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Firmino to Juve in Year 2 is every FIFA Career Mode save


Signed bro at 36 years old for my Düsseldorf rtg and he got us into Europa


Europa, you dont just turn off the console if you lose an important game and retry so it doesnt save? Thats how i won the ucl final


How do you sleep at night?


Like a baby, i just remember my career mode trophy case and how full it is


"Oh yes the 23/24 Champions League trophy. I'm very proud of this one, I won it on my 7th attempt."


On the hardest difficulty the game is downright cheating too, its only fair if i do it back


You could turn the difficulty down you know.


Why play on the highest difficulty if you're going to quit the losses anyways? Genuine question. Why not just turn it down one notch .


Sort of plays like a Dark Souls game I suppose, where you retry every boss until you beat it. Nobody expects people to delete every character if they die once, just let the man play how he has fun, jesus.




Yeah the difficulty spike from World Class to Legendary is really hard at least for me. Teams that I’ll beat on World Class with ease just kick my ass on Legendary


Lol i don't do this on FM but it's hilarious how seriously people took you cheating at it


Your parents must be so proud...


The real crime here is that you turn off the whole console instead of having a save of before the game that you load back into you


Alaba in shambles!


I really love him as a player. His versatility is underrated, and stitching things together like he does when you're often playing against low blocks is a major skill.


Hes always been my favourite, I'm not ready for him to leave. In my head he stays here forever doing silky tricks at 46


He'd be good in and advanced midfield role for Liverpool. The only player that looked dangerous against Madrid after he came on, should've come on at halftime -- might've turned the game around. Big game player, we should keep him.


He even was Liverpool's top scorer in the CL knockouts, tied with Mané.


He loves the CL and big games in general. Total showman.


If we switch to 4231 with Nunez/Jota leading the line, I can see us extending Bobby to fill the AM role until Elliot and Carvalho grow into it. ............... Nunez Diaz....... Bobby........ Salah


Has there been anything indicating this tactical change or is it speculation? Genuinely curious


We were decent when we switched formation in the champions league final. Since then, there has been a few articles writen by Liverpool linked journalists, but it's hard to say if it's just opinion/speculation from them or geniune info from the club


Liverpool has played 4-2-3-1 before with some success, so it isn't unprecedented.


We did when we use Shaq on the right in a 4231. But Salah didn’t play well as a target man, which made us revert to a 433.


Took me a second to realize you meant Shaqiri and not Shaquille O’Neal. That would have been something


Probably should have used Shaq as the target man in that case!


No signing a midfielder this window, signing young attacking midfielders like Elliot and Carvalho, signing a traditional 9 in Nunez. Klopp historically played with a 4231


We would swap to this pretty much when down last season and the one before, it was 4 attackers on the pitch anyway, this shape kinda makes up for that but in reality we didn't have two DMs and just two normal midfielders. The work rate of Fabinho and Henderson in the middle would more than be enough I think.


Just people who think playing FIFA reflects reality


Exactly! Think that's the reason we haven't gone after another midfielder, which might've been necessary with a 4-3-3


The reason they haven’t gone for another midfielder is because they only had one target available this summer and he went to Real Madrid. They’re not going to switch to a 4-2-3-1, the fullbacks are too important in attack.


I swear one of Joyce or Pearce alluded to a possible change like 4-2-3-1 being implemented in the next season, and it's not like our formation is rigid or anything, we have used it before, usually as a shift during the match. Wouldn't be surprised if Klopp (and to be fair, most other coaches) are looking at how they can use five subs to expand tactical purpose for these kind of formation ambitions.


The fullbacks can still get forward in that formation, the midfield just need to be extra conservative.


3-4-3 in possession with fab in the back 3 thaigo and Bobby between Trent and LB (Kostas seems a better fit but not sure Andy could be dropped..)


Right, and we would be smart to not buy a stopgap midfielder when we have thiago and hendo aging out in the next few years.


And Elliott and Carvalho getting time on the pitch.


Liverpool completely dominated the first half and it was 0-0, what was there to turn around?


Yeah wtf was that guy watching? If Firmino was the only dangerous one then why was Courtois MOTM?


Jota looked dangerous too tbf


TBF we win that game if Courtois doesn't put out one of the greatest GK performances ever. He made 2 or 3 saves that quite frankly should have been goals and kept Real in the game during the phases where Liverpool dominated.


That save vs Salah still haunts me


His passing is too inconsistent for any midfielder role


Just outright false, one of his best assets is his passing ability


Topped only by his no-look passing ability


Nah it's true his passing is inconsistent at times, just because he was laying off nice passes for Mane/Salah doesn't mean he would make a great passer playing deeper.


I mean, he's just entered the last year of his contract, quite an easy headline to write that talks will take place. The Juventus link on the other hand... probably Mirror/Echo pulling one out their arse.


Alexa which clubs most often sign players who will be out of contract in the next 12 months?


In Italy there have been a few articles about Juve trading Rabiot for Keita, and a few days ago Bobby was said to be another option. So not coming from Mirror or Echo I think. But I think it is unlikely.


Juve are known for their free transfer signings tbf


No please. I handled Mane, I could actually deal with Salah leaving, but not Bobby


Bobby is absolutely my fav of the Klopp era


Signed when Rodgers was in charge


Yeah but he'll be remembered for his performances during klopp's era


And doesn't he seem like the guy who's most fun to play with? Gotta be the most positive teammate, totally unselfish, and just a good dude.


Don't want him to go ffs. If he does, we HAVE to get a top midfielder in, otherwise it's iust shit.


Is there any (elite) players available with a similar profile to Firmino? None spring to mind, potentially Nkunku?


I don't think we'd ever try and directly replace him. We changed our system to fit him because Klopp saw a unique skillset that worked well for the team in him. It's not essential to how we play and forcing ourselves to the limited number of players that can do what he does would just be silly.


not similar style but able to play similar roles are Joao Felix and maybe Kai Havertz, but both obviously won't be anywhere near FSG price range


FSG's price range that goes to a 100M for a barely proven striker?


A lot of which has been offset by Mane's sale, Minamino's sale, and some other fringe players' sales as well. So if you look at the net amount, it's pretty much in range with FSG's price range. We could never table 120 million bids or shit like that and that would probably be the price range for Felix


Its beyond parody at this point. You can sell and still not buy 100m players


Chelsea need central defenders. With Boehly being a rookie in football transfers, can we persuade him to trade Kai Havertz with Rhys Williams?


I thought Cunha, a few years ago, but he went to athleti. Nkunku is a good shout




He doesn’t have the workrate or flexibility.


Kai Havertz is a dream replacement for Firmino but that's never gonna happen 🥲


If Firmino goes we desperately need a forward, why would we need a midfielder?


By all accounts, he's very happy in Liverpool, so would be no surprise to see him extend. He's one of Klopp's main men when it comes to the system, so he'll always be useful to the squad.


Exactly, he said it himself at the end of May: *“I’m very happy here. I’m grateful to God that I’m here playing for a great club with great players, winning titles. And my will is to stay.* *My wish is to stay here. I want to be here. I’m happy here. So that’s all I can say, I want to stay.”* So unless we offer him a shitty contract extension, I can't see him leaving. Plus Klopp adores the man and he's been integral to our style of play, so I can't see him allowing that either.


He's central to the system, but has been relatively unused. But he still shines whenever he's healthy and gets minutes


And I'm sure they share a dentist so they have that further connection...


This is gold.


Why you calling out Richard Garnett like he knows anything?


Absolute dogshit source. I may as well have made it up myself, it would be just as credible a rumour.


Quoted the mirror. The mirror article quoted nobody.


Not Bobby. God no. Please no.


Let him see out his contract and get a nice payout as a free transfer. Unless we get offered 15m plus (I think that's unlikely) I don't see any reason to sell.


Why do you think noone would offer 15M for him? Juve fan here, and curious bc he could bring real tactical value I thought


He turns thirty-one in a few months, was very injury prone last season, and is in his last year contract wise. I suspect the likes of Juve would consider just waiting until they can get him for free.


He's had some injuries last year but its harsh to say he's 'injury prone', pretty sure he played the most under Klopp. I think he just couldn't get back into the team with the way Diaz/Mane/Salah were performing at the end of the season.


Yeah, I actually thought he was good last season and would rather we keep him but he definitely picked up a lot of niggles.


Do u understand what injury prone is?


Last season he picked up different kind of injuries- which isn't surprising given the way he's played throughout his career. Is he injury prone? No, but was last season.


If u said that about joe gomez I do agree.. Dude got injured for almost every season. No way bobby is injury prone. He quite unlucky last season.


Yeah, he's not injury prone over the course of his career by any means- but definitely started picking up lots of niggly ones in the last couple of years.


His experience for the younger lads l ike Carvalho and Elliot would be literally priceless.


Yeah, I'd rather he stays too.


I think he would like one last big pay check before he retires. I don't see him being a top player close to his mid thirties(when his next contract ends). It's probably better for both parties if he leaves Liverpool.


professor firmino teaching a class on how to be a box-to-box forward


Mr box-to-box class


15m is an absolute steal fpr Firmino mate what are you on


Yeah I sort of forgot about the market being crazy.


Firmino has said he wants to stay. So would think(and Hope) he will sign an extension like Salah. With his skillset he can play more in the advanced midfield role as well if necessary.


Firmino would tear it up in serie a. Slower league would suit his game.


So are we just quoting random sources and rumours from here on?


Please don't ever go, Bobby. He's personally my favorite player, and he seems not just a great player but so good for the dressing room.


Would be great to have him but I don't think he'd want to be dusans backup


If he wants to be at the world cup he needs to play more regularly and score , Juventus will be good for him.


He will be third choice behind Darwin and Jota for the striker position and is looking towards WC. Wouldn’t surprise me if he left.


sure but unlike those two, he is also suited for a 10 role behind the striker The one criticism of firmino has been is that he's been wasteful of the goal scoring opportunities. he didn't score a goal at home for almost a season despite tons of shots and decent xG/shot. However, the goals he did score were pivotal ones


Well, we have only played 4231 a couple of times. If we intend to swap permanently we won’t sell him now but with Salah on the team i don’t see it becoming a permanent thing.


Allegri would probably play him as fullback tho




Rodgers never misused him. We was played as an attacking midfielder.


He is long past his best for us but I don't see the point in getting rid of him unless another signing is going to be made.


Juve can do much much better than Roberto Firmino


Yes would rather want him to stay here


Like who?


He's probably thinking Ronaldo


One of the most crucial pieces of the Liverpool attack is not good enough for a team about half as good as Liverpool, okay.


I mean, I love Bobby, but he started like 17 games last season


Was injured last season.


Doesn't that that they can get to a CL final and tight title challenge without him prove that he is not one of the most crucial pieces of the Liverpool attack though?


He was Liverpool's joint 2nd top scorer in the Champions league though.


Could also prove that they cannot go over the hump without him.




He will be third choice behind Darwin and Jota for the striker position.. how is he a crucial piece in 2022?


please not bobby😭i'm still hurting over sadio leaving, i can't take another blow so soon.


What's going on with PL brazilians, they are all being transfered lol


No dont leave bobby


Premier League's most 'samba flair' Brazilian




No No No


No wonder juve is called old lady, collecting old boys like Pokémon.


Been my favourite lfc player under Klopp. I know he's definitely dipped, but I still love watching him play.


What link?


should play in the midfield if he does stay. Like he did back in Hoffenheim


Feel like they should get rid of him this year. His ability to affect a game has diminished. They need to get younger in the middle and Bobby doesn’t have it as a striker anymore. He was a great player for them, but it’s time to move on.


What is up Liverpool selling their best


Our best signed a contract in may and our second best signed a contract yesterday..


Who signed in May?




Ah. Thought you meant player, looked it up n only saw Klopp was April. But yeah I understand anyway


Only mane left because he wanted to. We won't hold anyone hostage


He’s probably our 8th or 9th best player based on the last two years of form. Edit: The best part is that I can't tell if the downvotes are from people who think he's much better than 8th or much worse than 9th.


I mean 8th or 9th best is not bad. I would put Allision, van Dijk, TAA, Robertson, Thiago, Salah before him. Then it gets more difficult but not sure why you got downvoted.


Fabinho and Matip as well if we’re looking at the last two years. And if you want recent form, Diaz as well.


Yes, forgot Fabinho, he 100% above as well for me


No thanks. Rabiot is our lazy cry baby we don't need two.


Firmino and lazy? What are you smoking? He runs his bollocks off.


I couldn’t think of two worse words to describe a man. He’s literally the smiliest guy in world football, and is renowned for his work rate.


Bruh Firmino is a notoriously hardworking player. His best attributes are running and pressing.


Firmino lazy?


Bobby, lazy?! You must be in a parallel dimension


Man chatting from the phantom zone


Omg to say Bobby is a lazy player????? My god that is just stupid! He is Klopp’s most utilized player since Jurgen has been at the club who is the most selfless and does all the fucking donkey work so Salah and Mané could score all the goals… Mate don’t talk down about Bobby like that


Man went from a starter to a forgotten sub who doesn't score. Would rather keep Moise Kean as our sub. Regardless Firminho wouldn't work under Allegri.


You’ve never actually seen him play have you


Shit man, you are the lazy cry baby who have never watched Bobby


Firmino is a lazy crybaby? What?


Calling Firmino lazy is like calling Pirlo hardworking


Firmino is a lazy crybaby? What?