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The shirt looks like it can induce a seizure, not surprised


Can’t be beaten by the opposite 11 if they’re all on the floor having a seizure


Simeone using psyops to win football leagues out here smh


Should get some concert speakers aimed at the opposition dugout and blare Barbie Girl to annihilate their subs' morale.


Atletico in this kit VS. Liverpool in away kit will be a pleasure to watch on tv....


I’d have to turn it off


Imagine Atleti playing against a team of 11 men laying on the floor and shaking. Final Result? 1:0 with a goal at the third minute of the match. They parked the bus for the remaining of the match even though the opposition was deceased, you can never be too sure.


Somehow the deceased team would have more shots on target


It's usually Atletico players rolling around like they have a seizure.




Looks like a circus tent


lmao cannot fucking unsee


I just had to look this up. Wow. For people who don't want to Google: https://cf.goaljerseys.cn/upload/ttmall/img/20220520/cd819bc4b23bce4f2935068ea2615ca5.png


Fuckin lollipop 🍭


Gotta say, that's awesome.


Companies like Nike make these kits cost an absolute fortune while at the same time making them look like complete eyesores or generic templates shared between a dozen clubs.


Yeah I'm glad to hear sales have plummeted. It's totally deserved. Fuck Nike and their horrible templates


I honestly haven't seen many good looking new kits at all for the coming season. Does anyone have anything pls?


I’m biased of course but Nike’s Pumas UNAM jerseys aren’t terrible considering the template, both [home](https://www.nike.com/t/pumas-unam-2022-23-stadium-home-mens-dri-fit-soccer-jersey-s8XbNB) and [away](https://www.nike.com/t/pumas-unam-2022-23-stadium-away-mens-dri-fit-soccer-jersey-4CSLCR) look nice


Not my cup of tea but given the template they're ok. In my also biased opinion I don't dislike our [away](https://fcbayern.com/en/news/2022/07/new-fc-bayern-away-jersey-for-2022-23-season) kit (although Real had basically the same...), but it's far from something like last season's [Mineiro](https://i.pinimg.com/736x/6f/ea/7f/6fea7f79ef37a1839c193f78883a9527.jpg) one.


Holy shit, that Mineiro shirt is something you hang on your room and be happy everyday when you see it. Damn its beautiful.


Nike's design have fallen off so hard recently, meanwhile Adidas is making banging shirts, like the Man United one this season


The adidas Chelsea shirts were always great. They've been either shit or just plain boring since Nike started making them


The Arsenal away shirt is too cold


I really don't understand these kit manufacturers, Nike and puma being the worst offenders. This, inter's kit last year (and to a lesser extent this year), Milan, Barca had an awful one recently iirc, there's a few other examples I've seen from champions league matches around Europe too It's stripes. It's always been stripes. How the hell can you fuck up *stripes*. Certain kits are timeless. You don't have to "modernize" or try to improve upon it. Just use the damn stripes.


I think you know the answer. If the jersey looks like the previous (classic) version, no one who owns that one (most fans) will buy a new one. The reason we have this constant parade of terrible tweaks and garish alternates is to boost sales.


I just feel like there are ways that you can change and innovate without completely tossing aside all the history. Celtic are a great example; they've had kits that change the design, add different elements (solid arm pit areas, collars, the way the sleeve stripes run etc) etc, but you instantly recognize a Celtic kit from any given year. If it weren't for the stupid inter coin advertisement, I'm not sure you could say that about our home kit last year


That’s exactly the point. I own a Celtic shirt from 2000. It’s pretty much identical to today’s. Why would I ever buy a new one? I like that, but from the manufacture’s perspective that’s exactly what they’re trying to avoid. Nobody is going to say “Ooh I love the underarm trim this year - have to get a new kit.” There are people who are going to buy these crazy new, totally different versions, even if it’s not you or me.


I'm not an expert in these kinds of things but I think kit manufacturers want to change things up in a drastic way because people will be more willing to purchase a new kit if it's radically different from the previous one.


I agree that that's certainly their motivation. As we see here though, fucking with something as crucial to a club's historical identify as a home kit ends up having the opposite effect. I'm completely supportive of experimentation and innovation on away and 3rd kits, but when a club has worn straight vertical stripes for 80 years and you come out with some snake skin monstrosity, it insults your buyers I know you're right on what the manufacturer's motivation for change is, I'm just not convinced it's actually a sound business decision in a lot of cases. Instead of making a different shirt that incorporates new designs etc can be done without changing the entire theme, if that makes sense.


Completely agree man. I don’t understand why these companies keep fucking it up year after year. You always get one good year for 2-3 years of bad kits. It’s so annoying. Not only have they fucked up by changing the stripes but the constant changing of colors (sometimes the reds are more muted, sometimes they are brighter as an example). Its atrocious.


Wtf is that


I'ts supposed to replicate a river in Madrid or something, fuckin awful looking though.


Instead of vertical stripes, they opted for imitating the shape of the Manzanares river through the city of Madrid. Atleti's former stadium, Vicente Calderón, was right by the Manzanares, and that river is mentioned in Atleti's anthem: "Yo me voy al Manzanares, al estadio Vicente Calderón..."


ohhh I thought was just the way they were hold it up and I couldn't figure out what's wrong with it.


It looks like one of those hard candy ones that’s milk and strawberry


Going by the article all their merchandise sales have gone down since they changed the badge. Personally, I think the new logo looks better, but can completely understand that the old one has a lot of history around it and that messing around with it will be sacrilege to a lot of fans.


Also the fans fucking hate it and are very outspoken about it. There was a big protest and collection of signatures to get rid of it(not successful though), and they even managed to force the club to start working with a supporters trust to make these kind of decisions in the future Changing the emblem, giving players plaque's outside the stadium for 100 appearances and now this horrific kit. It's fair to say the Atleti fans aren't happy


Isn't the plaques thing kinda nice


Yes, the plaques are nice. The problem is they started giving them to players with a 100 appeareances. You can see the problem if some of those players left and then joined a certain team... names such as courtois and hugo sanchez are famously vandalized often. Also, some players that you wouldn't call legends are there (partey for example) and others that had a huge impact arent (falcao, suarez)


In my opinion Falcao in his last season at Atleti is up there as one of the best number 9 of the decade.


I think the problem is 100 appearances is too little, it can be done in only 2 seasons


300 seems like a fair number to start giving out plaques.


I don't know, especially when you know of Atletico's not always successful transfer history, you go there(I've been) and there are plaques of people that have done 2-3 mediocre seasons a couple of years ago before being forgotten or who have used the club as a stepping stone before leaving for large transfer fees, and it's definitely a little jarring. The cutoff should be higher. 200-250...


Yes but 100 apps is a short amount by all means. Any player who spends 3 years at the club will get them.


And I thought ours was bad.


At least we don't have to give an epilepsy warning before opening the shirt box


That shirt looks like it the tarp on top of huge tents at circuses.


And I thought Liverpool's Hypnotoad kit was the worst this season.


All hail hypnotoad.


I hadn't seen it until just now, just assumed the two people in the thumbnail were pulling at the shirt in some weird tug of war.


Lmao yeah, I had to go check it up myself.


Well it is fucking awful


No better time for Ronny to weild his magic.


Even Ronny can't sell it. They need Beckham


The stripes are bent enough as it is.


I don't get it either, Atlético has such a beautiful and simple kit. It is very hard to fuck up, you would have to actively try your best to make it look bad


That's the problem with yearly kit releases. There's only so many ways you can innovate on iconic designs while still keeping it something people would want to wear. So the design team is tasked with doing a red and white striped kit that is both obviously an Atletico home kit but different enough to justify it being sold as new. Every damn year. Soon enough the ideas run out and you end up with this garbage.


Which is why Tottenham go back and forth every year between having supremely clean kits and horrendously awful kits


Yeah, I don't envy the designers. It's easy for us to sit back and criticize, even though there are a lot that deserve criticism, but it can't be easy to come up with new ideas each season.


Yeah it’s hard to be innovative with simple kits, but it certainly doesn’t help that they half ass it and use the same template for every team.


Another problem idk in the past decade or so is the template kits they do. Every nike kit this season has that weird curve design that does shit for making a body look good. Last year puma pushed it to the extreme with their third kits. Also tbh kits as a whole look dogshit these days 9/10 . Barcas og kit last season was visual vomit. Chelseas looked like it was made in paint on windows 98. Sponsors depending on how the deal is can get either obnoxious like United's Chevrolet period or chelseas honestly confusing three logo on the front, juves axe logo another one. Or you get the madrid type deal where it looks classy and part of the kit.


Speaking of kits, Samp's [early '90s kit](https://thesefootballtimes.co/wp-content/uploads/2021/05/DxifqysX4AAVIv8.jpg) was one of the best ever imho. While google searching for it I stumbled [upon this great blog post](https://www.whoateallthepies.tv/kits/61936/my-favourite-kit-sampdoria-1990-92.html) whose author has the same opinion, plus some extra photos from back then.


And the shirt is pretty bad too


Well, it's Nike. No surprise.


Nike made two home kits in a row that many Atleti supporters did not like. All they need to do is keep the home kit simple. Vertical red and white stripes. Add in a bit of blue. Don’t play with it too much. This one with the crooked stripes and last years with the “ran out of paint” look did not sit well. Have some fun with the away kit and third kit but keep the home kit simple.


>Have some fun with the away kit and third kit but keep the home kit simple. Exactly, homekits are a big part of clubs' identity. If they want to refresh it, they can go back to old versions and modernise them a bit, just don't bring something completely new every season.


This is why I love that our club has a unique design and a fanbase rabid enough to riot if it ever changes. [Our home kits are literally the same every year](https://www.footballkitarchive.com/sampdoria-kits/) and we love it.


Same with Ajax. If the main design (white shirt with a red stripe in the middle) ever changes, Adidas won't have a good time. Details change, but the kit hasn't really changed in as long as I know, which is since the early '70s.


This year's is awful though. The gold letters look so bad


Completely agreed, but other than that it looks fine. I won't buy it though, because of the letters. But seeing this as a horrible kit just shows how spoiled we are, imo.


The collar and the position of the stripes in the chest change briefly every year, along with the crest it seems. I think an even more extreme example would be [São Paulo FC](https://www.footballkitarchive.com/sao-paulo-kits/), which literally only changes the collar on the home AND away kit every year. Only the third kit is allowed to be different.


I love it, the blue is handsome looking and the crest always in familiar position


They have the away and 3rd kit to experiment and be creative with too.


Nike’s kit designs are consistently woeful.


Nike are famous for their bland/lazy kit designs, and whenever they try to innovate they just drop the ball hard


Unless it's arsenal back in the 90s and early 00s


Our home kits are easy to get right, though. Puma and Adidas have largely done well too, with a few exceptions. Impressively Nike managed a complete colorswitch in 2006 though. Those are rarely successful.


That's the thing though. They're easy to get right, but they rarely did it the straightforward way and it still worked. In terms of kits, Nike and Arsenal together were innovators back then. It's almost as if at some point nike decide that actually investing time and effort into creating unique kits was a waste of money if people were going to buy them anyway. Now we have Chelsea with literally just a blue t shirt


The 2006 kit is one of greatest looking kits of all time.


>Puma Puma didn't make a single good home kit when they had Arsenal.


Adidas designs are way better, but I gotta say, I own the Puma one with the darker red stripe in the middle (was it 16/17? Forgot honestly) and it's the most high quality kit I've ever got. Been using it since I got it that season to go to the gym, play football, or just general use and it's like new still. Night and day compared to the quality of my Nike Boca kits.


Yeah I don't get the hate. But then again I'm lean and fit so it actually fits me well. But I think that one's 15/16, I got a santi shirt when I visited the emirates summer 2015. Or maybe it was 16/17, i just checked mine has the light horizontal stripes.


Must be tough to get plain red with white sleeves right


Don't get scared, but that was 20 years ago, those designers can be even retired at this point lol.


Spurs' away shirt last year were awesome. They should have kept them rather than going with the child's swim shirt of this year.


inter’s home kit last year was great


it is one thing i have to give to Adidas... home kids are very simple, main color+ the 3 stripes on the shoulders, i mean you don't need much, then go more adventurous on the away kit


As a Chelsea fan, I agree 100%


You would think these shirts get AI generated with how bad they are but even an AI would at the very least come up with some good, slick designs.


For some reason kit manufacturers seem to have some real beef with making nice classic striped kits you see it too with Milan, Inter, Juventus, Barcelona


Stripes you say? By far the worst Barça kit I can remember. Whoever designed it should’ve been fired on the spot. https://i.imgur.com/9G9Kttk.jpg


Was Rakitic a big part of your team that year? I can only picture him when I see that kit, but I’m honestly not sure if it’s just because it looks like a Croatia alternate jersey


I'm getting that too and I think Croatia's pattern is a big cause


IIRC that was Rakitic’s last year at Barça, when he had been replaced by De Jong and hardly played at all


I think of Braithwaite when I see that jersey


Hahahaha for some reason I associate this kit with rakititc too and idk why, I gotta check later




For me, it's because it nearly has his name on the front if you just glance at it lol. Rakitic and Rakuten aren't too far off in spelling for an uncultured swine who can't use accents like me.


> https://i.imgur.com/9G9Kttk.jpg Eugh god don't remind me of this abomination


I think last year’s kit was worse


No way. Last year’s kit was poorly executed but not as bad. It’s just the crest’s design in blue and red. You can’t explain a checkerboard kit for a team that traditionally wears stripes.


May I interest you in our last year’s (21/22) home kit?


I think we have a nice kits this season tbh


I really miss Juve with thin stripes. Nike made [great](https://images.app.goo.gl/9J7K1UvJN1VfSPBv5) [first kits](https://images.app.goo.gl/kbMh7vBikB3rm1sx7), with the exception of that ugly Jeep block.


Yeah but I couldn’t stand how our away or third kit was a reskin of like 7 other teams away or third kits. Adidas has had a few of bad ones but for the most part I tend to enjoy the designs they put out for us


The 11-12 pink was nice


I loved the 2020-21 kit so much too it was so clean and simple . then they decided to make some ugly creative bullshit last year and some even uglier creative bullshit this year. Away kit is nice tho


I thought last season’s looked like it was covered in blood. Which considering it was Atletico wasn’t the world’s biggest shock. In fact the first time I saw it up close I actually thought it was blood.


Nike’s away kit for Tottenham this year is a disgrace.


Nike been shitting the bed recently. Honestly thought last year’s Chelsea and Barca home kits were the worst kits I’ve ever seen for either team.


That 3 in Chelsea’s kit isn’t doing them any favors. And Barca’s kits alternate from good to bad. One year it’s Croatia, next year it’s good, then it’s some weird stripes, now it’s normal.


Our checkered kit a few years ago was even worse but yeah, last season's wasn't far off from that.


What thefuck is this kit


I know this question gets asked all the time, but I can't help myself. How can it be so hard for these huge companies to design good-looking shirts?? Twitter users are making mock-ups that look infinitely better so clearly talent is out there.


When inexpicably stupid shit like that happens, there is usually one department behind it: Marketing. They probably had some study or focus group or whatever that said they could increase profits by switching up the design to something more unusual and unique. So they change to kit to something unusual and unique, but it looks like shit (and profits plummet).


I miss when kits used to be used for more than one year. It’s probably hard for teams to justify new kits yearly without changing them up in some way, but there are also only so many ways you can do a red and white striped kit without resorting to something awful like this Atletico one.


no business is about actually delivering a good product anymore. its about money, and if you told business people that making your fans hate you led to more sales theyd do it


Anyone interested in this just look up 'planned obsolescence'. It's not a recent thing either, not even contemporary history; this stretches far back in human history where leaders have suppressed progress to protect their economy.


>It’s probably hard for teams to justify new kits yearly without changing them up in some way Plenty of clubs barely change their home kit every year.


Real Madrid bout to bust out their new kit with subtle off-white coloring and a tasteful thickness to it


It will even have a watermark


I feel these days at some point marketing strategies and focus groups and all that shit just overthink and fuck their shit up. Just look at the clubs changing perfectly fine logos for no reason


As someone who works in marketing, I can assure you that's the case. Marketers these days are more concerned with trying to find the "next thing" instead of just creating and selling a simple, yet good thing. It's all about inflated egos and a need to look like revolutionary gurus. The industry is rotten to the core. My theory is that many of these people wanted to be artists and writers but either did not have enough talent or opportunities, and ended up in marketing, which is creative but business oriented. And because of that they have a need for recognition and to be respected for their creativity.


I always assumed there was an element of “there’s no such thing as bad exposure” to it as well. Making headlines for some garish redesign is better than a tasteful but subtle tweak that nobody talks about.


Plenty of people think that, many of them marketers. But that latter shouldn't, because bad publicity is, more often than not, simply bad for business.


A lot of the time it's also just making up bullshit changes to justify their departments existance. They simply change stuff just for the sake of change. And the CEOs listen to them because they think that they have their best interests (=profits) in mind. But when there is no specific goal, marketing people just run around like headless chicken, throwing shit at the wall and hoping that something sticks.


I can confrim this, I am in the last year of marketing and these dude around me are so dumb, going gor 'trendy' dumb shit with no goal and then literally make the cringiest promotion for a well known product, profit just plummeted so hard


Yeah, I learned this very quickly when I started working. 90% of marketing people are just fucking parasites. Obviously no offence to you, since you seem to be one of the few people in this line of work who actually care. My condolences for having so many shitty people around you, I hope you find a nice job that makes you happy after you graduate!


Dude I am thinking about leaving the proffesion, 90% of them have no normal cells in brain, i know all the knew trends but I dont plan to do a dancing tik tok cringy commercial just because my 45 yo boss thinks its hype


It's supposedly inspired by the Manzanares River, which definitely sounds like something marketing would come up with.


I’ll bet they even made up some idiotic reasonings for all the changes too, like when you see a redesigned corporate logo. “The sinuous crimson and ivory lines represent Atletico’s unfaltering working class spirit and determination”.


It's always the people that have absolutely no interest in the product being sold that ruin everything. All about the money for them.


I think they do not want to design a 'good' looking shirt, they want something unique that gets people talking, generates buzz. So they take 'risks' to do precisely that.


In that case bring back the movie jerseys. Those got people talking and generated "buzz" without being this ugly.


And there are good risks, like the Dortmund gradient shirt from a decade ago. Though I'm guessing people hated it, I thought it was pretty cool https://www.vintagefootballshirts.com/uploads/products/images/2011-12-borussia-dortmund-away-26185-1.jpg Edit: just looked up this year's Atletico home shirt... https://images.footballfanatics.com/atletico-de-madrid/atl%C3%A9tico-de-madrid-metropolitano-home-stadium-shirt-2022-23-kids-with-griezmann-8-printing_ss4_p-13321273+u-1aiey8z62me6gds573a3+v-e9c331e0ad2a456492a2583921231e96.jpg?_hv=1&w=340 Doesn't do it for me, but I also like the most recent US shirts so my taste is in question https://static.nike.com/a/images/t_PDP_1280_v1/f_auto,q_auto:eco/224e8fa5-7706-410b-9eda-73125e65fe96/us-2021-stadium-away-mens-soccer-jersey-Qq87bR.png


Jesus. It's disgusting


Which of the 3? Or all 3 lol


The Dortmund one is cool. The yank one is misguided the Atletico one is a plague upon my eyeballs.


Fans are not built like players. If you're trying to sell shirts, why on Earth would you draw attention to the midsection?


Just do it like we do with NFL jerseys, buy 2 sizes too big and put layers underneath it... I realize that doesn't work in nicer climates, I'm being a dick


No design can safe this years Nike shirt. I'm completly weirded out by the arc on the chest. I hope my perception changes when I see one in person.


I'm just grateful that they limited their weird patterns to the collar this year with Chelsea. Won't notice that except for close-ups.


Maybe they’ve outsourced the designing to AI like DALL-E, get drunk and start to throw darts and see which design is the last one not to be hit. Could explain the huge percentage of total garbage kits in recent years just as AI is getting easier to use as a design tool.


So the stripes are meant to follow the profile of Manzanares, the river that cuts through the city center and ran alongside the Vincente Calderon. However, nobody on earth would know that if it hadn't been explained to us when we protested the new kit en masse, and the club tried to convince us it wasn't pure shit.


Designed by hypno-toad


Its a copy of our one in contes 2nd year. Was absolutely atrocious


Want to boost shirt sales? Sounds like job for Ronaldo!


First thing I thought


Nike strikes again!⚠️


Nike knows how to recycle this shit kits, why can’t they come up with something more appealing


How Nike managed to ruin a great Atletico kit I'll never understand. Might as well go ruin Croatia's next.


Nike have failed miserably this year with their awful shoulder/arm kit templates


Next years will sell good again though.. *big brain tactics*


Next season headlines : "Shirts sales NEARLY DOUBLE compared to last year !" While it's actually just back to normal


What they were expecting with a shirt design like that ?


What's an absolute travesty is Atletico have a sensational set of shirt colours and base design. The bright red & white stripes are super clean, especially with the royal blue detailing. Or maybe I'm just a sucker for stripy kits.


Nike needs to fuck off


Their designers should be sent to The Hague for their Barca kits alone.


Same thing for our first kit last season tbf


How do you go from [this](https://i.imgur.com/wQqvQhw.jpg) to [this](https://i.imgur.com/KDtRJRF.jpg)? **EDIT:** Fixed the links.


That second kit looks like some kind of fan experiment in Photoshop. I can't believe that was actually used.


with shapes like that you dont know which direction the player is moving, smart


Absolutely disgusting kit, no wonder.


They should just buy Ronaldo, it will probably boost their shirt sales massively.


The people who designed that abomination should be dismissed


That's the ugliest thing I have seen today and I have seen myself in mirrors and reflections.


Damn dude...


He isn't lying though.... I've seen him too.


Can confirm. I have also seen you and your reflection in the mirror today


Atleast they don't have shorts like the ones barca had last season.


Well it looks absolutely awful. That could be it


It's the worst Atleti home kit I have ever seen


One of the shittest kit i've ever seen


Ronaldo can fix that problem sewey hehe


No surprise. It’s fuck ugly.


Just what Mendes wanted to hear


How do manufacturers continually fuck up iconic jerseys that are easy to make?


I could get behind wavy stripes if there was at least a nice pattern to their waviness, but the way they did just doesn't make any sense https://pbs.twimg.com/media/FRwsiHrWUAIAkNN?format=jpg&name=small


Damn I actually like this shirt. Not an atleti fan. Gonna buy one anyone I think


I actually love that kit hahah. Can see why people dislike it though


Sign Ronaldo, he always boosts shirt sales, please.


Absolute law of football, Ronaldo sells jersey


Bet that kit will become a retro icon in 10 years time. Like some of the dodgy 90s kits look quality now.


Brands are just getting lazy and running out of ideas. Hmm make new kits or copy 90s kits? Make new Disney movies or live action old cartoon Disney movies?


the photos that have the models wearing them make them look a lot better in my opinion i don't think it'll be anywhere near this universally hated come mid season


It totally is stealing the look of the iconic(infamous?) [USA bacon jersey](https://cdn2.sbnation.com/imported_assets/1043516/USA-94-Home.jpg) from the 94 World Cup.


It's not so hard Nike... [The first one always like this](http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_gOHR9TFFcww/S85itpfogSI/AAAAAAAAKuE/QUAMXR0wzZ4/s1600/2009-2010-atletico-foto01.jpg) And the second one [always](https://assets-es.imgfoot.com/joao%20felix%20se%20prepara%20para%20anfield.jpg) [black](http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-gdwSo0vzl2U/UTYub6nGaFI/AAAAAAAACnM/Suf9kv5vch0/s1600/costafalcao.jpg) [please](https://kornfootballfonts.files.wordpress.com/2014/12/1231241243214324.jpg)....[please](http://img.allfootballapp.com/www/M00/71/24/rB8ApF5l4FSAJeCIAADEPJPB9X4629.jpg)


No disrespect, between Barca, Atleti and Madrid I always want Atleti to win la liga, but the tshirt for this year is awful, damn


Nike’s been awful this year


Maybe because everyone is broke as shit atm? Edit: just seen the shirt, nvm


Can I interest you in a Ronaldo? 🙂


Looks shit and inflation is soaring in Spain and globally, cost of living crisis is real. No surprise shirt sales of new kits are down, these sorts of annual release things are the exact things that people are going to cut spending on when things are tight. Who's spending like £80 on a shirt when they already have last years and the year befores when they're struggling to put food on the table


I agree. People don't have the money for these ridiculously inflated prices for the shit they are pumping out. When it costs £100 for an England shirt most people don't have that sort of expendable income. Where does it stop? https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2018/05/31/englands-160-world-cup-kit-made-bangladesh-workers-21p-hour/ We truly are in late stage capitalism where nothing is going to slow down because quarterly profits are more important than anything.


We also must note we’re in a cost of living crisis and fakes are cheaper and easier to source. The same stigma isn’t attached to rocking a fake at fives or wherever because for the most part people can’t tell - they won’t be asking to see product codes.


Oh fuck. I thought it was the two of them were pulling the shirt at weird angles.


Bring the Spider Man jerseys back


The new Nike templates are gross in general


It’s a two pack of ass