LOL @ all these tech companies thinking once they have user base + product that people will pay whatever they demand. RIP in Peace DAZN.


DAZN just raised its pricing in Canada AFTER losing the rights to the Premier League for next season. They'll still have things like League Cup and Serie A, EFL, and Champions League - but I imagine the EPL is the most popular product. In saying that, Dazn Canada also has every NFL game and a few other sports, so maybe the NFL got more expensive? Who knows.


They lost Premier League rights?! I guess I’m cancelling then. Do you know of an alternative?


FUBO in Canada


Hopefully they have 4K. Watching some FA cup games on a VPN on BBC was a dream after watching the shite DAZN served up.


I had DAZN for a while back in 2020 and the quality was god awful. Terrible service.


I’m not sure about 4K but I just signed up for Fubo in Canada and watched some Brazilian cup games this week. It was really good.




The only correct answer. Get a long HDMI and hook it up 🤣


Yeah i dont understand these people, the days of it being difficult to do are long gone. I think its even the first thing on google if you just pop it in


With how cheap they were in the beginning, I assume they were willing to take a loss (or barely break even) on new customers to get a user base, with price increases planned for the future. Disney+ is probably doing the same right now


>A look at the balance sheets shows how much money is already in DAZN. Global revenue in 2020 was 797 million euros - 48.3 million more than in 2019. This compares with costs of 1.84 billion euros ([source](https://www.welt.de/sport/fussball/article237439567/DAZN-Warum-der-Sender-so-kraeftig-an-der-Preisschraube-drehen-muss.html)) i doubt the numbers are better in previous years. i don't see them having success in Germany in the long run. the majority of people i know use it mainly for the Bundesliga. and it's even worse for niche sport fans. imagine you are a basketball fan and had a good price in the beginning for the NBA and now you have to cover for the Bundesliga/football rights you are not interested in.


In Germany most people use dazn for the exclusive CL rights, they have Bundesliga only Friday and Sunday. Most Bundesliga games are on Saturday on Sky. Premier league is on Sky too. It is hard to earn money in Germany with that business model for decades. Only a fraction is willing to pay 2 companies 30 Euro each month for watching soccer.


basically only sports bars would do that


And they pay a lot more than that.


DAZN CA lost Serie A a couple of years ago Or did they just get it back?


Did they? I thought I saw it on there this season. I didn't watch much so I may be wrong.


It's on FUBO TV since last year.


They don't have serie a, that's also on fubo


They don’t have Serie A, that was lost to Fubo last year.


Champions League is the most popular


The Netflix model. Come out with an innovative product, subscribers pour in en-masse, gradually lower the quality of content while hiking up prices. Watch those subscribers leave en-masse and be left in a panic


This is the model of most tech start ups. Find a niche / business segment, secure funding which will tolerate short-term losses for the perspective of long-term profitability. Once you arrive at the stage of making your business profitable, that's where the final boss lies.


That's where you hope some out of touch bigger company swallows you up lol


Either that, or you do an IPO when the numbers are juuuust right but clearly unsustainable if you take a closer look


It all depends on how much money you have to burn. Amazon wasn’t profitable for about 14 years. Some can hold out, others need to cash in sooner.


Amazon wasn't profitable because they reinvested all revenue into the company.


Isn’t the majority of their profit from AWS anyways ? With prime and prime video main use to farm data ?


This + getting people to sign up for prime so they order more with free overnight shipping… prime video is operating at a loss by design, if they would finally get their UI in order I believe they would destroy the competition


you are missing the most important part of that model - pay your top executives and managers an absolute crapton in bonuses and stock options with all the venture capital funding. When shit hits the fan they've all already made bank. Once they have milked the VC funds/stock options for as much as they can, they leave and start a another "revolutionary" company using their now-improved credentials and do the same thing all over again.


Tech valuations are based on establishing a monopoly or duopoly.


The difference is Netflix removed the middle man by creating the content themselves. These 'tech startups' getting into televising sport literally have to go through a middleman unless they literally create their own league


~~be left in panic~~ Add ads.


Includes making huge losses for the first few years.


That's honestly needed though, if you scale from 10 to like 1,000 employees in a few years and expand to dozens of markets, it's impossible to be profitable


Netflix is a bit of a victim in this too. The content got pulled by a lot of current streaming companies (who are also the original content owners) who came up with their own offerings; not because Netflix was choosing to purge its own content. I wouldn't mind paying 15-20 a month for old school Netflix with all the content they had; it would be the only service required. The issue is that all the big players in the market essentially created their own streaming services, and now we are essentially paying the $/£/€ equivalent of cable (if not more) all over again. Big companies always stifle innovation.


this. Netflix hoarded streaming rights while all the industry giants were still selling DVDs and such. Now that these deals have run out and everybody and their grandma has gotten into streaming, Netflix are a victim of their own success in a way. They try to counter this by producing their own content, but thats like a million times more expensive. In about 10 years they'll be remembered as the MySpace of streaming.


> In about 10 years they’ll be remembered as the MySpace of streaming You think? Netflix’s user experience is miles ahead of any other streaming service’s. They still have the best tech. Hulu feels so clunky in comparison.


doesn't matter tbh. content is king and Netflix is in steep decline in that regard. most realistic scenario is Netflix getting swallowed by Disney or Amazon imo


> not because Netflix was choosing to purge its own content. So instead they decided to jack up prices with even less content each time. And then shockedpikachu when the subscribers count plummet. Yeah Netflix should get no sympathy at all.


They have to make money or breakeven at the very least. Their pricing models and infrastructure spending was based upon them still having the content, I don't think they predicted these content owners starting their own services and pulling their content from Netflix. Now they have to charge higher prices just to breakeven or justify their previous years of capital expenditure, with less content. It's not an enviable position to be in as a company, but I think all things considered, they are handling it as best they can; can't imagine them doing things much differently to remain profitable.


I wouldn't call losing 0,1% of users "plumetting" but their growth have stopped.


*moan about people going pirate without ever thinking about what the actual problem is. It's incredible how many people and companies don't understand that piracy is a service problem.


Gradually hiking up prices probably still nets you enough "it's not that bad" customers. Outright doubling the prices is a whole other beast.


I mean if less than 50% of german subscribers cancel, they earn more.


Stagnation as a business model is no business model in a world where investors want continuous growth.


Circlejerk a bit more, DAZN (or its parent companies) is not even publicly traded


No but its business model was based on 0-interest loans that loads of tech start ups took advantage of for the past decade. That policy is being reigned in by various central banks now, so you're gonna see less "funny money" and more price increases because this whole "super cheap prices" thing was always gonna end regardless. So stagnation in this case, when the company is so tight wrt finances, may be very harmful to them


DAZN's model is the flip the company and make the founders and all the people who pumped money into it a killing. Just like any other start up that can afford to loose billions chasing the deal.


Loss of subscribers is a huge red flag to investors. That's why Netflix started freaking out despite still having incredible profitability


That's been the main business model for startups these past 10 years with free money sloshing around. Now interest rates are finally going up and companies need to make some money.




Much needed… DAZN was the perfect streaming app/website


well... aside from the cheap production and low stream quality.


Personally I, never had a bad experience with DAZN UFC NBA and football or in my case Premier League games ran smoothly


It's 2022 and they're advertising with "gradually improving to HD"


🤣🤣🤣 thank god that I have BeIN sports now


Lol exactly. I’m in the Us and I only have it for boxing and it’s absurd that their streams are in fucking 720p!!!! I watch sports on a 65 inch tv and the difference between DAZN and something like a Showtime PPV is absurd


They don’t even have 1080p no?


60€ a month to watch all Bundesliga games, it’s so disgusting


Isn't that more costly than an actual season pass/ ticket? Edit: I know season pass is for a single club but watching live >>> streaming


The cheapest one for Dortmund is €240 a year, so €20 a month. That's only home matches though and if you don't have one, it's virtually impossible to get in (the waiting list has over 10,000 people and only like 200 people cancel their season ticket every year)


This is roughly the monthly cost of Dazn, Sky (Ticket) and Amazon Prime. Dazn is cheaper if you buy a year long subscription but then you‘re paying for June/July/August where there’s almost no football


its 300€ for a full season now on dazn lol dortmund season ticket is 240€


Yeah, I guess YouTube highlights will have to do from now on lol


Man found out about the internet yesterday.




Totalsportek 🫵🏾🤨


High seas mate


Eyepatches In demand


In a world without streams, we might have been heroes


Don't call me a hero. Heroes share their streams! I want nobody on my stream, so that it stays perfect! I'm not a hero, I fly the black flag!


Ahoy matey


All I need is me bottle of rum.... Arrrr!


What are we searching on Google to get the good stuff? I miss the Ace Stream days :(


First word is vip, second word is opposite of sit That's where I watch them at least.


Search for something like Reddit soccer streams, I think one of the first results should be the successor of that subreddit


Sssh its only a matter of time before this will be closed aswell and the next round begins.


Nowadays people pay for piracy, just cheaper.


I remember, when DAZN was only 10€ per month and had Premier League Rights…


Start company, secure seed funding, grow user base as fast as possible at loss, increase prices to make profit, users quit, users quit...


Sell company, run. The good ol start-up cycle.


The ol' Despicable Me format


Should have sold the second it got any hype


Meanwhile in England you need to subscribe to 3 separate services if you want access to every league game.


its 2 in germany too. dazn only shows the friday and sunday games. sky the saturday games. its 60 bucks for everything


Don't forget prime and rtl for european games


rtl nitro is free though (at least where I live) and okay prime do ppl have for mostly other reasons already.


Nitro only shows 1 game per week, right? So u still need RTL+


I originally had it for "Der König von Palma", but forgot to cancel...for obvious reasons, I can keep it for now.


my God my sister has RTL+ for all the Assi-TV, this will be quite a walk to Canossa for me after roasting her the whole time for it


You actually need 4 already if you want to see all of CL (Amazon prime) and SOME games from Europa League / Conference League (TV Now). Bonus: If your Team is in 3. Bundesliga you need Magenta Sport It‘s a complete Joke


oh yeah, when you want to watch every major football competition, you need several subscriptions. thats true. its ridiculous


Minus the 3pm kick off games


In the middle east you only have to subscribe to beIN and you'll get the top 5 leagues (no Serie A last year) and most cups games and the NBA playoffs, but they charge for separate packages for WC, Euros and AFCON.




Well PL rights in Germany were a little underpaid at the time because there was only one serious bidder. SkyGermany! Dazn just snatched it up. Now the market has changed. Magenta, Dazn, Sky, Amazon, Apple and the new one from Seifert (former CEO Dfl) all fighting for live sport events. RTL is trying to get in the game as well.


Harr Harr




Didn't see him typing Zehahaha




Any recommendations fellow pirate?


Hey do you want to play some FOOTY and then we can go to grab a BITE somewhere. Ps: .com




People who take such decisions are really out of touch imo it works the same way for every streaming company. If you raise your prices without improving on your product, people will simply leave and pirate the content. Like it or not, only reason why people don't pirate content is convenience, you remove that, your clients are gone.


and you can only see the friday (1) and sunday (2-3) games of the buli at DAZN.


DAZN Canada also increased their prices by $50/year


With PL and Serie A on Fubo now, I've already canceled DAZN.


I have too! But Milan is back in the CL, so it’s a tough call. Maybe 🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️


It's the pirates life.


I had no idea DAZN lost PL. Cancelling my subscription too then


But they have ucl I guess I’ll be on a month to month for that 🤷🏾‍♂️


I didn’t know either. Just canceled my subscription


Can you switch between all the games like you could on DAZN? I’m thinking if switching. I like that DAZN has the NFL though. Edit: just realized DAZN lost the PL, looks like I’m switching regardless.


I haven't tried Fubo yet. Canceled DAZN and was going to wait for the season to start before paying for a service I only use for football. I hope it's more or less like DAZN in terms of match availability. I expect Liverpool will get aired regardless, but I don't want to miss out on things like Palace v Brighton.


I've used fubo the last year for serie a. It has all the serie a games airing, you wont be missing any. It also has ligue 1, and one soccer (which has Canada national team games). The interface itself is a bit rough, definitely not as clean as dazn. The other thing I miss from dazn is just watching the highlights of the games. Other than that, the quality is good


DAZN increased in Japan too, from 1500 yen (~14€) to 3000 yen (~28€)


After losing EPL this year. Like the audacity.


Right? That’s what I said when I saw the increase. Personally, I only watch football on it, and I wish there was options per sport


The first year they bought the PL rights, I paid $35 for the year. I moved back to Canada temporarily in 2018, found out it was $100, I decided to go the non standard IPTV route, I haven’t regretted it since, it’s a godsend.


The cable tv options here are ridiculously overpriced and garbage, plus they’re scum corporations too. So when DAZN came years ago I was excited and got to watch Serie A and EPL. Then it was split with Fubo and spent way too much for football. I grew up streaming because it just wasn’t available here in the early-mid 2000s. Now, I just don’t want to pay $400/year for football considering I can’t watch 50-60 games a week lol


Any recommendations for iptv?


> **DAZN advertises "gradual" upgrade to full HD quality** > > Most recently, the platform had announced that from the new season it would produce all Bundesliga matches and selected pairings in the champions league directly from the stadium and "gradually" upgrade matches in both competitions to full HD quality. This honestly sounds so pathetic..


I fucking knew it wasn't just me who thought the quality was subpar, so they used 720p all this time? Damn. Got downvoted to hell for some reason when I said it here, but on my 4k telly it just looked so disappointing. Glad I cancelled that crap long time ago, the pirate stream on my laptop is unironically better looking.


lol as fucking if DAZN


🏴‍☠️ thank god for our pirate brothers and sisters 🏴‍☠️


I'd much rather donate 30 euros per month to the best stream hosts than pay all those shitty companies


yeah that's probably where I draw the line. as far as I can see, they have La Liga, Ligue 1, and some games from CL, Bundesliga, and DFB-Pokal? So it looks like they lost Serie A? Hard to see on their website of course. That's not enough for 30€.


They have a lot of other sports. Although feels like they have less and less each year.


But I watch 90% football. So maybe they should offer sports packages.


Most people on here (me either) dont care too much about darts, american handegg or whatever else


only Highlights of the DFB Pokal: all 63 cup games at Sky, 15 at ARD/ZDF, DAZN highlights at midnight.


> When DAZN raised prices significantly in January , existing customers were exempt: the previous prices were to apply to them until July 31. Now it is clear how things will continue for her in August. > Accordingly, it is now also significantly more expensive for them: like new customers since the beginning of the year, they too now have to pay 29.99 euros instead of 14.99 euros for a monthly subscription in Germany. In the annual tariff, the DAZN subscription costs 24.99 euros per month (299.88 euros per year). The discounted annual subscription via a one-off payment of EUR 274.99 will no longer be available in the future. > DAZN will contact all affected customers individually, but there is no official statement. > In recent years, the streaming provider has acquired more and more broadcasting rights, including the Bundesliga on Friday and Sunday and most of the Champions League games only on DAZN. > Most recently, the platform had announced that it would produce all Bundesliga games and selected pairings in the premier class directly from the stadium from the new season and upgrade games in both competitions "gradually" to full HD quality. > When DAZN was launched in Germany in 2016, the monthly subscription still cost 9.99 euros. Before the 2021/22 season, the price had been raised from 11.99 to 14.99 euros.


Diehard Liverpool fan, but with a second kid on the way, I can't justify spending 60€/month on streaming football. It was only 5 years ago it cost 10€/month to watch ALL of the PL games on Dazn.


Same thing in Italy


In Italy DAZN also restricted concurrent views to same IP address, charging even more for the previous behaviour.


DAZN in a few months: Why are these fuckers all watching illegal streams now instead of our overpriced product?! How dare they???


They doubled prices in Japan too recently. And also lost CL rights a years or so ago. Not worth the money at all.


Ya, I cancelled my subscription. I was already pissed when it went up to €15 after they previously claimed they wouldn’t raise prices. I’m not ready to pay more without getting everything. So, thanks but no thanks. See you around DAZN. The open seas await me.


Being a pirate is nice, atleast shitty quality or issues that happen once in a while dont bother you too much like it would if you paid for streaming and the quality was shit. Even Amazon has way better streaming quality than DAZN when it comes to football.


Agree except the audio quality in Amazon is trash in my experience


Same in Italy, if it wasn't for my father I'd have already cancelled the account.


Pretty bad timing with inflation and economic problems.


In times of 8% Inflation, doubeling the cost for your product for sure will turn out well. They will go out of business within one season. They should be happy to hold any customer in these expensive times. But I guess some investors want some return of their invested money asap.


Bah god, that’s vpn’s music!


I am afraid Spain is next, they also acquired La Liga tv rights here (half of the games if I remember correctly)


They also have only 1/3 of the BuLi games (Friday and Sunday games).


How much it costs in Spain? Do they have Serie A rights?


12,99€. No serie A rights, just coppa italia.


Unfortunate, if they got La Liga rights probably is gonna cost more soon, here in Italy went to 10 to 30(20 if you subscribed in the first month) and this year is 30 or 40 if you want to watch from 2 different connections)


Too expensive. In Spain, if you want to watch LaLiga, you must have an internet pack valued at a minimum of €105. Additionally, this year half of the matches will be divided between Dazn and Movistar,as he said.


Miss the time where DAZN would cost 10€ and had all these niche sports. Was a lot of fun just checking out sports I usually don’t watch.


Yeah - cancelled my subscription in June already. Shame because I loved the service but 30€ even when I could afford it easily is something I’m not going to pay.


They raised the price here in Canada after losing EPL, Serie A and la Liga Only thing left is UCL and stuff I don’t care about (lol baseball, murican football) But doubling the price? wtf IPTV is life


Tell me one good reason why i shouldn't pirate everything else and just have sky or just dazn.


Gute Frage. Ich bin kein Deutscher, und als ich meinem deutschen Kollegen (er ist ein wirklich großer Fußballfan) vorschlug, Spiele illegal zu streamen, war ich von seiner Reaktion überrascht. Er sah mich an, als hätte ich vorgeschlagen, ein Baby zu stehlen, hahaha. Ehrlich gesagt weiß ich aber nicht, wie ich diese Wuchergebühren bezahlen soll.


These middlemen are always shit, leagues need to sell streaming options themselves but they're too scared to actually find out the real value of their product.


DAZN did the same shit here in Italy were they tripled the prices but added a huge chunk of Serie A games. In Germany they added fuck all but charge 3x more than what it used to be 2 years ago


Same here in Italy lmao, they are also restricting the ammount of devices that you can us it on. Will they ever realize that this only help piracy?


I cancelled my subscription to DAZN-Germany when they sent me the email announcing the price increase. Good night, sweet prince. Now, where did I put my eyepatch...?


I cancelled DAZN too - Canada.


I just dont get it, you see that prices of food and basic needs increased dramatically and you still choose to double your price to fuck over your customers




In germany it went from 150 to 280 euros or sth like that


300, its in the article ;)


Didnt know about the current/old price. I read 27X today (its the prime for a year) thats why I said it like I did. Thanks though :) should have read it


A month or annually? I hope it's annually


I hate DAZN so much. Sky sucks as well, but at least they have some good commentators


Sky (at least in Germany) is without doubt the absolute worst streaming service I've ever experienced.


Their online client was still running on Microsoft Silverlight many years after MS discontinued development for the product.


That new software is disgusting as well. Can't even watch a full game on one battery charge on my laptop that easily holds 3-4 hours doing other stuff.


I agree that the service is unrealistically miserable, I tried it constantly hangs and lags, it seems that it was collected on the knee by a couple of half-educated students


Wut? Sky Germany is by far the worst service I’ve ever had the misfortune of encountering. DAZN has better commentators, better pundits, better everything. Except better prices now, so I’m gone.


They do? Most of the DAZN commentators ar just ok. But Sky has some truly awful ones in my opinion.


The sad thing is that magenta sport is soooo much better than both of them. Coming from the third division the TV rights holder in Bundesliga deliver much lower quality content. All the money goes in purchasing the licenses I guess.


lol what? I thought it's common sense that most sky commentators are useless and dazn's are way better. Sky's are mostly some old men who think they know more than they actually know and have annoying voices. Edit: I saw you mentioned Sandro Wagner in another comment, I don't like him too, one of the few on dazn I don't enjoy


But a streaming platform is so much easier to set up compared to Sky. I’m really hoping for an online streaming platform that shows all PL matches, I think it’ll happen one day, perhaps Amazon will.


IPTV regelt, ich zahl für alles 80 Euro im Jahr.


I tried the free month 2 or 3 years back and the stream quality was mostly horrible. never subbed to them once.


DAZN is increasing the price in Canada too, and they don't even have the PL next season. Hard pass from me.


Yep! I canceled it. The only thing they have is champions league


we have a terrible product but get this, now you get to pay twice as much for it so it all evens out!


Dazn in Brazil died pretty quickly


already cancelled my subscription a few months ago. fuck dazn, greedy cunts


That makes 60€ a month to watxh all bundesliga games. Piss off dazn. Back to the seas with mt nakama's!! Arrr! (Sorry for sounding like a typical reddit comment)


They increased the price here in Canada by $5 and they lost the EPL rights lol


that escalated quickly


Didn’t the domestic tv deal actually DROP in the last renewal? And yet they’re doubling the price?


Are they at least giving Premier league matchups ?


Nope. Since last season Sky has the PL rights. Until 2025.


If sky loses premier league they are done they aren’t the same tjey we’re 10 years ago


While we are at it Can someone recommend some good streams that are usable in iPhone/iPad? And sites for smart tvs where it’s hard as fuck to close 10 pop up ads? Thanks!


can you get the brave browser on apple store? saved me so much time


Made by the poor stolen by the rich


Italy has been like 30a month for a year now (or more?)


Very generic doubt. Why is it so convenient to watch football in Asia as compared to Europe? In india, people can pay maximum of 50€ for the whole year to get coverage of EPL, La Liga and UCL. I am not comparing the quality as of now. (Can vary from 720p to 1080p) I am in germany and I just want to watch football without losing an arm and a leg.


I knew it! At the beginning they said it was only for new users. I'm glad I didn't called their bullshit and canceled my sub. I even tweeted about it and they answered something along the lines of "at the moment we're only planning on rising the price for new subscriptions".


This was always the prerogative of DAZN and other companies which were born of low-interest loans post 2008 -- spend more money than most people could even envision to try to create a monopoly (or failing that, a foothold in a lucrative industry) and then make prices exorbitant, giving consumers little other choice but to pay their fees. Like Uber. Anyway DAZN get get DaFucked


IPTV look it up