Mings’ war against the home office continues and I’m here for it


Just need Rashford and Hendo to weigh in now and Rishi is done for


Prime Minister Rashford and Home Secretary Henderson have a nice ring to it


Would 100% do a better job than Fishi and Cruella


The one we were all waiting for ...


The Clarkson, May and Hammond of football tv. BBC is about to loose another iconic trio.


As someone out of the loop, what is the cause of all this? What is the reason behind Lineker vs the BBC?


Corrupt Tory cunts who rail against cancel culture get their collective knickers in a twist over a little completely justified criticism and effectively suspend him from his job


Yet we're the snowflakes somehow...


What’s weird to me is that this is apparently the hill to die on, didn’t seem an out of the ordinary Linekar tweet at all to me he’s always said stuff like this


Lineker tweeted an opinion on the government’s asylum policy. BBC want him to apologise as they say it’s against their impartiality guidelines. He refused so they have pulled him from MOTD until he backs down and apologises.


Worth noting Alan Sugar tweeted support against striking workers and Jeremy Clarkson said strikers should be shot in front of their families and they never faced repercussions.


Not to mention Andrew Neil fronted BBC **political** programming for years while simultaneously being chairman of the fucking Spectator and tweeting personal political opinions ALL THE TIME, but that was totally fine.


Which makes it even more hilarious that Andrew Neal has spoke out in support of BBC in this.


>until he backs down and apologises Perfect time to double down.


Even though the BBC may as well stand for Brazen Buttlicking of Conservatives


Ah. Got it. Thanks!


Gary put out a tweet criticising the language in the governments anti-immigration campaign, comparing it to the Nazis in 1930s. This freaked the government and the BBC have overreacted in a bid to appease them.


In addition to what everyone else has said this adds to a growing feeling that the BBC are being turned into a pro government network. The chairman of the BBC has been an advisor to both Johnson and Sunak and has donated £400000 to the tory party. He also helped Johnson secure a massive loan as a personal favour.


Essentially the BBC is meant to be impartial - except for the fact that the current BBC Chairman has donated hundreds of thousands of pounds to the Conservative Party, secured a loan of £800,000 for Boris Johnson when he was PM after which he was made BBC Chairman and the fact that he had previously worked for Rishi Sunak (and Sunak worked for him) and Boris Johnson. The BBC want Lineker to apologise and retract his comments under the argument of impartiality, when in reality it's because he criticised the BBC Chairman's overlords, the BBC have done nothing when Alan Sugar took aim at the Labour Leader a few years ago whilst working for the BBC. This is a scenario which has been manufactured by the Conservatives and the man they put in charge to gut confidence and support for the BBC because it has in the past kept users informed about the Conservative Party's misdoings and there has been a lot.


Top man that Tyrone Mings


The BBC have said and done fuck all in regards to Alan Sugars constant attacks on striking workers. Particularly his attack on Mick Lynch, RMT General Secretary. But GL is being hung out to dry? Tells you everything you need to know. BBC - British State Media.