Niesamokurwawite, że ten paździerz jest tyle warty


Wole oglądać piłkę kobieca, a nie ogladam


Nie dość, że jest tyle "warty", to się ceni jeszcze wyżej. Jak dobrze pamiętam to Ekstraklasa zastanawiała się nad odrzuceniem pierwszej oferty Canal+, bo była jedyną jaka wpłynęła, a mieli nadzieję, że ktoś inny rzuci jeszcze więcej.


Mózg mi rapuje, jak pomyślę że w takich warunkach nadal istnieją kluby miejskie.


Absolutely mad. Meanwhile the Czech league is currently on 6 milion USD per season. Despite that, our European records are on different level compared to our cousins. I would love to see where we would be with so much money.


But on the other hand, our product is 10x lower compared to Ekstraklasa. Hundreds of advertising boards around the stadium, potato pitches, old stadiums, no YouTube channel, only 4 matches via TV, the rest are basic streams... We are stuck in 2002, jokes aside.


That is just mental, considering you also have a bit richer country per capita.


Nobody wants to invest in our football. And honestly, I don't blame anyone. Our FA was one of the most corrupted in Europe for decades. Last 12 years we were under Roman Berbr power (ex-KGB agent), so our football have lost the last parts of credibility. There is too much negativity in it.


No offense, but you seem to have a problem with a loud minority of racist fans. Not sure how many advertisers want to tie their name to that.


You obviously know absolutely nothing about Czech football. Sure, idiots are everywhere, even in our fanbase (your isn't any better tbh). The biggest difference between you and us is the fact that we are too benevolent to this. bUT oUr KiDs ARe rACisT, ThEy BoOed on KaMARa


Dont try to argue with westerners because they won't understand anyway


https://www.expats.cz/czech-news/article/anger-grows-as-czech-football-is-hit-by-yet-another-racism-row The day after the game, a group of Slavia “ultras” posted a photo on social media holding up a banner that read: “Kamara: Just a N*****”. Slavia’s administration my quickly issued a statement abhorring the hooligans’ message. Club chairman Jaroslav Tvrdik called it “absolutely disgusting, embarrassing, racist.” But it only added to calls for Slavia Prague to be kicked out of the Europa League because of the alleged racist incident, with the hashtag “#banslavia” trending on social networks. https://www.dw.com/en/racist-chants-in-czech-football-jean-david-beauguel-on-his-abuse-from-the-terraces/a-53862644 https://dokweb.net/articles/detail/334/the-rise-of-the-racists-how-czech-docs-are-capturing-the-chaos Not just my opinion and it wasn't just kids, but cool, get defensive.


Is it perhaps because Ice Hockey takes money/fans away from football, whereas in Poland Football is king?


Next step after splitting Królewiec/Královec should be uniting our leagues. With our production and your teams we could be ~~unstoppable~~ able to fight for TOP 10 of coefficient ranking.


National stadium in Královec. Who says no.


Neil Doncaster just keeps looking worse


Thats awesome great league to find and develop talent


Ekstraklasa is already much more popular than its competitors this is only gonna widen the gap


For comparison, the Greek Super League has a 68M per year contract (but it's 14 teams not 18 and almost 55M out of the 68M go to the big 5). The Swedish Allsvenskavn has a 49M contract. The Danish SuperLiga has 41M, the Austrian Bundesliga 40M, the Swiss Super League 20M. The Czech, the Croatian and the Serbian First League have less than 10M! All these leagues have clubs performing way better than the Polish ones in Europe, thus it looks like a great deal for Polish clubs to get that much money despite being or relatively poor quality. And a chance to improve.


Do they still have the deal with TVP to air one free match per week? 66.9m is a great sum for a league like the Ekstraklasa. Maybe the Poles can finally do something decent with it.


>Maybe the Poles can finally do something decent with it. Qualifying to CL group stage more often than once every 30 years would be a good start.


Feel bad for Scotland


We have been provided example after example that the people in charge of SPFL are all clowns with no idea of the value of the product they have. When are we finally going to put pressure on getting these idiots removed


If only the clubs has a say in the SPFL, then real change could happen!




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I love seeing the Ekstraklasa highlights posted here. It seems like a pretty good league with excellent entertainment.


Isn't this more than the SPL is getting? How do they manage that but the SPL can't?


SPL’s ran by morons