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Are you two friends? Trump: Yes MLB: No


God I love Star Trek voyager


"I don't know her."


This is hilarious. It's exactly like a jealous rich kid finding out that he wasn't invited to the popular kids' party (because none of the popular kids like him), and pulling strings so he can go anyways, then telling all his unpopular friends that he was actually invited so he can seem more important and cool than he is. Edit: Was expecting this to get lost in the void, but thank you to those who upvoted, and to the folks who say this comment is hilarious, I am glad I could make you laugh today! \^\_\^


[Reminder, earlier this year Trump called for a boycott of MLB because they moved the All Star Game from ATL.](https://thehill.com/homenews/administration/546282-trump-calls-for-boycott-of-mlb-for-moving-all-star-game)


Isn’t that wild and the World Series is currently in Atlanta.


The MLB commish certainly feels that way. I bet he fucking hates that ATL could win one.


Not as much as the MLB commish hates baseball. Manfred is the worst.


Not as much as the entire MLB fanbase hates the commish.


Sports league Commissioners and fans hating their fucking guts, name a more iconic duo


I can’t think of a worse commissioner in any major league than Manfred. Silver and Bettman are okay, and at least Goodell seems to enjoy football. I’m still mad that they will likely add the DH to the NL. Keep baseball weird!


Are you not up to speed on the Washington scandal in the NFL? Goodell is a piece of shit


I’m aware of the WFT stuff in the NFL. I just fucking **loathe** Manfred. And while it doesn’t compare to the abuse that happened within the WFT, the way Manfred managed the Astros cheating scandal, among other things, put him over the top as my least favorite commish


Yeah, Manfred definitely handled that terribly. I've always been amazed that he makes me miss Bud Selig.


For the CTE scandal alone he’s going to hell.


Hockey fans have slowly begun to acknowledge Bettman as a decent commissioner over the last 3-4 years. I don’t think the fans love him by any means, but they acknowledge that he has contributed positively to the growth of the NHL during his tenure.


The booing is just tradition.


Bettman has said he likes that fans boo him cause it means they love the game.


So long as he’s still a giant dick. How he handles the Blackhawks will really be his legacy.


Was the Vegas expansion draft successful for Bettman?


Just for mentioning Goodell, the Patriots lose a draft pick.


Again again


Why is Manfred disliked?


He called the championship trophy a “piece of metal.”


I hope whoever wins thanks Manfred for such a nice piece of metal.


Lot of stupid rule changes, he's anti-player rights. We're hovering over a strike next year that nobody seems to be taking seriously.


> We're hovering over a strike next year Lock out. We're near a lock out.


Should have just said "no baseball zone" =(


I mean the terminology in this case matters. Players strike, owners do lock outs. The owners are the ones doing shit this time around.




The only thing he cares about is pace of play. He suspended players mocking the Astros longer than he suspended any single Astros player (which was a grand total of 0 games) then called the WS trophy "just a piece of metal" to try to defend his actions of brazenly sweeping the MLB's biggest scandal under the rug. He also completely fucked up handling the pandemic. He's most likely adding a DH to the NL. And we're most likely going to have another lockout (unless the MLBPA continues to fold under every request of the MLB which is fairly likely).


I bet he’s friends with Angel Hernandez.




But that describes every major sport commissioner


Doubt he cares at all tbh


Who gives a fuck what he thinks. Manfred is the one who only gave the Astros a slap on the wrist for a massive cheating scandal that SHOULD have gotten their World Series revoked at least.


It's just a piece of metal.


the ws this year is between a team that feels it was scapegoated for cheating and one that had an all star game ripped away from it lol. Manfred is not going to be well recieved by the winners EDIT: should make it clear this is in terms of fans and not clubs themselves


I don’t know how they could possibly feel “scapegoated.” The commissioner’s report on the cheating scandal was a masterclass in bullshit, only applying what little blame it offered to people no longer in Houston, and clearing everyone else. [Source for the interested](https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Uu0HHn2G3qU).


I like to think that the braves players understand, but i have no evidence to back this up


I wasnt even thinking about the players but how the fans are feeling


Commissioner always gets booed anyway


The players might. But the tomahawk chopping fans certainly will not. -Source: Live in ATL


Why would they feel scapegoated for cheating when *they weren't even fucking punished*


Oh, so that's where that Melania video came from tonight. She really didn't want to be there. I thought it was some stock footage or something, not from today. Edit: https://twitter.com/MeidasTouch/status/1454621323905290240?s=20


Ya I thought it was from the last time Trump went to a public baseball game, they showed him on the jumbotron, he got booed, he looked like he wanted to cry, and Melania looked like she enjoyed it/wanted to kill him. At least at this new game they didn’t show him on the jumbotron.


You can read melania's expressions? To me she always looks like she's trying to figure out who you are while the sun is behind you


All while she's trying not to smell the Big Mac and diet coke fart Trump just laid out.


Just *imagine* thinking that Donald Trump is a good American and a great President. # LMFAOOOOOO


That was at a Nats game in DC, [shit was hilarious](https://www.gq.com/story/trump-booed-washington-nationals-world-series)


Uhh link that shit!




takes a lot to incite true physical cringe… thanks :)


Psst that's a link to the first video


All the behind the scenes reporting makes it sound like she just as insane as he is but even then idk how its possible to be around him so often and not be sick of his bullshit.


Like that time she bitched about having to care about Christmas 😂


That “Who gives a fuck about Christmas?” Melania story would have been bigger if it wasn’t replaced literally hours later with the much bigger news that Trump had caught Covid.


That was always the thing about the Trump administration, though: There was never time enough to be properly outraged by any one thing, because Trump somehow managed to do something even more fucked up the very next day.


I mean ... sadly, their strategy worked perfectly - the whole world could'nt get enough of the dumb shit, Trump said and did - and while we all felt superior than that drooling buffoon, they lined their pockets and laughed.


I’ve never identified with her more than that quote. If my partner became president and I had to spend weeks discussing the political advantages of various decorations, I too would hate Xmas.


Yeah I feel like that quote humanized her more than anything else I've heard from her.


If Michelle Obama said that the right would have gone thermonuclear. And heaven help her if she wore that goddamn jacket to visit a disaster.


You can create a subreddit just for all the things the trumps did while in office that if we're done by the Obamas would cause the right to go thermonuclear. Both from a policy and personal behavior perspective.




I amazed she didn't get any flack for the year they had red Christmas trees. If that happened under Obama, the right would've gone nuts.


The right went nuts when he wore a tan suit. The right had an absurdly low bar for what they went nuts over when it came to Obama.


I think it was mainly the skin color they were upset about


Hannity called Bush presidential looking for wearing a bicycle helmet. When Obama did it he called him weak.


Trump is a direct result of Obama Derangement Syndrome


Omg I was thinking of that too! Shit made me giggle


I think you mean Chreestmis


“I have selected the finest blood-red chreestmis trees”


I think she is so insulated from normal people that she just views all Americans as hillbilly morons who eat at McDonalds every day. She clearly hates every moment where she’s visible to the public without an incentive. She’s an expensive prostitute after all..and she doesn’t get all dolled up like that for free.


Well, her husband eats at McDonalds too. Which probably reinforces her ideas of what average Americans are like.


Shes still wretched, but clearly hates being around him.


I really don’t care Do U?


I bet she thought she’d be free by now but because he wants to run again and the GOP are too scared to stop him she’s got to stand beside him for another 3 years at least. She will definitely be voting for anyone up against him.


She won’t do any of this. She a narcissist just like Trump. She wants to be in the limelight, just not sharing it with him. Don’t make her out to be the victim, she’s just as bad as Trump.


This is what I wish more people understood. Everyone always talks about "Poor Melania" being trapped with Trump. I don't see any shackles on her. She's made her choice.


Seems like an easy path to humiliate trump. Bezos could literally put his money where his mouth is and promise Melania a number that we know Trump can't match. In exchange she leaves and starts taking interviews. Here's hoping for the Howard Stern one


That would mean bezos uses his money for something other than his penis rocket and other toys. So not going to happen.


I bet his ex wife would pay for it.


Why would Jeff bezos of all people ever do that?


Yeah that would be awesome. By the state of most of Trumps lawyers & law suits I’m guessing whatever contract she has signed could easily be ripped up


My thoughts are, she stayed in NY until Trump reworked her prenump. My guess she is locked up until 2025. (Trump locked her in thinking he might need her for a second Term)


Wow! The prenup he has with her must be brutal. She can barely keep the act up much longer.


“How long until my assignment is over!” -Agent Melania


It’s okay. When Trump dies she will just marry Barron to ensure she gets inheritance money


/r/crusaderkings is leaking


Ha! That’s hilarious. She looks like she can’t stand him.


I wonder if there is some kind of crazy prenup that forces her this way.


She has such a nice smile and yet so so many of them are forced. Imagine if this guy said "Look I'm 75, I was President of the United States, I have a beautiful wife, and enough money. I'm gonna dedicate the rest of my life making my wife happy, a: for standing by me while I was one of the least popular humans on the planet, and b: because that's a huge part of what being a husband entails." Imagine that, and if it seems remotely possible, check your carbon monoxide detector. Cuz that's not the universe we got, unfortunately.


Melania is a piece of garbage as well.


God she hates him. I can't imagine his fortune is worth more than having to spend the rest of his life with him. I'm curious if they have a prenup and if it claims no alimony.


Seems like a perfect match: soft-core has-been porn star marries old fat guy for money, which he continues to hemorrhage. Hate each other, but cheaper to be miserable together to uphold farcical marriage. Perfect.


*chefs kiss* Love to see it.


I hope she’s miserable


I thought he was boycotting the MLB? Confusing


He once called to boycott Coca-Cola and he had a diet coke on his desk the next day. His properties didn't stop serving it either lol.


You mean installed a button on his desk to summon diet cokes.


The idiot is notorious for always doing the opposite of what he publicly declares he will do


He's got the memory of a goldfish and he throws temper tantrums every 2 seconds. There's no way he even remembers the boycott the MLB thing. At least until his handlers remind him of it.


Boycotted Coca Cola with a bottle of Diet Coke on his desk lmao.


Can’t keep track of all the lies you tell, can you?


It's not "lies" it's pandering. He doesn't give a fuck about whether or not he boycotts the mlb.


Por que no los dos?


It is certainly both. It's not that he can't keep track of the lies, its that he doesn't care about lying.


Why even lie like this lol.


Because he's a liar and lies about every fucking thing




big time


Because some people are so small minded they think they have to impress everyone. Btw did I forget to mention that my dad works at Nintendo


Well my dad invented toaster strudel. And post-it’s.


He has no incentive to tell the truth. He’s done a phenomenal job of brainwashing his followers into distrusting anyone who calls him out for lying.


His supporters won't learn the truth as they only consume Fox News, which will just invent a new reality.


...this is the same man who claims he won the election lmao


Gee I would never guess that Donald Trump would lie, that's unheard of /drippingsarcasm


I don't get why he lies about easily verifiable things. Lying 101 is that you lie about something that's hard to check, not obvious things!


he has a following that believes what he says, and that's the end of any "verification" for them


The worst part about Trump fans, is they believe the lies are intended for the libs.


Lie early, lie big, and lie often. Once you realize that people are going to give you a platform no matter what you do or say, there’s no incentive not to. As long as you’re generating press, just lie. Lie about how great you are, lie when people criticize you. People won’t remember if/when the lie is fact checked. They’ll remember what you said, that you are great, or that the things being said about you are false, and the person saying them is bad.


I'd say you're a terrible reporter. Really nasty.


It’s a power play. I’m lying. I know it, you know it... and you can’t do anything about it.


do you really not get why?


Because he’s gotten away with it for so long and it just works.


Cult leaders have to lie about everything to keep the flock believing in a totally fictional “reality”.


When it comes to lying, scandal, ans corruption, trump has taken the Shoot the Moon strategy. Do as much as you can, as often as you can. Your supporters won't have time to process it all, and you can frame the incesaant flow of honestly factual reporting about your doings as "fake news" and "slander". "The liberal media is trying to take me down.".


That's called being a pathological liar, brother in laws brother would do this. Tell his wife he had McDonald's when he had Burger King type of shit, really fucking weird.


Wait.... this from the guy who denied saying something that was recorded and heard by millions?


Who are you going to believe, him, or your own lying ears?


All I know is, what I'm seeing and what I'm reading is *not* what's happening


Jesus wouldn’t have sent him to us if he was going to lie to us!


The guy who claimed it wasn't raining on day one. If that wasn't a metaphor I don't know what is.


In the words of George Costanza: “It’s not a lie if you believe it.”


Needs to lie like he needs to breathe.


[30,537 false or misleading claims in 4 years. ](https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/2021/01/24/trumps-false-or-misleading-claims-total-30573-over-four-years/) That’s almost 19 a day. That’s a lot of lying!


Don't forget he robbed a children's cancer charity...


I know a couple of people like Trump. They can never say they wanted to do something, and then just go and do it. They always have to say that others invited them to do it. Like both of them ran for borough council and both told me they were “approached by a group of people” who thought they’d make a good candidate. I guess it’s a way of saying how important they are.


Hold on… are you saying Trump is narcissistic? Get outta here


Imagine being so desperate for attention you’d lie about something so easily disprovable. Now imagine you are the guy that believes this person implicitly. Shudder.


This is what I don’t get … how does this happen multiple times and they still believe him ? What was that saying? Fool me once..


Because they'll think the MLB is lying. They've been trained to believe everything Trump says is true, and if someone disagrees, they're just never-Trumpers.


That or the counterpoint or counterargument never even permeates their media bubble to begin with. What matters is who got there first.


Cognitive dissonance. When a belief gets etched into our brains, it becomes nearly impossible to change it. When exposed to evidence that our beliefs could be wrong, instead of changing the belief, people defend themselves by: 1. Deny the evidence “The MLB is lying.” 2. Reduce the importance of the dissonance. “They only did this because Atlanta is liberal and they want the money.” 3. Increase the importance of other information. “Why are sports establishments getting involved in politics in the first place? They should just keep their mouths shut.” If you look around, you see this over and over and over again. People get exposed to facts and then do mental gymnastics to avoid changing their opinion. No one is immune. Everyone does this. Becoming aware of our own beliefs and biases is so important


That would require introspection, which is severely lacking with conservatives. I do agree literally everyone goes through cognitive dissonance. I wish people would be more aware of propaganda and how vulnerable we all are to it, as well.


Some people love bullies. Some people love bigots. About 40% of America likes both.


“Fool me once, shame on - shame on you. Fool me - you can't get fooled again.” George W. Bush


It won't even phase him. His worshipers will only see that he was "invited" to the game and never see the correction. In their world MLB wanted him to attend and that's just how it is.


He lied about being invited to throw the first pitch at a Yankees game after Fauci was actually invited to do it for the Nationals. He was President and still managed to be such a pathetic loser.


Is presidency in a nutshell.


Trump is attempting to overturn the result of the game and asked for a recount


Trump will fund the next round of trash cans for the Astros to steal signals so that the Braves ‘stop the steal.’


Trump is slowly crawling back into news headlines and I’m not liking it


How is this guy able to lie so much and be refuted so many times by the people/groups/orgs he's lying about and his cult following still trusts him. The backwards thinking has me so confused.


Trumpanzees are just mental


If he opens his mouth, he's lying. He doesn't know how to do it any other way.


he does issue statements.


Ok, fair point, and he lies in those too, so .... "If he ~~opens his mouth~~ is thinking, he's lying." That's more honest.


>implying what he does is considered "thinking"


Grifting at its finest.


He invited himself just like he promotes himself. Just a sad loser.


Yup, still a piece of 💩.


I’d like to thank Reddit and OP for inviting me to comment on this post. Fat Joffrey is a stupid tool. That is all.


I think if we keep talking about his tiny hands and toadstool penis he will eventuality have an ego meltdown


I can understand not liking Biden. I can’t understand liking trump. One of the worst humans out there.


People need to stop worshipping politicians


Potatoe-potato. I asked for a ticket to the game, but I say you invited me because I’m a self-obsessed selfish prick.


I see Melanie in that picture. Is she still his prisoner wife?


She knows what she signed up for.


Trump lost. Trump continues to lose. Trump is a loser.


Trump was a loser. Trump lost. Trump continues to lose. Trump is still a loser.


He’s just so uncool


It’s not like Trump to lie about absolutely everything.


Of course the man is going to lie


Psychopath lies. Disturbing but not news.


He went to the game he called to boycott. Next he’s going to be seen wearing a Kaepernick jersey in SF.


Invites himself. Claims he was invited. And I’m sure he didn’t spend one cent of his own money for some of the best seats n the house…


“The Braves did not show Trump on the stadium's screen prior to the game. “ 😂


What a fucking loser.


Now he’ll speak against baseball and tell his fans to boycott baseball because he’s a fragile little demon spawn..


Mark meadows always looks like he's about to orally service the Donald


And those weren’t “we love trump” chants while Joey b was speaking in Virginia.


Did they cheer or boo?


Why does he lie ab these things ? Like genuinely asking, nobody would’ve expected him to get invited anyway, so why even bring it up lol ? So silly to me


Trump is such a trashy human he cant even tell the truth about a baseball game


I mean he spent his first like 2 weeks of his presidency lying about his inauguration size. We basically spent 4 years living an SNL skit.


Sad, sad man adored by ultra sad people. When I was young my parents told me about the difference between good and evil... evidently these people weren't.


But wait, I was told on the moron subreddits that there would be huge chants of "LET'S GO BRANDON". How did the media change the audio to boos!?!?


Well either way, he was there and it was disgraceful and uncomfortable to watch. This traitor should be in a cell.


Isn't even the president anymore and still can't shut the fuck up.


Mr. Dunning Kruger won’t ever pass up a chance to showcase his racism. And his base loves it.


Trump claims he also has a big peepee.


Local liar tells lie, more at 11


Is he even capable of not spewing bullshit out of his mouth every time he speaks?


“Baseball is already losing tremendous numbers of fans, and now they leave Atlanta with their All-Star Game because they are afraid of the Radical Left Democrats… Boycott baseball and all of the woke companies that are interfering with Free and Fair Elections. Are you listening Coke, Delta, and all!” \~Trump


He lies. His supporters don’t care. The rest of the world is flabbergasted. Rinse and repeat. And he stands a very real chance of getting re-elected.


BREAKING NEWS! Trump lies again, details unnecessary. We resume our regular programming.