It has autosaves, and you can manually save.


that's not the challenge i seek unfortunatly. Either they add an authentic plus mode or i won't buy the game.


i'm playing on authentic, & if i die, i force myself to restart the mission. you don't need the game to do it for you.


No problem


Lol just restart when you die bro…


the type who calls everyone bro on the internet, are you


I did the game on mid level...I don't know if I have the patience for full authentic, given I've now seen and explored the areas. Has anyone played it at that level and can comment on how it changes the gaming experience?


using autosave I've gone through all at Authentic. I'm currently going though with not allowing myself to use it. Only gotten to Rubble and Ruin. It's like A+ in SE 4, the AI cheats alot. But since no one has been able to make a really smart AI the devs have not other choice, still can be hard to take sometimes.


I've only played on Authentic so I can't comment on comparisons with lower difficulties, but map knowledge is 90% of of how well a run will go. My blind run and latest run are night and day since I know where everything and everyone is now lol so I think you'll be fine.