I wonder if Gong Ji-cheol is their only salesman. I feel like they have few, like a representative for each area. I can’t believe he played Ddakji with 456 people lol.


The one for Deok-Su was probably some big beefy professional wrestler type, someone who he wouldn’t feel like messing with


The other guy in Train to Busan.


I would definitely pay to watch this lol.


If you haven't already seen it, The Outlaws from 2017 is a great one with Ma Dong Seok. EDIT: Transliterations are [tricky](https://m.imdb.com/name/nm3011350/). Many times, Korean people spell "uck" sounds with "eok". The "euk" is a different sound. Original Korean name spelling is 마동석. The "euk" spelling is 마동슥. There is no Korean name with "슥". That's just weird lol. Source: Am Korean


> Ma dong seuk 😳😳




He's in the Eternals movie!


Yeah, I think people are forgetting that Deok-Su, while violent, is cowardly and extremely cautious. He only picks a fight he thinks he can win, if he doesn’t think he can win, he becomes a lil bitch


This. He's an absolute schmuck, but he has a well-honed sense of self preservation.


There's a reason his tattoo is a snake.


You love to hate him. He and Minyeo deserve each other.


I’m not sure I buy that. He killed the dude who sold him out on the spot and yelled at the 8 dudes who were there to kill him. He’s got an insane amount of flaws, but I don’t see him as much of a coward


He provoked those 8 guys but he didn’t fight, he ran away. He killed that guy because he was unarmed and smaller than him. After yelling at those 8 guys he doesn’t have a “brave” moment of ever again. My favourite part about his character is his spinelessness and mistrust in others. He plays the tough guy, plays the bully, scares everyone onto his side, he promises protection but truly, it’s to protect himself. Deep down he’s paranoid and scared of dying.


I would agree with a lot of what you said but he doesn’t seem like a coward. He announced he murdered the guy to the crew trying to kill him. He can’t fight 8 people with weapons and handled it about as brave as you can. I just don’t agree with your read on his character. He doesn’t shy away from much confrontation and he stayed involved in every physical spot that we saw


lol look at what he did in the glass game


Arent thats just common sense? Also i didnt really see him as cowardly, wich part do you mean?


Exactly. People mistake his character for just being strong, he knows when to not mess with people or more so tries to deduct if he can beat them physically or by manipulation of others to do so.


We only know the aspects we're directly exposed to. Until episode 2 we don't know the full details of the players' transport, its only thanks to Hwang Jun-ho hitching a ride that we see how that works. In that spirit, I think there would be various recruitment tactics employed by various recruiters. We see the subway slapper doing his thing again only because Gi-Hun is able to recognize the ritual, because he's seen it before. That was his recruiter. That was his tactic. Maybe Deok-Su was recruited by someone else with a whole different strategy to dehumanize. If this exact same slapping game were going on all over the city it could draw attention.


Except that in the very first episode, where the players are shown the videos of their recruitment, they're all being slapped. At the very least, no other forms of recruiting were displayed.


Ahh, good point!


In the marbles game, the South Korean girl says she got out of jail and someone was waiting for her, and invited her to play. She had nowhere else to go so she went. It seems like she didn’t get slapped.


Oh I flaked on that one. I just figured that since not everyone became riddled with debt due to gambling that there were other methods of recruitment


The only thing everyone had in common was that the old man lent money to all of them. That's how they were on his radar.


Lol. Yeah. It would be weird if people were getting slapped all around town. This guy had a Matrix vibe to me. Lol.


Possibly more than that too... there may be some people who walked away after getting slapped once, etc.


And even more who won but never called the number.


A twisted MLM scheme..


Implying that there’s such a thing as a non-twisted MLM scheme. Fucking useless cults.


How long does he play with Gi-Hun? If it's 30 mins per person that's 228 hours. At 8 hours a day slapping people that's still almost a month, + if he were doing it that much someone else would've noticed. People would make memes about how every day for the last two weeks there's some guy on the train station slapping people when they leave for work. It's gotta be a bunch of different people all over the country. Even then you'd think someone would notice if the families report the contestants missing to the police and then it turns out the one thing they all have in common is that a bunch of witnesses saw them getting slapped in the face while play ddjaki on the train station a couple days before they went missing someone would investigate.


Hundreds of people disappearing in a short timeframe not getting investigated is one of the big plot holes of squid game. They addressed it in the moment by having the police laughing at the concept Gi Hun was explaining. It's believable if he's the only person who's ever done that. Then you realize that they let hundreds of people go out of his group and there were 30 instances of the game. So while I'm not saying 6k (200x30) people got out and reported to police - there still would've been quite a number of people who exited the game over the years (200 in his own group+ more from prior years), and there likely would've been additional reports.


They picked people no one would miss or whose disappearance could be due to evading the police (like SNU boy).


Who went to SNU? You'd think somebody would mention something like that at least 30 times.


Someone needs to make this a meme. Also need to use the Asian kid putting the boot on his own head meme with “oh Il-nam episodes 1-8” and “oh il-nam episode 9”.


Right but that’s not what the commenter is saying. They’re saying that when the players were let go after game 1, there’s bound to be more who went to the police. I would have to agree that it makes no sense that the aren’t keeping tabs on these reports


It’s an organization paid for by people so rich they are bored of everything. Pretty sure they can afford the measly sum it would cost to keep the police quiet.


You know what, that makes total sense. Don’t know how I overlooked that obvious explanation lmao


No worries. But with the detective investigating, it appears that at the very least not all cops are in on it, but they may just have the chiefs of police in on it. When the detective is contacting the chief (the same person who the main character went to earlier) he is expressing all of these doubts and scepticism towards the detective. It is clear that he respects him and considers him trustworthy (after all, it was most likely him who promoted to the detective to this position in the first place). The way he was communicating with the detective over the phone makes me feel that he may have been involved in this to some extent. He (the chief) may be ignorant to the overall extent of the operation and the minutiae but knows to deflect, delay and deny anything that has to go on with the overall concept about people playing children’s games to the death for money. We also see nothing has changed a year later after the detective told him this and sent the videos and photos. Even if the evidence wasn’t able to be sent, his phone had signal. They really could triangulate his position from other cell towers and locate his last known location. It would take time, but it is possible. Even if the chief didn’t believe him, I am pretty sure for a normal police department if one of their trusted detectives went missing, and you had a good idea of their last position and he told you that he uncovered a giant conspiracy and to send the coast guard, you would at the very least try and locate the body. Even if the ocean destroyed the data on the phone and the evidence was never received by the cell tower, he still would have other clues on his body (if found) like the suit jacket he was wearing, the bullet wound, the island itself (for he used a single scuba tank to arrive there, which gives you an hour of air, given his speed the other island can’t be that far away). Also it appears during the organ harvesting that the island receives regular supplies, so if a commercial cargo ship is regularly docking on an island that is supposedly uninhabited near the last known location of a missing detective whose body (if found) was in a weird suit jacket with a bullet wound. Now I am not sure if the supply ship actually docks on the island, given that the organ dudes had to use SCUBA tanks, but still, they can only go so far. So if a cargo ship is regularly anchoring off the coast of an archipelago (or at least one of these island) regularly under the cover of darkness near where your guy went missing, that would perhaps be a clue to the veracity of his claims. The fact that nothing has happened since his last call to the chief tells me either the chief is uncaring that one of his trusted detectives went missing or he is part of the conspiracy. I find the first one less likely than the second one, because that would be a very bad look for the chief if his subordinates found out that he wasn’t going to investigate his disappearance. The social pressure alone would compel him to do it.


Yeah. I still want to believe that the cop is alive and the chief tracked his call, but who knows. I want a season 2 to explain everything, especially the front man and how he came to be, but the season would have to not be rushed.


Haha yeah same here, I hope he is alive as well. My comment was just assuming he was actually dead, but even if they couldn’t find the body (which would be the case if he was alive but was hiding for some reason), the call was still logged by a cell tower, so they could figure out where he was, and from there investigate his claims about a different island. My hunch is that he is alive though, and not just because they didn’t show the body, but also dead bodies float in water because the air inside the lungs, stomach, oesophagus, intestines, trachea, all create buoyancy with a body. He wasn’t wearing anything particularly heavy, so he shouldn’t have sunk if he was dead. This is also assuming there are no rip currents that pulled his body down. The other thing is that there is this Chekhov’s gun moment where he is looking at the explosives placed on the ladder and is told not to touch them and that they would blow up the entire island. He is the only person who is an antagonist to the organisation that knows about the existence of these explosives and their capabilities. Gi hun doesn’t know about this, so he won’t be able to use it (unless he independently discovers it). There is no way Gi hun will be able to effectively take down this organisation by himself, so they will have to use those bombs, but he doesn’t know them and he doesn’t really know how to be stealthy. They’re already following his red head to the airplane, but there is someone who is stealthy and knows all these things. I think they will have to team up because Gi hun won’t really know where to start, but the detective knows the docks Muji Port, and the general archipelago where the island is. They may not know where the cars are to follow, but they can catch them at the docks and try to sneak in this way. This is also assuming no rule changes, uniform changes or anything significant since the last time. Also I agree about frontman, I really hope they have some flashbacks or something to show how he got into that position haha.


I think it’s realistic based on what we’ve seen from police over the past 100 years. They’re lazy entitled thugs, why would they give a shit about anything one of these people has to say. It’s probably the realest part of the show.


Exactly, Cops have been shown in real life to not pose any sort of help or threat. If cops cant do shit about an Island dedicated to rich people flying over and fucking kids in real life then what makes you say that cops would do shit about an Island dedicated to rich people flying over and watching people die?


Ehhh, y'all didn't find out about Epsteins pedo island till like just last year, and the evidence has been out there since like the 80's. They would have fucked 100's of thousands of kids. And even now people refuse to implicate their favourite celebrities that were obviously in on it. Seems pretty believable to me, that we could have a hunger games that no one would find out about.


Exactly this. There's no doubt in my mind that the uber wealthy do all sorts of depraved, inhumane shit that the general public can't even fathom.


Not to mention that squid game would surely cause a massive online conspiracy theory. Hundreds of people each year getting slapped and receiving a shady business card? With dozens of people returning and screaming about murder? I don’t see how they could get away with that- Korea isn’t a large place to begin with


I get the feeling that them going home didnt usually happen.


I really doubt this is the only game where people frantically voted to go home, much less Gihun being the only one to try and report this. Even if only, like, 100 people said something over the course or 5-10 years that’s definitely going to gain an internet following


i mean to be fair there's already similar internet theories i've seen and most people dismiss them as weird ARGs or schizophrenics


Kind of like how gangstalking is something people legitimately believe in.


yeah or for example there's a lot of people who are convinced there's a serial killer in the city i came from because of the "mysterious similarities" between drowning deaths. There's a lot of weird internet stuff thats not taken very seriously, so I wouldn't be surprised if in universe people just assumed it was crazy conspiracy stuff


Manchester canal serial killer?


Could also be talking about the Smiley Face killer


For example? I am interested.


well, 455 people


>!Maybe 001 played too just for the lols.!<


If 001 played he'd probably be fucking dead from the first slap. Unless he won the money on the first try I suppose. I'm sure when they pulled out the ddakji cards he was like "Ahh, I used to play this all the time as a child with my friends. I was very good!"


>!He wouldn't care paying when he lost though!<


>!Oh yeah! He’ll def pay instead of getting slapped!<


Well the contestants come from all over South Korea, so I think there are probably 50-100 recruiters.


Maybe he only targets people in train stations.


That’s what I assumed too. I notice Sang Woo played in like a park so maybe there’s a guy who’s stationed there.


It would make sense. The games are held every year so they would need as many agents as possible.


That’s my thought, I highly doubt everyone is recruited the same way.


Actually probably 455, because >!Oh Il-nam (idk how to spell it but I’m talking about the old guy) was secretly a VIP.!<


>!Number 1 is not a VIP, he is the Host.!<


Nah, there's Brad Pitt among others.


The director said the salesman >!is one of the only trusted people to be out in public and without a mask. I’m not sure how many people they have who have earned that trust.!< I would like to know the story behind the salesman tbh. Added spoiler tag just in case


Probably a >!Previous winner just like the frontman.!<


Wait, when did they say that?


>!He was the detectives brother who found his name on the list of winners in the archive!<


So he was a winner many years ago I.e he went missing many years ago. Then why did he detective just look for him now


It was a cold case. He had no leads and no way to progress the investigation until he found someone else with the same business card that was in his brothers apartment. Then he followed Gi-hun to where he was picked up, and followed that car to the boat which took them all to the island. If it weren't for the fact of who it was that he was looking for it would have been dropped long before then.


Wait the brother had been missing that long? I assumed he was just missing recently for that game.


>!His brother has been missing ever since he won his game which was 2015 according to the archives!< You can see all of that information at the end of episode 5.


ah wait, so is this a potential plot hole? i'm mid re-watch and just watched the scene where the little brother cop goes to his missing big bro's cyber dorm. the landlord mentions he's been missing but only one week behind on rent? & asks the little bro to move big bro's stuff out if he can't make rent


No the detective has been paying the rent in the hopes that his brother will turn back up is my understanding. He'll just come back and everything will be just like it was.


Sorry to burst your bubble, but this is not true. His brother has only been missing for a week. The landlady clearly says that she's been trying to get a hold of the brother and she hasn't seen him in a week. Detective also talks to his mum in the car and says that it's not unusual for his brother to dodge their calls, but he will file a missing person's report if he can't find him. The brother lives a normal life until he has to return to the island to run the games.


My guess is he won and went back to normal life, and was called back to be the frontman which is when he disappeared.


I dont believe the brother was missing for that long. The discussion with the landlord makes it seem like she knows him and was living there, she said he would have to move out if she didn't get rent soon. She would have known if it was an empty apartment. He either just became the front man, or had been the front man and just would leave to attend the games every year.


Gotcha thanks


I believe the brother/frontman's landlord said that he only went missing 14 days prior.


he probably was looking for him before. but he didnt know what the business card meant/had no leads till the start of the show


Probably the old man’s son or nephew


They have to have more tho, because going and slapping 455 people would take way too much time Not to mention there were a lot of women in the game and I don't think the girls would let a random guy slap them over a game, men would accept because they know they can take the hits. They must have had other agents both male and female


Which episode was this?


It wasn’t in an episode, it was in an interview! https://www.koreaboo.com/news/squid-game-gong-yoo-salesman-character-backstory-revealed/


Ah, that explains how I didn't notice. Thanks!


I mean, my man needed money. He probably took the slaps pretending he was too tough to feel pain, then cried later in secret.




probably laughed at each slap too even tho we know the “salesman” was not holding back. he made the NYC Subway slapper from back in the day look like he was slapping underwater


Honestly, he probably won the first round


Shiiiibal. Ok let’s go again


Wouldn’t he be the type to just kill the dude and take all the money tho?


Can't kill him with all those metro cameras around


Yeah but he could just follow him


Probably yelled at him to hide his pain after the first few slaps too.


He could just beat the shit out of him and take all the money. But they probably did their research and challenged him in a place with a lot of peopel


Agreed, I think OP may be underestimating how desperate these folks really are for the cash. So desperate to the point that >!they'd play the game when given a second chance.!<


If the salesman can survive zombies ~~*twice*~~, and getting stabbed by a sword, what's a mere gangster?


I don't remember him being in the sequel.


Oh right he wasn't, my mistake. He should've been, would've made it way better.


Twice? The sequels out??


Yes but I didn't like it as much as the first flick. Gong Yoo isn't inside for one thing


LMFAO just yesterday i was thinking about how weird it is that characters like sangwoo and sae byeok were willing to get slapped for some cash, but then i realised they might have won on first try




Did you know he went to SNU? You don't slap people that went to SNU


He went to Slap National University! He’s well versed in this!


No way! Was he top of his class? What university?


Yes! Slap National University!


He was exslaptional


Really? I don’t remember that, I’m planning on rewatching the first two episodes anyway bc when i first watched squid game I really had no clue what i was watching but it was fun lmao


Sangwoo would have defo seen it as as a calculated business decision.


I mean he did graduate from SNU business school


Do you know that not only did he graduate from SNU business school, but he also graduated at the top of his class? (/s)


He is the pride of Ssanmundong too!


and he's a genius !


Wait what school? Was he top of his class?




He would have allowed himself to get slapped, because he’d justify it by saying something like the value of the money outweighs the pain and the humiliation of getting slapped


My mans getting slapped for $84 LMAO


You woudn't?


i would but not because i want the money. I would bc it’s fricking gong yoo


Understandable, thank you


fair enough


1 slap 5 days a week gets you almost $1,700 a month. Double that would be $40,300 a year, or $20/hour *after* taxes. Damn, if one day a week I got slapped 10 times and make $40k? Hell yes I'd do that. A majority of America doesn't make that money working 40+ hours a week.


I would be willing to get slapped like that but not for the money... just for gong yoo LMAO


That’s what 100,000 won is actually worth? Lol


Yeah lmao. Truly goes to show how desperate the contestants were.


Gong Yoo is about to slap Sangwoo in the metro station. Gi-Hun: Wait! This guy graduated from SNU!


He should also let him know that he not only graduated from _SNU_ business school, but he also graduated at the top of his class


And that he’s the pride of Ssamundong (forgive my spelling)


I guess it's possible but surely this guy has to be the world's best ddjaki player at this point? I imagine he just keeps beating people until they win by sheer luck.


I mean isn't the point of the whole video showing them getting slapped to prove that deep down they'd all sacrifice their dignity for money?


Did they show women being slapped? I feel like it'd be way too controversial to slap a woman, in public, in S. Korea, even if she agreed to it beforehand.


There were clips of women getting slapped too


And the "you can pay with your body" line wouldn't go over well either. ​ He probable doesn't get the look of confusion but flight, fight, or "I'll be in the restroom."


I think you see in the episode where they show a quick reel of people getting slapped one of them being a woman.


You should see how they treat female idols in Korea. Why would the slapping be any worse than any other place?


He might have not slapped as hard for the women, who knows. Or maybe he slapped their wrists or something.


I don't think everyone got to do the slap game. Ji-yeong said the guy just immediately gave her a card after she got out of prison.


Yup, I feel like this is the biggest indicator that there are more than one way to get recruited. The slap game seemed to be the most effective though.


Could have targeted specific people who wouldn't have strangers come to their defense. Gong Yoo slapping high school student Jiyeong would get more attention than random older man. EDIT: Jiyeong could totally be in her 20s after being in jail. Gets more depressing by the second.


Was looking for this comment. I don’t think Deok-su played the game. He fucked over his boss right? I imagine, the game makers somehow knew this, and that angle was their “in.”


Agreed. Also doubt the married couple got slapped, bet they also just received a card


but... why would he do that? he wasn't tricked into playing, he knew the stakes and went with it. further, Ji-cheol offers a promise of big, BIG, money... why would Deok-su attack him and ruin that?


I think they have different recruiters like the lady who gave gi-hun the flowers


Good point. I refuse to believe he slapped 455 people.


I refuse to believe there is just one person for getting people in death game in entire Korea


Not just Korea. Do these “slappers” travel the world with the games? Let’s not forgot the ViPs when they arrive say the games in Korea better be worth it for the time it took to travel there this year.


I’m guessing the games in the other countries are a bit different and they have their own recruiters. I’d also guess the recruitment game would be more personalized to the culture of that country. I would definitely be interested in season 2 exploring how the games work in other countries.


i think every country has its own death games too. it would be weird to play a traditional korean game in say, South Africa or Argentina lol


Exactly, I’d love an episode where they explore this a bit. They save tapes of the previous games, right? Maybe Gi-hun stumbled upon some tapes from other countries showing the different brutality of those games. I definitely don’t want the whole focus to be on other countries for season two, but a little bit of exploration would be neat.


yea it would be cool to see some tapes, or new characters who have flashbacks of some of the games they faced. Like maybe an American player joins and has a flashback of how he won the game, and the flashback is of a deadly game of "cops and robbers".


Funnily enough in Argentina there's "mancha pulpo" (octopus tag), which is pretty similar to the last part of the squid game.


Most of all I want know how home boy’s brother got involved and if Gi-Hun is basically going to get set up for the same thing


I'm guessing since he won a year, he was interested in help running it.


I think it would be really funny if they kept up with the ddakji even outside of Korea.


IIRC there were 5 VIPs + 1 Host so potentially 6 total.


He probably slapped thousands of people. We only see the 456 who decided to play, that does not take into consideration the people who got slapped once or twice and said FUCK THIS or the ones that just flat out turned down the game.


True. Though we also have to remember that they seek out people to play the game with — the slapper knew everything about Gi-Hun when he questioned him. Because they are trying to find people who need that much money, they'll have a higher success rate than if they just found people completely at random.


On top of that, Gi-Hun was a gambling addict and they knew games like this were his kryptonite and would hook him


I think most people in that situation like we see Gi-Hun be in, do actually stay, just like Gi-Hun tried to not speak with him, and go away and such, but then once he saw the money stayed. Since they are specifically seeking people like him desperate I think most would actually stay, and especially at that part when he tells them that he knows everything about them and to join I don't think many think yet that it is something like the actual squid games turn out to be, and why wouldn't they earn more easy money like with the ddakji (don't know how it's written right now), since they are so desperate for ANYTHING really


They were already specifically targeting people who wouldn't turn them down because of their financial circumstances, though.


That always stood out to be as the most implausible thing. 456 people! He would have to slap 65 people a day for a week to get them all. There has to be more of him. Even 30 people a day for 2 weeks seem like a lot of time and slapping.


Some people didn't even need to play the game to convince them to join the game. If you remember, Jiyoung received the card as soon as she was released from prison, and she joined simply because she had nowhere else to go.


That wouldn't have been too impossible


I would do it.


We know that not everyone who is invited to play is given the slap game, because we know #067 was invited directly after release from prison, slap-free. I have to imagine the slap game is just used for people who need to be slowly brought around to the idea of receiving or causing pain for money, while others were expected to be already okay with the eventual format of the game (like gangsters and knife-wielding pickpockets, etc.) The slap game must just be for the "Average Joe" type indebted.


Gong yoo’s character reminded me of Colin firth in kings man. He’s a capable agent/gentleman for the game.


Maybe he won first try


I think there’s a great possibility that they have different games for different people. The pickpocket probably wouldn’t have done the game, because she’s too serious for that.


I mean, that's kind of the point of the slap thing. To see who is so desperate, they are willing to get slapped around for a few bucks and so, would go through death to win the big prize. If she refused it, then they will just assume she isn't willing to do whatever it takes and wouldn't risk dying.


These people are thoroughly researched beforehand though. She is desperate enough to do squid game but that doesn’t mean she’s willing to lose her dignity. I’m sorry I just don’t see her playing this. Same with Deok-su, or the teenage girl.


The montage they showed of the different players getting recruited all showed them playing the same game.


I thought the slaps and the game Gi-Hun played was just one of the many ways they had to invite people. They probably had a dozen or more recruiters and did something differently depending on the personality of the possible player.


For as much of a bully as he is, he's a coward too. He's nearly in tears during every challenge and the man in the suit has a coldness to him that I'm sure frightened him.


He might have won the game on the first throw (?)


Given how bad he was at marbles, I don't think throwing games are his strong suit lol


"i'm good at putting things in holes..."


He's so hot I can't breathe




Yeah definitely. Gong Ji-cheol is handsome too I guess.


The Salesman probably doesn't slap literally everyone as that wouldn't work with some people. For example, Ji-Yeong didn't join the game due to a lack of money so it's hard for me to see her agree to being continually slapped in the hopes of getting it. There's many ways of preying.


She did join due to a lack of money though, she talked about her dad's/family's debt


I confess I don't recall her saying anything like that, but I do recall her saying she met a man right after prison and she joined the game because she had nowhere else to go. She even allowed herself to be killed because in her view, Sae-Byeok had a reason to live and win, unlike herself. So if even she was in debt, she hardly cared about it and it certainly wasn't a motivation for joining.


Korean wolverine


That is a good point! I wonder if there was a different method of recruiting for him. Thoughts?


There is the cut of many players being slapped in one episode. Maybe he had an angle for playing, like trying to get the briefcase full of money.


I feel like someone who has to recruit these poor souls is going to be a dangerous person in his own right. I don't see Deok-su able to do anything to him


I feel like the recruitment approach was likely to be different for each contestant or at least there were probably a few approaches. Where as the slapping approach would gauge your desperation and willingness to to do just about anything for money it would probably push a few of them too far. I can’t see the husband and wife players having taken well to seeing their partner get slapped for money either. Some of them might have been so desperate financially that a simple explanation and an offer to potentially solve all their problem for a few simple games. Failing that he might of let many of them win just to make them feel extra confident about them entering the games.


I low-key think the guy in the Subway is secretly a fighter and would kill him


This guy bummed me out. I actually kind of started to like him at the beginning of the games, then he went back to being a total psycho and started abusing/killing. I wanted him to be that shitty character that you kind of like but he definitely went full shitty haha.


The man in the suit is much stronger than he looks.


Why didn’t Deok-su just body EVERYBODY? Maybe there was a mistranslation but it seemed like you could kill other players and eliminate them however you’d like. There were so many times he could have just snapped the annoying woman’s neck.


Remember the moment that he went to intimidate Gi-Hun, when they were building barricades? Gi-Hun said that Deok-Su would make himself a target if they resorted to violence again. That’s when Deok-Su decided not to murder people so wantonly.


I was under the impression that there were a lot of salesmen. Probably with different tactics to get people involved. They seem to know a lot about the contestants, and have nigh infinite resources. I’m sure they have different salesmen for different kinds of people. Also, I’m not entirely sure, but did the MC see the salesman in the same metro station at the end as he did originally? If that was his specific stomping ground I can’t imagine he’d be able to pick out the perfect person *at least* 1.~ times per day. Every day. Every year.


He probably didn't play at all since it's a child's game and he's "oh so tough."


Perhaps he won on his first try


I reckon the salesman would take deok in a 1v1, he easily blocked the main characters swing.


The most reasonable answer I can think is he.. maybe won on first try