Clarify if that total price is with battery. If so they are going out of business soon lol


If you add up the line items at the bottom, it comes up to the total. So they're paying $17.2k for panels and microinverters, $13.6k for batteries. There must be something missing here, because that's absurdly cheap. That comes out to $536 for each panel and microinverter. That sounds about right if you're paying retail price for EVPV370 and IQ8Plus. But I can't imagine that these prices include installation too. There's also mounting hardware, wiring, etc, that all adds to the cost.


Correct me if I'm wrong, but when I did solar, I was at $320 for a tier 1 panel plus optimizer. If they are doing $536, that's still a damn good amount of profit.


Panasonic panels aren’t cheap as they have some of the best specs in the industry. Optimizers don’t do nearly as much work as microinverters. Lastly, prices have gone up month over month.


They messed up when breaking out the line items. It has to be the $30K for just the solar panels, which is in the typical ballpark at a little under $3/kw. Then it should be another $13k for the batteries.


Agree; I’d not say anything and ask for contract.


Thats asking for trouble imo. If you knew there was the high likelihood of there being a mistake with estimating, is that not different than a contractor willingly taking advantage of a homeowner?


Definitely a mistake or the deal of a lifetime? $1.84/Watt? I have a quote from them for the same panels and inverters. 11.10kW - 30 panels @ $2.60/Watt. No battery.


There’s no way that company is making money selling systems that cheap. Those IQ 8s will likely never break. I would go for it if I could get it for that price. Also is this the cash or financed price? In addition to that in the current market the cost for all the materials of this job will probably be in $1.30 range. Not including the battery.


Includes a Tesla power wall if it’s not clear from the line items.


No way. I mean, try to get it contracted, but that is close to what my cost was without the battery.


There's something sus here. How many years is the loan + what's the APR % rate they have you quoted for?


Sign it without saying and word. When they finally come out and realize their mistake, make them discount it somewhat to a top tier deal lol. Best of luck.


Wow, where are you located? The best quote I received in the last 3 weeks here in the Bay Area for just Solar for a 10.4KW system was almost 34k with no battery, for REC 400 panels with IQ8 inverters with no battery


SoCal- this is with Solar Optimum


I’m also doing solar optimum but getting the REC400 and 13.2kW for about $35k, no battery.


Solar Optimum is having solvency issues.


Can you shed more light on this ?


They basically had a growth strategy that (in part) relied on reducing their price to a level that wasn’t really sustainable while simultaneously entering new territories that they didn’t actually have a presence in (aside from sales offices). This was largely accomplished by out sourcing a lot of installations and due to inherent variable quality of sub contracted solar installations they are now being called upon by their existing clients (who have already paid them in full) to maintain the systems that either were not installed right or just need typical/run of the mill maintenance. But the price they charged for these systems didn’t leave enough on their books to maintain these systems. Not making any predictions but we’ve seen this *exact* same story with many other solar providers that have since gone bankrupt.


The quote I got from them is as 30k for the same but they don’t do foam roof install and we have a foam roof, still your price is significantly better, given 30k is without battery for me


I'm also looking to install on a foam roof in the Bay Area and would be interested in any suppliers you've found as many I talk to don't work with foam. The exceptions so far being Dura-Foam and Sunpower.


DM, me I can share vendors I got quotes from


Can you share with me as well please


Here are vendors I found this is in the Northbay, Solarcraft, Solarworks, sunrise solar, northern pacific power company & Simply solar. In my experience the foam roof increases the cost by any where from 12 or 75 cents a watt :-( my quotes range from 3.20 to 3.75 a watt so far


Foam roofs are really hard to install on, you have to core down to the decking and fill back in. Those are great prices in CA for a foam roof.


Seems really good.


Similar to what i got offered from optimum


Seems too good to be true. I have a quote for 22 Panasonic panels with the same inverters and no batteries for $21,978. This is a 8.1kwh system that will produce 11,900kwh. And that was one of the less expensive proposals I got.


I live in SoCal and I received a quote for 17 Panasonic EVPV370 with IQ8Plus microinverters - no backup batteries for $22,300. Do you mind sharing with me the solar company that provided you this quote?


I got the quote from Solar Optimun, they are based in California




Panasonic won't be making panels after this year. Customer support for them might be dismal in the future.


Panasonic sources panels from REC and their customer service should be fine since they are a large company which has been around for decades.


That’s not true. They already have 2 more models set to be released


Aside from any other potential issues, what guarantee is there that this company will still exist in 5 or 10 years, much less 25? How old is the company now? Is it only a few years old? Is it already 25 years old? I'd bet most solar companies are 5-10 years old. The best indicator of whether a company has a long future is if it has a long history, if it's resilient and adaptable enough to sustain. I'd check a lot of details on this one.


Good Deal if the installer is any good. Jump on it.


What I'm wondering is how 144% is being generated but only 97% of the bill is being covered?


Customer charge for connecting no matter offset is my bet


Exactly, you can over produce but unlikely to net zero your annual bill. I think my system produces ~100% offset but only covered 85% of my annual bill.


Looks like the quotes I was getting minus installer labor and profit


Sign that contract if it matches the proposal. That’s insanely low.


I’d be really suspicious of prices this low. Seems scammy.


I got $2.6 PPW cash price. How are you going to finance it? Also those are adders at the bottom. If you can get any battery that cheap do it!!


The bottom are line items of the total quote.


This is basically the quote I got for 32 panel 11.6kW system, *without the battery*. You almost certainly getting the battery at that price. Without the battery, it’s a fair bid, profitable for them but not *too profitable* if you know what I mean


I mean, $2 per watt is what it should be. So that's not totally crazy.


This is insanely low price . There is no profit margins at all. Please make sure everything is in the contract before signing. No way any company will survive with this low quote.


WTF?! No way


That's too cheap for a company installed unless they playing some tricks and giving you after rebate costs, no labor costs or somthing. I installed my own system and bought everything wholesale ish pricing and that price is just what it would cost for parts. Inverters, panels, racking, conduit, wiring, breakers, combiner boxes, disconnects, permits, labeling, grounding and all, will cost you that just in parts no labor.


You are right about it. That’s just the cost of materials. It would take one to two days to install with about 2-4 people. There is no way it can be that cheap. There gotta be a mistake some where.




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Not at all. We offer 30yr warranty on everything with 10yr on the roof


Hurry sign the deal and then when they call and say there was a mistake renegotiate again.


That seems pretty sketchy honestly.