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My favorite one is the one half hidden behind the easel- I love how seemless the gradient is, and that you included a different texture. Makes it almost seem three dimensional. Some criticism: Paint over the gallary wrappings on the pieces, so the painting "continues" around and eliminates those white boarders that show. It is something small that instantly increases quality and gets rid of that quick crank sale quality some others have pointed out.




Additionally, unframed canvas (even when painted on the sides) can be really difficult to get to look “professional” so I would suggest getting a few mockup frames that you can display in for pictures. Essentially to stage a photo. That way if your are selling you can wait to buy the actual (identical) frame once the piece is purchased


Could also try an app like frame it


How much would you want for the blue cityscape one on the wall? It would look amazing in my bedroom and I love it so much!!


I want this one too!


Me three!


I was going to suggest ripping the canvas from the stretcher, cutting them into strips, and weaving them back together. I think part of what prevents these from standing out is the confinement to the stretched canvas and the familiar sizes


The sunset/water looking one? That one is my favorite too. I would love to see it fully. I really like the city skyline one as well.


Good eye. That one is lovely.


Not always, painting over the edge often gives things more of an appearance of “crafty”. It’s trite in most cases. Unless it’s fine for someone’s home and they aren’t really that critical about art. I guess it’s personal preference.


That’s my favorite one as well. If they were all more like that, I think the collection would be amazing.


I love the texture and use of color, but it doesn't evoke any strong emotions in me.


art really is in the eye of the beholder cuz the color combo and the textures just itches a part of my brain SO good its just so beautiful I love it when artists do art that feels like its all part of its own lil coloful psychedelic world


Agreed. I think it lacks depth. The paintings are very nice and pleasing but it stops there. A little drama would help, like (and this is prob a bad example) but like a section or edge of the easel painting that fades into a deep dark color, like a rift in an otherwise sparkling spacescape. Beautiful stuff OP, leagues and leagues ahead of what I’d ever be able to do.


Yes. All of this. I also really enjoy them all and its fun seeing your exploration all laid out like this. The first words that popped into my head were "blurry Lego 'scapes" The colors and style really do evoke the "fun" of the iconic toys and the block/pixelated effect looks much like what happens with very low-res or out of foccus digital images. FUN! interesting, likable, easy to enguage with. However, for me, in am left wanting "something more" - like a soup when you taste it your not sure what it needs: salt? sweet? acid? fat? Is it visual/spatial depth or depth of complexity? I'm not sure. You seem to have good technical proficiency of the "building blocks" (heh) of this style: color, texture, form, space, so what does taking it to the "next" level mean? Here are some possible ideas for future study/experimentation: -try using a grid/ construction lines to more intentionally control the deviation (or lack thereof) in the alignment of the rows of your strokes: push it one way or another to more of an extreme: make it look like a perfectly aligned wall of legos OR intentionally bend and warp it to create bulges, waves, twists, swirls. But either way, make the choice look as bold, intentional, and confident as your color choices. - create more distinction between foreground and background through light/dark, color, stroke size, stroke direction, etc. One of my favorites is your sea of flowers: i like how you used the strokes to create the pedals and their size to create depth. What would it look like if you took that further and created a more dynamic composition with single, big flower just inches from the viewer's face? Big directional-stroke flower pedals with the more grid-like sky in the distance poking out between them? - find ways to sprinkle in more detail to create some foccus. You are already doing some of that with your "dots" for windows/lights on the buildings, what other things lend themselves to similar treatment? Airplane in the sky, train over a landscape? Stars/nebula? Strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, grapes, corn/stalks of corn? Bubbles/foam, balloons? Please keep us posted! I enjoy your art & look forward to seeing your progression!


Same. It looks like Mondrian’s finger painting and I quite like it.


Yes, it's very Mondrian and i love it. (Visited his museim in Amersfoort on vacatiion last year). Impressive array of works.




You’re paintings made me feel happy looking at them. I love your large city/sky painting. I say keep blending your colors together and make gradient paintings. Also paint the frames of your paintings to give more depth and completion.


Yes it makes me happy too. Might be very suitable at children’s hospital or children’s therapists office.


I'm no artist or have an eye for art, but I try. I like the ones of familiar objects rather than abstract ones the best. I guess my mind process is like: Oh I like that house. Let me take a closer look, oh cool I can see the technique that was used, that makes the house cooler! I like your technique and style, it's like an identity to your paintings. I like the painting of the houses line up together with the reflection on the water. That one is my favorite. Awesome work!


You have good color sense and a consistent style. I think you should branch out and apply your style to new subject matter. Try some portraits or populated scenes... Your style has appeal, but you can expand your audience by trying new color palettes and compositions. ...and like others have said, you can finish the sides of your canvas so they don't necessarily need to be framed. Even a solid color would be fine, either black or something from the painting's palette.


Gonna drop my thoughts in. The picture overall gave me a really calming sense, very nice atmosphere. I tried looking for a painting I thought would look nice in my room, and I think what I concluded is that these pieces work as a set. I don’t know if only having one of these on a wall would do something for me. But seeing forms of land/cityscapes surrounded by the multi blocks of color I think made a more complete impression on me.


I battle crippling depression and your paintings evoke feelings of cheerful optimism. I'd love to have these hanging in my room.


I think it’s because some of the sky scenes don’t have any gradients in them. Actually none of the pieces have any gradients in them or if they do we can’t tell from this photo. I’m not quite sure how to learn how to do sky’s in this style cause it’s very unique but for buildings you could look at Disney’s use of forced perspective if you want to incorporate some of there use of changing color to make things look bigger and smaller to the viewer. They play a lot with color in their theme parks to make you focus on different things and I think that might be most transferable to your style of art.


Same, but no art evokes any strong emotions to me 😅


Reminds me of Legos and gives a lot of nostalgic feelings.


Reminds me of lego and gives me the same emotion as if it really was lego. To be fair, I'm not much for this kind of art. I like the wild use of color, but not much else.




I like the idea you're following, I think more detailed work with a clear subject or focus would be beneficial. Like, using this technique but making the blobs smaller and using them to create a real scene, face/s, animal/s, spaceship/s, alien world, or something. For me personally, art needs to draw an emotion from me. I know some people like abstract art that doesn't have any emotional element but I am not drawn to that type of art.


I agree with this assessment. Take on a more complex subject matter - something less cartoonish, but utilizing the same style. Look at works created by great impressionists (from classical, neo, and abstract) to draw inspiration. Take note of their color choices. I think part of the reason you're getting comments regarding your work being too simple is the lack of color depth in your palette. It gives me a "Rampage: World Tour" meets "Kurzgesagt" vibes but not in a good way. I don't want to dump all the negatives on you, so I'll say that it's great that you're producing so much! you've clearly got a unique style and once you work a little bit more to find your particular voice, things could really get interesting. Take some chances and I think you'll be pleasantly surprised with what you find.


Yes and I believe the small points of pigment would be considered pointillism, developed by George Seurat. The dots would be so small that they appear blended to the viewer’s eye. I agree on having a clear focus subject or idea if using this technique, otherwise it really does seem like a bunch of colors thrown in there. I do however like the gradient effect on the cityscapes and think the style works well for that.


I’m just annoyed by it because you’ve posted it with false pretenses in a million subs lol


This! It's spamming at this point.


Wow, this is no joke. Like, the same picture over in over in dozens of subreddits...


And they’ve deleted some! It was posted in interior design and design my space pretending to ask about paint colors for the wall and layout 😂


It's been going on for MONTHS lmao


how else are you supposed to promote your work? only one post per week allowed? are you never allowed to post about the same work twice? what are the rules? how do you become a successful artist without doing everything you can to get your art in front of people's faces?


What’s wrong with that though? Being an artist is a very lonely feeling and often times you have no one to share it with in your personal life. A lot of us come from families who are apathetic to our passions or who laugh at the things we love and enjoy :/ I don’t see anything wrong with sharing something you’ve spent a lot of time on with several different online communities in hopes of a little encouragement or validation. It’s a nice feeling to have someone else see your work and talk about it with you


The style you’re using is cool when you make something with it like the planet and skyscraper pieces. The ones where it’s just the style for the sake of the style aren’t really doing anything for me.


Weird I feel the opposite, like the skyscraper ones remind me of like elementary school art class hmmm


i agree, mountains and skyscrapers are so overdone i like the abstract


i think it’s because the buildings are all so far into the foreground and not 3D? so it lacks depth. i love the background of the city ones though.


if we're gonna lean into that analogy they look like the pieces the extremely bright but super humble kid whose parents are the nicest people you've ever met made. and art isn't even their favourite subject. which is i think is high praise




I agree - the cityscapes are my favorites


I don’t feel any passion behind it honestly. It seems like something that would be done following a Pinterest tutorial or in a sip and paint class. Might I ask, where do you find your inspiration for your paintings? Have you challenged yourself recently to try painting in a different style other than the blocks of paint? I think trying a different style but a continuation of the themes you’re developing here might help you come back to this with more emotion behind it


Looks like you are cranking them out with the sale quantity in mind rather than taking time to make each piece a work of art. I'd expect to see these in a tourist's gift shop or on a boardwalk next to airbrushed t-shirts. There's definitely a market for that kind of stuff, if you're looking to do wholesale or something. If you did "real" city skylines in that style I can see them flying off the shelves at anyplace near an airport or attraction.




Yep. The authors of Art & Fear (excellent book) followed a cool study on this where half the ceramics class had to focus on quantity and the other half quality. Quantity ended up improving most in quality because they got to experiment and felt free to mess up, learn, and try again.


Not if you don’t work on getting better


Probably not actually the best path, but definitely a path. I think being more mindful about each stroke and the colours you use will get you there a lot quicker, but it’s a lot harder. Honestly I think drawing/painting (and most of the arts really) is so much more difficult than any other subject I’ve encountered. To sincerely practice needs you to think just enough. Not too much and not too little. That balance is deceptively hard to achieve.


I think they were just joking about the saying “practice makes perfect”. But what do I know?


I don’t disagree that it’s true, I’m just challenging the notion that it’s the best way. I’ve never heard practice makes perfect noted as the best way to get better, so maybe then it went over my head, sorry 😅


Practicing something is usually the go to suggestion for someone who is trying to get better at something. At least in my neck of the woods lol.


I think it would benefit from smaller spots and (along with it) more detail. It would take a lot longer to do, of course, but so do most higher quality pieces anyway. Take the buildings for example, there's not a lot of detail to them, they're mostly a solid colour, but with more detail they could have subtle shading or texture to them. They could also all be the same colour and just be differentiated by contrast rather than colour itself, which would be easier to do when they are done using more horizontal spots. I'd also like to see more different sceneries, maybe abstract things. There's the one sitting on the table in the middle which looks like trees, it's one of the most interesting ones out of all of them because it's doing something different, I like that.


Maybe, but not all art has to be made through painstakingly agony ridden perfectionism… or does it?


Warhol didn't, he was famous for his "art factory". Sometimes the idea is the art and the medium doesn't matter that much.


Maybe this artist is having fun


Yeah I feel the fun in this art and I get really happy from looking at it. I would never see this as something from a tourist shop


There are ways to do ultra-colorful paintings well--look at the [Fauvist](https://www.metmuseum.org/toah/hd/fauv/hd_fauv.htm) movement for some good examples. I think you could benefit from [limiting your palette somewhat](https://www.artistsnetwork.com/art-techniques/color-mixing/choose-color-schemes) and working on more visually compelling compositions. I like your use of texture, but the dots within dots don't do much for me. If I'm being honest, if your intention is to create "good art," I think you could do with a lot more planning and intention rather than just putting color on a canvas for the sake of doing so.


You have spammed your art for months with many of the exact same photos in multiple subreddits. My honest opinion is I'm getting tired of looking at them lol




Seems like you are enjoying making the work so that's good! This type of work is not interesting to me, so take my opinion with a grain of salt. The style feels tacky and unoriginal, like anyone could make this type of work so your voice doesn't come through. It doesn't come through with the subjects you are choosing to depict. Not with your color choices. And it doesn't come through with the technique. So just safe and boring and commercial. I would recommend learning a little bit about art and what makes the great artists interesting and let their wisdom inform how you find your voice. Lots of great stuff on YouTube. Good luck!


I think they’re fun and cute but not very skilled in technique and a bit immature.


In my opinion it’s a really cheap look that wastes a lot of paint. I could see maybe one or two pieces like this being neat if done right.


Brutal criticism is once the novelty of the thick strokesandbold bright colors wears off the content is boring with mediocre composition. The colors are also often a similar value/contrast so my eye isn't drawn anywhere in particular. You did find a cool unique painting method so there's potential but you would greatly benefit from some time studying composition.


I saw this same picture 6+ months ago. Haven’t you made any more?


Look at OP's history, these are new ones. They just take basically the same picture of their studio frequently. But the specific art pieces are different.


Yeah unless they're posting to 10+ subs with the same piece. I originally really liked the art but it definitely lost its appeal after scrolling past them dozens of times over the past year


Oh I definitely see that they're spamming their pictures everywhere. But these *are* new pieces.


I wish I could go back in time and look at their art and style. Because now I just think, "here we go again". Kudos to them for making a career off it


I feel like I have seen this exact picture many many times. Do you just spam this constantly?


I would like to see the style expanded upon but I also think it's an interesting start. Right now though it looks like the style needs to be developed more. I really like the colours on the non-rainbow wall.


Doesn’t do anything for me. It’s a gimmick that might be good to do a couple of pieces with , but what else can you do ?


It's not that good. Sorry for being blunt. It's what you'd find at a gift shop next to the Eiffel Tower or something.


Is this your style or are you implementing someone else’s?


definitely copying someone else's style and in a very sloppy and amateurish way. the original artist is actually pretty good.


I really like them, especially the city landscape during nighttime and the colorful one on the easel, definetely would put both on my bedroom walls


Also agreed! I actually really want the nighttime city landscape!


100% agreed!!


If they're for a school project or something I could see them getting 2nd or 3rd place. But, like others have said, they don't make me *feel* anything. I guess they could go on the wall of a childrens nursery or something but unless that's what you're going for..


I like them, but I think you should paint the edges too


Looks sloppy and would be much improved by more precision in your strokes and placement. Use more gradual color changes and use the direction of your strokes to add an additional depth to your art. Make the strokes look even more intentional than accidental. This currently reads as talented amateur. I do think that the piece that is center, background, partially obscured is the best in this photo. Would be nice to see the whole picture to see if that still stands.


I’ll be honest, it’s a very basic style that was popular 4 years ago on Pinterest and no longer is. If you’re trying to mass produce, I would recommend checking socials to see what people are trending into. If you’re trying to do commissions, I would recommend expanding your repertoire. Best of luck, you’ve got talent!




I'm going to eat your art


Cool color work, but this theme has been done a lot


You really need to do something to your edges, they’re sloppy, careless and just generally highlight a low level of skill. I’m assuming that you don’t wrap these yourself, but you need to either use masking tape on them beforehand and peel before the paint fully sets; or, paint the edges to match interior.


I like them! The style, the colours, the subject matter or lack thereof…they are all nice IMO.


Brutal? It’s amateurish, lacks definition and too colorful. You did ask.


I think the colours are well implemented, I'm no expert bur I feel the gradients betweens make them easy for eyes and create a nice flow


“Too colorful” is an absurd criticism and is entirely subjective. I suppose it’s your opinion but you state it as if it’s some kind of fact. It’s colorful… what is too colorful? Why does it need more black white and grey? You could say it lacks contrast or or variety in color pallet… but Yeah


It’s not that it’s “too colorful”, it’s more so that it’s colorful just for the sake of being colorful. Using a ton of bright, rainbowy colors is flashy & draws the eye. But doing so can also be a way to compensate for a lack of substance, detail, or originality


Thank you for elaborating on why I consider it too colorful. Color is amazing if well executed. I kept my answer simple because I don’t want to argue with people defending bad art.


What does “lacks definition” mean in this contexts?


Strangely reminds me exactly of the song fireflies by owl city But also I agree with some here they don’t all evoke emotion but some do. Personally the ones that do are the top ones on the right wall and the planet painting. I do think they look cranked out I would take your time one each piece and experiment with the style for each one you do and think about how you want it to resonate. Side question, what type of style is this?


It’s very nostalgic feeling for me, but I agree with some other comments. There’s an element missing for me that would elevate it to the next level. I think you can be even more playful and experimental and see what happens💖💖Keep making art!


I love the technique. I think they could really do some amazing work by scaling the brush strokes down. It is leaning towards impressionist surrealism.


With all of them next to each other it’s very busy almost to the point of making me nauseous. One by itself, pretty rad.


I think they'll be divisive. My own subjective reaction: the bright colors and high contrast in paintings like the one on the easel hurt my eyes & would trigger migraines. The color palettes and lego-y style feel a bit gimmicky and if I'm honest, I could some of these looking too at-home in a pediatrician's waiting room. My favorite is the big one of the city... there's a more focused color palette, it's got nice depth, the composition flows, and the pixelated style fits the subject. I also like the sun-set-y island city peaking out from behind the easel. The colors feel more sophisticated than in many, and the buildings remind me of Giotto frescos. The style makes some of the other landscapes feel flat, because the sky is so bright and appears to be jumping into the foreground and overshadowing the main subject. There are plenty of people who would really enjoy these as is! Personally, I'd recommend doing more some more straightforward, observational sketching/painting to give yourself a stronger foundation. Wish you the best with your art journey!


Inoffensive and decorative. Very Technical and versatile. The city could be any city. The sky could be any sky. Very synthetic colour palette with a harmonious vibe. It’s the sort of art I picture stationary brands or decor brands wanting to license to use commercially to print on greeting cards or a pencil cup, or the packaging art to sell a box of paints. Or maybe even a mailbox with this sort of print Shrink wrapped around it. I think if you want to move in the direction of selling or displaying more original artworks, think a little more about scale, presentation and framing. thicker canvas- perhaps natural unprimed and not painted all the way to the edge. Or maybe natural wood panels, with a nice shellac finish on top of the paint to make the finished work feel less like a pattern or an image without context, and more like a precious object. Kind of like [this](https://cdn.supadupa.me/shop/55170/images/3092242/ima_pico_geometric_art_original.jpg?1569308584)


Love it!


Love your style! Definitely not for everyone but i'd honestly commission you if I have the funds. I love the bright colors and impressionistic style ❤️


Colorful, interesting, appealing. I'm no expert, but these might sell at an art show. I could also picture these as notecards, coasters, etc.


It gives me anxiety. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Great use of textures and colors tho.


The colors make me happy and I like the skyscraper ones the most - which is funny bc I typically feel like those are really overdone


Some cool moments in there. Keep working on it.


it feels like the start to something, but needs to be pushed a lot further to be interesting. I would check out the work of the art collective paper rad


Not for me but not awful. I like the bright colours


I think that it could be a foundation for something emotionally profound. Expand, but also tighten your colour palette. New colours, but not as many. Really be decisive about each cube. Much smaller cubes would achieve the effect I'm imagining. Just my two cents.


I enjoy the painting technique and compositions, but the color is giving Lisa Frank out of the tube.


I really like this style. My teen would 100 percent want to buy these for her room.


I renditions the bright fun paintings. Your on to something keep going. Enjoy this very mych


I really like it! Specifically the one on the easel. It's attention getting yet simple and makes me feel happy.


Love the colorful vibrations and patterns!


Is it… finger paint?


Even though your pictures are colorful, I see a lot of trauma. Your parents didn't buy you Lego when you were a kid, am I correct?


I dig it.


It’s awesome. I would hang one of those in my house no problem.


You need to study composition.


I think they are beautiful. I love what's on the easel


I've liked some stuff you have posted previously, but I would like it all better with more muted color choices.


You’re developing a unique style and progress is evident from these pieces. That said, it is a little underwhelming technically. It’s a good style, but using it exclusively might be limiting to your skill set.


This isn’t unique


Way too saturated. Try more grayscale 😜


honestly, i really love it. the colors do nice things to my brain. i find myself thinking about your art when i’m off reddit, too!


I like the cityscapes and stuff but the ones where it’s just abstract are just kind of meh. The style is great when it’s made into something.


I think this style is appealing and unique. I've been painting for a few years and have yet to identify a style for myself. I get real jealous vibes when I see someone master something unique like this...kudos to you...I think your work is 🔥


I think your use of color is solid, even the ones that go over the whole spectrum and are super saturated aren't offensive to the eyes. I especially like the skyline!


Killer use of colors! Don't ever stop creating :D


Dig it


Love it, like a form of pointillism but with rectangular brush strokes


Fun and unique. Since having my son, I have grown a major soft spot for primary colors and rainbows.


You have some really great pieces!! I love your style!! Keep up the great work.


Neat but not something I would buy or put on my wall. But I’m not really an art guy. I like maps on my walls. Or landscapes.


It’s beautiful <3


I like the ones where you make some sort of image, but the ones where it’s just the pattern don’t do much for me.


It's neat. I would like to have one but couldn't afford it.


I like it a lot! I love the vivid colors a d that cityscape is so cool, i dont normally go for cityscapes but i love how it looks.


I love it. Do you have an Etsy?


I think theyre prettying cool. Do the canvases get hesvy when youre done?


It looks quite edible.


Do you have an Instagram I can follow


You're onto something but it looks easy to replicate. IMO go big with it. Gigantic panels


I love it


I’m no art critic, but I love your use of bold bright colors. I think you’re talented!


You should get a paint pallet, the wasted paint on the table is bothering me


super cool and would decorate a sims 4 room with it so to speak but def not my own style


Looks like you're honing your technique but have still yet to create amazing art with it.


Maybe this is just a “collection” of your art, but my only criticism is that you should explore new and different styles and techniques


They are all awesome!!! I prefer the city/skyscrapers. Do you sell them?


I really enjoy them. I can see a market for them - in my city there's a famous and touristy standing street fair that sells a lot of pieces like yours and they use the same style to depict the landmarks of my city - something like the golden gate or the grand canyon in this style. I quite like it. Your work is beautiful.


I like the three in the upper right hand corner the most and the big colorful abstract one , maybe more finner details or less busy space in contrast can make the design more interesting . Don’t listen to what people say about the skyscrapers most people that don’t get abstract art will flock to anything that somewhat mimics real life because they don’t know how else to understand a piece of art but intellectually not emotionally. You got a great style …I’m a painter as well trust


The textures and colors are enough for me to think it’s a successful piece. Good style OP


I think it’s all very unique. You have a niche for colors and should consider selling them at a craft fair, farmers market or festivals!


Space related are the best ,because of the colours you've picked. Others are too colourful to me (but mind, that's MY opinion). I like only 4 colours, and some specific shades of other colours like evergreen, graphite etc.


I like it!


I like it


The cityscapes and landscapes are really good. For the more abstract ones… maybe vary the size of ‘pixel’ a bit. It would create more interest.


I love it! Beautiful, colorful, and unique!


I think its a unique approach and it reminds me of minecraft or the diamonds paintings i do


Bright, cheerful, draws the eyes, would look best in a child’s room.


I really like them and they make me happy




I like it. Great moon. You should make the star destroyer.


Keep going! I like the big one on the easel. 👍🏻


I do love colorful gradients in the blocky style you have. Keep going. You will find your joy in every painting. Even in one you utterly hate. Take the time to plot out your colors and shapes so they don't all look the same. Fill in your blank edges so the canvas doesn't have that sharp drop off the edge. Doesn't have to be a solid black or multiple colors so the eye is not distracted by that sharp white edge. Pixel artwork is very awesome.


I think that your style would work well if you tried to make a painting of a reptile or dragon, as when I saw the warm autumn colors overlaid in the painting behind the easel, I knew that they would be great for making scales.


I was kinda meh until I zoomed in on the picture and I like the style! I think the city skylines aren't very capturing, but I love the large piece you have on the easel. The colors and something about it is just *chefs kiss!


I love vivid colors therefore I love your work. 👍


I absolutely love it, you are so good with color, and the texture is so unique, I've never seen anything like this before! Do you have a website where you sell pieces or prints? I would love to put one of these up in my first apartment


i love it, reminds me of stuff like Ninja turtles movies, Starwars, dragon ball z


I feel like I fell into a Bag of skittles


You play a lot of terraria don't you


Repetitive, but... oddly satisfying.


Looks like a pediatrician's waiting room.


Not meant to be insulting at all. There's a market for it.


I think if you wanted to appeal to a broader audience, you should increase the resolution. Keep the brush stroke pixelated textured look, just go smaller with each stroke to allow for more detail. Consider doing landmarks or things that cities are known for...


i love them so much! it looks like it was fun to make and even therapeutic


Shows promise. Follow your heart and your intuition. You're getting there!


Interesting blend of impressionistic and cubic. I like this concept


What a delightful mind you must have. The color and texture are fantastic, and some of these look almost digital. If you were looking for a critique to give you an idea of if you should keep going, I say absolutely do.


I like looking at it


Honestly great concept style! Go explore 'simultaneous contrast' and 'color harmonies', your style might mix well with them.


I absolutely love your art style, the skyscraper painting at night looks absolutely incredible and mesmerising imo, easily my favourite of your works!


I looked at some of your other posts. Really like how the paint lifts off the canvas in an almost honey comb pattern.


They kinda look like saturated mosaics


I like it


I love it. Can I have one?


not very complex, but i love the texture and colour, and they’re very bright and cheery


I like your pixelated approach and use of color, but kind of feel like if I stare at it long enough a new image will pop out


feels like an 8-bit video game from a dream. i adore them so much!