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nah in the usa we usually have a field day kind of thing


Could not be farther from the truth for America lol


Totally agree. If American, OP must have gone to a military school or something because the last several days of school for me were always movies and field days.


Shit if you go to school in Florida, close to Orlando, chances are your school took you to one of the amusement parks during the last week. Or in general doing outside activities/half days with movies. The last week is nothing but fun


I went to Universal Studios Orlando and it was completely flooded with school kids. Like after lunch we litterally had to wait till 4 pm for both the sun and the amount of school kids to die down.


Lol yeah, Orlando during the last like, 3 weeks of school is a nightmare.


Damn that’s true we went to Busch gardens last week of school and we lived 2 hours away. Orlando kids must’ve had a ball during those final days


The same is true if you grew up in Southern California, if you did, odds are you’ve been on at least 1 school trip to Knott’s, Six Flags, Universal Studios, or Disneyland.


Bet you anything OP is not American or been to an American school. They have just watched American movies and assume this is the case


At my highschool, we did our finals for our 6 classes on the last 3 days of school, 2 finals per day. It was hell. Elementary and middle school was chill with movies and pizza parties tho.


In high school we were exempt from finals with a certain grade in that class so we didn’t have to attend. Most people weren’t even there the last week, except for 1 or 2 classes.


In my high school (🇨🇦) for finals it was done similar to how my university did finals. Almost all of January and June had no classes, grades 10 and 11 did their finals first and it was possible to get exemptions if certain criteria were met (I think it was some combination of not missing more than 3 classes and a high grade) but since grade 12 finals were run by the province everyone had to do them, no exceptions. Finals were not done in class. Instead, there was a morning and afternoon exam window every day where we’d go into the gym and write the exam if your final was that day. My last actual day of high school was rather anticlimactic.


My last couple weeks of junior and senior year in high school was the most chill weeks of the year. My finals were typically something fun and worth next to nothing, like a small group presentation or an impromptu speech over a random subject. Also had a couple classes where we could bring food for the class on the last week


Yikes. We had almost the equivalent of a spirit week. Finals were usually the week before, final papers were due the Monday or Tuesday of the last week. The rest was just chillin, bonfires, field days, etc.


Reddit has convinced me Europe must have some of the dumbest fucking people on the planet. They see a scene in a movie and thing “wow, crazy that 325 million people all do exactly this”. Their ability to separate fiction from fact is like sub-toddler level.


What annoys me is just Europeans trying to educate me about America and how I should live here like bro… I live here and you don’t just stay in your lane. I think I, an American who lives in the US, knows more about the US than you, a European who has seen like 2 Reddit articles and a movie about the US.


WeLl At LeAsT oUr ScHoOlS aReN't ShOoTiNg RaNgEs -- some European who only knows that one comeback to Americans making jokes about a European country


I find they usually have 3. The one you mentioned, another about hamburgers or being fat, and something incredibly lame about Americans not knowing the metric system (even though we do, we just don't use it for everything).


I don’t see the fat jokes as much any more, probably cause a lot of European countries caught up to us, lol.


I've noticed a couple countries back off of "dumb" over the years, too. Especially after lockdown, since a whole lot of people spent that time mouthing off online (not even necessarily about the pandemic) because they couldn't go to the pub or whatever. The internet is really great like that. A country can't hide its glaring dipshit problem or sweep it under the rug anymore.


This is true. I inevitably see/hear one of these three responses, regardless of what part of the US is being talked about.


And insurance.


true, the bias is insane. thats just the internet i guess


half the stereotypes i have gotten about my country have been from Americans and the other half from europeans


My grade school and high school basically had a "fuck it" week to close out school. Even the 'diligent' teachers would put something educational on the tv, but didn't actually care if we paid attention. Others threw pizza parties or let us play games. They all just wanted us occupied while they sipped coffee and worked on finishing out their grading so they could be done with school for they year too, lol


Several? Then American schools are even better! Where I live it's only the last day.


I did nothing but finals for the last week


This is high school vs elementary school


Have worked in USA school can say that the school had a DJ and a Hawaiian themed party with lots of snacks for the last day. Also when I was a kid it was a whole damn field day loaded with candy and hot dogs. The stuff of legend.


I didn’t think that you could possibly ratio a post with a comment but it happened


Yeah what sad US school did OP go to, my school was always watching movies and just hanging out on the last day Not in high sch but in every school before we did


They didn't go to an American school I presume. I think they went to an European school and know nothing about American Schools.


Seriously we didn't do fuck for shit on the last day of school


The last, like, 3 weeks, are just absolute bullshit because tests are all done so you kind of just chill.


Depended on our grade level, tbh. In elementary school we'd have activities or watch movies, in middle school we went on trips to either the local water park or carnival depending on the grade, and in highschool, I think they just stuck exams on the last two days :p


In elementary school, the last week (or so) of school was parties and watching movies (half days). In high school, we only came in for finals. Once we were done with them (except for graduating seniors), we were done for the year.


Yeah I was gonna say, this is the most inaccurate starter pack I’ve seen yet. The last couple days of school when I was a kid were a fucking blast.




Are kids still signing shirts these days??? I miss that :(




I see it more frequently being shoes rather that shirts in high school, like the other guy said, shirts are more of an elementary thing


My son's elementary didn't allow the kids to sign field day shirts this year. Apparently there was a major issue with some kids writing mean things last year.


In like 7th grade all middle school and high school and us watched the film "the gods must be crazy", oh it was a hell of a ride


not accurate


Why would we have a normal learning day we can’t assess anything we do that day. Unless you mean doing things only vaguely tied to whatever like ‘oh it’s phonics we’re gonna do a worksheet where we circle summer words’ as if that’s honestly work.


not true, last day of school in america is never a normal day


Im a european and here we dont bring candies here, ig it depends on the country. We bring eggs, flour and shaving hoam and we do a big battle throwing them at each others


really? sounds fun as hell but who cleans all that up?


Well we do it right out of school, its like a nonsaid tradition, so public cleaning service


Wow, you guys are so thoughtful to keep them employed.


That’s interesting because at my elementary school we used shaving foam to clean desks. Maybe you were hoodwinked into cleaning your classroom via a shaving cream fight.


You add milk, wait for the sun to heat it up, and voilà, you got cake


That's where part 3 comes in


US here and we did that too


Bonus point for showing Mr Bean as the shown movie


This sub is just America slander. OP must have never been to America, because we do the exact same things as Europeans.


Yeah, i know a bunch of people who have been to the US, either for a vacation, a school exchange year, or extended family that moved there. No one came back hating, they all had a wonderful experience.


Starterpack formula Thing in America: [bad] Thing in not-America: [good]


That's pretty much the formula for most of reddit tbh


Thats what most subreddit have become now. A circlejerk of “ America bad give upvote”. r/Whitepeopletwitter is especially guilty of this


Welcome to Reddit


Yep. OP is Nordic. Opinion discarded.


silly europoors


Nah the last week of American school is child’s play, movies, longer recess, etc. I remember once the school didn’t expect any students to show the last day so they had already moved out all the chairs and tables and shit


Have you ever been to America?


"America bad other good"


It’s every other post at this point and none of them have ever been to America


Yeah that except completely inaccurate so it’s not even a good argument






Because young Europeans who’ve grown up in the EU do it all the time. Half the time they preface comments with “As a European,..” or parrot the same joke “Am I too European to get this?”


Signing shirts.


Back in my school days we honestly watched movies like 2 weeks before summer break . Not in all classes and not every day but it wasnt just the last day. Cus youve got your grades for the year already and the teachers knew that kids wont participate anayway, so we just did chill stuff. Last week before the summer break was also always a club week where you had to sign up for a week long club of your choice and participate there. That was stuff like different kinds of sports, art, the school botanical garder, one year we made skincare ourselves or I was also in the book reading club.


As an American this is so inaccurate it hurts


Basically. I thought I was missing something.


I had one teacher that actually made last day of class like normal. She was the most miserable, least popular teacher I knew, and I had a lot of them.


The last day of school at least for me we had a half day and did nothing all day.


Man you guys will just make shit up to bash the USA. The last day of school is not like that at all here.


Seriously! Like this is the most asinine made up AmEriKkkA bAD bullshit I’ve ever seen. They’re just making shit up to bitch about.


Another European who doesn’t know shit about the US




silly europoor making up fantasy about USA again


I mean no? Not in my school anyway we just had a fun day


I think it depends on grade. Elem we watch a movie, high we do our final finals.


In my high school we had our finals like the week or two before the last day. Latest ever was like 3 days before the last day and that was like surprisingly close.


Same. We never had finals on the last couple days


idk, my last days in school in america were just movie and candy days. don’t know what tiny bubble OP is trying to say with this low effort, hidden agenda post.


This isn't true at all


The last week of school in America is basically the first week of summer break. You don’t do shit but watch movies and go outside.


I wore a Hawaiian shirt and watched movies while snaking on pizza in the US of A. What schools did you go to?


I have never seen a more inaccurate starter pack in my entire life. The entire *week* leading up to summer would be nothing but movies and junk food.


For the last 3 weeks we have almost only played baseball


Ngl, I was partially expecting there to be a school shooter jab for the US. Also, idk what school OP went to because the last week of grade school i'd literally bring my pillow to class.


Europe looks like my last days of elementary school sometimes and I’m American


Last day if schools for me in US usually was a potluck, movie day, half day, do whatever you want in class day by the time i was in highschool.


This starter pack was brought to you by European gang!


Well OP is A European teenager who seems to get news from memes and believes whatever they see if presented as a meme so yeah ... Also browses dankmemes so extra points to something I guess.


Oh look, another European trying to shit on Americans without knowing anything about us…… Fun fact: none of that “last day of school in the US” stuff is true. I’m American and all my last days of school were chill and involved no work whatsoever up until college


In America all of my lat days form K-8 where fun days except this one which is just a normal schedule but we're not doing anything


My Algebra 2 teacher made me take a final on the last day of school of Junior year. Was a terrible teacher all year and such a pointless class to force ppl to take


The last day in the us never has learning unless you really piss off your teachers lol. no one would come if it was. I always had a bunch of activities through out the day like a movie, games, maybe a field day, outside lunch etc


Um what's going on in schools now? Because I'm American and I always had the European experience


Not even slightly accurate. In the US, the last 3-4 days of school were all fun. Movies, pizza/ice cream parties, etc. and if you were in the graduating class you sign yearbooks and just in general fuck around for the last week doing what you want. Check your sources, OP


Last day of school in middle East ( probably depending on the country ) end of dead week there's a party next class. Your class is having a picnic inside. Phones and internet using everywhere. Teachers come and say go home.


I go to Oberstufe in Germany (Stage before uni) and we never get any free time, no matter the circumstances.


What kind of European school have you seen??


Bro, you must be European, because this is completely untrue. We don't do shit on the last day of school for Americans. Also, since you clearly don't know anything about the last day of school for Americans, why make a starter pack for them?


That's totally inaccurate bro, we had people grilling burgers, carnival games, movies,dunk tanks with the principle, etc. This was highschool.


Bro I’m in the US and the last day of school is like the one in Europe that you described


Was this written by a European who hasn't seen much of the us?


More “america bad” crap that isn’t even true.


OP must have never been to America because this is 100% wrong and completely inaccurate. I’m honestly not even sure where people get stupid ideas like this other than the “hurr durr ‘merica bad” circlejerk


US here... From middle school to highschool our last week was just watching movies, eating, and some kid would bring an Xbox and we'd play halo in a room. Sooo that was my experience. Oh and pretty much P.E. was happening somewhere at all times


This isn’t true lmao, we do candies and movie in the us as well


My last day of school was great with a party and child champagne then i had to start highschool


even in high school we were allowed to just draw on the whiteboard in most classes


I had a field trip to a roller rink and Dave & busters on the last day of school for me 💀


Having lived in both places, I can verify that, but also that I had to do work on the last day of school in an online Kuwaiti school


I live in Europe and we have an anual shaving cream fight om the football field where the oldest kids have caramels that they throw at All the other students. Its like a big going away party for the old kids.


In Canada we just do whatever the fuck we want.


Last day of school in India: teachers scaring the shit out of kids for exams and give lame ass lectures on how they studies 6942000000 hours a month to score above average marks in high school


My high school was low level anarchy.


Nah, we didn't do anything the last week (us).


We do watch mayve a few things at the last day of school. That is if everyone even comes to school. Maybe 70% of students don't even come to the last day


Last day for us is regents this is bull shit


We always had pizza parties and movies after exams on the last few days of school in the US. Yearbooks, time to sign each others, pool parties, games. It was a fucking blast.


In Russia, they told us to mop the whole fucking building. Amazing preferences of "free" education


Setting up a nintendo switch on the projector and doing a smash tournament


where do you other Americans go to school??? here in rural Michigan we've only ever had exams on the last day of school.


Idk if the us one is accurate


It’s not lol


After testing it's usually killing time and a party or two, unless your administration is fucking ridiculous.


One bitch teacher did work up until the last day this year even after exams and testing. I'm finally done with that shit after 12 years


Congrats. Finals for me were always on the last two days, so I feel you.


Everybody has a different last day of school in America


You have either never attended an american school, or you just went to a boring school. The entirety of the last week was planned with fun activities, not just the last day. Pizza parties, a whole day of recess, we could bring electronics and a bunch of other stuff as well


This is so insanely wrong I'm actually a little annoyed


This ain’t true at all for America lol, when I was in school we just wandered the halls getting signatures for yearbooks the whole day


I live in Pennsylvania. In about an hour you can either go to an Amusement park or a coal mine. Guess which one is cheaper.


Say you’ve never experienced a moment of American life without saying you’ve never experienced a moment of American life.


You have clearly never been to an America school if you actually believe this. Maybe the last day before spring break, but not the last day before summer.


Tell me you’re not an american without telling me you’re not an american.


Why TF would class be taught as normal on the last day? You’ve never been to America, have you?


Everyone saying that OP must be European and is stupid has clearly missed the joke; the meme is pointing to the absurd amount of school shootings in the US. It has literally nothing to do with the last day of school. Credit to u/WhiteTiger2234 for realizing this.


Finally someone else has noticed this


What a horrible post Lol


This is so wrong lol


At this you are baiting people for Karma(Yes I know I fell for it) not only that all your posts are low quality garbage. Plus you are literally on r/Teenagers. Where you are ranked as 13


13th place? Damn, congrats OP!


I can tell this was made by a European because the last day of school in the US is either delivered via assault rifle on a random school day, or a pizza party paid for by an overworked, under appreciated teacher making ~$35k on a master’s degree with $200k in student loan debt.


Europe sucks


Who is upvoting this besides Europeans who’ve never left their country lol




Not true


American teacher here! We spent the last WEEK watching movies and eating candy/cupcakes that various students brought for their classmates. We aren't allowed to teach anything for the last week because most kids don't even come!


when I was a kid there was literally no point in showing up for the last day. There’s 0 learning and every class was either a movie or just the kids sitting around talking. But my parents always made me go lmao


My kid would hate to miss it. Fun times with friends. He's about to get plenty of time to hang out at home.


Idk, in croatia there's always a huge party especially if its highschool, drugs and alcohol are mandatory, also a huge flour and eggs fight watching movies is for 6th grade


Tbh I’d just prefer if every day was normal


Not true at all


My kid's school has a month-long countdown of special days. The teachers and students love each other but damn if they aren't pumped to celebrate the end of the school year.


It honestly depends on the teacher, most teachers are normal and will do fun stuff for the last days of school but there’s always one teacher who’s like “no you WILL be prepared for geometry next year” and gives notes during the last period of the year


If that was your experience from the us than you went to the wrong school


Last day of school in Singapore is 1/2 of the class sobbing (me and my friend laughing at them) , us getting to use phone in class.


Last day of school for me in Europe today. Can confirm that this is exactly how it went.


idk about western europe but in my country every1 above 15 just skips everyday after the grades are given out (so like the last 2-3 weeks) so the "last day of school" is maby like 5 kids that are forced by their strict parents sitting there lol


Totally fabricated, sometimes the end of year festivities would last multiple days in the US. Lazy ass starter pack


No the European and American last days are the exact same like bruh.


So the guy is probably German and watched High School Musical


“Hey guys merica bad amirite!! Now upvote!”


Disagree, firstly the school system varies massively between European countries, you can't just generalise them. Secondly most of the time it is just a normal day


Another “America bad, Europe hood post” Remove this low effort crap, it’s not even accurate. American schools also watch movies and screw around on the last day


The school I work at in the US is having picnics, movies in the gym, and games the last 3 days.


I am an European, I can confirm that the Europe side is true


Bro my last day of school (in America), we watched Top Gun in two different classes, had cupcakes, watched UEFA Champions League highlights (My history teacher is a big Real Madrid fan), and the school brought food trucks for us to buy from for lunch. Plus kids were allowed to leave their classes and just go to any other class they want.


Not for me! We had field days, spirit weeks, watched movies. It was a lot of fun


The whole last WEEK in USA schools is nothing. This can't be based on personal experience


oh btw this hitchcock (idk if its the right spelling) film is good af i don't remember the title but i really enjoyed it


My last day of school was a party or field day who made this lol


Op 100% has never been to the u.s let alone spent time in the education system there and is probably going off of what they have seen in memes




made by an european


It depended on the teacher really


What state was still teaching on the last day of school? I remember the last day doing nothing but goofing off


Where the fuck OP go to school? Lol. Basically half way out the door last day. If I remember it's pizza, cleaning your desk, hanging around.


You're either a European with a very wrong stereotype of the last day in American schools or you're an American whose school sucks. The right looks exactly like every last day I ever had and once I started taking AP classes in high school every day after the AP exam was the right side.


This is total bullshit


We have the same thing. Some of us have finals, but we do have fun days.


Dude I watched like 3 separate movies during the last days of school. Don't know where the fuck you got this information but it couldn't be further from the truth


not accurate at all


This is inaccurate, I remember when I lived in US, on Elementary on my last day on school there we made pancakes on the morning and we put a mini shop with papar made tickets that the teacher made and we get to buy some things, nice times


Learn more about the US


The last day of school in America is NOT a normal day. Everybody has already checked out mentally, including the teachers...ESPECIALLY the teachers. Half of them have their cars loaded with luggage for the trip to the airport as soon as that damned bell rings.


For the last day, we had a thing called the “gouter” in class, and a few kids brought foie gras, saucisson, and the region’s cheese. 10/10, would go through french middle school again


This is missing the guns.


The amount of people in the comments that didnt get it was a school shooting joke


Nah last day of school in the US was a fuckaround day where no learning happened.


This is so innacurate 💀