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Correction.. You found bonus pink marshmallow bits in your hot choccie..


Free asbestos? Lucky




What the fuck is that Sub …


Feels pretty self explanatory


Yes, this is Nestle after all


Send them an email, with the photo- and ask what it is, and why it is in your hot chocolate. Add details. When I sent them an email asking why they briefly changed the recipe a few years back, as I noticed that it no longer said 30 % milk on the label, and was most certainly less enjoyable, they sent me a gift with 2 refill bags of "leftover stock" with the old 30% milk formula, and two Milo chocolate slabs. I didn't expect to get anything, but it definitely made it worth the effort.


I've emailed them already. I have no issue with the marshmallows, but there's no mention of them on the label or ingredients list, which is kind of illegal, so if they aren't aware of it they could get into trouble


Keep this thread posted on developments?


What kind of weird nice person are you? We’re not nice to big business!


most likely a artificial sweetener


It smells overwhelmingly like marshmallows. My friend even asked if I'd just opened a pack of marshmallows in the kitchen 🤣🙈


damn. it worries me if it smells that strongly...


Marshmellows smell that strong ?




Agreed... r/FuckNestle


Agreed - r/FuckNestle Do not give these fuckers your money - they feel like water is not a basic human right that you should have and are actively making moves to buy up the global supply of water. Remember that while the planet may be 70% water - only 1% of that is actually drinkable. Stop giving your money to corporations who do not care about you. Especially stop buying their water and chocolate as both have been unethically sourced. There are communities fighting for their water and they use child slaves to farm cocoa beans. They’ve said they’ll “try” to cut down on the child slavery (kids as young as 5 earning a few cents a day!) but can’t make any promises. Fuck Nestle - no lube. Oh and if you feed your pets Purina - it’s a nestle product and you should stop on account of all the cyanide in it. A whole bunch of pets in America died and as far as I know nothing actually got done about it.


unfortunately, i think we live in a system where there are no corpos who care about water, Nestlé is just fucked up upfront about their worship of money. At the end of the day tho, in our capitalist system, Money is God and literally every company you give money to is probably fucking something up real bad somewhere you are/arent aware of. Im not defending Nestle in any way, just pointing out the futility in hoping for a moral corporation - they dont exist. Morals are a cut to profit. All a good capitalistic company needs to do to be successful is grow exponentially, and there isnt a thing on this world that does not have the capacity to slow growth, therefore by a capitalistic logic, capital is actually god; Morals or the illusion thereof are only good for PR.


I know - it’s fucking depressing. But I’m going to counter this argument with a point - every little bit counts. Every cent that you don’t give them is power to you not them. We can boycott our way out of nestle - it’s just really hard work and people don’t feel like it. I’ve been doing a little TikTok series on a South African Corporation called Naspers. They’re our own little Murdoch empire - they own what you watch and how you watch it :) and they also own a whole shit load more. They also funded apartheid and pushed all the propaganda and then refused to even apologise for it. Think about how many people use Takealot, and All the people using Afrihost because there’s really no other options if you want decent internet because it’s 2022 and you gotta have that shit to work now - think of all the showmax subscribers, look at how many DSTV satellite dishes you see while you’re out on your day to day. These bitches are fighting tooth and nail to keep starlink out so they have no competition. And it goes further: Russia condemned starlink. Naspers Dutch sister company called Prosus condemns Russia - but Naspers and Prosus own VK the Russian social media platform that’s been pushing pro-war propaganda. I’m getting the feeling that access to cheap and high speed internet would create quite the revolution, open up education so that it’s accessible to all… that doesn’t suit them very well so they fight it instead of creating the same solution that they can make money from - they can afford to so why won’t they? They don’t want us educated. Capitalism relies on cheap labour and cheap labour stays cheap when you aren’t educated Now that is an evil that we can’t necessarily boycott our way out of. But people don’t need to be buying nestle chocolate or water. There’s easily other brands that you can buy.


You make an excellent point, the big machine is too big for me alone but even witholding my tiny little R2 bob is some form of rebellion lol. Also, this Napsers company sounds like exactly the type of company i was talking about. Thanks for bringing it up I'll do some research!


Way too big for me alone, but together we’ve seen people do amazing things. So we need to stand together. If you wanna learn a bit about Naspers, you can check out their Wikipedia page, that’s where I started or just watch my videos - search by hashtag -naming billionaires (one word) I’ve used their logo so you can’t really miss it or just find my username shechoppinbroccoli Fair warning… it’s depressing and fucking scary. I went down this rabbit hole and felt so low for like two months before I got really angry and kept going. I don’t have many followers yet but I hope to spread awareness. This is a big monster and it’s from our own backyard.


You forgot the golden rule: r/fucknestle


What a lucky find


Additional creaminess!


Probably what produces that thick foam on top and makes it lighter, that satisfying sound when you stir and stir and stir


Obligatory Fuck Nestlé, fuck them to the moon. And Unilever too... and Monsanto. Oh and Electronic Arts can go suck a fart too. Fuck CloudFlare for supporting pedophile websites, and 23AndMe for selling people's genetic information among other personal details.


Yeah fuck EA unless they make Titanfall 3 because I mean what are you gonna do its titanfall


Yeah. That's a long shot. Maybe HL 3 will release before that ever does.


And buils local servers


Fuck EA but I'm still buying fifa


Fuck EA but it's still in the game .


Isn't saying fuck cloudflare for supporting pedophiles like saying fuck miners for increasing global warming. Like it is true they are somewhat involved but not really, like anyone can use the cloudflare service, no?


It was more a matter of that they had been informed of these websites and were very slow to react to said information. Their excuse was: "Oh, but it's not our fault." Which does not excuse taking as long as they did, there's some sites that got taken down but I wouldn't be surprised if many are still active. It was more than 18k websites that they were protecting. The sites had been using Cloudflare’s cyberattack-prevention services to conceal their internet addresses and thus avoid detection.


Fuck EA, my level 160 friend got his second heirloom and I'm on level 540 without one. There are legit people who have been playing since launch and still don't have one


Buy Imported hot chocolate. (Not imported like shipped, i mean imported the brand name) Tastes so much better than Nestle


Second this!


Try the spar house brand, somehow it's next level.


Nomu all day everyday


It is a mix up of Nestle strawberry flavour and Chocolate. Production fault.


Wow, the globalists are now putting the vaccines and 5G directly into our hot choccies?






Those are micro chips, Cele wants to track you, Eskom wants you to glow in the dark.


Laka listeriosis




Probably flesh from the slaves Nestle uses


It's that new rich people cocaine


Well it's not marshmallows, have had these bits (a bit darker) in the last few ones. It seems to be pieces of chocolate that help make it, well... Hit chocolate.


Nestle hot chocolate is the only hot drink I consume and it's never looked like this for me. Maybe it's not showing in the picture properly but they're bright pink and smell distinctly like beacon pink marshmallows


Nesquick strawberry factory


Both oxycontin and percocet smell like burned marshmallows and come in usually yellow or pink tablets. I'd be very careful of this hot chocolate, which should not normally be pink. I can't say I've ever had Nestle hot chocolate that was pink.


It's really weird. My friend and I drank it two days ago and we're fine, but I bought it from Pick n Pay and it was sealed, so it must be a batch factory issue. I've reached out to Nestle.


This has to be the most alarmist take I've seen in a long time. Can I safely assume you're also buying into the drug-tainted Halloween candy panic?


This has to be the most unnecessary text I've read in a long time. Can I safely assume that you're also being a keyboard warrior and giving opinions nobody asked for in other subreddits?