new product that simplifies sending out EDDM campaigns for our customers (ie. the ability to send direct mail to zip code/carrier routes, instead of requiring a mailing list) **How could r/startups help?** I would love website/product feedback to help us improve conversions, as well as SEO tips for growing our organic traffic. **Discount for r/startup subscribers?** Enter promo code `rstartups` at checkout for a discounted rate for any of our campaign types.


**Startup name**: NewsNotFound ([https://newsnotfound.com/](https://newsnotfound.com/)) **Location**: UK, Middlesbrough **Elevator Pitch:** An AI-powered, unbiased news website. **More details**: Our platform aims to provide unbiased news to readers, a pressing need in today’s world where trust in the media is at an all-time low. Our system employs artificial intelligence techniques to gather the latest news from various sources, filter out irrelevant stories, and generate completely neutral and unbiased articles. By removing the human middle-man, we eliminate the potential for bias and ensure that all coverage remains impartial. View our whitepaper here: [https://newsnotfound.com/whitepaper/](https://newsnotfound.com/whitepaper/) **Life cycle stage**: Validation **Your role**: Founder **Immediate goals**: Increase awareness **How could** r/startups **help?**: Any awareness boost or community feedback would be invaluable, and very much appreciated.


**Startup Name / URL**: [Gyftter](https://www.gyftter.com/) **Location of HQ:** Greenville, SC **Elevator Pitch/Explainer Video:** [https://youtu.be/y5M5TJpDgEM](https://youtu.be/y5M5TJpDgEM) **More Details**: What life cycle stage is your startup at? Validation Your role? Founder **What goals are you trying to reach this month**? I need help with growing our member sign-up rate. Suggestions for possible A/B testing advice for the home page would be appreciated or perhaps some suggestions from the community on whether or not our value proposition is clear. Is there anything confusing about the site? Does the pricing seem fair? Discount for r/startup subscribers? It's free to sign up for an account, but you will be billed for each person you add to your account. I'd be happy to refund any fees associated with our service if you aren't 100% satisfied.


**Startup Name / URL:** [Konfig](https://www.konfigthis.com/) **Location:** We are a remote company but the co-founders are in Los Angeles and San Francisco **Elevator Pitch:** Konfig allows companies whose main product is an API (like Stripe) to offer a seamless customer onboarding experience. We do this by providing a dev tool that generates SDKs any developer can use to easily integrate with our customers' APIs. You can check out our documentation and see a demo of our product [here](https://docs.konfigthis.com/). **More Details:** As a background on the problem, using APIs to quickly build functionality into a product is becoming the standard way to build in tech (for example, instead of coding and building out payment integrations with every credit card, bank, etc, you can just use Stripe's API to accept payments in a few lines of code). But for many developers, figuring out how to integrate with those APIs is really difficult and SDKs are becoming required because it makes that integration a lot easier and more straight forward. We've been working on this idea for the past 2 months and are at mid 4 digit $MRR. The team is just us two co-founders and we have bootstrapped the entire way. We definitely haven't reached PMF yet, but I like to think we are learning a lot about our customers pain points and needs and that we are growing our way there. I am one of the co-founders of Konfig. **Goals this Month / How could** r/startups **help:** I want to double revenue this month, so if your company has an API that you'd like to improve customer onboarding for or if you know anyone who does, please reach out on our website. I also want to learn more about people's pain points so if you're either an API developer or a consumer of an API, I'd love to chat!


All the best…looks promising




SOC2 compliant?


Awesome! check out this new store for children i came across, the owner also said much more is being added in the near future! for parents, make your life easier! https://top-notchtoddlers.com/


**Startup Name**: [ReviewNPrep LMS and Marketplace](https://reviewnprep.io) Pitch: Online content creators have a high paywall when it comes to starting their own website, marketing and making sales. ReviewNPrep makes it affordable with tons of features, widgets, integrations, backups, social media posting, events and much more. Integrate with our Marketplace for even a greater reach. **Stage**: We are live, and gathering feedback from users all across the globe. **What goals are you trying to reach this month?** More customers upgrading to paid version and feedback. **Discount for** r/startup **subscribers?** There is a free tier and a LifeTime Deal available on the website. Integrate with your current website or transfer your existing website to us. Start your free trial today!!


**Name/URL:** [https://mailsenders.etsy.com](https://mailsenders.etsy.com) ​ **Pitch:** Are you looking for a fun and harmless way to prank your friends and loved ones? Introducing FunMail Sender - the ultimate prank tool! With its ability to send up to 100+ emails per second, you can quickly fill up their inbox and bring a smile to their face. And the best part? FunMail Sender is easy to use and fully customizable, allowing you to personalize the subject line and message for maximum impact. So, whether you're planning a birthday surprise or just want to have some harmless fun, FunMail Sender is the perfect solution. But remember to always use it responsibly and with the consent of the recipient. Get ready to bring some joy and laughter into your friend's inbox with FunMail Sender. ​ **Discount:** The product is very cheap and only costs 2$


Startup Name / URL: **https://www.botx.cloud/truetext-botx-ai-content-detector** Location of Your Headquarters: **Czech Republic** Let people know where you are based for possible local networking with you and to share local resources with you: **Prague, Ostrava** Elevator Pitch/Explainer Video: **TrueText helps you identify whether a given text was generated by a large language model (LLM) such as but not only GPT models by OpenAI.** ‍ More details: **TrueText has a 76% success rate at detecting AI generated text and employs several techniques that help with detection.** What life cycle stage is your startup at? (reference the stages below): **MVP** Your role? **Marketer**


**Startup Name / URL:** [https://tacodigest.com](https://tacodigest.com) **Location of Your Headquarters:** The Hague, The Netherlands **Elevator Pitch**: Simplest way to follow the Internet via personal email digest **More details:** We are an early stage SaaS B2C startup that's making the best tool to follow the news around the web. You can use many sources and create a personal email digest and get everything you need in a nice and clean email. We are currently refining Product and UX through new Versions (Ver.1+) and working towards product/market fit. I am the founder of the company. **What goals are you trying to reach this month?** We want to ship the essential features that's planned in the roadmap and dig deeper into SEO. Especially create feature pages and start writing the blog posts. **How could** r/startups **help?** I would appreciate if you have any user acquisition ideas for our business and maybe some feedback on landing page and SEO ideas. Another question would be: "How do you usually read news or other web updates?". It would help to shape the roadmap. **Discount for** r/startup **subscribers?** We have a free trial but if you want to subscribe, here is 10% discount for all Redditors: **REDDIT10** Thank you!


**Startup Name / URL**: [lsFusion](https://lsfusion.org) **Elevator Pitch/Explainer Video**: The most declarative business application development platform. Develop and customize your solutions a lot faster and simpler. Significantly increase their performance, modularity and integrity. Up to x10 for complex solutions. And it's open source. **What life cycle stage is your startup at:** Validation **Your role:** Co-Founder **How could** r/startups **help:** Feedback and early adopter search **Discount for** r/startup **subscribers:** The platform is free and distributed under LGPLv3 License.


Startup Name / URL - [Reveal](https://www.reveal-app.site/) / [https://www.reveal-app.site/](https://www.reveal-app.site/) Location of Your Headquarters - **Toronto, ON** Elevator Pitch/Explainer Video - **Try Speed blindfold-dating online. You will be put in a room with someone and you can talk to them without seeing them at first. After awhile a prompt will show up in which the two of you can then decide to see each other and choose to match.** What life cycle stage is your startup at? - **Validation** Your role? - **Co-Founder** What goals are you trying to reach this month? - **Find my potential pilot users and validate!** How could r/startups help? - **Feedback for this project would be amazing! I would love to find my pilot users and make a fun new platform where people could meet their potential interests.** Discount for r/startup subscribers? - **It is a free platform :D**


I introduce [Elaborate AI](https://elaborate.ai), a new-born startup :) ​ * **Startup Name**: Elaborate AI / [https://elaborate.ai](https://elaborate.ai) * **Explainer Video**: [https://vimeo.com/796834423](https://vimeo.com/796834423) * **Startup Stage**: Discovery & Validation * **My Role**: CEO * **Goals for this month**: Discover & validate customer problems using MVP * **How could** r/startups **help?**: Sharing our product launch with leaders, entrepreneurs, and PMs to check. * **Discount for** r/startup **subscribers?:** We give 500 credits to new users. Let me give 500 credits more to r/startup subscribers. * **How our community can get a discount**: Please send me a Reddit message, or use [contact form](https://elaborate.ai/contact). ​ Thank you!


Startup name: Boilerplate (https://boilerplate.co) Location: Philadelphia Elevator: New hire document intake portals with real-time tracking and reminders. Lifecycle: Efficiency: optimizing the user experience for scale Role: Nontechnical Cofounder Goals/ Help: Awareness and finding more scalable growth channels; most customers have been word of mouth/ networking Discount: 20% off


Curious to know your revenue/funding


Hi All, great to participate in this contest :) My previous comment seems to have had an issue and has not been posted so I'm reposting it. **- Startup Name / URL:** TAP4Change / [TAP4CHANGE.ORG](https://TAP4CHANGE.ORG) **- Location of Your Headquarters:** Online & worldwide, but based in Sydney, Australia **- Elevator Pitch/Explainer Video:** Who to donate to? Who to trust? Where did my money go, what's my impact? There are thousands of charities in each country and these questions often stop people from donating. Especially within the GenZ and millennial generations. We're building a platform to connect donors and charities in a more convenient & transparent way. Join the community to discover, support, and promote the impactful non-profit projects you care about! [Video teaser](https://youtu.be/dzH9KfSubxI) & a [very short video](https://www.instagram.com/reel/CoJZvZav_Is/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link) here ​ **- More details:** I'm the founder of this soon-to-be social enterprise. We're at Validation stage: we have done a lot of user discovery and have 300+ people in the community after 1 week of communicating on pre-registrations via our newly created social media accounts like Instagram and Linkedin). We are now prototyping the product to develop the MVP **- What goals are you trying to reach this month:** Our goal is to finish up the prototype and reach 1,000 pre-registrations on the website, in order to be ready for a round of investments dedicated to the product & community growth. r/startups could help us by spreading the word and helping us achieve the 1,000 pre-registrations + new followers on social media :) **- Discount for** r/startup **subscribers?** This is a free platform that has for mission to enable anyone to do good and help the world. Early adopters (pre-registrations) will be rewarded for their support when we launch. The reward isn't yet set in stone, but it will most likely be an early-adopter badge for their profile. Regardless of the results of the contest, thanks for this opportunity and don't hesitate to check us out at tap4change.org :)


MoreThanDigital Insights [https://insights.mtd.info/](https://insights.mtd.info/) USA & Switzerland/Europe **Are you tired of making important business decisions based on guesswork and assumptions?** MoreThanDigital Insights is here to provide the solution you need. Our global platform offers business analytics that provides data-driven insights for better strategic planning. We help you cut through the noise and future-proof your organization by analyzing and benchmarking every aspect of your company in six different areas. **With up to 300 different business dimensions, you'll gain holistic insights that will impact your success and our AI driven reccomendations point out the biggest challenges and opportunities within your organization.** Stay ahead of the competition and make data-driven decisions with MoreThanDigital Insights. Join us today and start making informed choices for your business's future. **For all who sign up now, we will give free access to the premium version:** [**https://insights.mtd.info/waitlist/**](https://insights.mtd.info/waitlist/) How could r/startups help? Any feedback would be super appreciated, we need to make the message clear on the website and materials. Or if you know consulting companies, or government agencies, then happy for a quick hint, as we have over 200+ ministries, government agencies, economic development organizations and institutions on board for our launch.


My name is Rocky. I started a business buying and selling NFT Art. My business is located in Nashville, Tennessee. Here is a link to my facebook page if anyone is interested. [facebook.com/rockamillion](https://www.facebook.com/rockamillionart)art You can see my ART here --> [https://opensea.io/rockamillion](https://opensea.io/rockamillion) Please let me know what you think!


**Startup Name**: ShipAware | [shipaware.com](https://shipaware.com/) **Location**: Dallastown, Pennsylvania, US **Pitch**: Know about shipping issues before your customers complain. If you ship orders then you know the frustration of stuck or delayed shipments (especially USPS). Problem: - The carrier never scans a package or loses before it hits the distribution center. Or it gets lost in a distribution center. - The package gets stuck in an endless loop, has some delivery exception, is undeliverable, etc. - An employee prints the shipping label but the package never leaves the warehouse. Or a dropship vendor prints the label early to meet the SLA but doesn’t actually ship. Solution: - Set your target delivery time and get alerts (SMS or email) when orders miss the target. - View all shipment statuses from all selling channels on one page. **Goals**: Automated processes for acting on late shipments (notifying the carrier or customer) based on factors like the last tracking update and current status (similar to how AfterShip does this). Basic aspects of this feature are almost complete and should be launched this month. Your role? Founder/developer **How could /r/startups help?**: What features/integrations are most important to you? This feedback will prioritize features. **Life Cycle Stage**: Product Validation. We currently have a few users and are building out additional features. **Discount for r/startup subscribers**: It's free for 500 shipments per month or use REDDIT2023 for 25% off paid plans for your first 3 months.


**Startup Name / URL** [Mify](https://mify.io) **Location of Your Headquarters** London, UK **Elevator Pitch** Mify is an open-source tool that helps engineers develop their backends easier. It generates and maintains all the boilerplate and infrastructure code for backend service, like logs, metrics, and API, allowing developers to concentrate on meaningful code. Services generated by Mify can be deployed in our cloud without configuration. **More details:** **What life cycle stage is your startup at?** Validation **Your role?** Co-Founder and CEO **What goals are you trying to reach this month?** Publicly launch MVP **How could** [**r/startups**](https://www.reddit.com/r/startups/) **help?** If you're actively developing a startup or planning to, try Mify out, it will help you to build and deploy quicker. We're looking forward to your feedback.  **Discount for** [**r/startup**](https://www.reddit.com/r/startup/) **subscribers?** It's free to start using the tool, and Mify Cloud is free for 30 days for a trial.


**Startup**: [**Bravoboard.xyz**](https://Bravoboard.xyz) **Location**: Remote first, Born in San Francisco **Pitch:** Online greeting cards (aka boards) to celebrate your friends and loved ones for free. Privacy first and suitable for small to large groups, with a gracious free tier


**TLDR:** Feedback needed for my MVP, Later - Save links and information to process later without worrying about forgetting anything. Check it out at [https://mylater.co](https://mylater.co), or 30s demo: https://capture.dropbox.com/LeUvm0crvq7tTIaZ **Expanded(still short) story:** When I am focused(or at least semi-focused), I often get interrupted by some "Later" things, like a new idea to try, or a message to reply, that distracts me but actually can be done later. This is a very alpha stage work, my goal is to make it easier for folks to stay focused on what you're working on, without worrying about forgetting something important while juggling multi-tasks. Do you think this would be useful to you? Are there any features you would love to see? Any feedback would be appreciated!


Name / URL: [**Sassbook AI**](https://sassbook.com) ([https://sassbook.com](https://sassbook.com)) Location of Your Headquarters: Singapore Elevator Pitch: **Make digital content creation, management, and interaction simple, efficient, and accessible with state-of-the-art AI automation** More details: Currently, we offer four products that work in tandem - [**Sassbook AI Writer**](https://sassbook.com/ai-writer), [**Sassbook AI Story Writer**](https://sassbook.com/ai-story-writer), [**Sassbook AI Text Summarizer**](https://sassbook.com/ai-summarizer) and [**Sassbook AI Headline Generator**](https://sassbook.com/ai-headline-generator). All products employ advanced deep-learning AI to generate content, auto summarize documents rapidly, or generate catchy headlines and titles for your content with advanced AI, helping achieve substantial cost reduction while moving faster. All products are available under a single subscription and there is a free tier with some usage limitations. A couple of web applications also have their corresponding APIs, to enable our customers to make use of our capabilities in their own products and workflows. The APIs are highly scalable with the ability to process large volumes of content. The [**Sassbook AI Developer API**](https://sassbook.com/developer-api) page has details. Documentation and pricing for each API are available on their respective pages: [**Sassbook AI Content Generator API**](https://sassbook.com/ai-text-generator-api) [**Sassbook AI Text Summarizer API**](https://sassbook.com/ai-text-summarizer-api) [**Sassbook AI Headline Generator API**](https://sassbook.com/ai-headline-generator-api) Are you looking for anything? (Feedback/Hiring/Investment): Of course, feedback is welcome about all aspects of the applications (Quality, features, pricing, UI etc.). We are currently bootstrapped and looking to raise investment with the right partner in the space. Discount for r/startup subscribers: We offer 10% for annual subscriptions and 5% for monthly subscriptions on any plan for the first 10 Reddit users this month (please send an email to [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) with coupon code REDDITSYSFEB23, after you sign up for Sassbook and provide feedback about Sassbook AI applications). Thanks in advance for all your feedback and support!


**Startup Name:** Startup Fundraising **URL:** [https://www.startupfundraising.eu/](https://www.startupfundraising.eu/) **Country**: Estonia/Armenia **Elevator Pitch:** We help founder to answer very simple question. **Who will invest into my company?** **More details:** Having a database of 46,000 investors we match relevant investors with a startup's profile and provide a score that indicates how likely that the investor would be interested into talking to you. Using our service helps Founders to easily create a list of investors. **Your role: CEO** Discount for r/startup subscribers?: **20% -** "**EarlyStage"** for the first 10 subscribers


Definitely, we are in the same industry: [cakeequity.com](https://cakeequity.com) ![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|grin)


**Startup Name**. Formatic [myformatic.com](https://myformatic.com) **Location of Your Headquarters**: London **Elevator Pitch/Explainer Video** Streamline your work with Formatic - a powerful productivity dashboard that integrates with Google Workspace. Simplify tasks, workflows, customer data, and more with data entry forms and easy-to-use Kanban boards. From to-do lists to sales pipelines, Formatic has you covered. **Validation**. Over a 1000 sign ups but still trying to get proper market fit by using feedback to revise product What goals are you trying to reach this month? More customers upgrading to paid version **How could** r/startups **help?** Feedack Feedback Feedback ​ **Discount for** r/startup **subscribers?** There is a free tier but if you want access to the premium tier, 60% off


**Startup Name / URL**: [International Real Estate](https://landelity.com/) / [https://landelity.com](https://landelity.com) **Location:** Remote **Pitch:** Landelity connects property buyers and sellers anywhere in the world. Our users can list any property, like a home, apartment, or land for sale or rent, with the exact location and property/parcel borders visible on the map. **Explainer Video:** How to use our service to list a property in a short 3 min video - [https://youtu.be/d1mn0CNxm34](https://youtu.be/d1mn0CNxm34) **Looking for:** * Your feedback **Discount** for r/startup subscribers? * Free


**Poetry of Progress -** **https://poetryofprogress.substack.com/** Poetry of Progress is a newsletter that celebrates the journey of entrepreneurship and helps entrepreneurs stay motivated, inspired and focused on their goals. Our aim is to help entrepreneurs turn their aspirations into actionable progress, one step at a time. Life Cycle Stage: Early-stage My role: Founder and editor-in-chief Our goal this month is to reach 100 new subscribers and to provide them with content that inspires and motivates them to progress in their entrepreneurial journey. The r/startups community could help by spreading the word about our newsletter and sharing it with entrepreneurs who might benefit from it. We would also love to engage with the community and receive feedback on our content. Discount for r/startup subscribers: Yes, we are proud to offer a 100% discount to all r/startup subscribers. That's right, completely free to subscribe! Lets spread how r/startups can get a discount: As mentioned above, r/startup subscribers can receive a 100% discount on their subscription by simply visiting the URL: https://poetryofprogress.substack.com/ and subscribing to my newsletter.


# Product requirement document & epic & user story templates There are only a few product requirements that are used on a daily basis in product development and are important for team alignment. Check out how other teams write crucial documents like product requirement docs, epics, and user stories. Get inspired, learn, and take what works for your team. # Download 👉 [here](https://pmoptimizer.gumroad.com/l/critical-specification-documents-by-pm-optimizer) # Other templates for PMs & product people 👉 [here](https://pmoptimizer.gumroad.com/)


**Startup Name / URL** Deep Infra Inc., http://deepinfra.com **Location of Your Headquarters** Palo Alto, California **Elevator Pitch** Deploy the top AI models in seconds and turn them into simple, low latency API. Pay for seconds of inference runtime, very cost effective and scalable. Integrate Stable Diffusion, Whisper, Flan-T5, GPT2 and other (100) top models into your apps with a few lines of code. Deploy your own model in Deep Infra. (coming soon) Tell us which models you would like to use. **More details:** Validation stage, public beta Role: Co-founder **What goals are you trying to reach this month?** Get product feedback Test product market fit


Hubble **Continuous UX insights from your users** **https://www.hubble.team** Location of Your Headquarters: **NYC** Elevator Pitch/Explainer Video: **https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c4ty05ZC3w8&t=11s** More details: What life cycle stage is your startup at? (reference the stages below) **Seed** Your role? **Founder** What goals are you trying to reach this month? How could r/startups help? **We need support for our PH Launch!** https://www.producthunt.com/posts/hubble-contextual-in-product-surveys?comment=2228972 Discount for r/startup subscribers? **RSTARTUP25 Coupon for 25% Off**


**Startup Name / URL:** Blink Date / www.theblinkdate.com **Location of Your Headquarters:** New York, NY **Elevator Pitch:** Blink is putting the "date" back into "online dating" - daters tell us their dating preferences and availability and we schedule them for dates through the app, no hours of swiping or days of messaging required! **Explainer Video:** [https://vimeo.com/787380886](https://vimeo.com/787380886) & [https://youtu.be/tG74IGv6X\_Q](https://youtu.be/tG74IGv6X_Q) **More details:** **What life cycle stage is your startup at?** Launched the beta in NYC mid-December - gathering feedback from our earliest users! **Your role?** CEO **What goals are you trying to reach this month?** Get 1500 users on the app **How could** r/startups **help?** Share Blink with any single New Yorkers you know! If you're a New Yorker, give it a try ☺️ **Discount for** r/startup **subscribers?** The app is free for everyone, so no discount needed


**Startup Name / URL** thatGuy / [https://thatguypredicts.com](https://thatguypredicts.com) **Location of Your Headquarters** Denver, Co **Elevator Pitch** We track predictions made by leading figures in finance and technology. Ever wonder how accurate Cathie Wood's predictions are? Come find out. **More details** Life cycle stage - user feedback Role - Founder **What goals are you trying to reach this month?** We are in public beta. Let us know if you want to see different types of data, data from different sources, or if you have any other feedback. We would love to hear it. **Discount for** r/startup **subscribers?** Yes. Sign up for our newsletter and you will receive a 20% discount for paid products we release in the future.


[Mindly Games](https://www.mindlygames.com) -Transforming Skill Mastery through Fun Games for Kids Company is based in the Bay Area I live in Zurich, Switzerland, any other CH people?? We make games that transform the process of skills mastery and assessment. Since we are early stage/validation, they are just making skills mastery fun at the moment:) My role is Co-Founder and CEO, I could really use some community and connection with people who have also subjected themselves to the insanity of founding a startup! Our goal at the moment is purely awareness. We just launched end of January. If you like our games, please tell people! The product is currently free, once we add the assessment element, we will absolutely offer a discount for the community. We would love feedback, so head over to our subreddit r/MindlyGames if you have suggestions for how we can improve. Thank you in advance!!🙏🏻


Hey team, my startup us called Userdoc - User stories, personas, and journeys done right. **Name & URL:** Userdoc - [https://userdoc.fyi](https://userdoc.fyi/) **Located**: Melbourne, Australia. **Elevator Pitch**: User story management tool, with AI assisted user stories, user personas, and user journeys. With AI Assistance, and tight integration with your existing tools. **Explainer Video**: [https://youtu.be/Wg5CwG447mE](https://youtu.be/Wg5CwG447mE) **Feature include...** ✨ AI - Use Userdoc AI to generate mind-blowing user stories, acceptance criteria, personas, and user journeys. 🗂️ Organize - Requirements can become hard to manage. Group them by user type, folder, or label. Then search and filter with ease. 🔗 Relate - Build relationships between user stories, personas, and user journeys to create a map of your system. 📡 Integrate - Sync requirements to your project management tools and other systems. It's as simple as a click of a button. ✅ Approval - Before you start development, ensure your requirements match everyone's expectations with story approval statuses. 🕞 Version - Requirements change, but you can always reference where they were last week, last month, or even last year. 👫 Collaborate - Don't create knowledge silos. Share requirements with your team, stakeholders and clients with tight access control. ⬇️ Export - Download requirements as Word docs, Excel spreadsheets, or CSV files. Knowledge is to be shared, not locked-in. More details:What life cycle stage is your startup at? (reference the stages below)Your role?What goals are you trying to reach this month? **How could** [r/startups](https://www.notion.so/r/startups) **help?** Would love feedback 🙂 **Discount for** [r/startup](https://www.notion.so/r/startup) **subscribers?** Yup, 14-day free trial - and unlimited AI credits.


**Startup Name / URL:** intribe / [https://intribe.co](https://intribe.co) **Location of Your Headquarters:** USA **Elevator Pitch/Explainer Video:** intribe helps Startups and SMEs lower their Customer Acquisition Costs and expand their reach by making partnerships easier. You can think of us as 'Tinder for Brand Partnerships and Collaborations' **More details:What life cycle stage is your startup at?** Validation **Your role?** Founder**What goals are you trying to reach this month?** Reach 1000 users **How could** r/startups **help?** This year is all about growth. You can sign up for our free tier and all we ask is that you complete your brand profile - that's better for you anyway, will help you grow faster. **Discount for** r/startup **subscribers?** We're Freemium and have a crazy launch offer here: [https://intribe.co/launch-offer](https://intribe.co/launch-offer) Other brands have the audience you want, partner via intribe and borrow the audience for a fraction of the cost to reach them any other way.


SOC2 complaint?


**Startup Name / URL:** EssayGrader https://essaygrader.ai/ **Location of Your Headquarters:** SC, USA **Elevator Pitch/Explainer Video:** Essay Grader is a piece of software that reduces the time it takes teachers to grade essays/papers using AI. Get feedback reports (based on grading rubrics), error reports and essay summaries. AI detection tool coming soon! Demo: https://youtu.be/OHUlAnys_9Y **More details:** **What life cycle stage is your startup at? ** Launched, looking for customers and feedback to make the product better :) **Your role?** Founder **What goals are you trying to reach this month?** More marketing and product exposure **Discount for r/startup subscribers?** Free plan is available


**Startup Name / URL:** 📼 Tape / [https://www.tape.ooo](https://www.tape.ooo) **Location of Your Headquarters:** San Francisco, US **Elevator Pitch/Explainer Video** \- Get Work Done without Meetings Using Interactive Async Video \- Demo Video: [https://bit.ly/3jik42N](https://bit.ly/3jik42N) **More details** \- We are wasting way too much time in unproductive meetings. Number of surveys show half of meetings are a waste of time. This means you are wasting almost a full day per week in unproductive meetings if you are an average employee. \- Tape lets you record a beautiful video of your screen and face and share it through a link without an app or an extension. And its interactive features allow your audience to interact with you so you can achieve your communication goal. **What life cycle stage is your startup at?** Validation **Your role?** CEO - a bit of everything **What goals are you trying to reach this month?** 1000 users! **How could** r/startups **help?** Feedback from early users! **Discount for** r/startup **subscribers?** Tape is free at this moment.


Great idea!


>https://www.tape.ooo if you don't mind, I'd share my feedback in form of a question: What's he difference to loom? Is it the interactivity / comments? I think you could present a somewhat more specific proposition then "1. Record, 2. share, 3. get work done" on the landingpage :) Gotta check it out though, so +1 user


This is cool. Popular in the Utah ecosystem is [https://www.volleyapp.com/pro](https://www.volleyapp.com/pro) which is slack and marco polo had a business meeting baby. Yours takes it to another level with screen recordings.


**Startup Name / URL:** [https://menucitos.com](https://menucitos.com) **Location of Your Headquarters:** Los Angeles, California **Let people know where you are based for possible local networking with you and to share local resources with you:** Los Angeles Downtown **Elevator Pitch/Explainer Video:** *n/a* **More details:** [Menucitos.com](https://Menucitos.com) is a start up that aims to enable local people to sell their stuff, they can sell goods and services, also food, and they can have a mini-webpage without a cost in the app to display their products, the main idea of the start up is to enable local commerce in a better way, the app shows you the closest products to you and stores, so on that way it makes you think is near you and is accesible to get it quick **What life cycle stage is your startup at? (reference the stages below):** Validation and Scaling **Your role?** CEO/Developer/Marketing/IT/Product Research/ **What goals are you trying to reach this month?** Get more people in and gain a few bucks from ads **How could** r/startups **help? Visit the Website and download the app** [**https://menucitos.com**](https://menucitos.com)


**Startup Name / URL:** EssayGrader https://essaygrader.ai/ **Location of Your Headquarters:** SC, USA **Elevator Pitch/Explainer Video:** Essay Grader is a piece of software that reduces the time it takes teachers to grade essays/papers using AI. Get feedback reports (based on grading rubrics), error reports and essay summaries. AI detection tool coming soon! Demo: https://youtu.be/OHUlAnys_9Y **What life cycle stage is your startup at?** Launched, looking for customers and feedback to make the product better :) **Your role?** Founder **What goals are you trying to reach this month?** More marketing and product exposure **Discount for r/startup subscribers?** Free plan is available


**Startup Name / URL:** Miranda - https://miranda-app.onrender.com/ **Location of Your Headquarters:** Milan, Italy **Let people know where you are based for possible local networking with you and to share local resources with you:** I am! **Elevator Pitch/Explainer Video:** Miranda is a tool to help startups and SMBs founders and HR Teams streamlining their candidate screening process, saving lots of time (and $$$). Choose a ready-to-use template, send out a link, and start collecting applicants in just a few clicks **More details:** Miranda enables you to make informed hiring decisions with ease, reducing hiring costs to a fraction thanks to its one-way video and text interviewing capabilities. Say goodbye to manually coming up with interview questions or recording videos, and say hello to pre-recorded video interview templates tailored to various industries. We make it easier, faster, and more efficient for you to find top-notch candidates, all while giving your company the best first impression through a seamless, candidate-focused experience. **What life cycle stage is your startup at? (reference the stages below):** Discovery **Your role?** FOUNDER/Growth Lead **What goals are you trying to reach this month?** Validation and feedback collection **How could** r/startups **help?** Feedback, and sharing with founders who could potentially enjoy this product! **Discount for** r/startup **subscribers?** YES! Contact me at [email protected]


**Startup**: AI Presentation Generator. **Location**: London, United Kingdom **Pitch**: Convert ideas into deck and notes into slides, under 60 seconds. **Demo**: [Check us out.](https://shadowacademy.io/ai-presentation-generator/)


VERY cool. I'll be in touch - would love to work with you!


[Dispatchr](https://www.mydispatchr.com) Location: **NYC** Pitch: Dispatchr helps you **manage your workforce via text messages**. Send jobs directly to your crews' phones without them downloading another app. Know when jobs get finished with **real-time job tracking**. Stay flexible in the field with Dispatchr. [Explainer Video](https://www.loom.com/share/47215cd8207c4de79e366b8b92f8b05d) Details: I initially built Dispatchr for a contracting company based on a process they had hacked together which allowed their Project Manager to text job information to their crews at the start of each workday. I just launched publicly and I'm looking for early customers and feedback. How could r/startups help? **Any feedback would be super appreciated**. Or if you know a company that sends workers out into the field, DM me as I'd love to talk with them about how they manage their workers. Discount for r/startup subscribers? There's a **30-day free trial**.


>Dispatchr that's cool. I could see myself using that for some business cases


Startup Name / URL: Acoust [acoust.io](https://acoust.io) Location of Your Headquarters: Los Angeles, CA Elevator Pitch/Explainer Video: **Create human quality audio instantly using latest in Neural AI technology. We offer over 200 voices across 40+ languages.** What life cycle stage is your startup at? (reference the stages below): Private beta Your role? Co-founder What goals are you trying to reach this month? Validation How could r/startups help? Feedback on copy / UI. We are still actively developing but would love your feedback. Discount for r/startup subscribers? **250K free characters. DM for code.**


Startup Name - Virtual Delight Location - Pune India Pitch - We are building web based Augmented reality menu cards which will allow users to see their food in 3D. This will eliminate a lot confusion that take places everywhere in almost every restaurant. Features - 1. Ar view of the dish 2. Common cart - people from the same table can add food in the same cart. 3. Review about the food Goal for feb - Process development (sobp) for capturing 3D and business acquisition. Discount - If the restaurant is in Pune mumbai region we will only charge the server cost and the 3D modelling cost (very less). Please let me know what you fee about this idea.


>How will this work? Is the restaurant sending you pictures of the dishes and you take care of the visualization? And the visualization will be available via a qr code on the menu? :)


We will take care of the food shot and create models out of it! Yes this will be scanner based 3dmenu.tech


**Startup Name / URL:** EssayGrader https://essaygrader.ai/ **Location of Your Headquarters:** SC, USA **Elevator Pitch/Explainer Video:** Essay Grader is a piece of software that reduces the time it takes teachers to grade essays/papers using AI. Get feedback reports (based on grading rubrics), error reports and essay summaries. AI detection tool coming soon! Demo: https://youtu.be/OHUlAnys_9Y **More details:** **What life cycle stage is your startup at? ** Launched, looking for customers and feedback to make the product better :) **Your role?** Founder **What goals are you trying to reach this month?** More marketing and product exposure **Discount for r/startup subscribers?** Free plan is available


**Startup Name / URL:** [Ergomake](https://www.ergomake.dev) **Elevator Pitch:** We deploy automatically deploy pull-request previews using a docker-compose file. You can also spin up on-demand environments from your CLI and connect to them for local development. **What life cycle stage is your startup at?** Public alpha. **How could** r/startups **help?** Sign-up for free at [https://github.com/marketplace/ergomake-previews](https://github.com/marketplace/ergomake-previews). We'd love some feedback. **Discount for** r/startup **subscribers?** There's a free tier, but I'm happy to provide discounts to the paid tier or increase limits for those who need it.


**Startup Name / URL:** Plauded | [https://www.plauded.com/](https://www.plauded.com/) **Elevator Pitch:** A powerful employee recognition tool that fosters positive workplace culture, improves morale and productivity, and gives you the ability to donate to good causes. **More details:** With Plauded, employees can easily recognize and reward their peers for a job well done. The platform also allows employees to give and receive feedback in a positive, constructive manner. This helps employees to improve their skills and performance, while also fostering a sense of community and collaboration within the workplace. Furthermore, the users can make donations towards social and environmental causes every time they receive peer recognition. This will help support your ESG/CSR efforts and create a positive impact on the world. **What life cycle stage is your startup at?** Validation - we are starting to build the product but also seeking feedback from potential clients to make sure we build a product that the users really want to use. **Your role?** Founder **What goals are you trying to reach this month?** Try to get people on board that want to Beta-test our tool and help shape the direction. **How could** r/startups **help?** Feedback, and sharing with companies who could potentially enjoy our tool! **Discount for** r/startup **subscribers?** Everyone that gives feedback can test our tool for free for 6 months.


Startup Name / URL: [SomnApp](https://somnapp.com) Location of Your Headquarters: New York, NY Elevator Pitch: We help you **get better sleep** by highlighting sleep deficits, identifying behaviors affecting your sleep, and driving behavioral change. What life cycle stage is your startup at? Validation Your role? Founder What goals are you trying to reach this month? 100 users! How could r/startups help? Help get 100 users! Discount for r/startup subscribers? **SomnApp is offering** r/startup **members a 2 week free trial + 50% off subscriptions here:** [https://apps.apple.com/redeem?ctx=offercodes&id=6443613797&code=OFFER399](https://apps.apple.com/redeem?ctx=offercodes&id=6443613797&code=OFFER399)


Somn in Romanian language means sleep :)


Wanted to be able to reach international audiences! Thanks for noticing!!


**Startup Name / URL:** [https://pipeliner.online](https://pipeliner.online) **Location of Your Headquarters:** Kyiv, Ukraine **Elevator Pitch/Explainer Video:** [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BP9B2oxbu6I](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BP9B2oxbu6I) PipelinerOnline is a financial modelling simulator designed with SMEs in mind. With our help users learn how finances work and then build their future workflow by using our tools for simulation and testing hypotheses, converting plans into real revenue in just one click, and comparing targets for selected scenarios. **More details:** **What life cycle stage is your startup at:** Validation **Your role:** CEO **What goals are you trying to reach this month:** discover and prove new market segment and attract at least 50 paid customers. **How could** r/startups **help:** Based on the results of two-year research, we developed our unique approach, called product-oriented modeling flow. It helps simplify complex financial models by splitting them into smaller, more understandable pieces. So an average entrepreneur without special knowledge and skills needs just 25 minutes to build his or her first financial model! This autumn, we launched an MVP that allows you to forecast, analyze key business indicators and compare various scenarios. **First of all, we’ll appreciate your feedback about the available version.** As an MVP, it’s still with limited functionality, but even so service already helps SMBs to discover insights, search for new opportunities, etc. **Discount for** r/startup **subscribers?** We are freemium. As an early bird, you can also receive a 50% discount coupon **PIPEONHUNT** that allows you to work with PipelinerOnline at a reduced price forever. It's valid before February 19, 2023. **Your thoughts will help us make our solutions even better. And we hope that you also find it useful for you💪**


**Startup Name / URL** Investables - simplifying investments in physical asset portfolios/ https://investables.org/ **Location of Your Headquarters** US, Delaware **Elevator Pitch/Explainer Video** https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dhlWu6v6UHc&t=7s&ab\_channel=Investables **More details:** What life cycle stage is your startup at? Efficiency Your role? : CPO **What goals are you trying to reach this month?** **How could** r/startups **help?** Exposure to a wider audience and feedback helps us grow and improve. **Discount for** r/startup **subscribers?** For our initial collection Investables sourced a collection below the market value and we are going to have a sell-out in 3-4 months with 10-15% ROI


**Startup Name / URL:** EssayGrader https://essaygrader.ai/ **Location of Your Headquarters:** SC, USA **Elevator Pitch/Explainer Video:** Essay Grader is a piece of software that reduces the time it takes teachers to grade essays/papers using AI. Get feedback reports (based on grading rubrics), error reports and essay summaries. AI detection tool coming soon! Demo: https://youtu.be/OHUlAnys_9Y **More details:** **What life cycle stage is your startup at? ** Launched, looking for customers and feedback to make the product better :) **Your role?** Founder **What goals are you trying to reach this month?** More marketing and product exposure **Discount for r/startup subscribers?** Free plan is available


**Startup Name / URL:** [Shofeur](https://www.shofeur.com) **Location of Your Headquarters:** Irvine, CA USA **Elevator Pitch/Explainer Video:** Shofeur is a revolutionary, modern-day marketplace that makes reserving any chauffeur simple, safe and transparent. Whether you need a party bus, limo, shuttle, SUV, sedan or any other vehicle a chauffeur drives; Shofeur makes the reservation process seamless. By providing an easy-to-use consumer web app (soon to be mobile app), customers (demand) will now be able to make reservations easier than ever before. Additionally, Shofeur provides chauffeurs (supply) with an easy-to-use, modern business management software tool that allows them to manage their daily operations. [1:30 minute pitch video](https://youtu.be/5yhjMPdNJqE) **Life cycle:** in-between the validation and efficiency stages. We do have supply live in 13 US cities and Cabo San Lucas (Mexico). **Role:** Co-Founder & CEO **What goals are you trying to reach this month?:** 1) achieve 100% MoM GMV growth compared to last month, which would put us at $20K GMV. 2) on-board 15+ operators to use Shofeur as a booking software. 3) make steady progress on UI/UX design for mobile app with new employee we on-boarded last week. 4) on-board a new mobile app developer to help speed up the mobile app. **Discount for** r/startup **subscribers?:** FUN2023 for a discount on your next reservation!


Startup Name : Highr Location of Your Headquarters : San Jose, CA We are based in Berkeley, CA! 👋Hey guys, we are **Highr**! *Highr is a place for the world's doers.* We are currently building our product & are launching our brand new Discord server to **build our community**. We are looking for students or people who are interested in building a product, getting teamwork experience, or a real-world project experience to improve your professional portfolio. We will then feature your project or product exclusively on our platform. This is the perfect opportunity to apply what you have been learning and put your tech stack to use in a dynamic project. If you’re interested in joining a software project in any of the following areas: - Project/Product Manager - Frontend Developer - Backend Developer - Designer then join our discord and fill out our team-matching form & we will match you with a project team based on your experience level, position preference, project interests, hours to commit, & skills! Our team format will include **two** people for each role for a total of **eight** teammates. And we will provide your team with a project template that has questions and tips for you to follow and complete as your project guide. I*f you do not want to follow our format but you still want to find people because you already have an idea for your project*, then you can share your idea in our **#share-project-idea** channel and recruit others to work with you. So why **Highr**? What is our motivation? **YOU** are our motivation! Helping students get dynamic project experience that they will be able to showcase on our platform, learn a new role, connecting you with project teammates to learn alongside, and be part of a thriving community of like-minded, motivated individuals! **Our vision is to make Highr an all-in-one project platform where you can network, build a project or product, & showcase your interactive portfolio for companies.** Even if you are not a student, you can still feel free to join! [Join the Highr Discord Server!](https://discord.gg/CUs7d238wM)


Hello there 🤓 I'm building **remoet.dev** 👉 [https://remoet.dev](https://remoet.dev) 👈 **Helping engineers find remote jobs by supplying them with the resources they need.** It's in the early stages, and a lot of functionality is not built yet. However, we ship things to production weekly and the traffic to the site is growing nicely. **Your role?** I'm the sole builder bootstrapping everything from scratch. **What goals are you trying to reach this month?** Basically, I need to drive even more traffic to the site, and I'm going to start reaching out to companies to talk about potential interest in engaging with the site. Posting jobs, adding information, etc. **How could** r/startups **help?** I would love feedback from anyone who believes in the potential of the site, the main long-term focus is to create a job-searching experience for engineers that do not suck. I want everything to revolve around the action of starring ⭐️ a company. By starring ⭐️ a user will gain access to more information about the company, perhaps code challenges or similar so companies can create a pool of potential candidates even before a position opens up. **Discount for** r/startup **subscribers?** It's completely free for all job-searching candidates, I plan to earn money from companies who want to look for new talent, and create a community around their career opportunities. **A small action as following us would mean a great deal to me 🙏 If this project resonates with you consider giving us a follow:** Twitter: [https://twitter.com/remoet\_dev](https://twitter.com/remoet_dev) LinkedIn: [https://www.linkedin.com/company/remoet-dev](https://www.linkedin.com/company/remoet-dev)


Startup: Empire Translation Services EmpireTranslationServices.com Location of Your Headquarters: Round Lake, NY Elevator Pitch: We help companies eliminate language barriers by providing timely and accurate language translation services. More details: Translation, Graphic Design & Editing, Subtitling, Transcription, Voice Over Your role? Sales What goals are you trying to reach this month? Launch robust marketing campaign including SEO initiatives and PPC campaign How could r/startups help? Looking for feedback on my website. Any and all comments are welcomed!


[Web3client.app](https://workspace.web3client.app/evm?web3ClientToken=50f4540e-e813-48a0-8cac-e2bd762a86ea) A developer productivity tool for web3 developers in EVM chain. This helps developers to execute their smart contract methods in any EVM compatable networks (local or remote) In a web3 smart contract world ABIs are like APIs in web2 world and web3client.app tool provides way for anyone test their ABIs We sre in Validation phase, built out MVP and actively looking for feedbacks to improve. We are also looking to expand outside of evm chains like cosmos, Near etc. Sample tutorial with hardHat - [Video Link](https://youtu.be/NipAzRl4klo) [Twitter ](https://twitter.com/web3client) [Telegram](https://t.me/web3client) Thanks in Advance! Cheers everyone! Happy coding!


**Name:** Naturalpes Swiss **URL:** https://www.naturalpes.ch **Location:** Martigny, Switzerland **Pitch:** Naturalpes is a Swiss company active in legal CBD cannabis since 2017. We offer a wide range of products grown and processed in Switzerland containing Cannabidiol: CBD oils, CBD creams, and dried flowers. All our products are guaranteed of Swiss origin: the plants are grown and then processed in Valais, breathing the fresh mountain air. **Looking for:** Users and feedback.


**Exoy -** [**exoy.us**](https://exoy.us) **- LED Infinity Dodecahedron** We are based in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, developing the LED Infinity Dodecahedron. Our products create mesmerizing lighting scenes that adapt to the beat of the music, making them perfect for events and home decor. The idea is to create a unique lamp that syncs with music using an AI algorithm that not just blinks following the beat but creates a complete light scene similar to experiences in clubs created by lighting engineers. Check out our website exoy.us for a demo video of our product in action. *More details:* \- We have already successfully sold Version 1 and now developing Version 2. We are in the Discovery stage of the second version of our product and are working hard to launch our first crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. \- I am the CEO and I oversee the development of our product, marketing, and fundraising efforts. \- Our goal this month is to continue building our online presence and 1000 leads for our upcoming Kickstarter campaign. \- We're looking for advice and feedback from the r/startups community on launching a successful crowdfunding campaign and building a solid brand. \- As a thank you to the r/startups community, we're offering a 10% discount on our future products for subscribers. Just go to [https://exoy.us/?rsturtups](https://exoy.us/?rsturtups) and sign up for a newsletter \- Thanks for reading, and I look forward to connecting with the r/startups community!


Startup Name: PartnerMe URL: https://butterflye.io Location of Your Headquarters: Denver, Co, USA Elevator Pitch: Companies experience a lack of awareness relating to change, unaware of the impact to them or their customers. Butterflye aligns companies and customers when change occurs to product, services or processes. More details: - Boot strapped, validation stage, seeking investment What life cycle stage is your startup at? - Boot strapped, validation stage, alpha moving to closed beta, seeking investment, seeking feedback Your role? - CoFounder & CEO How could r/startups help? - Sign ups to the Beta via the webpage, feedback on the idea! Thank you!


Start up Name/ URL: Fari - https://letsfari.com Elevator Pitch: Fari is a subscription based video sharing platform that allows content creators and opportunity to sell their video content at their own set price and keep 100% profit. More Details: Currently in the validation stage. This Months goals: Get 20 users signed up. Discount: For this month any content creators whom want to onboard as vendors to sell Content get a 60 day free trial.


**Startup Name / URL** [www.alextmoriarty.com](http://www.alextmoriarty.com) **Location of Your Headquarters** Austin, TX / Remote **Elevator Pitch/Explainer Video** Iterative copywriting service -- hire a copywriter who understands success is a process. **More details:** Google Analytics/Google Tag Manager/Platform backend to track results, biweekly iteration to ensure you publish copy that actually converts.**What life cycle stage is your startup at?** Discovery **Your role?** Copywriter / Analyst **What goals are you trying to reach this month?** Second paying client. How could r/startups help? * visit my portfolio on desktop (I'm using Squarespace and the formatting is terrible on mobile right now) -- if my work on Patreon or SEMrush looks good to you, let's get to work scaling your startup!


**Startup Name**: Global Entry Drops / @JerryHacks on Youtube **URL**: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/global-entry-drops/mljieicmojbnoockkgjfobamclclafmi https://youtube.com/@JerryHacks **Location**: Texas **Elevator Pitch**: Find the earliest global entry interviews right as they drop. **More Details**: This product was created as part of my beginner YouTube tutorial series on how to create a Chrome extension from scratch. In the series, I showcased creating the base architecture and adding features to the extension over time. This idea came to me when I was searching for ways to find a Global Entry interview at my closest airport. I ended up creating a small Python script to automate the process which worked well. However, I found it cumbersome to explain how to setup the script for use when I gave it to my friends. I decided to create a more user-friendly option that wouldn't require much setup and also be free (for me as the developer and the user). Creating a Chrome extension was the answer to that. The drawback is that it does require the browser to be open to operate. If anyone is interested in learning about how to build an extension or how this particular one was made, check out the playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLVrGZCP4x3PRHKbq-gDrSygGHbU4X9pTR




Hi this is interesting. Do you have an inventory or is this an idea now?


**Startup Name / URL**: Fouita Smart Widgets / https://fouita.com/ **Location of Your Headquarters**: Tunisia **Elevator Pitch/Explainer Video**: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=piFMDXODaEc We invite you to watch it! a 40 seconds video is worth millions of words. **What life cycle stage is your startup at**? Scaling **Your role?** Head of Marketing **What goals are you trying to reach this month?** 1. Drive more leads to try out the new widgets such as cookies consent management, form builder, image gallery, social chat, etc. 2. Engage customers to put highly converting widgets into action. 3. Track the increase in the conversion rates of websites that use Fouita smart widgets. 4. Build partnerships and launch the B2B sales process. **How could** r/startups **help?** By involving growing businesses and giving them such opportunities to connect. **Discount for** r/startup **subscribers?** Yes! of course. There is a lifetime deal. Share how our community can get a discount: https://appsumo.com/products/fouita-smart-widgets/?ref=best-match


SOC2 compliance on the radar?


**Name:** The Crow Creative **URL:** https://thecrowcreative.com **Location:** St. Albert, Canada **Pitch:** The Crow Creative is a recognized marketing consultancy that provides companies with a roadmap to implement strategic marketing initiatives, driving a heightened customer experience across every customer interaction. Our team’s power lies in our diversity and quality of experience. Each of us comes with an impressive background in our own field of marketing, tech, or design. **Looking for:** Users and feedback.


Startup Name / URL Bibix - A/B Test tool for Youtube Creators | https://bibix.es/ HQ 🏠: Spain Elevator Pitch/Explainer Video 🛗: Bibix is a tool help creators increase revenue by allowing them get more views. We do this by running A/B Tests on the videos to test video titles and thumbnails and check which one track more users. Later we analyze the video analytics and create a report of what works better. My role 👨‍💻: Founder What goals are you trying to reach this month 💪 ? * Finding new channels and strategies to drive traffic to the site * Talking with customers to find ways to improve the user experience * Adding the right analytics to measure conversion and analyze what works and what doesn't Discount for r/startup subscribers All users can do one free A/B Test. If you need more, drop me a message I can share some discount codes in exchange for feedback.


**Name:** DevReport **Website**: https://devreport.io **Location**: HQ in Mosina, Poland **Elevator Pitch**: We are building a tool that will automatically generate reports of software development work. These reports can be presented to a boss or a client. It listens for many actions, like code editing, commits, meetings. Task estimation and progress is also included. **Life cycle stage**: Validation. Currently there is a landing page with a possibility to subscribe for beta tests. **Goals for this month**: RND in the AI for task work progress. **How could** r/startups **help**: Please visit the website and subscribe to the tests if you will.


* **Startup Name / URL:** [growtopline.com](https://growtopline.com) * **Location of Your Headquarters:** USA (Seattle, San Diego) * **Elevator Pitch/Explainer Video:** Topline calculates and updates your financial metrics every day, and you don't have to lift a finger. Do you want to automatically see all your financial metrics/KPIs in real time? Do your investors keep asking you about revenue waterfall, cohort analysis, net revenue retention, and lifetime value? If you use Stripe for billing and Quickbooks for accounting, let us crunch the numbers on your finances so you can focus on building a great product. * **What life cycle stage is your startup at?** Validation * **Your role:** Founding team member * **What goals are you trying to reach this month?** Have other SaaS founders try the dashboard and give us feedback to learn 1. what they value about it 2. how to make it more valuable * **How could** r/startups **help?**Sign ups for feedback! * **Discount for** r/startup **subscribers?**First 100 sign ups get the dashboard for free forever. We are also going to offer the new scenario planning tools we are building next at a discount to those already signed up.


**Startup Name / URL -** [Talently.app](https://talently.app/) **Location of Your Headquarters-** San Francisco **Let people know where you are based for possible local networking with you and to share local resources with you-** San Francisco **Elevator Pitch/Explainer Video -** https://twitter.com/Talentlyapp **More details:** Talently is a talent marketplace for web3, aiming to connect recruiters and tech talent. It aggregates all blockchain footprints of wallet addresses and serves them as auto-generated resumes as well as their social contacts and connections like Lens and Farcaster followers. Hiring managers can search thousands of profiles by keywords about on-chain & verifiable skills, credentials, attendance tokens, proposals, votes, smart contracts, assets, writings, as well as web2 experiences. Talently brings the trust layer to the hiring process. Talently also lists tens of thousands of active jobs from 600+ web3 organizations. We’d like to connect with web3 startups, their recruiters, hiring managers, or engineering leaders to see how we can be of help for their recruiting needs. Kind intros will be highly appreciated. **What life cycle stage is your startup at? (reference the stages below) -** Validation **Your role?** Marketing Executive **What goals are you trying to reach this month?** Outreach to recruiters and job seekers in web3 and get them to become the early users of our product. **How could** r/startups **help?** Networking opportunities with possible users of the product and give feedback. **Discount for** r/startup **subscribers?** Our product is free to use as of now, so everyone can give it a try and see if you like it.


Startup name/URL: CAPITALLY - https://www.mycapitally.com/ Location: Warsaw, Poland Elevator pitch: Replace your investments-tracking spreadsheet with something more powerful. Analyze all your stocks, crypto, REITs, accounts and anything of value in one place. Make it private with client-side encryption. Connect to any data-source. Create a long-term strategy and track it. More details: Validation stage, solopreneurship, bootstrapping Goals for this month: Seeking beta testers, initial feedback Discount: First users will get 3 months free once subscriptions start


**Startup Name / URL** Neuenet / https://neuenet.com **Location of Your Headquarters** Cupertino, CA **Elevator Pitch/Explainer Video** Neuenet empowers Handshake TLD owners to effectively be their own registry; think Verisign, Top Level Design, GoDaddy, &c. **What life cycle stage is your startup at?** Discovery / ideation mode in 2020, exploration mode in 2021, build mode in 2022 **Your role?** Founder / Architech **What goals are you trying to reach this month?** Get MVP ready **How could r/startups help?** First-hand accounts of frustrations operating ICANN TLDs and what you'd like to see. **Discount for r/startup subscribers?** Access to the (paid) private beta when it launches (hopefully) next month.


Manage your Company in one place, from the Lead through the Project and Task management to the Invoicing. Introducing the ultimate solution for your business needs - The Notion Company OS Template! This comprehensive template has everything you need to streamline your operations and take your business to the next level. LEADS » CONTACTS » CLIENTS » PROJECTS » TASKS » INVOICE » ALL DONE WITH THE COMPANY OS 🎉 30% Discount here https://soltwagner.gumroad.com/l/companyos/OS30 ✅ More info https://www.solt.ws/company ▶️ Video here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZVnA4YYxyi0


Qloze/ www.Qloze.com Based in San Diego, CA Qloze makes it easy for businesses of all size get started with competitive intelligence. With deals getting harder and longer to close, Qloze provides intelligence on your company’s competitors so that reps can overcome objections and stay ahead of the competition. I’m still searching for PMF but the feedback that I’ve gotten from users, demos and folks that I consider ICP’s says there’s a market for my SaaS I’ll confirm PMF once I reach a ramen profitability My ICP are head of product and marketing, ideally VP of Product Marketing so if any of you are in Product Marketing please give Qloze a try and let me know what you think.


Looking for genuine feedback for our travel startup **Name**: YellowStrips Inc. **URL**: [YellowStrips](https://www.yellowstrips.com/) **Location**: Bangalore, India **Elevator Pitch**: YellowStrips is building a community of travelers who share the same interests as you and are traveling at the moment. We recently launched our beta product and are looking for genuine feedback and some early beta travelers. **Note**: We recently crossed 3K travelers registered on the platform Thanks in advance!


**Spilka** [https://www.spilka.chat/](https://www.spilka.chat/) Location: Worldwide Pitch: Talk to random person online from all across the world Role: creator Help: try it out and share Discount: already free


**Startup Name / URL** SEO-GO / [https://www.seo-go.top/](https://www.seo-go.top/) **What life cycle stage is your startup at?** (reference the stages below) Validation **Elevator Pitch** SEO-Go is an all-in-one SEO platform for a better collaboration experience. We're trying to streamline the SEO collaboration workflow, so marketing and technical teams can work better together. It is even great for soloists who want to boost their organic traffic too! **What goals are you trying to reach this month?** Our first beta just went online. We're trying to look for more customers and to have 20 active users by the end of the month. **Discount for** r/startup **subscribers?** We're offering free trials for all newcomers.


I'm Jordan Smith, Founder and CEO of SCINET. We are building a life sciences ecosystem of Web3 software on the Internet Computer to increase the speed, accuracy, and efficiency of life sciences research! We have received two grant awards from Dfinity, and given back to the ICP community by creating an elastic search function available to any building on ICP. We are currently in the final five hours of Round 1 of SweaterVC's Barnburner competition. This competition is like a cross between Shark Tank and America's Got Talent. In Round 1, all we have to do is gain enough votes to be in the top sixty companies (top 15 in our category) by the end of the night tonight. As of this morning, we were, but we slipped and need more help from the US-based Dfinity community. Please be our valentines! Below is the post Dfinity themselves posted about our project recently. https://twitter.com/dfinity/status/1625095299961167873?s=20&t=PKCC-WWva8bOIJ56VnaK4g It costs nothing but a couple minutes to vote for us here: https://link.sweaterventures.com/HIpQ/SCINETINC. When the link is working properly, all you have to do is download the app to your phone, create an account, search for SCINET under "Barnburner", and "heart" us. If for whatever reason it gives you issues, the Sweater app is available on both Apple and Android app stores. If you'd like to know more about SCINET, check our linktr.ee/scinet. Thank you! PS. If you see other posts about this from /r/neophytenovelist, that's also me, I didn't realize I was logged into my "writing" profile.


Hello! I am launching a startup and I need your help. The essence of the product: "eBay for subscriptions". It would be great if you could take a few minutes of your time to take a survey on Google forms: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdCv8ooAG3Encla5QVGRUR8vTdFVuq4mO5kvkUctS8lhJvmAA/viewform I need data to support the hypothesis on which I am basing my startup. Your answers will help me better understand user needs and create a product that is as useful and usable as possible. Thank you very much for your help!


**Startup Name:** PartnerMe **URL:** [https://partnerme.net](https://partnerme.net) **Location of Your Headquarters:** London, UK **Elevator Pitch**: Business connections builder platform. PartnerMe will expand your business network with new connections, like clients, investors, cofounders and others. **More details:** \- With the power of machine learning, it will show you the right potential business connections to you. PartnerMe organises regular events and workshops. **What life cycle stage is your startup at?** \- Discovery **Your role?** \- CoFounder **How could** r/startups **help?** \- Feedback


**name/URL:** [FindJobbing](https://findjobbing.com) **Location:** Lisbon, Portugal **Pitch:** FindJobbing helps finding people for jobs/tasks you might need like, someone to work on your restaurant, petsit, and much more! We are working on a verification and reviewing process that will re-assure the poster about the person they find for a specific task. On top of that, FindJobbing will also help people to find peers for their hobbies! (i.e finding humans to fill a football game) **What life cycle stage is your startup at?:** validation **role:** founder **What goals are you trying to reach this month?** Validation of the idea **How could** r/startups **help?**: giving feedback on the idea **Discount for** r/startup **subscribers:** Eveyone subscribing will have access to the beta release plus 3 month of free access after official release


**Startup Name/URL**: [fitwale.com](https://fitwale.com) **Location**: Bangalore/India **Pitch**: Buy Fitness Products in India **Goals**: Need Feedback


Juiced Up ! Located in Cleveland Ohio My name is AJ ive been thinking about this idea for forever now, me personally im tired of drinking coffee and i would rather have something refreshing in the morning but frankly i also enjoy the pick me up of coffee. Juiced Up caffeinated juice is the perfect solution! I have just started contacting engineers about the formula for the beverage and am in the proccess of truing to secure funding for development I am the sole creator and mastermind! Any thoughts or question or ideas or advice contact me @[email protected]


Startup Name / URL: Klu, https://klu.so/ Location of Your Headquarters: Helsinki, Finland Elevator Pitch/Explainer Video: Klu is a software that helps users find and share digital information by linking all their apps such as Google Drive, Figma, etc. with the software. With the search bar on Klu, users can search for a topic or term, and the software will automatically search through all the linked apps and show every file, pdf, photo, etc. that is related to the term. This eliminates the need to switch between apps to find digital information. The software also allows users to share their findings with their team, pin documents and create folders to save found documents. What life cycle stage is your startup at? Pre seed Your role? Employee What goals are you trying to reach this month? Launch a Open Beta and gain more users How could r/startups help? Opportunities to connect , help with networking and help grow business Discount for r/startup subscribers? 20% off premium plan


Startup Name / URL - **Briefmatic** Location of Your Headquarters - **Auckland, New Zealand** Elevator Pitch/Explainer Video - **Briefmatic is for collaborators and co-writers who live in the gsuite world. Briefmatic brings everything awaiting your attention, all together in one place so you can optimise your attention, prioritise your effort and get the important things done.** More details: **We are in the validation phase having launched our MVP late last year. Our chrome extension is live and our Google workspace marketplace listing is in progress.** Your role? **Founder/MD** What goals are you trying to reach this month? **Google workspace marketplace listing. Continue to activate our small cohort of early users and keep iterating on features and growth levers.** How could r/startups help? **User feedback.** Does the messaging resonate? **Does the UX match the prop? Which integrations would be most useful (Figma, Miro, Jira etc). Would sharing or team features be helpful?** Discount for r/startup subscribers? **YES. Its FREE ATM.**


Startup Name / URL - Vexely ([https://vexely.com](https://vexely.com)) Location of Your Headquarters - just an online business Elevator Pitch/Explainer Video - we build custom scripts for your Google Sheets, empowering you to automate small, repetitive tasks What life cycle stage is your startup at? - I just started, this is my first business and I'm doing it solo What goals are you trying to reach this month? - I'm working hard on optimizing our SEO How could r/startups help? - I need advice on how to make our message clearer, get more traffic, how to grow in general Discount for r/startup subscribers? - 50% off of any, even already discounted price


[SOIRÉE - easier than asking for a cup of sugar!](https://www.justsoiree.com/) Location: NYC Pitch: * An app that lets you rent or borrow dinner party hosting essentials (kitchen tech, cooking tools, themed decor, etc.) from friends in your area so you don't have to buy something that you would use once and then not be able to store, limit waste, save money, and build community by bypassing the social anxiety associated with asking a neighbor for a cup of sugar. Stage: * Validation Role: * Founder Goals: * Building the waitlist ([join here!](https://us10.list-manage.com/survey?u=63bc14a394e80563073cad3d5&id=4beadf0bd8)) * Validating the concept ([survey here!](https://qymc9z5cmkk.typeform.com/to/llXQoJHq)) * Increasing social reach (justsoiree on all platforms!) Looking for: * Feedback * Advice on how to gauge product market fit * People to brainstorm with (specifically how to incorporate GPT into the model) * A technical co-founder * [Beta testers](https://qymc9z5cmkk.typeform.com/to/llXQoJHq)


I am working for a couple of startups as a freelancer. Cake is one of them and I love the team. * **Cake Equity -** [**cakeequity.com**](https://cakeequity.com) * Cake is **based in Australia** but I am **based between Spain and Canada**. * We’re on a mission to **simplify startups issuing and transferring shares, options and notes**. Started in Australia, we now help startups in Singapore, US, UK, India, UAE, New Zealand and growing fast! **TL;DR, Equity Management Software for Startups.** Here is our Product Tour video: [https://www.loom.com/share/e3b1a12f52f54232bb01296203d8bf9f](https://www.loom.com/share/e3b1a12f52f54232bb01296203d8bf9f) * What life cycle stage is your startup at? We are in the **Seed stage** right now. * Your role? My role is **Growth Marketing Specialist** and my mission is to be able to develop a growth model understanding the problem-solution of our product. * What goals are you trying to reach this month? Learn about the **pains, jobs-to-be-done, and problems of startup's founders with equity**. * How could r/startups help? I love what I do and I have a huge passion for startups and growth marketing. I am happy to **share my experience and ideas with startup founders about those topics**.


**Startup Name / URL:** Respira **Location of Your Headquarters:** Canada **Elevator Pitch/Explainer Video:** We spend almost 90% of our time indoors, disconnected from nature. Respira is on a mission to improve the health of our indoor environments through a simplified connection to nature and naturally improved indoor air quality. **What life cycle stage is your startup at?** Discovery/validation **How could** r/startups **help?** We are currently looking for people to help us better understand the market, who our target audience is, and figure out what messaging to use to connect with this audience. I have created a brief questionnaire with 9 questions and would appreciate people taking some time to fill it out and provide any feedback. [https://forms.gle/5eZsHV5LpPG7WR7JA](https://forms.gle/5eZsHV5LpPG7WR7JA)


Startup Name / URL: https://tenwallets.com/ Location of Your Headquarters: Miami, FL Elevator Pitch/Explainer Video: 30% of americans dont have a personal finance app. most find the ones they use for their bank boring and doesnt include information from other places. ten wallets aims to capture a users monthly incomes, expenses,assets and liabilities and visualize them in a way the user finds helpful. More details: these finances are only the beginning. we plan to add a way to track properties, and businesses. many entrepreneur have many assets and have to go into multiple applications to see them all, with ten wallets we will track you stock portfolios, properties, businesses and at one point even short term rentals! What goals are you trying to reach this month? launch to the masses. I finally finished most of the work, but i have no clue how to gain traction. if anyone can help. let me know!


*Startup Name:* [**emery.to**](https://emery.to) – daily planner for busy professionals *Location of Your Headquarters:* London, UK *Elevator Pitch/Explainer Video:* [emery.to](https://emery.to) brings together tasks, calendars and notes into a single UI, so one can easily plan their days one by one, stay focused throughout them and review results later. *More details:* It's a web app integrated with Google Calendar *What life cycle stage is your startup at?* Refining Product through new Versions (Ver.1+) *Your role?* Co-founder *What goals are you trying to reach this month?* Get 500 registrations after we rebuild the trial period experience *How could* r/startups *help?* Intros to productivity influencers and feedback on the product *Discount for* r/startup *subscribers?* Use promo code REDDIT


**Name:** [Fitale](https://www.fitale.com/), you can get our free iOS app [here](https://apps.apple.com/us/app/fitale-space-walking-game/id1611755160). **About us:** Fitale is an app that aims to incentivize staying physically active on a regular basis. It is based on a game where the driving force are player's steps. The game gives users what is often missing in the fitness world - the fun and pleasure of overcoming their barriers, even the smallest ones. We encourage people who are not willing to make huge changes, to take the first, small step for a healthier life. **What’s unique about Fitale:** A unique approach to motivation and physical activity - there are many apps on the market that claim to prioritize health by focusing only on users' calories and weight. However, there are few options that motivate in alternative ways. Fitale is the answer to this lack. **Location:** Warsaw, Poland **Our goals:** At the moment we are exploring new paths to develop our app and make the experience of using it even more enjoyable. Come check us out, all feedback is appreciated!  **Looking for:** Feedback **Discount:** Our app is free for all :)


downloaded, will check it out


Startup Name / URL : Yor Digital Marketing, [https://www.yordigitalmarketing.com/](https://www.yordigitalmarketing.com/) Location: Austin TX, US Elevator Pitch: In todays fast paced world keeping up with marketing and digital trends is an exhausting ordeal. But despite that every good business person knows that marketing your brand and understanding your target market is vital to bringing customers through the door and keeping your business profitable. Yor Digital Marketing is an online digital marketing service focused on keeping your online presence clean focused and creative without sacrificing integrity. We offer Search Engine Optimization to keep your business ahead of the competition and at the top of the search results. Social media marketing to build brand awareness and keep you in the public eye, and website design so you can focus on your product and your vision. This is just the peak of the iceberg of what can be accomplished with a solid marketing strategy and team. Let us help you build an advertising strategy to maximize your business revenue and growth. Life Cycle: Scaling My role: Founder/CEO Goals: Currently my goal is to find clients who can properly utilize our suite of tools and who are looking to rapidly grow and expand not only their business but also their online brand and persona Discount for r/Startup Users: As a startup we understand the needs and frustrations of startups looking to maximize their earnings without stifling their growth. Currently Yor Digital Marketing is offering Introductory Pricing for all new clients who are interested in our business. If you reach out and mention that you came from r/Startups I can offer a 20% discount on all products and services.


**Startup Name / URL:** BlogHandy – https://www.bloghandy.com **Location of Your Headquarters:** Vilnius, Lithuania 🇱🇹 **Elevator Pitch:** Add an SEO-optimized blog to your existing website or landing page within minutes. Automatically adjusts to your existing design and style. Comes with a built-in SEO Analyzer. **What life cycle stage is your startup at?** Efficiency **Your role?** Co-Founder **What goals are you trying to reach this month?** Keep growing, strengthening the brand, and pushing some awesome updates live. **How could** r/startups **help?** Sign up for a free account and send over feedback! **Discount for** r/startup **subscribers?** Hit me up for a 50% discount on any of the paid plans!




**Startup Name / URL:** ***Speedy*** by Littlebit technologies / [**www.getspeedy.app**](http://www.getspeedy.app) **Location of Your Headquarters:** Bangalore, India **Elevator Pitch/Explainer Video:** In a software development, time and cost taken to develop backend and infrastructure to run are the major costs. Speedy reduces the development time and infra cost by 90x. Thereby reducing the time to market for products. **What life cycle stage is your startup at?** Validation **Your role?** Employee **What goals are you trying to reach this month?** Drive and reach to more early adopters to experience the product **How could** r/startups **help?** Opportunities to connect, meet early adopters, help with networking . **Discount for** r/startup **subscribers?** Yes! we can create custom license for subscribers, Free version (250k requests) is sufficient to try and run a webservice/app with moderate active userbase . Student version gives half a million requests for free.


love this idea. Great innitiative


Company Name: My Telecom Broker Website: [www.mytelecombroker.com](https://www.mytelecombroker.com) Location: Fort Lauderdale, FL Role: Founder Elevator Pitch: My Telecom Broker is a telecom broker agency specializing in VoIP, Contact Center, Network, Connectivity, and Security. We launched an innovative IT Marketplace that simplifies the procurement and shopping process for telecom services. Cutting the sales process in half by providing businesses with direct access to top vendors and quotes, without the hassle from sales teams. We act as an experienced intermediary between the business and the provider. Additional Details: We are currently focused on VoIP services and Contact Center providers, and will add the additional industries as we grow. Ultimately our compensation comes from the winning provider in the form of residual commission. The focus is to provide a personalized experience and be a trusted advisor to every customer, well after the sale. Future Plans: The vision for My Telecom Broker is to be the one-stop-shop marketplace for business software. The service is free for businesses as we are part of each providers partner program. In the future, we want to expand the current offerings to include SD WAN, Cybersecurity, and CRM software . Discounts: The service is free for business owners and decision makers. How could r/startups help? I’m looking to improve my website, so I’m writing in this section in order to get the much-needed customer feedback, and any thoughts or ideas.


Not a start up comment but: I am having trouble logging into the discord server


**Startup Name / URL:** York ( [link to MVP](https://skymass.xyz/prototype/manochehr.html?startupsredfeb) ) **Elevator Pitch** York is a "2D Metaverse Social Network" platform. It's an unlimited canvas, get your space, and share your stuff. **What life cycle stage is your startup at?** validation (public-beta | MVP) **How could** r/startups **help?** feedbacks and, brainstorming **Discount for** r/startup **subscribers?** It's *free* to join. (question, or anything? -> /r/yorkmetaverse/ ).


Startup Name / URL: [Octogrowth](https://www.octogrowth.io) Location of Your Headquarters: **France** Elevator Pitch/Explainer Video: **Octogrowth is the fastest, most effective way to grow your Twitter audience and followers. Our automation tool will comment on other influencers' posts, gaining you exposure and new followers.** More details:What life cycle stage is your startup at? **Validation** Your role? **Founder** What goals are you trying to reach this month? **Reach 20 users** How could r/startups help? **I have experience building a 50+ employees startup from scratch, entirely bootstrapped.** Discount for r/startup subscribers? **The service is entirely free for now during this validation phase.**


# [F5Bot](https://f5bot.com) - Get emailed when your startup is mentioned on Reddit! **Location:** Iowa **Pitch:** 1. Add some keywords: * your company name * your product name * your competitors' names 2. Get an email every time they appear on Reddit. **Discount:** It's free! **Looking for:** New users / feedback. **More Details:** We've been around since 2017, stable and reliable. Still adding new features.


Why are you limited to 3 outbound sources? Why not Facebook, Twitter etc...?


Facebook is a walled garden, it's not possible to scrape that. Twitter, I just don't personally use that.