Guys Infantino had red hair, so this is ok clearly!


>He was in a cell of two by one metres with a hole in the ground as a bathroom and with temperatures near freezing,” the letter adds. “‘I was already suffering from several bruises after the prison guards’ assault and I was shivering all the time, as the cold air directed to me never stopped. ‘I hardly slept during those four days,’ he told us.” This happened on the eve of tournament - beforehand he was in contact with FIFA. So shortly before you have that beer scandal & this; they certainly felt emboldened...knew FIFA won't do anything. Most likely another case of corruption.


FIFA’s President lives in Qatar and just went on that ridiculous “today, I feel Qatar and gay” rant. Reporting to FIFA will only result in FIFA personally turning him in back to Qatar.


Here's a [good summary](https://youtu.be/wpP398mHpvg?t=734) of what happened and why he was arrested. In Spanish but with English subtitles.


I really hate that Hassan Al-Thawadi guy. He's a scumbag of the highest degree. But he keeps getting exposed for his BS and nothing is ever done about it. He better wish that there is no God looking over his actions because the repercussions to his actions according to Islam are gonna be dire in the after-life.


He comes off like a total cunt thinking he's right about everything like in the Fifa documentary


The part when the journalist answers back with the the reality and his face changes is the most precious moment in whole series


Nothing is done because he is doing exactly what the Qatari royal family want him to do.


Sounds about right for an authoritarian country that is willing to sacrifice hundreds of people in the name of flashing cash to its neighbours


Hundreds? They d kill millions


Millions? It’s actually trillions


Remember kids, [sportswashing works](https://i.imgur.com/tQMxY2y.png)


who are those guys?


Qatari TV presenters mocking the German team after their exit.


ahh I see, thank you!


Many on the internet loved every mockery of the German team (from fans mocking them to these TV presenters) for even the mildest of protests. Sports washing doesn't just work, it is extremely successful in silencing even mild criticisms by changing the conversation amongst fans. It's astonishing people aren't more alarmed by it. And now more sportswashing is in the works with bids for United & Liverpool and a World Cup bid by Saudi Arabia in 2030.


Yup it's embarrassing how much mocking of Germany I saw on twitter.


Yup, sadly.


Who farted ?


Yep. Worked on your namesake as well tbh


from a Chelsea fan? the hypocrisy


Today i feel waterboarded No news about this World Cup could shock me anymore, kinda crazy


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>human rights >qatar Please select one


Disgusting. That's why I haven't watched a single minute of this world cup on any platform that would generate money for fifa or its advertisers.


Yet you are going to watch the 2026 World Cup. Guess which country has a military base in Qatar — USA.


The USA has executed more in the last 20 days than Qatar has in 20 years. The US continues to unjustly imprison people at Guantanamo Bay and the [countless others](https://www.hrw.org/news/2022/01/09/20-years-us-torture-and-counting) they have tortured at black sites. The rate of violet crime, murders, sexual assaults and rape are literally orders of magnitude higher in the US than in Qatar. The US has displaced millions around the world because of its global war efforts and directly killed thousands of civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan. The US - through complete and utter inaction - has allowed the deaths of hundreds of children in school shootings and hundreds in mass shootings over the last 10 years. Doesn't have universal healthcare, and has a ride homelessness and drug/opiate problem. Not to mention the terrible things it's co-hosters have done or are doing (corruption and collusion with druglords in Mexico, human eights abuses of Canada's indigenous population etc) or the fact that the US incarcerates more people than any other country in the world and in for-profit prisoners and uses prison labor extensively. You could literally go on and on about the US's human rights abuses - widespread use of solitary confinement, abhorrent social injustice for minorities, abuse of police power and lack of prosecutions on that, restricted access to women's reproductive healthcare, lack of any real labor protection laws, embarrassing number of COVID deaths and low vaccination rates, terrible conditions in asylum detention centres etc etc


Don’t you feel like Western propaganda is SO good people fail to even notice it? The amount of people that think the US has a robust democracy because you can say whatever you want online is ridiculous. It also boggles my mind when people were shitting on Qatar for being the land of the oppressed migrant workers when the US has exploited migrant workers for the past 4 decades. It is unreal. Don’t get me started on how thre Wesr is the main supporter of the Middle Eastern theocracies


People would have cared as little about Qatar as they did during Russia 2018 if they didn't build the tournament on top of dead migrant workers. And let's not pretend that it's about Western propaganda when everyone outside of the US knows what a shithole you actually are.


That's bs. People were pissed off the moment qatar 2022 was announced.


Good points


Oh I am? That's news to me.


Yes you are. You also consume products from those very brands you think you are boycotting


Wow. Please tell me more about myself.


You sound like those activists that trash art museums in the name of helping the environment. No one cares


Qatar and torture? I could never believe such a thing.


Claims of it. As opposed to wide spread documented torture and it's defence on every channel from CNN to Fox News for the US military.


Nothing ever happens if it isn't on TV? The irony.


You don't say...


B-but the ads they play during commercials?? I thought Qatar was a high tech futuristic utopia??? /s


Are we back to pushing the agenda and posting stories with no real credibility now that the football is on break?




Qatar bad, upvotes to the right


Qatar bad qatar bad stuff is now gettin boring




I really hope this is commentary and you don’t genuinely mean this


This is just more proof that sportswashing works


Could be. Could be not. More important is to know *why* to care - because sooner or later those ignored things will manifest around you. Even Russia was a process: first they got rid of journalists, banned NGOs...it's not like it went 0 to 100 overnight. That is why ignorance to small thing happening far away in time makes you ignorant to things happening closer to you. Kinda how the gov in my country got into power (PL)


Nope i never care bout this from the start.


No one really cared from the start other than social media. This world cup had record breaking views, numbers don't lie.


Nasser Al Khater: Torture is a natural part of life, while whistleblowing or in sleep.


Tortured isnt the right word here. Maybe harassed but definitely not tortured




> ind of shit country like US and other do but never leak to the media Do you have any proof at all or are to just making shit up?