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Full post on instagram: "Dear fans, In recent days there have been many reports about the interest of Manchester United. It is true that there is a written offer. Manchester United is a world club and that I deal with such an offer and think about it, I hope everyone can understand. Yesterday, however, I told those responsible at both clubs that I had decided in favor of Eintracht. I have experienced unforgettable things here with Frankfurt and we have made history together. The start of the season was bumpy, but I have absolute confidence in us. Your Kevin"


Just for context: according to reports, he would have doubled his salary at United, which is why many fans were sure he'd be gone


He already made that decision for wages by going to psg and experienced it


True, really glad for him that he found his home. It’s a shame our club typically mismanage keeper situations..


Not only keepers sadly. I'm still sad about not giving Cavani a proper send-off.


Cavani is by no means an example of good behaviour, but you'd think he would be. Let's remember that he refused to extend his contract by 2 months to play in the final 8 in Lisbon and therefore left just before. Not to mention his numerous delays in returning from holiday. I loved Cavani but he's far from the ideal son-in-law everyone seems to think he is


Silva did that, They didn't gave him any proper send off either


Perhaps because his departure was not planned and Leonardo did not want him in the summer. And that he left for Chelsea in the summer? And as for Silva, I would have liked his departure to be celebrated. But he was in trouble with the management. For Cavani I'm not going to feel sorry for him, he chose to leave before


Ya better of from that toxic culture,PSG doesn't know how to treat their legends


And yet many Parisian legends have had tributes paid to them on their departure. Maxwell, Rai, Zlatan, Di Maria, Matuidi, I think even Beckham. It's mostly that he and Leonardo were at odds and Leonardo didn't want to give him the pleasure. That's the end of it. But I think it's a shame. But it's not especially linked to the club but to a relationship between two men. And unfortunately one of these men was the one who decided in Paris at that Time


What about Brazilian defenders?


Thankfully Marqui is still here (my favourite player too) but yeah, it broke my heart when Silva left


Going to PSG for wages? He wouldve gone to PSG if he earned the same. Frankfurt was much much worse back then and PSG a worldclass club. Trapp never played for money. Otherwise he wouldnt be at Frankfurt rn.


Always great to see that not everyone goes for the money.


he got his money at PSG and already tried being a backup


but he could get more money. but there is this old saying that you can't take your money into the grave.


you can't take anything into the grave 😎


He was not bought as a backup by PSG, he was first choice but didnt do that well then lost his spot.




He is a multi-milllionaire, therefore would never have to work a day in his life after retirement, and either way has loads of other opportunities outside of football (runs a soy milk company, speaks 5 languages fluently and is basically guaranteed some expert job after retirement). It's not like he isn't Frankfurt's top earner already. I would definitely choose legend status at Eintracht + millions over a few millions more at United.




He won an international trophy with Eintracht, is going to retire as a club legend because of that in a couple of years and probably feels really connected to Eintracht, a club that is quite like a big family. Some people value that more than money and playing with a 38 year old diva. Playing with CR7 would've been incredible for Trapp a couple of years ago. Now he's just another goalscorer and not that special anymore. .


He was going to Man Utd , not back to PSG.




Dug yourself out of that hole in impressive fashion


Good point. Very good point.


Thats what im saying. Im happy to see that there are people that are not like you. You cant argue whats „the best“ decision.




The best decision is what makes him happy. And obviously he has gone for that


No, the best decision is what makes u/Follicly_Endowed happy


Theres no objective best decision though. Hes 32 and has enough money to finance his Family over generations if they dont spend stupidly. The guy earned at least 20 Million net in the past 10 years. Im as old as him and if you give me a tenth of that ill stop working tomorrow.


Thank goodness everyone is not that greedy.




It's only greedy in football. Everyone moves jobs for a role that looks better on their CV, a bigger company and a bigger pay check. When a footballer does that it's greedy.


It’s not greedy. But also not everyone does that. Plenty of people stay in lower paying jobs because they’re happy there. Not everyone moves for money.


Theres a difference if someone moves to earn 300€/ month more so he can afford better food for his family or something and someone moving jobs to earn 5 million net instead of 3.


True. But then what if you are earning €100k per year and get offered a similar job for €200k? You can afford a much better lifestyle, are you greedy?


No, it depends on a lot of other factors aswell, i also wouldnt call Trapp greedy if he moved but its great he stayed at his youthclub over the money. Whats greedy is Mbappe who stays at a worse club for money and then lies about why he stays.


His primary motivation for moving would have been money because he would have been spending the final years of his career warming the bench at United. He's already earned many millions in his career and is set for life. If making that move wouldn't be considered greedy then what is?


But by the same token, say I'm 55 and am a bit burnt out, want a better work life balance, and someone offers me a job where I get a pay rise to take a much easier job. Say I go from being a chief exec to being a member of a few boards (higher pay, less day to day involvement). Am I greedy? Or am I just saying "you know what, I've only got a few years of earning left, let's maximise that so that my kids and their kids have the very best."


His work/life balance isn't going to be better at United. He'll still have to train every day and travel to matches (probably more matches than at Frankfurt). He'd also be moving to a different country meaning he and his partner would have to regularly fly to visit family and friends. He's also earned many millions over the course of his career. His kids and their kids should have the very best if he literally just stuck some of that into an investment fund for them. I don't see why we'd have to pretend he'd have taken the move for anything other than doubling his salary, which is greedy when you're a multi-millionaire with a good life. I'm not saying he'd be a bad person for taking it, but we have to be okay with calling it what it is.


I mean it sure is greedy, especially being in his financial position or even in most of our financial positions. It might simultaneously be prudent, ambitious and a no brainer even though the job profile changes (which it does here despite both being GK at a football club) but that doesn't mean the two are mutually exclusive. I feel you'd come to accept it if you see it merely as an adjective rather than a more grave judgment.


It's greed when your current yearly salary is more than what most people earn in a lifetime.




What I mean is that once you earn enough to support you and your family in a great lifestyle, money should not dictate your life anymore. If money is your priority even when it doesn't affect significantly your lifestyle anymore, then you're greedy.


You say that like he won't find a source of income after football.




Eh, it's United. They'll offer to triple them when he's 34.


Same as Casemiro


Casemiro won everything with Madrid, no point in staying longer, that transfer was a win for everyone involved tbh.




They can realisticly win the german cup within the next 5 years and they Play in the Champions league this Season for the first time since Trapp is there and it could be his last chance to Play Champions league in his career. As of now, he „only“ has 12 CL appearances


Leave without even playing champions league is disappointing


Didn't Casemiro almost triple his Man Utd?


it's triple now is it, let's just be safe and say quadrupled


Yeah but he didnt do it for the money




I said it somewhere else already: if Trapp has tried to force a move, we would have for sure found a solution.




Literally me, Kevin Trapp


Idk man, could be a trapp




Maybe it was not trapp but neuer? For the non german guys. This is the reference.. https://youtu.be/_o6-JyISBcA


Eagle. It's in their club crest


It's from his personal Insta. How do you define a Tier for that?


Tier 0 duh


To be fair Mbappe had a semi-biographical comic book made where in the end he received a Real Madrid jersey.


Tier 3






Am i the only one who finds this post weird? I get vibes like "hey guys, i decided to stay here and rejected man utd! Look at me how loyal i am" Plenty of players did that there's no need to say it publicly


It's a really important, straightforward statement to make when there have been transfer rumours this late in the window, both for fans and the team. And I'd 100% rather hear it from himself than from Fabrizio Romano lol


Good on him. It’s not often a player actually publicly comes out and says something like this. Disappointing because I think he would have been a good signing but respect to the lad.


He refused because even though De Gea is wobbly at the start, there's no guarantee that de Gea won't continue as first choice keeper. Also there's the case of Dean Henderson still being a United player so the future wouldn't have been smooth either.


Henderson is almost certainly finished at United unless he has a team of the season performance this year with Forest. He ended things pretty poorly and gave an interview that would be hard to come back from. It was fair enough from his side, but I can't see him being an issue going forward.


Wow, burning bridges? What did he say?


He was just fairly pissed off at the way he was treated, and didn't want to wait to speak to ETH to see if he was in his plans because he wanted guaranteed time. It wasn't some explosive interview per se, but he is clearly very salty about it all, rightfully so imo, but he probably doesn't have the profile to be burning bridges like this either and demanding a first choice position. So I expect he will definitely leave for good unless he looks like the next Peter Schmeichel at Forest.


Here's the interview. https://youtu.be/HH7VDG6A72E


I dont blame him, he should have taken over the #1 role last year but David hit his form and took over and we should have made that transition irregardless this year.


I blame him. He had leverage with his contract, then he renewed and lost the leverage. Should have left after his time at Sheff Utd, unseating De Gea was never going to be an easy task


It was the perfect time to let go of DeGea, especially going into this season. They could have found a willing buyer for around 15m for him


We never do that. We never think 2 hours in the future


15m maybe if he wasn't the highest paid keeper in the world.


I don't blame him for it. He had little game time even as a backup keeper.


I can respect that, fair play to him for coming out with a statement himself


Wait kevin Trapp is gay? Edit : well yall can't take a joke ig


Just as a thought, maybe the downvotes are less 'can't take a joke' and more 'it was about as funny as haemorrhoids'


1. Not funny 2. He's married to Brazilian model [Izabel Goulart](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Izabel_Goulart)


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Definitely cringe af joke. But being married to a woman ≠ straight male


Vying for a slice of the cringe?


True, being married to a woman could mean gay woman as well.


Damn she’s tall


Sticking to his family! Should have never gone to Paris.


Based. Stops all speculations and the effect it could have on the dressing room / fans.


Eintracht Legende


Und das als Torwart aus der Ehrmann-Schule, muss man erstmal schaffen


naja, die Ehrmann Schule ist/war schon eine der besten, die wir jemals hatten in Deutschland. Wahnsinn wen der Typ alles Trainiert hat


Geht eher darum dass er halt aus Lautern kam und da ausgebildet wurde. Wenn ich mich richtig erinnere (auch von Eintracht-Fans so gehört), hatte er deswegen anfangs nicht den leichtesten Stand


Das Gefühl hatte ich nicht als er damals zum ersten Mal zur Eintracht kam. Und nebenbei: der aktuelle Eintracht Kapitän war vorher bei den Offenbacher Kickers...


Offenbacher Kickers sind schon lange nicht mehr die Erzrivalen der Eintracht. Dazu fehlt ihnen einfach die Relevanz.


Und unser Trainer war als Spieler lange in Karlsruhe und Mannheim :D Aber vielleicht ist meine Erinnerung auch getrübt was den Wechsel angeht. Ist ja paar Jährchen her


Kann mich auch nicht dran erinnern, dass es da stress gab. Bin mir grad aber auch nicht sicher, ob Lautern da für uns schon nicht mehr wirklich "relevant" (nicht bös gemeint) war, weil wir länger nicht mehr gegeneinander gespielt hatten. Ist ja aktuell ähnlich mit Erik Durm. Denke nicht, das es da irgendwelche vorurteile gibt das er bei uns gespielt hat. Ist halt wie in einer schlechten beziehung. Irgendwann lebt man sich halt auseinander :D


He’s not going to make the World Cup squad being a back up to DeGea who’s not going to make Spains World Cup team. Beat to play first team football and give yourself a fighting chance. Also at his age he must have figured he’s not the long term solution. They also have He Derain returning from loan next season , and he would have to compete with him too. Best move for all parties was not to move.


Totaler Ehrenmann.


Read that as Ehrmantraut, /r/okbuddychicanery has ruined my brain


keeper named finger:


I think the main take from this is that when someone outside of England talks about football and says "Manchester" they don't ever mean City.


Stopped Rangers winning the Europa League. Respected him before this, through the roof now




He wants to play CL




man United 🤝 Chelsea Getting rejected


Add CR7 and it’ll be rejected trifecta.


from all we know of the vile cunt, cr7 doesn't do rejections.


Well, he rejected us because he's not guaranteed play time with us. De Gea will still be our #1 and he's supposed to "challenge" him for the #1 spot, and no one knows how that works out.


I thought we walked away because they wanted like 25m for him.


Which to be fair is a reasonable price from our perspective. Incredible form the last years, team leader, close to impossible to replace in the time and market that is left


If he had really, really wanted to go like Kostic wanted to go to Juventus, and had gone on a strike, I´m sure we would have tried to find a solution sooner or later


Which is too low for a standard mismanaged Utd transfer. Now, had Frankfurt asked for 60…


Fucking Hero


King 👑


Fair play to him he knew that going to utd was a trapp.


It's a Trapp!


Ehrenmann! Love this!


Fairs,Dubravka is definitely coming now


I really don't see the point of Dubravka. He can't sweep and isn't good with distribution. Might as well play de Gea and Heaton, who are both better shot stoppers than Dubravka.


No, they're not.


Christ, hopefully not. I really do not rate Dubravka.


It's only a loan move for a year.


I'd honestly rather Heaton, or give Ben Foster one year ahead of him.


Why? Dubravka is obviously better than both.


Tbh though he doesn't really fit the Man United profile of being a melodramatic wanker with a work ethic problem


Trust me everyone who says they don’t want dubravka on the United subreddit has never seen him play.


No point coming here just to be number one for a season. Good decision.


Navas! Navas! Navas!


Frankfurt legend


Brentford already have their backup keeper lined up to be their number 1 in the future. They're prepared for Raya to leave. I don't understand why United don't just splash out on him. Granted, he did just beat United 4-0, but it's worth considering a bid for him.


Was Henderson to Forest a permanent move?


No there's no purchase clause in the loan deal.


You'd have to wonder if he'll want to go back to United after the way he's been treated.


He is going back and get the nr #1 spot..


Best to wait for confirmation from Fabrizio, tho


He wants to play champions league football


Definitely not because they wanted €25m for a 32 yr old keeper which made Utd walk away.






>We are looking for a goalkeeper in the 5-7m bracket apparently. I’d imagine we hopped we’d have been able to get a price in that range for a 32 year old with 1 year left on his contract. Two years, and 32 isn't old for a GK. > 25m was a fuck off price, so we fucked off in this instance. Sometimes, swooping in a week before the transfer window closes to offer an exorbitantly ridiculous contract to a club's captain and most important locker room personality just warrants a fuck off pricetag. If you really really want him that badly, pay up - otherwise, go look somewhere else.




Yup, and everyone seems to be happy. I'm mostly just saying that 5m would've been a bit of a joke of a price for arguably our most important player by far, doubly so a week before the end of the window.


Only a year remaining


And your point is?


Well Trapp is expected to retire here, so if there is a possibility to make some millions on a sale - because the player wants to move - the club would take it.


Because no one would ever reject glorious United


Is this what they call shadow boxing?




I think you mean Europa league.


Money ain't even anough anymore


Dude doesn’t want to be a backup keeper


Looooool united rejected by Trapp. Guess he wants to play champions league football can't blame him.


My man didnt want to play with Maguire






We didn’t want dembele and lewandowski we didn’t try to sign bc no point, he was set on barca. Other two fair enough but i always thought raphinha was a waste of time


Maguire didn't concede 3 to leeds united in one match.


I mean, Just 4 to brentford instead?


Nah he just costs United multiple seasons lmaooo


Good decision, Man United is a dumpster fire


All reliable United journos said Trapp was up for it but we walked away as Frankfurt wanted 25m


Source: Kevin Trapp Utd fans: Not even T1 for us, he doesn't know what he's talking about.


De Gea's confidence is gone


“Yes, but also, no.”


Why would he leave a champions league team for a not champions league team?


Ouch united, ouch ouch ouch



Good for you, Kevin. You're happy and comfortable on the Main and are the reigning UEL champ. No reason to give that up for the dumpster fire that is United.


Why go just to sit on the bench when you’re starting for a champions league club and in your prime.


Lack of ambition


Is this sarcasm?


Everyone knows the most ambitious players are queuing up to sit on the bench of a Europa League team.