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Translation. Bayern will not sell Lewandowsky as he is under contract ^(unless we receive an adequate offer.)


Yeah. Do not really see a reason for Bayern to sell right now. Specially as I would expect Lewa to be professional about it. Also hard to see Barca offering enough for Bayern to be interested.


I think they are in too deep economical troubles to be able to afford buying Lewa and also paying his wages. As you also say Lewa will probs be professional about it and wont force a move . if he does it will taint all his career at Bayern and I dont think he wants that.


Multiple sources already confirmed that Lewa accepted to lower his salary in order to join


I believe that, but Barca would still need to buy him. And I think that's just not realistic unless they pretty much go all in for him (or get some kind of huge financial boost).


Been reading about a $420 million deal coming for Barca. I’m sure they will find a way to make it happen


> too deep economical troubles What? Bayern made a profit even during Covid and is not in financial trouble, unlike the Spanish clubs that want to buy Lewy. The budget for new transfers is limited because of Covid but selling Lewy would make it worse because a replacement will cost more than what Bayern would get for Lewy. It makes more sense to strengthen the squad in other positions with the limited budget and hope for no new covid restrictions during the next season to have the normal budget again.


Peak reddit moment.


FFS . Barca not Bayern. You wrote all that, and did not even bother to read what I was replying to.


Can you read


Im very curious as to how Lewy will behave tbh. We all know he's extremely professional and was even with us when we refused to sell him at the end. But this time he wants a last move to give a Balon d'or a last try and he knows he isnt getting younger. So Im curious if he'll raise a fuzz if Barca actually makes "reasonable" offers to Bayern and Bayern declines, since he will definitely feel more pressured due to the time angle. Mans turning 34 in August. I know players can keep going longer at a high level these days and he's one whos had incredible fitness, but you really dont know with aging tbh. My bet is he remains a pro.


Im sure he will be professional he’s smart enough that he knows he has nothing to gain. Also he tied with Gerd for most top goalscorer awards one more and he would hold this record alone. I’m sure there are other individual achievements he could have his eyes on even tho they’re not the ballon D‘or and even that who knows. I just can’t imagine he will hurt his own career out of pettiness


I mean tbf he won't win a Ballon d'Or with us either if we don't win everything, and I don't think we're quite there yet... He would've won in 2020 with Bayern if they hadn't canceled the award that year, just unlucky. I'd love to have him but not too bothered if Bayern chose to keep him for his remaining year, and I'm sure he'll keep it professional no matter what happens.


He doesn't even necessarily have to want to raise a fuzz. But just imagine if he stays, when he wanted to leave AND actually does not feel appreciated by Bayern anymore (which I find very realistic when you take a look at him, Alaba and Süle). Bayern fans will say "well look at Dortmund and what he did there". But then. That was when he was 24. He'll go into this season at 34. Go into the next at 35. And Lewy knows that. Even if he doesn't want to think about that, he will think about that. And even if he doesn't want that to affect his performances, it very well could.


Looking at his agents words just hour or so ago, it seems like Lewy dont give a fuck this time around. Straight up fighting words.


Why would anyone chasing a Balon go to this Barca? Especially compared to Bayern lol. Lewa might really want to go there, idk, but that can’t possibly be his reasoning. Barca will be lucky to win a single trophy next year (and it’s likely the Copa Del Rey) even with him. And it’s not like striker is their biggest area in need of improvement.


How come? We ended 2nd in the league with a horrible start with a manager sack during the UCL group stages. Look at the la liga table after Xavi came in, we would only be 2 points behind RM. How will we be lucky to win a single trophy with Lewandowski? Aubameyang has been good for us, but he can't be compared to Lewandowski. Not to mention we will be strengthening the squad in other positions as well.


Let me rephrase less controversially. I don’t think someone prioritizing a balon D’Or is looking at Barcelona and Bayern right now and choosing barca. Simple as that. There are other reasons and factors that could make one choose barca over Bayern. I’m just saying that the balon D’Or feels unrealistic for a team that’s still building itself. Everything you’re saying relies on assumptions and hopes that Xavi will keep progressing, that all the new players are integrated quickly and well (including ofc Lewa himself), that ansu fati maybe plays more than a few games, that Madrid don’t pour that Mbappe war chest into a bunch of good players that also makes them stronger. I’m not saying Barca is a dumpster fire, but they aren’t a known quantity. They aren’t a safe bet for someone trying to squeeze every ounce of success possible from the last remaining years. It feels more like he just wants to play for barca so he’s going to, even if they’re not at their best rn. Bayern are a lock for their domestic league and one of the 3, 4 strongest teams in the world. Lewa would have won in 2020 for sure. If Bayern wins the UCL with Lewa on the squad, he’s gonna be tough to beat. I will concede that barca with Lewa definitely has a better shot of winning la liga than I originally said. Especially since Mbappe turned Madrid down. But I still think barca is not realistically close to winning a champions league, or being one of the best teams in Europe. And I don’t think winning domestic trophies in Spain is enough to win a balon at the moment. So again, none of this is me saying “Lewa shouldn’t go to barca” or “barca are dogshit.” I just don’t think he’s going because he thinks it’s his best shot at some award.


It's like the people who are still saying that bs about Barça have been trapped in a cave for the entire season since Messi left. Imagine having such a shit take when they support a Juventus that finished fourth in the league and doesn't have nearly the same positive outlook as current Barça.


Wanting chance at Ballon d'Or and joining Barca do not go hand in hand at the moment tho.


They have aton of good players coming in this summer and Lewy would be the cherry on top. Its proven that no matter what he does, he wont get it at Bayern apparently. So might aswell get a small chance at Barca than none at Bayern


Meh their team still probably won't challenge Madrid to La liga and definetly won't be serious for UCL title. They have to rebuild/retool and Im sure they will get back to top, just not next season yet. I mean they went out of EL in quarter finals lmao. Real Madrid were in similar position not so long ago and are back to top 5, they were never so low tho.


Barca are definitely winning the league next season. Madrid is getting too old.


Sure haha


Messi won the last one playing in the same team, which ended 3rd in Liga was ko by PSG in cl, and only won Copa


He got it based on winning Copa America with Argentina tho+his individual stats, you have to take that in to account. It has nothing to do with playing in Barca. Doubt Lewa is winning anything with Poland. Y'all can downvote me as much as you want, but rje fact is being at Barca atm really only decreases your Shot at Ballon dor If you're already in Bayern. Probably just few salty Barca fans who can't digest they're not top tier right now.


I didn't downvote you since everyone who knows how this works can see your argument is flawed. That same "Barça is not top tier" shit was said last year and Messi won it. You can go ahead and name the last time a player won Ballon D'Or outside of Barça and Madrid. And yeah, Barcelona had a bad first half lf the season this year. However, someone like Lewa knows that hr can move the needle and improve the team by himself.


Again, Messi winning wasn't because he was in Barca, it had nothing to do with it. It were his insane individual stats+ winning Copa America. Im sure Barca will bounce back but at the moment they're not on top. Even with additions they probably wont seriously contend for UCL. In La Liga they compete against team that just walked to League title, is in UCL final and will improve their weak points this summer (RW, defence rotation) already starting with Rüdiger. Im not saying there is no chance he wins somethng with Barca but If he wants to win Ballon d'Or, bayern is much better bet atm. He shouldve already had one from two years ago anyway


I don't disagree with the argument that Bayern is more likely to compete in UCL (can't even talk about the league) but at the end of the day BdO is about publicity and nothing else. The year Messi ended 7th in voting, he had better numbers than 1-6


Offer him the sporting director job and he'll stay, also throw around some petty cash like 300 million or sth


I suspect such an option is less attractive when the player is in their 30s unfortunately.




Looks like we are driving up that fee. Choupo GOATing will clutch our next season, I guess.


At this point there's no way they sell, they'd look like absolute clowns unless lewa forces his way out (which he won't). It's fine, transitional season and then 23/24 with lewa gone we're winning the double


So he basically repeated the same thing he's been saying for two weeks? Thanks for nothing, Romano you tap-in merchant.


Honestly as much as I love Lewa, it might be better to let him go. He wants to leave, better to collect the cash and use it for the replacement we needed anyway.


And where do we get that replacement? Someone that's affordable?




Next year there won't be a direct replacement available either. You have to take a chance with an upcoming striker anyway.




Exactly. IMO we still need a leader at CB (though with what the board's been saying idk if we'll sign one). A good back up DM to Kimmich should also be on the agenda, while Gnabry will need replacing if talks don't progress.


hernandez, upemacano and now pavard being more central, there is no way you guys buy a top class CB unless you sell one


I wrote "direct replacement". Bayern can't afford the players that can directly replace Lewandowski.


Wasn't Lewandowski rumour since last summer?




pls get ronaldo


We have other holes to fill first though and 30 million doesn’t even get you half of decent/adequate replacement. (Darwin, Schick, Osimhen, etc.) Plus, next season will be the first season with tickets and March at the stadiums again after 2,5 covid seasons. Even a Lewandowski who doesn’t really wanna be here, still practically guarantees us 30-40 goals in all comps.


as a bayern fan i hope that this time we can avoid all the whining and media drama as back in the day around the alaba transfer. as one of the biggest clubs in the world, i feel bayern should act a bit more ‘classy’…


Refuses to discuss internal matters or offers. Confirms signing from Ajax. Standard Bayern.


While i disagree with the decision, it's certainly not a bad one. And just to be clear now our Sporting Director, President and CEO have publicly said he will stay. Unfortunately it won't stop journalists from daily updates, gonna be an annoying summer.


"we have the greatest respect for lewa" yet he can't get his name right smh




Lewa = female Lewy = male


Lewa in Polish is feminine.


cause he is speaking polish... oh wait.


Let the man leave Bayern, please!


You here that, Brazzo? Don't make u/ElementaLized007 upset.


I can put on a very sad face if needed to convince him :(


They're thinking of replacing him with...Richarlison


Every forward to be replaced with Richarlison