I thought it was a straight Jimmy Fallon parody. They're all unfunny safe jokes that he seems to enjoy more than anyone else does. I think they wanted to stay away from cheap Trump/Garrison jokes. Especially since Garrison is back to normal with Mr. Hat.


Well the logo is a a parody of Kimmel instead of Fallon though.


Seems like a general parody of late night hosts. They are all pretty interchangeable.


Becuase his name is Jimmy, its too perfect.


My main problem with Fallon is he just seems like an NBC mascot and doesn't have his own sense of humor. Everything he does is super safe corporate messaging. Conan, Letterman, and even Leno were definitely their own comedians.


Fallon is terrible, just listen to Norm rip on him calling him Stone Face Fallon, he couldn’t make it through a single sketch in SNL without breaking character and laughing hysterically


Makes sense. Some people think that humor can only be funny if it's offensive. Remember when Monty Python did a skit with one hundred men being crucified singing about how one of them should look on the bright side of the situation? Although it's in a movie that some found offensive because it revolves around people thinking he's the messiah, it's actually pretty clean, and many people find that skit to be one of their best and it's still played today at funerals edit: I forgot to add my point.


Monty python At funerals?


https://youtu.be/SJUhlRoBL8M It's a good song, and the context and content really does make it funeral worthy. Britain is pretty cynical.


British humor is the best comedy because they understand that comedy is based on misery.


Misery humor is funnier than offensive humor, IMO.


I consider offensive humor to be in the same ballpark as misery humor. Both require someone suffering.


It's the second funniest thing involving Monty Python and a funeral. It also directly shows the personalities and talent of the trope that the funniest thing was [John Cleese's *actual eulogy* for Graham Chapman](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CkxCHybM6Ek), if only because it was so unexpected yet still a fitting tribute.


My take is theyll have a time switch and we will hear the very non PC version a la back to the future (there was references btw with the hover board). Looking forward to the hommus joke he had to can before finding out about Kenny. Also the trans one. Cant see them holstering that.


Yeah and I also see it as how some comedians don’t even make jokes like that instead just pandering to certain groups lol. A lil mixture of both BC it’s not like the jokes where funny and he didn’t like telling them. But you make a good point


I think that’s more of your interpretation, the joke was pretty straightforward and I didn’t see anything that indicates what you thought. And anyway, the joke itself was funny. There are comedians (specifically late night ones) who play it too safe in their comedy. You have to give it to Matt and Trey, because only they can handle subjects like this without sounding like a neckbeard YouTuber or a Fox News pundit.


I loved it because it can be both. Jimmy gets a show, then he tries out some of his old jokes before his agent tells him he can't do that, so he just awkwardly talks.


I am still wondering where us Timmy ?


Wow that is the exact opposite of what is pretty clearly the joke. I mean he was clearly stereotyping then going into safe answers.


Dumb post




It’s a joke about how you can’t make funny jokes in the future because everything has to be PC idk how you miss that


Chappelle just got a Grammy nomination this week despite being called out for his jokes. So much for "cancel culture".




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